slybootsWhat the flying..00:00
slybootsFor some reason, when my server reboots.. the RAID5 array I've build as /dev/md0 appears as /dev/md127 and its always stuck in a "PENDING" state, then it moves into "RESYNC"00:01
qman__yeah, I've had that before00:15
qman__it was caused by a screwed up disk and some uuid confusion00:15
slybootsI've given them the disk by its ID though00:21
slybootsWhich.. shouldnt change00:21
qman__your array is probably fine, for me it was just a matter of correcting the problems and getting it to assemble again00:28
qman__I did it by removing the troublesome disk and manually assembling, then letting it fail over to another00:28
qman__then fixing the messed up disk00:28
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uvirtbot`New bug: #1095180 in etckeeper (main) "incorrect bash-completion" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109518002:46
uvirtbot`New bug: #1095181 in etckeeper (main) "terrible breakage on git rebase" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109518102:56
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neologicohi people!06:11
neologicosomebody knows about linux drivers installation?06:12
neologicohelpme please06:12
lifeless~ask | neologico06:17
lifeless!ask | neologico06:17
ubottuneologico: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:17
neologicook understand06:18
neologicoI can copy a compiled driver: wl.ko in one machine to another and install it?(wl.ko is the driver compiled for wireless card broadcom 43xx)06:24
lifelessneologico: for the same kernel version only06:27
lifelessneologico: best to use dkms to trigger a a compile and install on the other machine a swell06:28
neologicolifeless:dkms in any application installable ?06:35
lifelessneologico: its a standard package, if thats what you mena06:36
neologicoyes understand; even though my language is spanish:)06:38
neologicoI can not even compile the driver after installing backtrack with updated repositories06:41
neologicowell; thanks lifeless in another time i continue this, is too late here.Thanks!!06:44
neologicobye everybody happy 201306:47
inflexhiya all, planning on using U12.04LTS server on a few HP-NAS boxes.  Out of curiosity, is there much trouble in getting it all to fit within 4GB? ( rsync, ssh, and samba are the only services being offered )07:47
vezqinflex: will fit just fine08:55
inflextx.  Planning on using a Sandisk Cruze Fit USB 4GB as the OS/boot.08:57
inflex(Amazing how tiny those things are)08:57
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LuizAngiolettiHello there! How can a machine be resolving names if it's resolv.conf is blank?13:16
LuizAngiolettiI do have a dns server running, but does it affect my external name resolution?13:17
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RobCWDudley LuizAngioletti: DNS can be passed in via DHCP iirc and Network config handles DNS from outisde of resolv.conf14:22
hallynahs3: hey, new netcf release is out :)  prevents segfault in use by threaded app iiuc.  i assume now is still a bad time for debian upload/15:03
hallynzul: good morning!  could I pursuade you to sync netcf from debian-experimental into raring?15:09
zulhallyn: i could be persuased15:10
hallynzul: looking at bug 591489.  i don't get it.  vnc doesn't fwd audio, so why would this bug matter?  (hoping you understand :)15:23
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 591489 in libvirt "No sound in virt-manager (QEMU_AUDIO_DRV set to none by libvirtd)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59148915:23
ahs3hallyn: hrm.  good question; i'll check on the freeze, but yeah, i suspect it may be "hurry up and wait" a bit15:24
zulhallyn: cant tell you but its in lucid have you tried something a bit newer?15:26
zulhallyn: ill put the 1.0.1 up for you somewhere this week btw (with the lxc attach stuff backported)15:27
hallynzul: i havne't tried any, no :)15:38
hallynzul: IIUC, they're saying they want to start a VM with virt-manager, and have the qemu guest use the host's sound card even though they're using vnc15:40
hallynso if they were doing vnc remotely, the server would be playing sound15:40
zulright it wouldnt15:40
hallyni see yeah that's what they want  (comment #8)15:40
biebI installed 12.04 server before the holidays.. everything was working fine, I have a static IP and downloaded software and updates.. today I am not able to get to any sites I tried apt-get update and it fails with "unknown host", same error if I try to ping anything. I have looked at /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/original and the correct DNS servers are in there.. any ideas where to look next?15:41
hallynzul: tempted to set it to wontfix rather than ignoring it...15:42
hallynbut i guess i won't15:42
zuli would15:42
zulbut i would also get them to test something newer15:42
zulsince they are like an lts behind15:43
hallynzul: the proposed fix reuires running the vm as the logged-in user (to connect to the pulseaudio session) so i doubt i'ts "fixed"15:46
hallyn(where "fixed" == broken imo, but...)15:46
hallynso i don't really want to ask - seems like a waste of time15:47
zulit does....besides its not a fix that we would SRU imho either15:47
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davmor2hey guys on precise server I just ran sudo apt-get update and got this error any ideas? W: GPG error: http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com precise Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>16:34
melmothdavmor2, you need to import a public key.16:36
melmothwich key.. i m not sure16:36
davmor2melmoth: it's the archive repo key and seems to be in place16:37
davmor2melmoth: many thanks16:40
sw0rdfishwhats the 6euro a month vps provider's website again?16:48
RoyKsw0rdfish: you asked yesterday, and I even did some googling for you16:51
slankI notice that the default conf for rsyslog specifies $FileGroup adm, but then $PrivDropToGroup syslog. The latter appears to negate the former - I'm seeing new files created as syslog:syslog.16:52
sw0rdfishsorry RoyK..... plz highlight me next time, and I found what you said, thanks man16:52
sw0rdfishdamn man how did you that... that is a nice search technique ;)16:53
RoyKsw0rdfish: I guess I to prefix with your nick...16:53
* RoyK knows search engines :)16:53
hallynzul: not sure you care to follow my process on this :)  but in case you do, i've pushed my changes to the debian qemu tree to github.com/hallyn/qemu.  i'm going to now push that (based on 1.2 from end of october, i.e. what is in ppa:serge-hallyn/crossc) to raring, then i will merge in the new 1.3.0 qemu from debian's git tree (which hasn't been tested)17:02
hallynthough i see it's in debian-experimental17:02
zulhallyn: okie dokie17:02
hallynso, seems impossible that *something* would not go wrong with the 1.2.0 qemu push,17:02
hallynwhich will remove qemu-kvm and qemu-linaro source packages17:02
hallynoh wait.  what am i thinking17:03
hallynclearly i won't have rights for this17:03
RoyKhallyn: famous last words...17:03
hallynRoyK: i'm not happy about it :)  but it's gotta be done...17:03
jtdhi guys.17:04
jtdso, I have Ubuntu Quantal authing to AD for logins and it seems to be working well. I created /home/DOMAIN for domain accounts to have their home directories created, but instead of creating home directories it's just complaining they don't have one and putting them in /. How do I get it to create their homedir on login if it doesn't exist?17:04
hallynzul: so actually i think i'll have to (a) ask someone (you?) to push the source from my ppa, and (b) ask for the new src pkg to be added to ubuntu-server group17:04
zulhallyn: most likely :)17:04
zulhallyn: or anyone else on the team17:04
hallynzul: you'd prefer someone else?17:06
zulhallyn: nah but if you can spread the love that would be cool17:06
hallynzul: since i expect problems with this one, i'd (sorry :) rather have you do this, and ask roaksoax to do the netcf sync17:09
zulhallyn: sure17:11
hallynzul: thanks!  so after you push, i'll ask on #ubuntu-devel to have qemu added to server set17:11
hallynroaksoax: ping (when you're around) :)17:11
roaksoaxhallyn: here17:13
hallynroaksoax: could you sync netcf from debian-experimental into raring?17:15
roaksoaxhallyn:  sure :)17:15
hallynroaksoax: thanks.17:17
hallyn(honestly i need to package 0.2.3 too, but i prefer to go through debian first for all netcf now)17:17
hallyn(and that potentially awaits freeze)17:17
sw0rdfishw00t! my american alienvps is doing ok for paltalk usage!17:20
sw0rdfishI'm soo happy17:20
sw0rdfishin that case I don't need a european one :D17:20
roaksoaxhallyn: yeah I agree,  but if we are close to freeze and it is not in debian yet, then I would suggest to package it17:23
hallynroaksoax: we're not close to freeze just yet right?17:23
roaksoaxhallyn: nope17:24
roaksoaxwe still have time :)17:24
hallyndo you remember off hadn when ff is?17:24
roaksoaxhallyn: March 7th is FF17:25
roaksoaxhallyn: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseSchedule17:25
hallynthx just foudn it :)17:26
hallynok so i'll put this down in my feb tickler file to package it for sure17:26
roaksoaxhallyn: yeah, another thing you could do to help Debian, is package it yourself, ping the maintainer to try to get the new prepared in (specially of there are packaging changes)17:28
hallynroaksoax: no no, i'm the maintainer :)17:28
hallynroaksoax: i just want to wait until i'm sure wheezy is not in freeze17:28
roaksoaxhallyn: yeah just noticed :)17:28
hallynroaksoax: thanks again.  (going to step away now for a few mins)17:29
roaksoaxhallyn: syncpackage: Request succeeded; you should get an e-mail once it is processed.17:29
daguzI'm trying to install quantal under xen(suse) . Last time I followed these directions for natty ( http://www.mmacleod.ca/blog/2011/05/ubuntu-natty-narwhal-and-xen/) and it worked fine.  Now I cannot seem to get it to go with the latest version.  After install, I get "boot loader didn't return any data"19:09
Davieyadam_g: Hey, are you able to fix up the CA report to present for grizzly aswell?20:12
adam_gDaviey: yeah, *should* be able to just add a new set of cronjobs to pull grizzly/raring instead of folsom/quantal. ill confirm in a bit and let you know what to add20:14
smw_"Running /etc/init.d/networking restart is deprecated because it may not enable again some interfaces" What should I do then?20:19
RoyKrestart networking?20:20
smw_RoyK, when I rand networking restart. it gave that warning20:22
smw_so if one way is deprecated, another should be used instead, right?20:22
smw_anyways, I am running into other issues :-\20:22
RoyKdid you try that command I just gave you?20:23
smw_oh, that is a command XD20:24
smw_doesn't appear to be an upstart job20:24
smw_http://fpaste.org/M2vw/ I added eth1:1 to my /etc/network/interfaces and then did /etc/init.d/networking restart20:24
RoyKroot@bcache:~# restart networking20:25
RoyKnetworking start/running20:25
RoyKthat's on quantal, though20:26
smw_I am on precise20:26
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smw_works for me too20:26
RoyKdunno - I have no VM on precise, and wouldn't like to test on a box in roduction ;)20:26
smw_RoyK, this is odd20:27
smw_RoyK, http://fpaste.org/SGCd/20:27
adam_gDaviey: yeah, the currentl script in lp:ubuntu-reports should work the same way. './gather-versions.py grizzly && ./ca-versions.py -r grizzly' should dump a ca_versions_grizzly.html20:41
Davieyadam_g: Ah, i thought you might try and put it on the same output file.. but yeah, ok, that makes sense20:43
adam_gDaviey: oh, ya i could do that i suppose.20:47
* hallyn looks for utlemming20:47
hallynoh well20:48
Davieyadam_g: hmm, unless you think it is easy.. don't stress about it.. two pages is fine.20:55
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riboso, I used to be able to install 32bit packages like so: apt-get install libx11-6:i386 in server 12.04, no longer, it seems for 12.1021:12
riboare i386 packages still avilable?21:12
ribois package:i386 no longer the way to do it?21:14
TheLordOfTimelast i checked that's still how to do it21:20
TheLordOfTimeunless there's a bug in apt/apt-get which i missed during my rounds of watching the bug announce channel21:21
ribo sudo apt-get install libx11-6:i386 .... E: Unable to locate package libx11-621:21
* TheLordOfTime pulls up a quantal VM21:24
ribo(I am using the canonical EC2 image)21:25
TheLordOfTimeand which mirror is it pulling from :P21:25
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TheLordOfTimebleh my VM segv'd.21:26
ribomight have figured it out21:28
ribodpkg --add-architecture i38621:29
riboapparently that used to be default in 12.04 amd64 server21:29
riboand it no longer is21:29
ribowoo success21:32
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mkanderWhat is the best bare-metal backup strategy for an ubuntu server?22:35
patdk-lapveeam? acronis? backupexec?22:36
mkanderchecking them out now22:40
mkanderboth acronis and backupexec seems to do what I want22:40
patdk-lapor did you mean free backup software?22:40
mkanderIt doesnt have to be free if it works22:41
patdk-lapI played with backupexec, but never put it into production22:41
patdk-lapI mainly use veeam and acronis22:41
patdk-laponly two free ones I know of, and I haven't digged deep into either22:41
patdk-lapbacula, and hmm, someting that starts with an a22:42
mkanderSeem like you have to boot from a CD22:42
patdk-lapyou always have to22:42
patdk-lapto do a baremetal restore22:42
sarnoldcoworkers use rsnapshot, suggested looking into e.g. horcrux for scripting around rsnapshot22:42
sarnoldbut that isn't a back-to-working sort of tool, more of a "keep my data backed up" sort of tool22:42
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patdk-lapya, I do multible types of backups22:43
patdk-lapincluding rsync, backuppc, and baremetal22:43
patdk-lapall depending on how paranoid, and whattype of recovery I want22:43
mkanderI looked into clonezilla22:43
mkanderthat also required a boot22:43
patdk-lapalso, nice, to know if some backup method fails, the others will likely still be working22:44
patdk-lapacronis installs onto ubuntu, it shouldn't need reboots at all to backup22:44
mkanderHmm interesting22:45
patdk-lapother thing you could do22:45
patdk-lapuse lvm22:45
patdk-lapcreate snapshot22:45
patdk-lapbackup snapshot22:45
patdk-laprelease snapshot22:45
patdk-lapbut now your basically building your own backup solution22:45
patdk-lapall depends what you want22:45
mkanderI think I use lvm now.. =P I am not that pro with this22:46
patdk-lapI'm all virtualized, so I just use veeam to backup everything22:46
mkanderLvm really makes the snapshot consistent? I have a database running as well22:46
adam_ghallyn: ping22:46
patdk-lapit makes a *consistant* disk snapshot22:46
patdk-lapflusing your applications to disk is a different story, and all backup solutions will have that issue22:47
patdk-lapthat is why microsoft created the vss stuff, so databases and things just plug their own vss driver in, and when someone requests that, they all flush22:47
patdk-lapthough really, I would not depend on that for a database backup22:48
patdk-lapwhile it is nice, I would defently also backup the db's seperately, using just a db specific thing22:48
hallynadam_g: what's up?22:48
patdk-lapit's more likely for your db to have issues, or get corrupted from user error or something22:48
patdk-lapand easier to restore that way also22:48
mkanderOk, so the db is most prone to these kind of problems22:48
patdk-lapwell, the more you use sometihng, the more prone it is to issues22:49
mkanderthe rest of the os would backup fine22:49
sarnoldpatdk-lap: too true.22:49
patdk-laplikely, doing weekly backups baremetal, and daily backups of the db would be good22:49
patdk-lapbut all depends on what it is you need, and what goals you want22:50
adam_ghallyn: slowly making my way thru comments in bug #1057024 but, testing some openstack updates in quantal-proposed and running into a permissions issue on /dev/kvm  with the qemu-kvm version thats in quantal-proposed. what is responsible for setting group ownership of /dev/kvm with the newer package?22:50
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 1057024 in qemu-kvm "kvm kernel module always loaded, without setting /dev/kvm permissions" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105702422:50
mkanderGoal #1: Not having to reboot the server once a week and carry a monitor into the basement :P22:50
patdk-laplike my db servers, nothing changes on them, so just doing database backups is enough, as long as I have one baremetal, or I could just easily rebuild it quickly enough22:50
mkandermaybe there is a way to automate a boot-backup solution?22:51
patdk-lapmkander, likely, doing a baremetal backup once every 3 months might be enough22:51
patdk-lapand backing up /home /var/lib /etc daily22:51
patdk-lapwell, if websites and mail on it, /var/www and /var/mail also maybe22:52
hallynzul: if you're pushing a libvirt soon-ish, there's a trivial buglet in bug 109514022:52
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 1095140 in libvirt "documentation flaw "libvirt", rather than "libvirtd" group" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109514022:52
mkanderYeah agree, but I want everything automated22:52
mkandermaybe I could get clonezilla to do it automated22:52
patdk-lapwell, you could automate all that easily, except for the baremetal backups22:52
hallynadam_g: /dev/kvm perms are supposed to be fixed by the end of qemu-kvm.postinst22:52
hallynby the call to udevadm22:53
hallynadam_g: i thought i'd verified that one already fwiw22:53
adam_ghallyn: hmm. im installing nova-compute, which pulls in qemu-kvm and i end up with root:root. ill keep poking22:54
mkanderSeems like Clonezilla is an open source program that creates complete disk backups. Looks like some people have managed to automate the process as well.22:54
hallynadam_g: hm22:54
hallynadam_g: oh wait!  yes there is (we believe) a bug in udev22:55
hallynlemme see where i filed it22:55
hallynadam_g: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/udev/+bug/1092715  lemme ping slangasek in -devel22:56
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 1092715 in udev "udevadm trigger --action=change not working since quantal?" [Undecided,New]22:56
adam_ghallyn:  yippie, thanks!22:57
adam_ghallyn: so is it unlikely the qemu-kvm update will be moving to -updates anytime soon?22:59
hallynnot sure22:59
hallynin precise it should be :)23:00
hallynmaybe i should spend tomorrow looking into the udev bug23:00
adam_ghallyn: im concerned with quantal ATM. testing these nova SRUs assumes qemu-kvm works as expected. :\ i suppose i can work around the issue by manually setting permissions on /dev/kvm during deployment but i'd consider it a regression in the qemu-kvm in quantal-proposed, no?23:01
hallynadam_g: no, bc as slangasek points out that never worked right in quantal, so it's not a regression23:02
hallynadam_g: symptom is slightly different of course - before it would mark it the right group, but it wouldn't give group rw perms23:03
hallynadam_g: i'm sneaking away - ttyl23:06
adam_ghallyn: well23:06
adam_ghallyn: 1.2.0+noroms-0ubuntu2 gives me correct crw-rw---- 1 root kvm 10, 232 Jan  2 17:08 /dev/kvm23:07
hallynadam_g: getfacl /dev/kvm23:08
hallyn(gotta run, bbl)23:09
jeeves_mosshow do I setup a proper bidirectional replication FROM a windows DNS server TO a bind server?23:32
sarnoldbidirectional? I thought the whole point of dns replication was master / slave23:33
jeeves_mosssarnold, ideally, however, the BIND server will need to do updates to the Windows enviroment.23:34
jeeves_mosssarnold, Idealy, the BIND server will be the slave23:35
sarnoldjeeves_moss: slave-only ought to be easy, configure the axfr access controls on your windows server to let your bind zone transfer, and set up the bind system to do zone transfers..23:36
sarnoldjeeves_moss: .. but getting that bind to update the windows dns, well, that just doesn't seem 'normal' to me.23:36
jeeves_mosssarnold, right now, I need to setup the BIND server to be a slave, and pull all newly created domains, etc FROM the windows servers.  there is a technet howto posted by microsoft that's a step by step, but I can't find it23:38

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