thewrathhey all00:56
thewrathholstein: you still around sir?02:18
holsteinthewrath: yup...02:19
thewrathholstein: the issue was that the virtual host declaration needed to be *:80 instead of melandchris13.com:8002:28
holsteinglad you got that sorted02:29
xorglost my screen resolution on headless 12.04. wont start up. freezes in ubuntu splash screen02:45
holsteinxorg: its headless?02:45
xorgi have to have a monitor. to start now. yes (no monitor)02:46
xorgtrying to modify my xorg.conf file but i can't decipher my /var/log/Xorg.0.log for the video driver that is loading02:48
holsteinxorg: i would remove the xorg.conf02:48
ubot2To get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution02:49
holsteinif you can get to tty, go there and install ssh, and unhook the monitor :)02:49
xorgssh works, had it set up, did'nt understand that02:59
holsteinxorg: ? that being ssh?03:00
xorgyes, it freezes in splash screen (i know because i hook up the moniter when i cant log in with vlc) but i can still acces my shared files03:02
holsteinxorg: and when you removed the xorg.conf file?03:03
holsteini didnt know you were doing headless VNC.. i was thinking just ssh03:04
xorgyes, i havent set all my drives to load on start up03:05
holsteinxorg: your drives?.. i wouldnt do that til you get the x forwarding going on03:06
xorgso i need to access via vnc to open( just havent set it up yet) i need to acces other things aswell03:06
holsteinxorg: you know, you can do that? from a headless box not running x, you can forward x via ssh03:06
holsteinxorg: if you want a vnc connection, do it.. you dont need it though03:06
holsteinxorg: how is the machine starting up with the xorg.conf removed or renamed?03:07
holsteinxorg: if you are talking with another volunteer in another channel, i'll just wait til you need something more from me. cheers03:07
xorghold on, im still writing down info on grub>03:07
ubot2GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)03:08
holsteini would run sudo update-grub and see that no errors post03:08
holsteintheres also the recovery kernels03:09
xorgfolowing ubot2 advice03:09
holsteinxorg: ubot2 is a bot..  you dont need to change the tty res.. thats just tty03:10
holsteini suggested tty when i thought you were wanting a headless server not running x03:10
xorgrealized that as i typed the name,duuu03:10
holsteineither way, you dont need to change the resolution on a tty03:10
holsteinxorg: you need to rename or remove that xorg.conf, and reboot and report03:11
holsteinxorg: i would just rename it to xorg.backup1 or whatever03:11
xorgi can just get rid of it, i will copy it first03:12
holsteinxorg: sure... go around about it how ever you like... renaming it in place is the easiest and best since its easy and best and backs it up and gets it out of the way.. but do your thing03:13
xorggksudo nautilus03:13
xorgwhy not03:13
xorgsudo rm -rf xxxxxxxx03:13
holsteinxorg: a better question is why?03:13
xorgok why?03:14
holsteinthats my question to you actually.. why risk running the gui file manager as root when you can just sudo mv the file to a new nam03:14
holsteinxorg: do what you like.. i dont run the file manager as root unless absolutely necessary03:15
holsteinwhatever tricky clicky silly thing you do with the mouse can really break the system.. could make it not want to boot past the loading screen (if you know what i mean)03:15
xorggot ya03:16
xorgok what about the xorg.conf.dist-upgrade-XXXXXXXX file?03:16
holsteinxorg: if it doesnt say "xorg.conf" its not being used as an xorg.conf03:17
holsteinsudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.backup103:18
xorgwhat abot the xorg.conf~03:19
holsteinxorg: if it doesnt say "xorg.conf" its not being used as an xorg.conf03:19
holsteinxorg: you seem to have a lot of backups there..03:19
xorgthere are 3 xorg.conf ~ and backup03:19
holsteinxorg: what would i do? rename the current one and try booting without03:20
holsteinxorg: i would want to do it from the command line since that it the easiest way to fix it if it wont boot.. but you can do it from a live CD03:20
xorgok re booting03:21
xorgdidn't enplane myself well enough, 3 files all xorg.conf03:23
xorgi got rid of them all03:23
holsteinxorg: i *never* said get rid of anything.. for the record03:23
holsteinxorg: i would back them up and have them on hand.. but there is a recovery kernel.. a graphics recovery option03:24
xorgthats ok with the monitor on i now have 1024x76803:24
holsteinprobably just fine for forwarding03:25
xorgknow, will it noot the ssame with out the moniter or do i have to adjust the /etc/default grub03:25
holsteinxorg: i dont know your hardware.. i would setup the VNC server you are using, and test that.. with the monitor connected. i would reboot with the monitor connected and test that the vnc server is working as expected03:26
holsteinthen i would boot without the monitor03:26
xorgit works with, testing now without03:27
holsteinyou should be able to set the resolution with the GUI.. the display gui03:28
xorglocked in ubuntu with the 5 dots below it splash screen03:30
holsteinxorg: ?03:31
holsteinxorg: when?03:31
holsteinxorg: did you reboot with the monitor plugged in?03:31
xorgon start up the screen that says ubuntu wth the 5 red dots below03:31
xorgdid not have moniter pluged in03:32
holsteinxorg: im familiar with the graphic.. im just not sure in which case you are "locked" in it03:32
holsteinxorg: then how are you seeing that?03:32
holsteinxorg: a vnc client?03:32
holsteinxorg: disconnect and reconnect via VNC03:32
xorgafter i wait a min on restart i try to reconnect with vnc03:33
xorgsays unable to connect03:33
holsteinxorg: wait a bit longer..03:33
xorgthen try a gain a couple times03:33
holsteinxorg: after disconnecting and reconnecting, what do you see?03:33
holsteinxorg: plug the monitor back in and test again03:34
xorgsame thing unable to connect error message03:34
holsteinxorg: what error message?03:34
holsteinxorg: i have *never* seen you post *any* error message03:34
xorgi plug the moniter in and im frozen at the ubuntu screen03:34
holsteinxorg: i think this is unrelated03:35
xorgthe error message when vnc cannot connect03:35
holsteinxorg: i would test the machine. i would test the ram.. test and fsck the hard drive03:35
xorginfo it is a dell dimension 240003:35
xorgthis is a know issue i guess03:36
holsteinxorg: i dont think so03:36
holsteinxorg: if the vnc server is running.. then it'll connect03:36
holsteinxorg: if you plug the monitor back in, then it should be the same as it was 10 minutes ago when it was boting03:36
xorgok, what first?03:37
holsteinxorg: this is *not* a known issue, unless you have a bug #03:37
holsteinxorg: i would test the ram.. then the hard drive.. then fsck.. then go from there03:37
holsteinxorg: if it boots with a monitor plugged in and has no issues,, just leave a monitor plugged into it03:37
holsteinxorg: i dont think the monitor is the issue03:38
holsteinxorg: i think you have some other issue going on03:38
xorgi have had this problem for a while03:38
holsteinif it were my box, i would put a different hard drive in, and quickly install 12.04 32bit and test03:39
holsteinxorg: when everything is fine with that, you can consider a fresh install03:39
xorgit freezes on start up with no moniter03:39
holsteinxorg: i dont think so03:39
xorgi have tried a fressh install same thing03:39
holsteinxorg: i think it freezes sometimes on startup03:39
holsteinxorg: you have a monitor hooked up, correct/ and its frozed?03:39
xorgevery time03:40
holsteinxorg: ?03:40
xorgwith out the moniter03:40
holsteinxorg: no.. you said you hooked the monotir back up and it froze03:40
xorgsorry, no03:40
xorgonly freezes without the moniter03:40
holsteinxorg: so, leave the monitor plugged in03:41
holsteinxorg: i feeel confident this is a config issue, but soon you will not want X there anyway03:41
holsteinxorg: i would check the hardware... check for a bios halt03:42
holsteinxorg: try the vesa driver forced in an xorg.conf03:43
xorgyes, i have adjusted the /etc/default/grub to work around this freezing problem03:43
holsteinxorg: you also have *never* said that03:43
xorgtrying to find source03:43
xorgsorry, lot of info03:43
holsteinxorg: if you hae adjusted around the freezing problem, it woudnt be a problem03:43
holsteinxorg: undo whatever you have done to grub03:44
holsteinxorg: open a terminal.. and type 'sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf'03:44
holsteincopy and paste this in there http://paste.ubuntu.com/1487104/03:44
holsteinreboot and test03:44
holsteinxorg: if you dont feel comfortable with nano, use gksudo gedit03:46
xorggot it, im not the fastest with typing03:47
holsteinxorg: i wouldnt type that in03:52
holsteinxorg: i would copy/paste it.. via ssh or whatever03:53
xorggot ya03:53
xorgreeboitng now03:54
xorgwith monitor not hooked up03:55
holsteinxorg: i would test with first03:55
holsteinbut, whatever.. i feel good about it03:55
holsteinim just saying, dont troubleshoot 2 things at once03:55
xorggot ya03:56
xorgrunning in low graphics mode03:58
xorgno mouse no keyboard03:58
holsteinxorg: vesa *is* low graphics mode03:58
holsteinxorg: i would reboot without the monitor, then you'll konw if its something you need to explore03:59
xorgim stuck on (what would you like to do)03:59
holsteinxorg: ?03:59
holsteinxorg: reboot with the monitor unplugged03:59
xorgdialog box03:59
holsteinthats the recovery kernel04:00
holsteinxorg: i dont know what you have done to grub to make it boot the recovery kernel04:00
holsteinxorg: if you broke that, thats not in this scenario04:00
xorgno prob04:00
holsteinxorg: i would reboot with the monitor connected.. tap or hold shift and make sure you are booting the proper kernel04:00
holstein*not* the recovery one you are in04:00
xorgthis is my 3 clean ubuntu 12.04 install04:01
holsteinxorg: is it?04:01
holsteinxorg: you said you messed with grub? did you not?04:01
holsteinxorg: that makes it not clean04:01
xorgfirs and second time04:01
holsteinxorg: what i am asking you to do is to make sure you are *not* booting a recovery kernel04:01
holsteinxorg: test that xorg.conf04:01
holsteini think if you do a fresh install, and put that xorg.conf in place, all will be well04:02
holsteinbut, youcan just undo what you did to grub04:03
xorgi have changed grub in the past.04:03
xorgto make it so i could start it up04:03
holsteinto make what so you could start what? when was the past? and what are you talking about? grub?04:04
holsteinyou shouldnt have to touch grub.. it boots the os.. if its booting then its booting..04:04
holsteinif you changed it, change it back, or explain to me why it was changed04:05
holsteinothwerwise, it seems you have grub booting a recovery kernel by default04:05
xorgyes, i have adjusted the /etc/default/grub to work around this freezing problem04:05
holsteinxorg: if you had then it wouldnt be freezing04:06
holsteinxorg: you have *not* adjustd grub to work around the freezing problem.. or you wouldnt be here, correct?04:06
xorgit wasent04:06
holsteinwhat wasnt what?04:06
holsteinxorg: please do *not* type "it" anymore04:06
holsteinxorg: im having a challening time keeping yup04:07
xorgcoldent fix the starting in 800x40004:07
xorgim trying to find the notes of what it was i changed in grub04:07
holsteinxorg: i would fresh install and try the xorg.conf i gave04:08
holsteinxorg: good luck!04:08
xorgim not getting it whit a fresh install04:10
xorgsame problem every time04:10
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holsteinxorg: im not understanding you04:13
holsteinxorg: when you say "im not getting it with a fresh install" "same problem everytime"04:14
holsteini dont know what "it" is.. and it looks like you are not getting the same problem everytime.. correct?04:14
holsteinin that case, i would think it could be ram.. i would test the ram and the hard drive, and look in the bios and make sure that all is as you'd expect04:15
holsteini would reinstall and *first* put my xorg.conf in place and test04:15
holsteindont mess with grub or x or *anything*04:15
xorgi understand, i am trying to find my notes so i can explane it04:20
xorgwhile searching for notes. i tried restarting and it works04:39
xorgloged in vnc04:39
xorgrestarted using vnc04:39
holsteinthat xorg.conf should sort you out, assuming there are no settings in the bios halting it04:39
xorgand 1024x764 res04:40
xorgi went threw bios04:40
xorgcouldent find any thing diffrent than the other one04:40
xorgproblem on dell dimension 240004:41
xorgone that works dell dimension 300004:41
xorgsame every thing04:41
holsteinxorg: i doubt that.. even if you had 2 dimension 2400's, the hardware could be different04:42
xorgi want to say what i changed i grub was added  a word  nomodeprobe04:42
xorgspoke to soon04:44
xorgfroze on startup04:44
xorgi will have topick it up later im out of time04:57
philipballewBest way to track down a memory leak?10:15
geirhadepends on the application11:23
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Guest82804trying to get my optical drive to work again, it's recognized in bios and kernel but I get lost after that13:31
Guest82804sorry, running 10.0413:32
holsteinGuest82804: i would try a live CD on it.. take the operating system out of the equation14:07
holsteinGuest82804: if a live CD boots in the drive, then you know its good14:07
Guest82804Live cd does boot14:08
holsteinGuest82804: then boot the OS, and put a CD in and open the file manager14:09
Guest82804cd/dvd drive shows in file manager but there is no result when I double click or try to open14:11
holsteinGuest82804: is there a CD in there? is it a known good CD? try different media..14:11
Guest82804it is good, it's the latest UBCD that I use14:12
holsteinsure, but that a bootable distro14:12
holsteinwhat do you expect to happen when you double click a bootable distro?.. i would put in a known good audio cd and see if you can get it playing14:13
Guest82804are you saying then like a commercial cd or dvd? I don't even get another file manager window when clicking14:13
holsteinGuest82804: im saing a CD that might do something.. a data CD.. anything else really .. could be an audio cd you made, or something sitting around14:14
Guest82804in the past I've gotten an auto open prompt or file view14:14
holsteinGuest82804: what files? its a CD14:14
holsteinGuest82804: its a bootable cd.. its not going to show files.. though it might14:14
holsteinGuest82804: what operating system are you using?14:15
Guest82804it has in the past.... 10.0414:15
holsteinGuest82804: ubuntu? lubuntu? xubuntu? 32bit? 64?14:15
Guest82804sorry, 32bit ubuntu 10.0414:15
holsteinso, nautilus is showing the UBCD.. but no files?14:16
Guest82804not even14:16
holsteinnot even what?14:16
holsteinGuest82804: what does an audio CD do?14:16
Guest82804disc goes in, and nothing. same with audio cd or dvd14:16
holsteinone that you didnt make.. one that works on something else as sell.. as i suggested above, a known good audio cd..14:16
holsteinGuest82804: i would look into auto mountint.. maybe you have disabled that14:17
Guest82804yes, commercial audio cd's and dvd's, I get nothing14:17
holsteinGuest82804: cool14:17
holsteinGuest82804: i can sense and relate to your frustration14:17
holsteinGuest82804: if you can get a live CD to boot the machine from that same optical drive, then i think its safe to assume the drive is good14:18
Guest82804so automounting.. is that mucking with fstab?14:18
holsteinGuest82804: no.. automounting in nautilus14:18
holsteinGuest82804: i wouldnt add removable media to fstab14:18
holsteinnor would i "muck about"14:18
holsteini would look for and apply any upgrades.. reboot and test14:19
holsteini would consider just upgrading to 12.04 if you have any other problems, since 10.04 is EOL soon anyway14:19
Guest82804hehe, mucking, said casually. I'd definitely look into what I was going to do before I "mucked"14:19
holsteinyou can try 12.04 live from USB and test the optical drive, though i think you are proably just not mounting the CD's14:19
Guest82804I have tried mounting from terminal, with no luck14:20
holsteinGuest82804: what errors?14:20
holsteinhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1468035 might be relevant14:20
holstein^^ actually suggests mucking about with fstab ;) ..but removing the crom from it14:21
Guest82804mount command says sdc0 not found in fstab or mtab14:22
ubot2Launchpad bug 562092 in udev (Ubuntu) "Cdrom drive not recognized automatically" [Undecided,Invalid]14:23
holsteinGuest82804: you have upgraded? and have the latest kernel?14:24
Guest828042.6.32-45 kernel14:24
Guest82804bug link says something about latest udev?14:25
holsteinGuest82804: well, without me having to do any googling, or booting up any old 10.04 boxes, look for and apply upgrades14:25
holsteinsudo apt-get update, then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade14:25
holsteinthat should get you the latest udev, and you can test with that14:26
Guest82804everything shows up to date14:26
holsteinwhat would i do? just boot up 12.04 from usb and test, and go ahead and upgrade since 10.04 is EOL soon14:26
holsteinotherwise, its just going to be troubleshooting and testing til you sort out what is broken14:27
holsteini might just make a new user and test there, taking your /home config out of the equation14:27
Guest82804maybe not so odd question, would setting up nfs have messed up any automounting?14:27
holsteinGuest82804: depends... you can try the 10.04 live from use to test as well14:28
holsteingotta run.. good luck! ..you can try #ubuntu for that if its dead in here.. cheers14:28
Guest82804ok, thanks for the help14:28
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