Noskcajdouble checked, they have nothing. does anyone have either of the sticks?00:03
Deathspawni keep getting error: failed to load 'image-nakasi-jop40d.zip'04:38
Deathspawnwhat do i do? im using Nexus 704:38
^Phantom^paste your pastie Deathspawn04:41
Noskcajivotkl, welcome to "here"06:33
ivotklHahaha. Ok, what does ARM mean? =P06:34
ivotkland how do I setup a Raspberry?06:34
ivotklDo I connect things just like in a regular machine?06:34
Noskcaj!raspbian | ivotkl06:37
ubot2Factoid 'raspbian' not found06:37
ubot2Factoid 'raspberrypi' not found06:37
ubot2ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.06:38
Noskcajarm is there companies. apple, the bbc micro company and one other. they licence cpu designs cheaply06:39
Noskcajivotkl, sinc you seem to like arm stuff, have a look at this http://www.hiapad.com/?p=201806:40
Noskcajquad core 1.2ghz06:40
ivotklThat's a full computer? =S06:43
Noskcajivotkl, yep, there are cheap, slower ones too. mine arives next week. $9006:43
ivotklNoskcaj: Too bad I'm not where you're at. =P06:48
ivotklWhere do I order one?06:48
Noskcajivotkl, http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Hi802-Android-Mini-PC-HDMI-Dongle-Freescale-imx6-Quad-Core-1-2Ghz-1G-RAM-8GB-Bluetooth/707427957.html06:50
ivotklIt does not deliver to Argentina. =P06:52
ivotklI should leave now. Thank you for the help and the chat.07:00
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prpplaguejust a reminder, the Call for Participation for the Embedded Linux Conference 2013 ends friday! https://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/embedded-linux-conference/cfp19:18
rhmhi all, I was looking at the exciting news of Ubuntu on mobile phones. Anybody knows what is the relation with Ubuntu for Android? And if the code is available? Ubuntu for Android was announced last Feb but it is still not available for download.20:31
infinityrhm: U4A is essentially an Ubuntu desktop chroot (and a bit of glue) running on an existing Android installation.  Ubuntu Phone is Ubuntu running directly as the phone OS, rather than a chroot.20:36
infinityrhm: So, no relation, really.20:36
morphisinfinity: the ubuntu phone looks really like the one I am holding in my hands :)20:37
rhmwell, the video says it uses (or it can use) Android kernels and drivers so I'm guessing some of the work on UfA went into this UfP (I just made this up :)20:38
tassadar_morphis: it is probably some dummy device for the renders20:38
infinityrhm: Reusing the kernel isn't really the same as reusing the entire userspace.20:39
infinityrhm: The obvious difference here being that on a phone with U4A, you're still running Android, Android makes your phone calls, etc.  With Ubuntu Phone, there's no Android anywhere (except, as you note, a kernel in some cases).20:39
morphisrhm: take a look at libhybris (https://github.com/morphis/libhybris), it's one way to access android drivers within a eglibc based userspace20:40
morphisand it's what we're using over in webOS ports20:40
tassadar_what is ubuntu doing by the way?20:41
tassadar_using proper linux drivers?20:41
rhminfinity: makes you wonder if it will support Android apps natively. I didn't see any of that announced tho20:41
rhmmorphis: thanks for the link. Will take a look at it. I have ubuntu running chrooted on my HTC Thunderbolt but accessing it via vnc which is pretty slow. I was looking for something like libhybris or any other solution to run the graphics natively20:43
morphisrhm: don't expect this to be an easy task20:43
rhmmorphis: ha! who said using Linux was ever easy?20:44
rhmany idea if the code is going to be released soon as part of any of the regular Ubuntu releases?20:53
rhmtassadar: I guess we won't know till we can take a look at the code20:54
tassadar_I mean the nexus 7 port20:55
Noskcaj how can i get ubuntu on a hiapad hi802 / zealz gk802? ideally some instructions or an iso21:07
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thebishophi folks21:43
thebishopso... is this new Ubuntu Phone UI going to work with the Nexus7 installer?21:44
robin-glosterthebishop: are you asking if the phone UI will be available on the Nexus7? if so, no, at least it isn't a goal now21:45
thebishoprobin-gloster, correct, and ... bummer21:46
thebishopso what's the vision for ubuntu on nexus7?21:47
robin-glosterthebishop: i'm sure it will be possible as soon the code is open, probably someone will look into it21:47
infinityThere's no reason the same packages won't work just fine on the Nexus7 as well, once they're in the archive.21:47
robin-glosteras far as i have heard at first getting performance and battery lifetime up21:47
infinityWe probably won't switch the Nexus7 images over to it, however.21:48
thebishopinteresting, i have to say i'm a little surprised to hear this.  some of the issues interacting with standard ubuntu through touch seem difficult to solve21:49
infinityYou're not wrong.  We just don't plan to switch the N7 image over right away, that's all.21:49
infinityUltimately, all slate devices should be using the shiny new hotness, but that's not an immediate goal for Canonical.  If some enterprising community folk want to make it happen, we can't stand in their way.21:50
tassadar_so the ubuntu phone will be basically the same thing as nexus 7 (full linux distro) with different UI? That is just great Oo21:50
robin-glosterinfinity: are there plans to modify Unity to be more touch friendly?21:50
infinityrobin-gloster: This is Unity.21:50
robin-glosterinfinity: hmm ok didn't realize it was unity, thought it was something different using the Unity APIs21:51
thebishopinfinity, so the unity interface on ubuntu phone will be cleanly packaged in the archive?  that's pretty awesome21:57
thebishopinfinity, no big need to change the n7 image in that case i suppose21:57
infinitythebishop: This is the plan, yes.21:59
thebishopinfinity, works on standard laptops/desktops too?22:00
XavierdarknessThe phone in the video kind of looks like a galaxy nexus22:00
robin-glosterXavierdarkness: it is22:00
infinityXavierdarkness: That could be because it is.22:00
XavierdarknessFigured it was either that or the nexus 4; given that they look similar. But that's cool, I'd definitely run Ubuntu on mine.22:01
tassadar_They wanna to release their own devices, the gnex is just "dummy device" to show Ubuntu phone UI, isn't that right?22:04
LisaNori1Has anyone gotten the nexus7 install to work with cellular data?  I can't seem to get it to work.  Just curious if this is a known problem.22:35
LisaNori1Sorry, I now see that 1091663 seems to address this.  I'll see if I can capture the logs needed.22:52
SailorMoonDoes this Ubuntu Phone thing have any connection to the Ubuntu build seen for the Nexus 7?23:20
lilstevieSailorMoon: no23:21
SailorMoonDarn, then what is the Nexus 7 ubuntu build for?23:21
SailorMoonTheres nothing written about it anywhere, from what ive seen.23:21
lilsteviethe nexus 7 ubuntu build is ubuntu on the nexus 7?23:22
ubuntubhoyThe N7 build is a full ubuntu OS on the N723:22
ubuntubhoyThe ubuntu for phones OS is quite different23:22
lilsteviewhile nice, I don't think it would be as nice on a tablet23:24
cwaynethe point of the n7 build is to make the core of Ubuntu work better on mobile devices23:33
cwaynei.e., get RAM usage down, and get a speedier core system overall23:34
ubuntubhoyyip, they have still not said anything about UI changes23:34
cwaynethere aren't any planned for the nexus 7 build23:36
cwayneit's all about the core :)23:36
ubuntubhoybut if the core is right, then others can make functioning usable distro's from it23:39
cwayneubuntubhoy: of course23:51

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