EspreonHello, people.16:16
brobostigongood afternoon Espreon16:26
EspreonWhy thank you.16:27
EspreonHow have you been, brobostigon?16:27
brobostigongood bits and bad. and you?16:27
EspreonFairly well I've been16:27
EspreonThree As and a C- this semester.16:27
Espreon... well... the one I just finished.16:28
brobostigonthats pretty good.16:28
EspreonHeh heh.16:28
EspreonSome may argue it's not 'cause of the C-.16:28
brobostigona c still aint bad, it could be worse.16:28
EspreonWell, I think C-s are not transferrable.16:29
EspreonNot that I plan on transferring.16:29
EspreonIt was in a "schupid" class anyway.16:30
EspreonSo... I'm happy I passed.16:30
EspreonI also made some wassail.16:32
Espreon... a couple of days ago.16:33
brobostigonwhat is it ?16:33
EspreonAn English drink. It's basically warm, spiced apple cider.16:34
EspreonThough I added blackberries this time.16:35
brobostigonnever heard of it, and i am english16:35
EspreonReally? You never heard of it? Hmm.16:36
brobostigonnope. never,16:38
EspreonGuess traditions are a-dying.16:38
brobostigonwhere in england is it from?16:38
EspreonI have no idea.16:38
EspreonI believe it's of Germanic origin.16:39
brobostigonbecause i am from lincolnshire.16:39
brobostigonand they dont really produce apples up there.16:39
EspreonSouthern England, according to Wikipedia.16:39
brobostigonthere you go,16:40
EspreonYou should make some; it's good.16:40
brobostigoni wouldnt, cider makes me very ill.16:41
EspreonAwwww... :(16:41
brobostigontried it once, and wont ever again.16:42
brobostigoni was ill for hours after.16:42
EspreonThat bad, eh? That's unfortunate.16:46
EspreonI drink cider a lot.16:47
Espreon... so I think (or... thought) only good things about it.16:47
brobostigonyes, that bad.16:47
brobostigonah, ohwell.16:47
EspreonBad cider, stop being mean to brobostigon.16:54
EspreonAnd sadly, I'm not a magick faerie.16:54
brobostigonEspreon: i was with my dad, who likes cider, and he said it was good cider.16:54
EspreonIf I were, I'd change that C- into an A.16:54
EspreonOh well. :(16:55
brobostigonyep :(16:55
EspreonDo you like blackberries, brobostigon?16:58
EspreonOr do they not like you?16:58
brobostigonsometimes, yes.16:58
EspreonOnly sometimes?16:58
brobostigonliking them.16:58
EspreonI always like them and they always like me.16:59
Espreon... ... I kinda binge eat them.16:59
Espreon... yeah.16:59
EspreonBerries... I love them..17:00
EspreonI wish I had some tiramis├╣ right now.17:01
EspreonDo you like tiramis├╣, brobostigon?17:01
brobostigoni cant, i am allergic to dairy.17:02
EspreonOh, that's right.17:02
Espreonbrobostigon: What is your opinion of those who use the deep, broad a in words like "bath"?17:02
brobostigoni wouldnt mind the alcohol in it though, :)17:02
EspreonHeh heh.17:02
brobostigonEspreon: i have no opinion, it is just different pronounciation.17:03
EspreonAll right.17:03
EspreonDo you speak of tahcos or tackos?17:03
brobostigonas in takos ?17:04
EspreonNo, as in the Mexican dish.17:04
brobostigonthe latter.17:04
EspreonDo "foot" and "strut" rhyme for you?17:05
EspreonIs there a "real" g at the end of "sing" for you?17:06
EspreonAnd you do not say your "r"s like zee Frensh, yes?17:07
brobostigonnot really sure, never thought about it.17:08
EspreonI know I don't.17:08
EspreonI either curl my tongue back or say them like a Scotsman.17:08
Espreon... when I feel like it.17:08
EspreonOK, now you may ask me a million questions about how I say things too.17:09
brobostigoni dont have any, to be honest,17:09
EspreonHow come?17:09
brobostigoni cant think of any.17:09
EspreonI'll throw some things out there: taco is "tahco" ... wasp is "wahsp" ... ... ... and bath is not "bahth".17:10
iantobath is short for me, tacos as in a short a again. foor and strut don't rhyme and I can't tell if there's a g on the end of sing or not17:11
brobostigonafternoonings ianto17:11
EspreonHello, ianto.17:11
iantowasp is the same vowel as "hot" to me too ;)17:11
iantoshwmae pawb17:12
EspreonThis one's hot is "haht".17:12
EspreonA dog is a "dahg"... ... what else...?17:13
EspreonBut an orange is not an "ahrange".17:13
iantoOK hot as in the same sound as the o in orange17:13
EspreonThough the o in mine is probably not yours.17:14
EspreonWe don't have that sound.17:14
Espreon... the people in Boston do, though.17:14
EspreonKeep in mind that a writer is not rider to this one.17:15
EspreonIt may be to some people in this country, but I don't know any of these people.17:15
EspreonThey're probably in that weird place called California.17:15
EspreonAnd I guess the two of you have no idea why the two would sound the same. Am I right?17:17
iantoEspreon: http://users.aber.ac.uk/crs14/wasp.wma17:19
iantoThat's my way of saying it ;)17:19
EspreonSo I hear.17:20
Espreonianto: Hey, did you ever get back to translating Wesnoth or did you run into annoying problems and decide to stop?17:25
iantoEspreon: Sorry I've been quite preoccupied17:53
EspreonAh, it's OK.17:53

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