tripelbI was sent here because I have a nexus 7 to talk to people were putting Ubuntu on. That was 2 weeks ago and I see nothing can I find out where and when people are talking about that I have so many questions01:47
Noskcajfor next time tripelb comes online, put him in contact with a nexus 7 tester who can explain stuff to him03:30
dtourondHello everyone :)09:43
dtourond63 members online, but no one's talking..? Okay then.09:46
amjjawadphillw: you there?10:03
dtourondAm I the only one who's active here..?10:12
amjjawadDevonT or dtourond ???10:13
amjjawadYou should have said your username is dtourond  ;)10:13
amjjawadwhen you need to talk to someone for example me, type his/her name10:14
dtourondIt was DevonT before but after a while I got bored & logged off. When I came back it just automatically used dtourond.10:14
amjjawadso he/she should notice that10:14
dtourond@amjjawad - so I guess we're the only two people who are active.10:16
meetingologydtourond: Error: "amjjawad" is not a valid command.10:16
dtourondamjjawad - so I guess we're the only two people who are active.10:17
amjjawadsometimes, users log in but they are busy or away10:17
amjjawadas I said on the fb group, people here from different time zones so it is better to arrage a meeting with someone before logging in ;)10:18
dtourondamjjawad - Yeah, that's true10:20
dtourondamjjawad - One time I was on an Anonymous IRC server (y'know, the hacker group) and it was just flooding with people. Almost every second there was a new message.10:20
dtourondI was just shocked at this, but don't worry.. I understand..10:20
amjjawadGlad you do10:21
amjjawadI must go now, I have some things to do :)10:22
amjjawadI will try to login later but no promises10:22
amjjawaddtourond: have you subscribed to the mailing list of QATeam?10:24
dtourondamjjawad: Yes, you're talking about the "Lubuntu-QA team" https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-qa10:27
amjjawadyes and there is ubuntu qa team as well10:27
dtourondAmjjawad: Oh sweet! I don't think I'd need much help through Ubuntu10:28
amjjawadI have subscribed to both before and still getting the Emails. I must go now ... catch you later ;) dtourond10:28
dtourondOkay, ttyl :)10:28
amjjawadI'm all into Lubuntu actually10:28
amjjawadok then, take care and cya soon ;)10:29
dtourondYeah, same to you.10:29
amjjawadwill sure do10:29
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
balloonshello SergioMeneses18:02
SergioMenesesballoons, hey hey, happy new year! I'm back from vacations18:04
=== plars is now known as plars-vacation
balloonsme too, hehe!18:05
SergioMenesesballoons, I have a lot of email to read =S I can see autopilot is going well18:20
balloonsyes, I've got lots to catch up on as well18:20
balloonsbut it's good18:20
balloonsand we have the sessions to finalize dates on18:21
balloonsgonna be a busy janurary18:21
SergioMenesesballoons, sure... Im checking the ubuntu phone os http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/01/ubuntu-phone-os-unveiled-by-canonical18:26
balloonsyes.. check out the youtube video showing it in action18:26
balloonsohh, while I have you SergioMeneses18:27
balloonswould you care to give a session on doing laptop testing this month?18:27
SergioMenesesballoons, :O and SergioZanchetta?  does he know about this?18:30
balloonswe sent a mail before break to the list18:30
balloonsnot sure if anyone got it..  never saw a response18:30
balloonsanyways, I want to lock dates in18:30
balloonswe wanted to do all of them this month18:30
SergioMenesesballoons, I saw the email but there is not answer from Sergio18:38
SergioMenesesballoons, Can I give you an answer about the session later? I guess that I can but Im not sure18:59
balloonsSergioMeneses, sure18:59
letozaf_Hi all, has anyone tried the Netboot armhf+omap4 image (http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/raring/main/installer-armhf/20101020ubuntu200/images/omap4/netboot/boot.img-fb.gz) ?20:01
letozaf_I'm not quite sure I found a bug20:02
Noskcajletozaf_, whats the bug? i doubt anyone else has seen it20:03
Noskcajalso, how did you only get one bug for ubuntu manual partitioning?20:03
balloonshey Noskcaj letozaf_20:04
letozaf_Well for the armhf+omap4 image I chose to install  Basic Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu desktop, but when20:04
letozaf_I rebooted I only got a desktop with a background and nothing else20:05
letozaf_no icons no launcher nothing20:05
letozaf_hello balloons20:05
Noskcajletozaf_, interesting. ERMERGERD balloons is back20:05
letozaf_for the manual partitioning, what else should I have encountered ?20:06
balloonsI'm back indeed20:07
balloonshad a nice break20:07
balloonsgood holidays for everyone? happy new year if nothing else20:07
letozaf_Welcom back balloons !!!20:07
balloonsthat will sink in at some point20:07
letozaf_happy new year to all20:07
Noskcajletozaf_, happy new year. my list (i think) is 1065789 bug 1080437 bug 1087409 bug 1086034 bug 1088054 bug 1087823 bug 108517320:10
ubot5bug 1080437 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "no background during the 13.04 daily install" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108043720:10
ubot5bug 1087409 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "*buntu dailys take 3 minutes to get to the next screen if install mp3 is selected." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108740920:10
ubot5bug 1086034 in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity slideshows still refers to 12.10" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108603420:10
ubot5bug 1088054 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Release notes firefox has no "minimise, maximise, close" buttons" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108805420:10
Noskcajdie ubot, die20:10
letozaf_let me have a look at these bugs20:10
Noskcaji have a feeling i put one extra in, i'm not sure20:11
balloonsso letozaf_ I think there's some more pending merges for the autopilot tests from you20:11
balloonsif so, I will get to them20:11
letozaf_yes but the last two do not work :(20:11
Noskcajballoons, there is one20:11
letozaf_there should be two: nautilus and evince20:12
Noskcaji think i merged one of those20:12
letozaf_Noskcaj, for bug 1080437 this time it did not happen to me :(20:13
ubot5bug 1080437 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "no background during the 13.04 daily install" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108043720:13
balloonsNoskcaj, ahh, yes you do have the power20:13
Noskcajballoons, POWER!20:14
Noskcajletozaf_, interesting, maybe its VM only, i'm pretty sure bug 1087848 is20:14
ubot5bug 1087848 in lubuntu-artwork (Ubuntu) "no login background lubuntu daily 13.04 amd64 Vbox" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108784820:14
letozaf_Noskcaj, unfortunatly I did not try to select try mp3 so also bug 1087409  did not happen to me either20:15
ubot5bug 1087409 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "*buntu dailys take 3 minutes to get to the next screen if install mp3 is selected." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108740920:15
letozaf_sorry install not try20:15
Noskcajletozaf_, my point is there are many bugs, just keep a lookout20:15
letozaf_yes sir!!!!20:16
letozaf_you are right20:16
letozaf_but for the slideshow isn't it a bit early to report a bug, maybe the still have to work on them...20:17
letozaf_or do we still have to report this kind of bugs ?20:17
Noskcajletozaf_, scottk made the bug as a reminder, i just add it anyway20:18
letozaf_ok I asked because I was not sure about it20:18
letozaf_so next time I will also subscribe the bug20:18
balloonsyes, bug 1086034 is known20:19
ubot5bug 1086034 in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity slideshows still refers to 12.10" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108603420:19
balloonsnot an issue20:19
balloonserr, well, lol.. typically it's not updated till beta/rc tim20:19
balloonsbut your right,m it is a bug :-)20:19
Noskcajyour keyboard problem, i sometimes have that, usually accompanied by no keyboard at all and what looks like a compiz crash. balloons i only do it as a reminder20:19
balloonsyes, it is good to file20:19
letozaf_Noskcaj, is a war machine, I mean on bugs :-D20:20
letozaf_so for the armhf+omap4 image should I report a bug ?20:27
balloonsNoskcaj, so I'm updating the live session testcase finally haha20:27
balloonsI know we were talking a little about it before xmas20:27
balloonsthe first part is to add instructions for persistence that make sense20:27
balloonsyou also wanted to create files, etc, to check the persistence20:28
Noskcajballoons, i have no part in live session. i don't think that was me20:28
balloonsohh. gotcha20:30
Noskcajwhile you we away there were other testcases that need updating i did find20:30
balloonsdid you add them to the list? I should probably archive our old work now20:30
Noskcajballoons, note the very bottom, i'm not sure about the ppc one as we might close ppc down and i'm not sure ppc server i possible20:31
Noskcajand before i forget, can someone run an ubuntu daily install, and note when the (x) is at the top and when its not20:33
balloonsthe 'x'?20:33
Noskcajmy netboot re-write is http://pad.ubuntu.com/wfjvrAzFq2, my oem re-write is http://pad.ubuntu.com/hROELLDhue20:34
Noskcajthe oem needs kubuntu only updates, could we get scott to do that?20:35
balloonsNoskcaj, yes ask scottk20:36
Noskcaji have pinged him20:38
Noskcajphillw, can you try getting the -pwerpc guys to follow gilir's orders, i gave up an my mac can't boot usb20:39
phillwNoskcaj: I cannot order to order people,20:44
Noskcajphillw, "orders:20:45
Noskcaj* "orders"20:45
balloonswell, testing this failed open on raring20:46
balloonsusb disk creator blew up trying to start20:46
letozaf_I had quite a lot of problems with usb disk creator today20:47
letozaf_had to use unetboot20:47
phillwballoons: Ì cannot log a critical bug with Chromium, the reporting mechanism from Chromium fails and it needs to be reported upstream. Is michag or Chad back from their break?20:47
balloonsletozaf_, btw, you don't need to use unetboot20:47
balloonsyou can simply copy the image straight to usb20:48
letozaf_with dd ?20:48
balloonsdd if=myiso.iso of=/dev/sdb20:48
letozaf_oh! never thought of this :) great20:48
balloonsyea, really slick20:48
phillwNoskcaj: we have to run down problems in severity... a none working browser is pretty sad... one VM system not working against another is a another bad one.....20:48
balloonsbeen that way since hmm 10.04?20:48
balloonsnot sure20:48
phillwNoskcaj: for your issue, do you have the ability to change screen resolutuion on the VM?20:49
balloonsNoskcaj, so this 'x' thing20:49
balloonswhat all do you mean?20:49
balloonsI'm in the installer now20:49
Noskcajphillw, is there anything that does work for you? balloons, it seems to come and go throughout the installer20:49
balloonsk, I20:50
balloonsi'll watch20:50
balloonsyep, it's gone20:50
balloonsok, you got a bug for this?20:50
Noskcajballoons, no, if you could.20:51
balloonsgonna check using 'try ubuntu' then install20:51
balloonssee if it changes anything20:51
NoskcajScottK, http://pad.ubuntu.com/hROELLDhue is my work so-far, if you could finish it?20:51
balloonshey ScottK20:51
Noskcajballoons, good idea20:51
phillwNoskcaj: I got tied up on kvm bug, for which we have a workaround, I cannot test every testing system against all VM systems. I am pleased to see that the testdrive guys are also looking into your issues.... You better make sure the bug reports are there for them :D20:51
Noskcajphillw, yep, everything thats actually a bug is one, everything else is in the email20:52
phillwNoskcaj: they need bug reports for each... the bug20:52
phillw& wish lists20:52
Noskcajphillw, ok, i will make them now20:52
ScottKNoskcaj: I don't have time to write the test case, but I can get it into the system if someone does.20:52
phillwNoskcaj: you have to give the devs bug's to close, else their work does not count :D20:53
Noskcajphillw, ok.20:54
NoskcajScottK, i was hoping you would at least know what to do for it. balloons, phillw or myself could upload it anyway. i guess i will try and finish it20:54
ScottKSorry.  Quite busy with $work ATM.20:55
balloonsNoskcaj, hmm.. actually I think it's ok20:56
Noskcajballoons, what is?20:57
balloonsso, what's happening is that it doesn't want you to killl the installer once you start making disk changes20:57
balloonsthat's what's happening20:57
Noskcajoh, never mind then. but it has the x at the restart prompt, i wonder what happens if its clicked20:58
balloonswell, if it's only the installer it would close20:58
Noskcajon another unrelated topic, how can i get ubuntu on a hiapad hi802 / zealz gk802?20:59
balloonsNoskcaj, if googling doesn't present some images / instruction my guess is to start with the basic core image21:03
phillwballoons: if you just want to log ##phillw - it's PPC stuff which may be useful when I bring Noskcaj up to speed on a request he has made21:03
balloonsor arm image, depending21:05
balloonswhat instructions set does it support?21:05
balloonsbtw -- asking on #ubuntu-arm may help21:05
Noskcajballoons, i did, they dodged the question21:06
balloonsahh, well, that might be the asnwer21:09
balloonssee what happens when you get it21:09
letozaf_I wanted to carry out the Ubuntuone tests, but the testcase: ubuntuone-client/ubo-001 that checks that the Ubuntuone client can be installed must be "old" I mean on a Raring fresh install it's already installed21:16
letozaf_maybe the testcase should be updated21:17
Noskcajballoons, am i ok to upload the slightly edited oem install?21:17
balloonsahh I see it21:18
balloonsyes, go ahead21:18
balloonserr well21:19
Noskcajthe highlighted bits are my only changes21:19
balloonshttp://lubuntu.com/ doesn't exist21:19
balloonsonly http://lubuntu.net.. no redirect :-(21:19
balloonsyea, go ahead though21:20
balloonsI was looking at this line        <dt>Launch 'firefox' and navigate to http://www.FAMILY.com</dt>21:20
balloons                <dd>The FAMILY homepage is loaded and displays properly</dd>21:20
balloonsok, so the netboot changes21:21
balloonsanyone having issues with apport not sending bug reports?21:22
Noskcajballoons, in raring? yup21:22
balloonsyes, raring21:22
balloonsbug for it?21:22
Noskcajand apport-collect doesn't work either21:23
balloonslet me look21:23
balloonswe need to open one21:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 1060989 in apport (Ubuntu) "Report isn't sent after clicking "Continue" while details load" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:24
balloonspitti mentions "Right, we didn't enable Launchpad reporting on Raring yet. They go to21:24
balloonserrors.ubuntu.com only at the moment."21:24
balloonsI can't believe they still haven't turned it on yet21:24
balloonsI will check with pitti at some point21:25
balloonssomeone on raring wish to confirm? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/usb-creator/+bug/109544321:34
ubot5Launchpad bug 1095443 in usb-creator (Ubuntu) "Startup disk creator fails to load; "error talking to udisks service"" [Undecided,New]21:34
dkesselswitching the server to get package update from crashes update-manager on raring21:48
balloonsdkessel, hmm21:49
balloonsso, using update manager, changing the update server, then updating again causes a crash?21:49
dkesselyes. that's what i did. trying again after apport is done21:50
dkesselwait. apport is not working, right?21:51
balloonswell, it's not pushing to lp yet21:51
balloonsohh.. I got a crash too21:51
balloonsdkessel, well, let's get a bug filed for this if there isn't one21:53
dkesselballoons: lesson learnt: don't pop() an empty list :)21:53
balloonsyikes 10.4 mb crash file21:54
TheLordOfTimeoops sorry wrong channel21:54
* TheLordOfTime hates laptop touchpads21:55
balloonsmy favorite: UnreportableReason: This is not an official Ubuntu package. Please remove any third party package and try again.21:55
dkesselyeah :D21:55
* dkessel tries to find documentation on how submitting such a bug with apport files manually would work... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs#Development_release does not help...21:58
balloonsdkessel, you can use ubuntu-bug21:59
balloonsin this case, ubuntu-bug update-manager21:59
balloonsmake sense?21:59
dkesselballoons: ok - i guess you're doing that already now?21:59
balloonsdkessel, yes :-)21:59
balloonsbut you can confirm and add stuff to it21:59
ubot5Launchpad bug 1095453 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "Changing download servers and updating crashes update-manager" [Undecided,New]22:01
dkesselso i just write: "Confirmed on current package versions" ? or is "confirming" something different?22:03
dkesselballoons: is writing a comment with "Confirmed on current package versions" enough as confirmation?22:06
balloonsdkessel, confirming is to set the status to confirmed22:06
balloonsit means someone besides the original poster confirm the issue22:06
balloonsmake sense?22:06
balloonsonce it's been set to confirmed it should show up to the bug folks and package maintainers to be triaged, etc, etc22:07
dkesselballoons: ah, right. it is only shown after clicking the arrow next to the package name. i confirmed. and then i saw that it automatically got confirmed because i also said it affects me :)22:08
* TheLordOfTime glances because he can22:08
balloonsahh.. didn't know that actually22:08
TheLordOfTimeBugSquad sometimes says don't do that22:09
TheLordOfTimedepending on the package ;)22:09
TheLordOfTimesorry, had to say it :22:09
TheLordOfTime:P *22:09
TheLordOfTimebut in your case i think you're fine with what you did :022:09
TheLordOfTime:) *22:09
balloonsnot to reply and autoconfirm or ?22:09
TheLordOfTimeballoons, to reply anyways22:09
TheLordOfTimebut for the bug in question i think you're OK22:10
TheLordOfTime... oops and my sbuild is breaking again :/22:10
* TheLordOfTime walks off22:10
Noskcajin raring i just got the error: "sudo: timestamp too far into the future: Jan 3 20:00:37 2013" the command then ran fine, what happend?22:10
TheLordOfTimedkessel, you did fine btw.22:11
TheLordOfTimeyour responding says "It also affects here, I can confirm it" works.22:11
TheLordOfTimeusually just the initial confirmation is all :P22:11
dkesselphew :)22:11
TheLordOfTimebut QA runs a tad differently than what i normally see as bug triaging, which is why i rarely touch $current_dev bugs :P22:11
TheLordOfTimeunless i'm the one who is working on them (usually happens in cases of certain server packages)22:12
balloonsyes yes22:12
balloonswe's cause trouble22:12
balloonsNoskcaj, umm that's not impossible22:13
TheLordOfTimeballoons, hey, at least you guys find the bugs in packages that are at least coded semi-decently...22:13
balloonswhat command?22:13
dkesselTheLordOfTime, what server packages would that be to cause you some work? ;)22:13
TheLordOfTimeat least you guys don't have to maintain php5 :P22:13
TheLordOfTimedkessel, not directly under server team purview but... nginx primarily, and php5-fpm related things.22:13
Noskcajballoons, sudo apt-get upgrade. sudo apt-get update had ran fine22:13
TheLordOfTimeoutside of server, anything i say "I like this, i'll help" :P22:13
TheLordOfTimebut generally i just do general triaging ;)22:14
* TheLordOfTime returns to fixing sbuild22:14
TheLordOfTimeballoons, dkessel: the one thing Bug Squad, and particularly me, don't like, is seeing a thousand people post "I can confirm this" or "This happens to me."22:19
TheLordOfTimetwo or three confirming things is okayish though ;022:19
TheLordOfTime;) *22:19
balloonsyes.. the "me too" posts!22:19
TheLordOfTimeits when you get a billion people posting on one bug.... :P22:19
balloonstacked on again and again22:19
dkesselright, that's why "affects me" was created i guess22:20
Noskcaj:( oem install, of all things has a bug22:20
TheLordOfTimeme, if i care about a bug, i just subscribe to the bug :P22:20
TheLordOfTimealthough i'm already subscribed to the packages i primarily work with :P22:20
Noskcajthe series name you input changes nothing, at least in Vbox22:22
balloonsNoskcaj, what do you mean22:29
balloonsI should do an oem install again.. haven't done one yet this cycle22:29
TheLordOfTimewhoo, Lubuntu's running smoothly in VM, compared to Ubuntu22:29
TheLordOfTimeUnity's a resource hog for VM testing of things :P22:30
phillwTheLordOfTime: the reason you hate that is because it raises the bug heat and actually makes someone pull their finger out and have a look at it :P22:30
TheLordOfTimephillw, actually, i don't like it because it causes autoconfirms and then we have to actually ask for apport information or more info for when there's not enough22:30
TheLordOfTimeor they file against the wrong package22:30
TheLordOfTimeand need some talking to.22:30
TheLordOfTimeoh, and my FAVORITE thing for bug workarounds that I just absolutely want to slap people for: "Manually downgrade the libraries to a prior release's version!"22:31
TheLordOfTimei aplogize for the ranting, i should be ranting in a secret channel soemwhere :P22:31
Noskcajballoons, let me get the bug report finished and you will hopefully understand22:31
phillwTheLordOfTime: we have to deal with humans, if you would stop beating the daleks up.... we would not have these problems :P22:33
Noskcajbug 109546522:35
ubot5bug 1095465 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu raring oem install series name is ignored" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109546522:35
phillwTheLordOfTime: then, my suggestion is to file a bug against bug-report and dis-allow you guys being pinged against a bug until a bug has the apport information, until that point it should simply show as 'incomplete'.22:36
TheLordOfTimephillw, most of those that i see are server-team subscribed :P22:37
phillwTheLordOfTime: then, please raise a bug! I'd love to confirm it from desktop side (I get all the lubuntu related ones, such as browser, media palyer... etc).22:39
TheLordOfTimephillw, moment i find one i usually file it22:39
TheLordOfTimeunless its an issue of PEBKAC and my own fault :P22:39
phillwTheLordOfTime: you're just picky :P try the DE bugs :D22:40
TheLordOfTimedesktop environment?22:40
TheLordOfTimeor are you talking about the german bugs :P22:40
phillwdkessel:  ^^22:40
* phillw nicotine break22:41
Noskcajbug 109546522:52
ubot5bug 1095465 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu raring oem install series name is ignored" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109546522:52

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