brendandis it a known issue that ubiquity won't accept a password for WEP networks in the network selection screen?09:51
brendandi've just seen this on the nexus709:51
xnoxbrendand: i can't remember exactly which wifi networks, but indeed ubiquity under-asks wifi passwords for some networks. There was a bug about it & design solution (ask NM to connect & wait for NM popups to configure network)09:53
xnoxbrendand: as a workaround, one can use network indicator.09:53
brendandxnox, ah indeed09:57
brendandxnox, thanks09:57
gemaxnox: happy new year11:21
* gema guesses he knows what's coming after that11:21
xnoxgema: happy new year =)11:22
gemaxnox: bug 1080701 seems to be affecting many people and seems to be slowing down the manual testing efforts11:22
ubot2Launchpad bug 1080701 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Raring) "After 'Preparing to install Ubuntu' screen, raring installation hangs" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108070111:22
gemaany chance you could have a look at it soonish?11:22
xnoxright. on it then.11:22
gemaxnox: psivaa should be able to help you reproduce11:24
psivaamr -> lunch13:03
* psivaa -> lunch13:04
xnoxgema: psivaa: I am failing to reproduce the problem. Sure, it takes longer for partitioning screen to appear with increased amount of partitions (e.g. 4-6 minutes with my 15 lvm volumes) but it does appear eventually.13:55
* xnox will upload some fixes that speed this step up, but i am not convinced it's a real fix for what is experienced here.13:55
gemaxnox: psivaa will help you reproduce as soon as he is back , I also pinged him13:56
psivaaxnox: i'm trying this now, but did you try with i386 image on the hardware? (with possibly windows 7 already installed)14:02
xnoxpsivaa: not i386 image, not with windows7. I am uploading a fix that will skip ntfs partitions when trying to detect ubuntu installations. (this should reduce the delay).14:05
psivaaxnox: ahh ok, that could be the reason why you are not able to reproduce, iirc, with i386 on a machine with windows 7 this was a hang that never timedout even after more than half an hour14:08
xnoxpsivaa: interesting. How much disk space does windows 7 need? /me might be able to reproduce it.14:09
psivaaxnox: i think 20G should be enough for w7 installation, i have a machine that already has it. iirc you were able to reproduce this on the 10th dec :)14:15
xnoxpsivaa: well, not reliably, and it turned out kvm saw input/output errors on the disk & hence hang the install.14:16
xnoxpsivaa: I have windows7 cd, fetching i386 iso now as well.14:17
psivaaxnox: thanks, with windows 7 and i386 my installation is still hung past 10 mins14:34
xnoxack. thanks.14:34
* xnox is slowly installing windows 7 in the background.14:35
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antarusthis announcement better be super awesome17:59
gemaxnox: still around?18:14
gemaxnox: how's that bug going? it is also hitting us on bootspeed testing :(18:14

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