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airurandoczajkowski: I don't think so.  Do you know Barry or is he new to the group?13:31
airurandoI'll get to it this weekend.13:31
czajkowskinot sure tbh13:31
airurandoplan to do a 2012Irish loco year in review blogpost13:32
airurandowill reply to the e-mail then both on and off list.13:32
czajkowskiairurando: if you want I can add it to mine afterwards13:32
czajkowskiairurando: here's a plan for you for 201313:32
czajkowskifor for Ubuntu membership :)13:32
tdr112hello airurando13:49
tdr112hey czajkowski how was the trip home13:49
czajkowskigood thanks13:50
czajkowskiflew past13:50
czajkowskiwas back here for new years13:50
czajkowskitdr112: how was the conf you went to ?13:50
tdr112great, loads of people at it,  the more you go to these sorts of things the more it feels likes a reunion13:52
tdr112just wholes of people you get to know year on year13:52
czajkowskiso true13:52
czajkowskiit's how I feel about fosdem13:52
czajkowskiyou were a 3c29 ?13:52
tdr11229c3 :)13:54
czajkowskiah there we go13:54
tdr112lots of UK people at it this year13:54
czajkowskitdr112: wasn't there some issues there13:54
tdr112hmm, not that I know13:55
czajkowskion the upside http://adainitiative.org/2012/12/chaos-communications-congress-29-becomes-third-hacker-conference-to-ban-harassment/13:57
airurandohi tdr11214:26
czajkowskieveryone seen http://www.ubuntu.com/14:26
airurandoczajkowski: very curious, heard rumours of an announcement14:27
czajkowskiyup in 3 hrs and 31 mins :)14:28
airurandoat 5pm right?14:28
airurandowill it be on ubuntu.com14:29
airurandohe he14:29
czajkowskitis 2:30 now14:29
airurando6 it id14:29
tdr112czajkowski: i saw some of the cards on a few desks alright on day 1, I did not see that image on the wall14:35

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