ricotzdarkxst, i will try to package a snapshot from esr17 as 1.8.810:12
darkxstricotz, sure, but gjs still needs some work10:12
darkxstI can do most of it but stumped on that one thing per bugzilla report10:13
ricotzyes, this package won't interfere with the current working 1.8.710:13
darkxstok cool10:13
darkxstalso could update the current esr10 snapshot, have been alot of commits to that branch since the last snapsnot10:14
ricotzdarkxst, did you try to use the current esr1010:14
ricotzah, about to ask that10:14
darkxstno didnt try, but would be suprised if it dont work10:15
darkxstthe autoconf2.13 thing seems a pain? not sure how to work around that in deb package10:16
ricotzdarkxst, i will create a "proper" tarball10:17
darkxstricotz, yeh that is what I did10:17
ricotzmeaning no need to autoconf in rules10:17
darkxstalthough I was using jhbuild for the 17esr10:17
darkxstricotz, did you sort out the internal headers (from js/src/dist/include) in the deb? (I havent actualy checked, but assume you must have for gjs to build)10:23
ricotzdarkxst, yes, they are installed now10:35
darkxstI know Jasper and owen are quite keen for an updated spidermonkey so the other bits should fall into place, once they are back from holidays10:44
darkxstricotz, anyway I'm off to bed, good night11:07

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