JoseeAntonioRhey guys, can I get some upvotes? :) http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/15ss8i/jono_bacon_qa/01:20
philipballewhello ubuntuers10:23
philipballewsay popey what you think we do on the G+ page when people ask mint and other ubuntu derivatives questions. Seen a lot lately?10:34
philipballewIve been letting them go, as I was busy deleting credit card app and Nigerian prince type posts10:35
popeyI honestly don't know what to do about support on G+10:36
czajkowskiphilipballew: perhaps point them at the other derivatives G+ pages10:37
czajkowskiI get lots of non LP questions re Ubuntu and derivitiaves I try where possble to find the pages they are looking for or where they will get help10:38
czajkowskiI get a *lot* of support questions via Fb for Launchpad10:38
philipballewNot a bad idea10:38
czajkowskiand I just reply not here and point them at the answers page on LP which seems to be helping10:39
philipballewSometimes I wonder why people use the group pages like that as ways to get help. Forms and StackExchange are so much better.10:40
* philipballew needs to get more Launchpad stickers10:40
czajkowskiphilipballew: I tend to questions peoplss logic on these things10:40
czajkowskihmm not sure we have any more launchpad stickets10:41
czajkowskiI'll be in the office this week and have a look and if I find any will post you them10:41
philipballewoh tight!10:41
philipballewtight = cool for anyone who is unaware.10:41
czajkowskiphilipballew: do you surf?10:41
czajkowskifeckin' hell G+ is a bit cranky today with some posts already before the annoucement is out10:42
philipballewIve surfed a few times, however I am way to clumsy to do it good though.10:42
czajkowskiI just hae visions of you as a surfer shouting DUDE! AWESOME TIGHT!10:42
philipballewI live right next to the ocean http://danperkins.blogs.com/doxa/images/2008/03/14/goodwin_hall_2.jpg10:42
czajkowskiI miss being close to the ocean over here10:43
czajkowskibut othe rhalf has a new car arriving this week so hopefully more trips10:43
philipballewI need to attempt to become a more sterotypical Californian10:43
philipballewOh nice, what kind?10:43
czajkowskiBMW 320d10:44
philipballewOh, nice! Driving in style!10:45
czajkowskiand I'll be insured on it :)10:45
czajkowskiso more trips to the sea :D10:45
philipballewOne day I'll need to come to see London.10:45
czajkowskidear  UPS dude hurry up and collect Sheldon so it comes back sooner!10:45
popeyczajkowski: what posts?10:46
philipballewSometimes you cant trust the ups10:46
czajkowskipopey: Jans and jonos10:46
czajkowskiand my twitter stream is a bit cranky as well10:46
czajkowskipeople should just chill and wait and see10:46
czajkowskiphilipballew: Toshiba arranged them10:47
czajkowskiam using my old laptop, and forgot how slow it was10:47
* philipballew always uses USPS and knows that means nothing to anyone in Europe.10:47
popeyoh Jan.. yes..10:47
czajkowskiphilipballew: aye we'd know of it10:48
philipballewOne of the few good things of America.10:49
AlanBellpopey: are there going to be people on IRC anywhere later who have a clue what is going on and can answer questions after the announcement?10:51
popeyAlanBell: jono is doing a QA about it at 6:30 UK time10:53
popeyand #ubuntu-on-air10:53
philipballewI think thats the right link10:54
czajkowskiah on air :(10:54
czajkowskiwhy not regualr irc for folks that cant join in but can read a log10:54
philipballewbecause videos are "cool and hip"10:55
czajkowskiI disaree but I'm in the minoroty there I know that10:56
Tm_Tczajkowski: I btw agree on that "point to right support direction" as that would be the ubuntu way to do (:10:56
philipballewyeah, I wonder if there is a way to say pull what he says and transcribe it. Like make subtitles and make a log of that.10:56
philipballew^is not thinking that should be done, and does not hope someone reads that and thinks he knows anything about how to do that.10:57
philipballewczajkowski, cant you just listen to the video when you work or something?10:59
czajkowskiphilipballew: I can yes, but others can't due to work /travel/bandwith11:00
czajkowskiit's not very inclusive to many people11:00
Tm_Tphilipballew: atleast I cannot listen something while working, listening is for me something that requires full attention11:00
Tm_Twell, I can listen music, but just as background noise /:11:01
popeyczajkowski: why can't people join in?11:01
philipballeweveryone is different I guess. For some it might be easier to listen to it when your working where reading means you have to stop work.11:01
czajkowskipopey: bandwith/travel/not a good time so many read logs if on irc afterwards.11:01
czajkowskior for some their 1st language isn't english and cant listen as fast11:01
popeyit is archived so people can watch later11:01
czajkowskiso prefer to read so it's translates.11:02
popeyand anyone can transcribe it11:02
czajkowskiliek I said, I'm in the minority club :)11:02
philipballewTm_T, I assume the music is released under an open source approved license right?11:02
czajkowskilordie I cannot type today!11:02
popeyI'm just asking so we can find a solution11:02
popeytranscription is a possibility11:03
* philipballew hopes Tm_T did not take that seriously11:03
popeyhappy to have a google doc open at the time and we could do multi-player editing to capture it all11:03
czajkowskinice idea11:04
philipballewcould that be done automatically though?11:04
Tm_Tphilipballew: I currently have game soundtrack playing, no idea about the license as it doesn't have one accompanied with the contents AFAICS11:05
* philipballew has Rap playing11:05
* czajkowski always has music on 11:05
philipballew^probably made is OSX11:05
popeyphilipballew: not without paying someone to do it I dont think11:07
Tm_Taah, "all rights reserved" says http://benprunty.bandcamp.com/11:07
philipballewpopey, ah, everything I want to do has not been invented yet. Automatic subtitles is now one of them.11:08
philipballewTm_T, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aesop_Rock11:08
AlanBellJoseeAntonioR: broken link on your blog post11:12
AlanBellgoes to http://joseeantonior.wordpress.com/2013/01/01/jono-bacon-on-air-qa/www.ubuntuonair.com11:12
AlanBellyou need the http:// on the front of it11:13
JoseeAntonioRAlanBell: thanks, will change in a sec13:16
AskUbuntuWhy is Unity named Unity | http://askubuntu.com/q/23522413:50
jcastropopey: you know, if we ever get time, we should get chris mason on an onair13:58
jcastropopey: or perhaps you guys could have him call in on uupc13:59
popeygood idea!13:59
jcastroin like 4 hours we get to do something14:06
cjohnstonWe all get to take a nap?14:06
mhall119god I hope so14:07
cjohnstonSounds good to me14:07
czajkowskipopey: you may want to book mark this https://www.gov.uk/bank-holidays14:08
popeyczajkowski: i have a google calendar for that ☺14:10
czajkowskiah ok I ws putting mine into admin for the coming months14:11
jcastropopey: I learned something over the break14:15
jcastroremoving someone's post just removes it from the community page14:15
jcastroso the person's post and comments and stuff are intact14:15
jcastroso you don't need to feel bad about destroying something, because everything is preserved, it's just not on the community page14:16
popeyyeah, i noticed that too14:18
popeywhen I removed the post from the guy asking debian people to come and troll us14:19
popeypeople carried on commenting on it14:19
jcastrotechnoviking: around?14:38
bkerensamhall119: If you have time we would love to have you join the OMG On Air Event this morning15:41
jcastroheya balloons15:41
jcastrowhat does the orange dot mean in the errors column?15:41
mhall119bkerensa: You'd love it even more if I had things ready for this announcement ;)15:41
bkerensamhall119: :) We got joey for that15:42
bkerensamhall119: he has a mobile broadband kit :)15:42
mhall119bkerensa: I meant being ready on our end15:42
bkerensamhall119: oh15:42
bkerensamhall119: I'm sure popey is ready :)15:43
popeyready for what?15:43
bkerensawhat is this nonsense http://www.damnocrazy.com/21/canonical-announces-upad-tablet-running-ubuntu15:43
bkerensapeople believe that?15:43
mhall119does popey even have anything to do for it today?15:43
bkerensamhall119: I'm sure he has more to do with it than community team but thats speculation at best :P15:44
jcastroI love that it's $999 and like 2 people already complained about the price15:44
bkerensa$999 from a Chinese OEM hah15:44
balloonslol, that link15:44
balloonsjcastro, umm, not sure actually15:44
popeythat site is made by the guy who runs muktware15:44
balloonsit means a specific error..15:45
PiciThat link had half the people in -offtopic convinced *rolleyes*15:45
bkerensanow that I think about it.... does China have any OEM's or is it just American and Japanese OEM's that use China for labor?15:45
balloonsI believe it means something completely failed15:45
popeymostly chinese and taiwanese15:45
balloonsmake sense?15:45
jcastropopey: the difference is it's hard to tell which site is real and which isn't. :p15:46
popeyi did point that out to him15:46
jcastroballoons: I think so, I'd just never seen a purple canonical logo before15:46
* balloons notes it looks orange15:48
bkerensajcastro: remember this one http://www.netbooknews.com/wp-content/2010/10/Canonical-Cloud-1.jpg15:49
jcastrohah yeah15:49
czajkowskiI have that sign here15:49
czajkowskigot it when the office was moving15:49
czajkowskiit used t hang on one of the doors :)15:49
jonojcastro, omg15:56
bkerensajono: http://socloseyoucanalmostbobbleit.com/15:56
bkerensajono: will this be retailing at the dollar tree or perhaps a high end retailer? :)15:56
Picifrom the footer: "This page is a joke, do not take seriously or in combination with any other medication."15:56
bkerensaPici: clearly :) it was a meme someone made on G+ last night15:57
jcastroI am falling over in my chair15:57
jcastromy wife thought I was having a heart attack15:57
jonolol, some people have too much time on their hands :-)15:58
jcastroI am wiping the tears from my face15:58
jcastrowhy is this so funny15:58
jcastroit shouldn't be ... but the rhythm of the bobble ...15:58
jcastroit's like ... mesmerizing15:58
jonojcastro, mhall119, balloons, gonna be just us for our call today - I am gonna be a few mins late kicking it off as we have a new babysitting arriving any second now16:00
jcastrocool cool16:00
jcastrowhat he really means is16:00
jcastro"I can't really use my keyboard until my head stops bobbling around"16:01
balloonshehe.. it's been over 24 hours16:01
bkerensajono: what do you mean :) thats advocacy right there man16:02
jonobkerensa, was that you?16:02
bkerensajono: serious? lol I was trying to sleep it was that comic guy16:02
bkerensajono: remember the guy who did that bobble head comic strip?16:03
jonobkerensa, ahh, it was Bryan?16:03
jonobkerensa, can I join the release announcement hangout in a bit?16:04
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
bkerensajono: Of course16:04
bkerensaJoseeAntonioR: ^16:04
JoseeAntonioRbkerensa: ack'd16:05
jcastroam I the only one who saw their todo list today and was like "I don't even know what half of this stuff means"16:09
PiciNope.  I've been on vacation since Christmas and I now I have to do all these works things I forgot about.16:10
pleia2I am unemployed \o/16:11
pleia2(only for a week though :))16:11
jcastrowhere you going?16:11
pleia2HP, get to work on the openstack ci team <316:11
PiciCongrats :)16:12
pleia2thanks :)16:12
snap-lpleia2: That's awesome. I'm sure you'll make great things there.16:14
pleia2snap-l: thanks!16:14
jcastropleia2: what?! that's freaking awesome!16:16
pleia2jcastro: yes! I'm very excited16:16
mhall119pleia2: \o/ congrats!16:17
pleia2was looking for something sysadmin+open source, found it :)16:17
mhall119now jcastro won't ever leave you alone about juju stuff16:17
jcastrothat's like 2+ more conferences a year if you go to ODS!16:17
pleia2yeah, at least16:18
vibhavThis is the most amazing website, EVAR16:18
bkerensaJoseeAntonioR: post is live on omg16:20
jonopleia2, congrats!16:20
jcastropleia2: clint and robert collins are over there too16:20
jcastroHP has been picking up a bunch of ubuntu expertise lately16:20
pleia2jcastro: yeah, I interviewed with lifeless, cody-somerville just jined too16:20
bkerensajcastro: clint byrum?16:20
pleia2joined too16:20
jcastrobkerensa: yeah16:21
czajkowskilifeless is amazing to work with16:21
JoseeAntonioRbkerensa: looks good, thanks!16:21
bkerensajcastro: you guys let clint go?16:21
jcastrobkerensa: like a month ago, it was on his blog16:21
popeychris jones is there too iirc16:21
bkerensajcastro: will he still hack on juju?16:21
jcastroI didn't let clint go, he has his own hopes and dreams and is in charge of his own destiny.16:21
jcastrobkerensa: more openstacky stuff core probably, he's still around though16:21
pleia2both Landscape Canonical guys I met at LISA '12 last month were at HP before, so I think there is a fair amount of trading happening :)16:22
mhall119bkerensa: also, you know how good those hackers are at lock-picking, we can't keep them captive forever16:22
jcastroclint had a choice between jorge and openstack. I lost. :(16:22
jcastroODS is an awesome conference though, I think I'll actually end up seeing him more16:23
bkerensamhall119: but you have root16:23
mhall119bkerensa: not me16:23
mhall119no way would ubuntu devs trust me with root16:24
vibhavIt's sabdfl16:24
jcastrobkerensa: hey did they find out the problem on omg over the break? the db was borked or something?16:24
bkerensajcastro: pm16:24
pleia2I hear the next ODS is landing on Ubuntu release week, I'll be going to at least part of it (have to be in philly by thursday though, for the whole getting married thing)16:24
dpmHey all16:24
JoseeAntonioRhey, dpm16:27
jcastropleia2: dang, you're full of good news today!16:27
pleia2haha, been engaged for over a year, time to pull the trigger :)16:28
jonohey dpm16:28
technovikingjcastro: hi16:31
jcastrotechnoviking: heya16:32
jcastrotechnoviking: hey so what's the tldr on the forum upgrade? the last few messages make no sense to me16:32
technovikingI honestly do not, ask the FC if they heard from IS when we want to work on it, no response from them.16:33
technovikinglast I heard, IS wanted to do a upgrade test, then make the forums read only for a couple days to do the upgrade16:34
jcastroI'll poke16:34
technovikingI assume someone his the LP plugin for vB4? I think it is working about never seen the bzr to the plugin.16:35
pleia2the plugin was provided back in October16:36
jcastrois where it lives16:36
technovikingwhen can I order my BBH (Bacon Booble-Head) before the rush :)16:36
jonotechnoviking, lol16:37
jononow there is an acronym16:37
jonoBBH sounds like some kind of forum markup language16:37
jcastrosounds like a good name for your own bbq sauce.16:37
jcastromake it happen16:37
popeyNO! Don't make him talk about BBQs!16:38
jcastro"Spice up your chicken with some hardcore BBH, made by hand with the bones of crushed dreams."16:38
popeyAlthough.. Jokosher sauce...16:38
jcastro... sounds disgusting16:38
jcastroI am || close to finishing off my dry rub recipe. For this summer. \o/16:39
technovikingSevered Fifth Death Sauce16:39
technovikingmy grill is buried under 2 feet of snow, no grilling for the foreseeable future :(16:40
jcastroI don't even have a grill yet, and if it was, it'd be buried in snow16:42
vibhavjono : ping16:43
jonohey vibhav16:46
jonojcastro, I am gonna start making my own sauce in the next few weeks16:46
jonogot a DVD at Christmas that got me started :-)16:47
vibhavjono : any plans for an IRC channel during the product launch?16:47
jonovibhav, no current plans, but good idea16:47
jonohow about #ubuntu-launch16:47
vibhavSounds good16:47
pleia2isn't this the sort of thing #ubuntu-discuss was created for?16:47
popeywhy not #ubuntu-discuss...16:47
jcastrojono: yeah, I have been looking for sources for ingredients, that seems to be like 90% of the work16:48
vibhavAh, I forgot that16:48
jono#ubuntu-discuss sounds good16:48
jonojcastro, you making a sauce?16:48
bkerensajono: people are excited you will be popping in16:49
jonobkerensa, :-)16:49
bkerensajono: I think they want to hear about this bobble head :D16:49
jcastrojono: no, dry rub/seasoning.16:49
vibhavjono : spread the Hangout/IRC channel on the Ubuntu social media channels. That should do it16:50
vibhavChannel word*16:51
jonojcastro, man, rubs are hard to make16:51
jonojcastro, for Christmas Erica bought me every Myron Mixon rub he does so I can play with them16:51
jonohe is the guy from BBQ Pitmasters :-)16:51
dakerif you haven't see what i captured :D https://plus.google.com/u/0/101694416703170881163/posts/H49guzJSf9A16:51
jonoand I am heading to his BBQ school in Feb, can't wait16:51
jonodaker, lol16:52
vibhavdaker : lol16:52
jcastrojono: mine is my grandmas recipe, it's more something like lowry's salt mix, something you want to sprinkle on your meat when you don't have time to mix something16:52
dakerjono: it was on ubuntu.com for a few seconds :D16:52
jcastrobasically, a good ootb seasoning, nothing like special or anything16:52
jonojcastro, oh nice, I love family recipes, make all the difference16:52
jononot all that much BBQ in the Bacon family though, lol16:52
jonodaker, what was?16:53
JoseeAntonioRthe bobble thingy16:53
vibhavI am sure that landuke is behind the bobble website16:53
dakerwhat have you seen on the capture16:53
jonoit wasnt, surely?16:53
popeyvibhav: thats not who owns the domain16:53
dakerjono: it was on ubuntu.com16:53
jonodaker, that is a mock site :-)16:53
vibhavpopey : who owns the domain?16:54
mhall119I bet popey does16:54
popeyvibhav: whois is your friend lazy man16:54
vibhavI'm here on a mobile16:54
JoseeAntonioRboom, it's private16:54
jonoAlexander Wainwright16:55
dakerah :D16:55
jonoahh yeah16:55
mhall119bkerensa: how's the hangout going?17:03
mhall119or has it not started yet?17:04
philipballewI think it starts in like 45 minutes apparently.17:04
bkerensamhall119: it has not yet started... setting up a firefox roll up for a backdrop in my office17:05
mhall119bkerensa: as long as it doesn't cover your Ubuntu pictograms17:05
JoseeAntonioRbkerensa: do you have ubuntu pictograms too?17:07
mhall119someone did, I thought it was him17:07
JoseeAntonioRit was me17:07
mhall119I know he painted his office bright orange17:07
mhall119JoseeAntonioR: ah, ok17:07
JoseeAntonioRhis office is a mix between firefox orange and ubuntu orange17:07
mhall119just like him17:07
bkerensaJoseeAntonioR: not yet... my office is not finished yet I need to do another coat of paint for it to have the shine I want and its winter so I cant now17:08
bkerensaJoseeAntonioR: shall we?17:09
mhall119czajkowski: are we encouraging the use of #ubuntu-discuss to talk about the announcement?17:42
popeythat would make sense17:43
jcastropopey: I am really happy to see this17:46
jcastro(not making another channel/list)17:47
jcastrogood job17:47
czajkowskimhall119: eh why are you asked me :)17:48
mhall119czajkowski: I thought you mentioned something about it17:49
jonobkerensa, where do I join the hangout?17:56
jonoJoseeAntonioR, ^17:58
JoseeAntonioRjono: I'll give you the link17:58
pleia2mhall119: that was me, not czajkowski ;) and I gave a heads up to the irc team that we'd be pointing people there17:59
mhall119pleia2: ok, I've been all over the map today, so pardon the confusion18:00
cjohnstonimbrandon: omg is down18:03
JoseeAntonioRjcastro: ping, omg is down18:03
jcastroI don't run omg!18:03
jcastroand it works fine for me18:03
jcastrooh, now it's down18:04
marcoceppiJoseeAntonioR: you'll want to ping imbrandon18:04
JoseeAntonioRimbrandon: ^18:04
marcoceppiThe Ubuntu homepage won't load for me18:04
cjohnstonJoseeAntonioR: its now on ubuntu..com18:05
snap-lAnd ubuntu.com isn't loading18:07
jcastroomg seems up18:07
JoseeAntonioRjcastro: click on the first post18:07
jcastroit works for me now18:08
jcastro.. but back down18:08
marcoceppiMy assumption, two web-heads. One is down18:08
jo-erlendalright; time's up. What's the big secret? :)18:12
snap-ljo-erlend: There's no U in Ubuntu18:13
jo-erlendit's a Phone. :)18:14
snap-lWe've been working on bnt all this time.18:14
jo-erlendI can tell from the image on /devices that it must be Ubuntu Phone.18:15
jcastroalas, my dream of ubuntu on toasters is dead.18:16
jcastromarcoceppi: hey, so, just in time for your webos phone to die18:16
marcoceppijcastro: yeah, pretty good timing18:18
marcoceppiI just need to know where to throw my money18:18
inetprojono: the link in your article to go to developer phone page is incorrect at http://www.jonobacon.org/2013/01/02/announcing-ubuntu-for-phones/18:58
inetproI'm guessing it should go to http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile/ ?18:59
inetprooh and I'm talking about the link in the paragraph starting with "If you have Qt/QML programming experience...."19:01
SergioMenesesinetpro, is working that link?.. I can see it19:04
inetproSergioMeneses: it's fixed now19:05
inetprothanks jono19:05
inetproclearly the Ubuntu sites are very popular today19:05
* inetpro would love to see some web stats19:06
SergioMenesesinetpro, perfect19:08
SergioMeneseshey hey jono \o always is nice to see you19:09
jonohey SergioMeneses :-)19:09
Picimhall119: is #ubuntu-phone now the place we should be pointing people?  It would be nice to know since we are getting lots of questions about it in #ubuntu19:40
mhall119Pici: I think that would be best, it matches #ubuntu-tv19:40
=== scott-work_ is now known as scott-work
jcastromhall119: jono: where should incoming phone questions be tagged on AU, I'm assuming "mobile"?21:24
jonojcastro, yeah, mobile21:25
mhall119jcastro: yes21:25
mhall119guess I should monitor AU too21:26
jcastroif you can submit some fixes here pointing to the official resources that would be <3: http://askubuntu.com/tags/mobile/info21:26
jcastroit's not obvious the tag is for generic mobile stuff21:29
mhall119jcastro: added some links21:32
dakerit seems that the toolkit is only for 12.10, no 12.04 :(22:11

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