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shadeslayercould someone sponsor bug 1093220 ?06:42
ubottubug 1093220 in transmission (Ubuntu) "[SRU] Fix transmission-qt to open magnet links from a browser" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109322006:42
alkisgHi, due to LP #1078679, my sch-scripts package needs to temporarily ship a /usr/local/bin/gnome-panel wrapper. But when I put "local/gnome-panel   usr/local/bin/" in debian/sch-scripts.install, dh_installlocal then complains:07:07
alkisgdh_usrlocal: debian/sch-scripts/usr/local/bin/gnome-panel is not a directory07:07
alkisgrmdir: failed to delete ┬źdebian/sch-scripts/usr/local/bin┬╗: the directory is not empty07:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1078679 in gnome-panel (Ubuntu) "Gnome fallback - intermittent menus on top panel" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107867907:07
alkisgHow can I workaround the error? Or should I better use dpkg-divert gnome-panel instead?07:07
alkisg(just until the gnome-panel bug is fixed, then I'll remove the workaround from my package...)07:08
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micahgI'll ask here since I didn't get a response on OFTC over the weekend, if a package in sid won't build from versions of packages in sid, is that an RC bug and is policy 2.2.1 the one to quote or something else?16:56
RhondaA FTBFS is clearly a RC bug, and any maintainer wanting to argue which policy checkpoint that fails against is doing a very poor job - leave out the policy line. :)16:58
micahgit's arch:all (which is why it probably wasn't noticed)16:59
micahgso, just select FTBFS in reportbug then?17:00
RhondaAnd "over the weekend" is a bit strange, you asked yesterday, we are in the middle of the week.  ;)17:00
micahgsorry, my mind is not grounded ATM :)17:00
RhondaJust because it's a day off from work it's not weekend.  *smirks*17:01
micahgI've been off from work for 2 weeks, so that kinda makes it feel like one big weekend in some ways...17:01
RhondaIf someone is familiar with upnp, I'd like to have a chat. :)17:03
micahgRhonda: BTW, I've done FTBFS bugs before, just not of this type, so wasn't sure if the virtual severity was appropriate since it will always be built locally17:15
RhondaIt will, always?  Why is it a FTBFS then?17:16
micahgbecause the dependency isn't satisfiable from the archive17:16
RhondaThen your "always" classification is wrong. :)17:17
gesermicahg: you sometimes find FTBFS bugs for arch:all packages in the BTS too (when someone was doing an archive rebuild test)17:18
micahggeser: ah, oh, makes sense then17:36
micahgRhonda: why is my always classification wrong then?  Debian requires binary+source uploads?17:36
* micahg will check backscroll later17:37
TheLordOfTimemicahg, thanks for handling the backports for znc -> quantal, precise, sorry it took a while17:46
Rhondamicahg: Because it doesn't work "always", just in special circumstances where the required dependency is installed.  That's not "always" in my area.  It "always" would fail on my system, for a start.17:47
QuintasanAnyone can tell me where I can find the proper procedure for making an upload that is made so the package is only rebuilt?17:51
geserQuintasan: use "dch -R" to get the right version number and write a change log entry (usually explaining short the reason for the rebuild)17:59
geserif the packages has no Ubuntu delta, you should get a version number "-XbuildY" otherwise the usual "-XubuntuY"17:59
micahgTheLordOfTime: sure, no problem18:02
micahgRhonda: I meant locally as in not on buildd, not dkms style18:02
Quintasangeser: Tahnks!18:19
QuintasanThanks even18:20
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dkesselhello. i am trying to backport a package from raring to precise. i have built the package locally using backportpackage, however, i get a build failure when launchpad tries to build my PPA:20:11
jtaylordid you build it locally in a pbuilder chroot?20:13
dkesselyes - backportpackage does that by default and i watched it build it20:14
jtaylorit does?20:14
jtaylorI though it only builds the source package20:14
dkesseljtaylor: i have the .deb's here ;) and i think it is something with h2m that is used in the make process... i have another log here from an older version from the original developer:20:15
dkesselthere muste be something different on the build server... which is not in my pbuilder chroot20:16
jtaylorrunning ./performous --help during the build might give a clue20:16
dkesselmay i need special pbuilder configuration? i just used "pbuilder create"20:18
dkesseltrying --help next....20:18
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RhondaI wonder whether canonical payed valve for steam  :)21:37
dkesselok, so i gave up and filed a backport bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/quantal-backports/+bug/109544121:38
ubottuUbuntu bug 1095441 in Quantal Backports "Please backport performous 0.7.0-1ubuntu1 (universe) from raring" [Undecided,New]21:38
jtaylormicahg: so the unsolvable yade problem means ipython can't be backported?22:06
jtaylorcan't we just screw that stupid requirement22:07
jtayloror make an sru for yade? ...22:07
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micahgjtaylor: let's talk later about it, we should be able to solve it one way or another22:12

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