mesquka1Is this channel active?09:31
mesquka1I'm going afk for awhile09:31
jeayes, it is active09:32
jeathe number of people in it varies greatly though09:32
mesquka1My Ubuntu Box is down for now, power surge, have replaced motherboard and graphics card, have to replace PSU, CPU and RAM.11:59
mesquka1HDD has seprate surge protection so is still operational12:00
jeathat is a fairly big change to go through12:00
mesquka1Lightning strike *sigh* stuck with my crappy university macbook air12:05
jeais it an old mba?12:06
mesquka1FUS ROH DAH at shopkeeper, run away with intel i7 extreme, mba's a 2012 model. 11-inch bought at the start of this year. 2GB Ram 1333Mhz (honestly, the slowest possible, at least 1600MHz!), i5 1.6GHz CPU, Intel 3000 288mb integrated graphics, 1366x768...... you get the idea.12:11
mesquka1What about you?12:12
mesquka1edit: last year :D12:13
jeai have one of the mba june 2012 models - 13in12:13
jea4gb ram, but that seems fine12:13
jeaafter using a june 2012 mb pro 13in, i really see the benefit of a ssd12:14
jeaso much faster12:14
jeabut, this is a ubuntu channel, so i shouldn't get distracted by macs :P12:14
jeayou mentioned uni - are you currently at uni? what are you doing?12:16
mesquka1Yeah, Computer Sciences and Engineering12:16
mesquka1I joined the ubuntu australia team :P12:17
jeaok. i am also at uni, doing engineering (software and aerospace)12:17
jeaah, i thought i recognised the name12:17
jeaI see that Jared sorted you out with joining12:17
jeahow far through your course are you?12:18
mesquka1I'm going more toward software design and programming, about 2 year in, its a 4 year course12:18
jeaok, sounds much the same as me. i have also just finished year 2 of 4 years12:19
jeabeen using ubuntu for long?12:20
mesquka1ubuntu, no, linux, yes12:20
mesquka1used to use openSUSE12:20
jeawell i offer a warm welcome to the Ubuntu Australian Team12:21
jeathis channel can be quiet - unfortunately people are getting busier and are not on as much12:21
jeabut every so often it picks up12:22
jeaso what is it that you are working on developing with Swurl?12:28
mesquka1Right now I'm assigned to the dev team for chatterbox, a social networking platform we're working on. It's based on the Nooku framework.12:49
jeais that a uni project?12:50
mesquka1Sort of12:51
jeai must say i find joomla quite annoying12:51
jeabut maybe it has got better in the last few versions12:51
mesquka1Yeah, the code is a bit blocky12:52
mesquka1not really well structured and hard to understand12:52
jeai ended up switching to drupal due to how bad joomla was at the time12:52
jeaquite glad i did12:52
jeahow many are in the group working on it?12:53
mesquka1I know what you mean, I just use Joomla because of Nooku framework12:54
jeais nooku good?12:54
mesquka1I find it's a pretty stable base12:54
mesquka1almost no bugs12:55
mesquka1Chatterbox is almost done, next is a forum.12:55
jeait is up on the web anywhere?12:55
mesquka1I'm currently using XMB for the forum12:56
mesquka1I'm going to fork XMB12:56
mesquka1Like how I forked Nooku/Joomla12:57
jeacan't say i have used xmb12:57
jeabut i (luckily, i think) haven't done much forum stuff12:57
mesquka1Not a very user friendly interface, but pretty stable, first thing I want to do is give the GUI a makeover.12:58
mesquka1Forum's and Social Platforms are pretty similar12:58
jeausing bootstrap?12:58
jeayeah, they are12:58
jeai just don't like dealing with some of the forum adminstration12:58
jeamainly the setting up initially12:59
mesquka1Ahhh, the forum and social networks had quite a bit of spam and porn up. Had to create a spam/profanity filter12:59
jeai can imagine13:00
mesquka1Some guy using a VPS hosted perl script13:00
jeado you have many people using your network?13:00
mesquka1I did but the porn scared them off13:00
jeayou can also /me13:01
jeabut i am sure you know that already13:01
mesquka1yeah i do13:01
mesquka1I've been using freenode for quite awhile13:02
jeai expected so13:02
jeait is just that i have come across some people who have been using irc for a long time who didn't know about it somehow13:02
mesquka1Damn spammers!!!! although I can't talk, my early teenage years were filled with questionable activity13:02
mesquka1hey jea, you been in the Ubuntu AU team for long?13:03
jeait has been a few years13:04
jeai started using this channel and getting involved in the team moreso the last year or two13:05
mesquka1I have been quite active on the KDE team13:05
jeai now help to run the monthly team meetings, as well as the social media presence13:05
jeawhich kde team is that?13:06
mesquka1KDE Core team13:07
jeai haven't tried KDE for quite a while13:07
mesquka1Release team really, the core team is kind of hard to define13:07
jeasome teams are like that13:07
mesquka1There's no registration as such, just purly merit based.13:08
jeathis team works like that in a way13:08
mesquka1I sort of broke in by kind of being the first to create a (sort of) stable port (ok, unstable, not for everyday use but usable) of Krita and Karbon.13:09
jeawere they not available?13:10
mesquka1I can't believe no one thought of using QT4-X11 instead of QT4-MAC13:10
mesquka1no they aren't13:11
mesquka1No KDE developer has a mac with the exception of me13:11
jeaso you are making these apps for Mac, or for Kubuntu/KDE?13:12
mesquka1what apps?13:13
mesquka1I develop them for openSUSE and Fedora.13:14
jeaso where does the mac come in?13:14
mesquka1I maintain the .rpm's.13:14
jea(i probably just haven't read it well enough)13:15
mesquka1The mac was just because community members on the forums seemed pretty keen on a port, so I just did a bit of a side project13:15
mesquka1It's not an official port yet13:15
mesquka1But because it's been ported perhaps someone might decide to start on a few bug patches and it will become official13:16
jeaso you made a mac port of those apps, then got into the dev team, and became the rpm maintainer?13:17
mesquka1I was already on the release dev team and maintaining the .rpm packages13:19
mesquka1I got on to that team because of my work on bug patches for those platforms13:20
jeai should do that some day13:20
jeathe main problem is having time to do it13:20
mesquka1I got into the core team because of the mac port13:20
mesquka1time? right now I have plenty of it.13:21
jeaah. i think i have got it now13:21
jeadue to uni holidays?13:21
mesquka1Not really, just that this actually counts as uni work in the courses I'm doing and I get to work on these teams while I'm at it13:22
jeaThat sounds pretty good13:23
jeawe don't really have much like that from what I know13:23
mesquka1I left KDE because the the central council make too many of the important decisions and doesn't let the community have enough input, but aside from that13:23
jeahi sagaci 13:24
mesquka1its pretty open13:24
mesquka1Hi sagaci13:24
mesquka1Jea, can you please explain to me how the team works?13:25
jeaJared is the Team Contact and Team Leader13:25
jea(the official title could be slightly different - haven't checked for a bit)13:26
jeaanyone can join the team, as long as they are australian13:26
mesquka1So he basically makes the official decisions?13:26
jeaeveryone can run an event, help out with anything happening13:26
jeain a way, but it is not too formal really13:27
mesquka1I prefer to work that way, I like it being open13:27
jeabasically you get given more permission to do things once he and others get to know you13:28
mesquka1although I'm in perth, not sure weather I can really participate in any events13:28
jeaJared is in Brisbane, as am I13:28
mesquka1Thats understandable13:28
jeasagaci is in NSW13:28
mesquka1got to keep out spammers13:28
jeayeah, in a way13:29
sagaci4:30am for ubuntu announcement13:29
jeaah, i forgot about that13:29
jeanot sure if i can last that long13:29
sagacitouch screen something it seems like13:29
mesquka1I can't13:29
jeais that 4:30 AEDT?13:29
mesquka1Got to sleep13:29
mesquka1Too many new years (eve) parties13:30
mesquka12 days no sleep13:30
mesquka1I will check up on it later13:30
jeamaybe if i keep watching the tennis13:31
jeabut another 4.5hrs is probably too long for me13:31
mesquka1anyway, bye, im going afk13:31
jeabye for now. nice speaking to you :)13:32
mesqukaI will be on tomorrow all day in five minute sessions in between other things :D13:45
mesqukaso 5 on and about 30 off kind of13:46
sagacimesquka: bye13:56

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