MikeRLI haven't nagged anyone for weeks considering the holidays (I know you all have lives), but with the final Firefox beta out (beta 7), will a build come soon so I and others may test it to ensure the final 18.0 release doesn't have a lot of bugs?00:36
bkerensaMikeRL: 18.0 is already in raring00:38
MikeRLNot 18 beta 7. It's 18 beta 5.00:38
MikeRLThanks, though.00:39
MikeRLI mean the beta ppa for Firefox.00:40
MikeRLJust please don't build on New Years. I know not everyone lives in the states, but some of you guys do.00:41
MikeRLI am referring to time zone differences, by the way.00:41
bkerensaMikeRL: it appears chrisccoulson just uploaded a new released on the 23rd to that ppa... I'm sure he will be doing more work on it when time permits00:42
MikeRLSure. OK. Just want to make sure we get an updated build before the final release.00:43
MikeRLSorry if I appear rude. I just like doing the testing, and am mildly afraid that if the PPA wasn't updated at least for the first and last beta, Firefox stable could be a crash inducing headache.00:44
MikeRLBy the way, thank you to all who attempt to keep this PPA updated. Updates aren't needed for every single beta, but would be nice if time was infinite in life. Also, every other beta is OK too.00:45
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rsdubuntu 12.10.  Neither FF or Thunder asks for password on CUPS with AUTH.  Is this a bug?19:21
chrisccoulsonrsd, i've no idea how printing even works. it might be best to ask someone like tkamppeter19:29
chrisccoulsonit's likely to be fairly silent in here for a while. i've not been working for a pretty much an entire month :)19:30
micahgchrisccoulson: lightning is still separate from thunderbird until 20, right?19:31
chrisccoulsonmicahg, ja19:31
micahgI tried to make a tarball last month, but it failed when trying to branch the mozilla-repo since the tag wasn't there...19:31
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