mwhudsonthumper: did you manage to actually take xmas off?20:12
thumpermorning mwhudson20:12
thumpersure did20:12
thumperabout to go through the mountain of email20:13
mwhudsonwas wondering how much of a crunch there was before today's announcement...20:13
thumperand see what the world is saying20:13
thumperall the crunch happened in december20:13
mwhudsonthumper: are you still road tripping through wellington in a few weeks?20:15
thumpermwhudson: yep20:15
mwhudsongot dates yet?  would be nice to meet for lunch at least20:15
thumperI think we are going to leave here on the 12th ish20:15
thumperneed to be in Gisbourne for the 19th20:16
thumperwell 18th20:16
thumperstill planning routes20:16
thumperwe have been very slack20:16
thumperbut running out of time :)20:16
mwhudsonwe are going to be away for the weekend of the 19th but i guess you won't be in wellington then20:17
thumperI'm wonering what the weather will be like for the wedding20:20
thumperapparently there has been lots of rain so far20:21
mwhudsonthe weather here has been pretty impressively all over the place lately20:21
ibeardsleecurse you quantal .. I have to redo all the usb boot drives22:12

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