berto-following the instructions on the following page i was able to build my own kernel.  after rebooting i'm able to SSH into the box, but there is no console (TTY1).  any ideas? https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/kernel-baking.html02:19
* apw whines about the early hour09:18
stgraberhave to get used to it again :)09:19
* apw reboots into a 2013 kernel ...09:26
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* ogasawara stretches and waves13:38
apwhny ogasawara :)13:55
* rtg has accumulated a simply staggering amount of email in 2 weeks13:56
ogasawaramy inbox was actually manageable, although I was staying on top of it over the break13:57
rtgsforshee, do I want BRCM_TRACING=y for 3.8 ?15:02
sforsheertg, yes, let's have BRCM_TRACING=y and BRCMDBG=n15:05
rtgsforshee, ack15:05
sforsheertg, I think there were some mac80211 trace options I wanted to enable too but I can send a patch15:05
rtgsforshee, wait until I've got the rebase complete. I'll send out a note15:06
sforsheertg, ack. I doubt I'll get to it before then end of the day anyway, most of today will be playing catch-up.15:07
rtgbjf, 3 of us responded....15:35
bjfrtg, i heard a "yup"15:35
rtgbjf, ok, its hard to tell when _you_ don't respond15:35
* ogasawara back in 2015:53
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slangasekcking: ping - did you see my request in bug #1040557 to push your samsung-laptop changes to precise-proposed so that we can build live images from there and test the fix?16:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 1040557 in Ubuntu CD Images "UEFI boot live-usb bricks SAMSUNG 530U3C,np700z5c laptop" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104055716:40
bjfslangasek, i'm working on the next round of kernels as we "speak"16:48
slangasekbjf: is there a commit from cking somewhere that you can perhaps pull in for this?16:49
bjfslangasek, it's already in the tree and will be part of this update16:49
slangasekoh, awesome - thanks!16:49
cking..the crank is turning so to speak16:51
rtgogasawara, pushed raring master-next. build tested on amd64/i386. still working on armhf. updated dropped.txt with the usual suspects.16:52
ogasawarartg: ack, thanks.  I'll give it a spin on my kit.16:52
* rtg -> lunch18:32
rtgogasawara, repushed raring with some version fixes. its now 3.8.0-0.119:06
ogasawarartg: ack19:06
infinityOoo, 3.8?19:14
infinityThat fixes my tmpfs leak.  Want.19:14
rtgit even seems to work so far19:14
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dobeyif i clone the git repo for the kernel, and do debuild -S, where does it get the orig source from?20:16
* ogasawara lunch20:21
* rtg finally catches up on LKML20:25
* rtg -> EOD20:31
kamaldobey: it doesn't get the orig source from anywhere ... you need to manually download it and place it in "../"  (right above the git repo) before you do your debuild -S21:02
dobeyit appears a bit more complex than that21:02
kamaldobey: if you don't do that, then it will build a *full* source package21:02
dobeydebuild -S just errors21:02
dobeybecause there's no debian/changelog (it's under debian.master/)21:02
kamaldobey: you must do "fakeroot debian/rules clean" first ... that'll setup debian/21:03
kamal(i.e. it'll copy bits from debian.master)21:03
kamaldobey: fakeroot debain/rules clean is poorly named ...  it would be better called "clean_and_prepare"21:03
kamaldobey: another tip:   for the kernel tree in particular, you'll want to use:    debuild -S -I -i   (to make it not try to package up the .git/ dir and other junk bits)21:04
dobeykamal: and what would the orig source be, given there's no debian/patches directory, and the kernel has patches which aren't in the upstream orig source?21:07
dobeyi'm trying to understand how i can add some patches to it, and build a package, so i can test them21:08
kamaldobey: the orig source is in fact, the upstream kernel release tarball, e.g. linux_3.5.0.tar.gz but renamed to linux_3.5.0.orig.tar.gz as is normal for debian packages21:11
kamaldobey: you can download that .orig.tar.gz file from Launchpad ...21:12
kamal(modify as needed for your version)21:13
kamaldobey: there's no debian/patches directory because this particular debian package just doesn't use debian/patches -- instead, all the changes (the delta from that .orig) are just glommed into another big tarball at the time you run debuild -S21:14
kamaldobey: for your case, you should just *apply* the patches directly to your git repo, then add a new "customdobeyversion" entry to debian.master/changelog, then fakeroot debian/rules clean (to copy that into debian/), then debuild -S . . .21:16
kamalyou'll end up with a new customdobeyversion source package in ../21:16
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dobeywell i managed to get a source package with at least one of the patches i want to test. i hope it doesn't blow up21:54
kamaldobey: excellent.  good luck!21:58
dobeywell, this is unfortunate, and not particularly helpful either: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1490051/22:16
kamaldobey: the paste doesn't show the "real" error, which surely happened many many lines above that ... the kernel's parallel make gets run in "-k" (try to keep going after an error) mode, so the trick there is to capture the whole build output log, then search backwards from the bottom for "Error"22:18
dobeymake[3]: openssl: Command not found22:28
dobeymake[3]: *** [signing_key.x509] Error 12722:28
dobeythat i guess?22:28
kamaldobey: that sure looks like a problem to me!  but I don't know how to fix it22:29
dobeybut why would the kernel package not have a build-depends on openssl if it requires it? this is git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-raring.git save for the i915 drm patch i pulled in from dan's intel-fixes branch, and my changelog entry to tweak the version22:31
kamaldobey: I think the openssl "signed kernel" stuff is new for raring, for whatever that's worth22:32
* kamal tries a test raring build22:32
dobeybut the latest changelog entry is for the same version i'm currently running, so it's surely been built by the builders, which is weird22:34
dobeyi'm happy to build without that for now if i can. i just want to see if this patch fixes my video issue22:34
kamaldobey: yes, the buildlog here does refer to openssl: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/3.7.0-7.15/+build/406569622:36
dobeyindeed. and pbuilder very helpfully just deletes the tree when it's done, regardless of failure22:36
dobeyinterestingly though, "openssl" is not installed via build-depends according to that build log22:42
kamaldobey: I was just going to point that out!22:42
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dobeyok, found where i need to add it to build-depends, i think22:44
kamaldobey: but that won't explain why it builds okay on launchpad ;-)22:45
kamaldobey: is your pbuilder up to date?22:45
dobeyyes, i did update right before the build22:46
dobeyand i'm running on a raring host as well22:46
kamaldobey: my raring kernel test build (using the schroot builder on tangerine) did run openssl, just like the launchpad build.  I still don't know what's pulling it in though.22:59
dobeykamal: maybe sbuild has it installed in the chroot by default, while pbuilder doesn't?23:00
kamalseems unlikely to me23:00
kamaldobey: I take that back ...  openssl does indeed appear to be installed in the schroot on my build machine -- I don't know if that's the standard default or not.23:10
kamal.... and it's not installed in my raring pbuilder.23:10
kamalso, yes, I'm inclined to think that this is a bug in raring's Build-depends... it should list openssl explicitly.23:12
dobeynow i'm getting this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1490157/23:14
kamaldobey:  progress!23:14
dobeyi think i'll have to deal with it later though. 23:15
kamaldobey: the easiest solution to that is to just disable the ABI check ...   I can help you with that when you're ready to proceed.  holler for me.23:15

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