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ali1234wtf another piece of sewing software with ridiculous copy protection01:42
ali1234old ladies are clearly the worst software pirates01:42
dutchieor they don't know about computers to realise there is another way01:49
daftykinsali1234: how do you get so much exposure to such gear XD01:50
TheOpenSourcererMorning and happy new year :-)07:42
AlanBellmorning and happy new year TheOpenSourcerer and all o/08:03
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: Morning - son't forget Paul's laptop or he will have nothing to do :-)08:18
TheOpenSourcererHe is here.08:18
AlanBellyup, on my way now08:21
diploHappy new year all, and Good morning08:31
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kvarley<9 hours now :)09:02
kvarleyI hope this release actually gives us access to something rather than "Look at our cool product, it'll be out at the end of the year"09:07
kvarleyBut either way, intrigued by the hole big release thing09:07
kvarleyHow're you all?09:07
AlanBellI can't imagine it will be an orderable product today09:13
kvarleyAlanBell: I was hoping for a downloadable product heh :)09:13
AlanBellthat wouldn't be very touchable :)09:14
kvarleyHehe true09:14
kvarleyWith the direction of Ubuntu moving to TVs and mobile devices I can already sense my wallet thinning out!09:14
* xnox has a highlight in this channel but it's beyond scrollback horizon09:20
czajkowskixnox: in your away log09:21
xnoxmeh, nothing important. (keyword highlight, not nick)09:25
JamesTaitHappy New Year, folks! :-D09:32
sprmtthippy new beer09:34
sprmttmmm... beer09:34
kvarleyInteresting, just noticed that the Ubuntu 64-bit server image is "Recommended" on the Ubuntu site whereas the desktop recommends 32-Bit. Why? Is that just because servers are generally 64-bit and desktops in the past were commonly 32-bit?09:37
popeyI'd look more at the reasons why we recommend 32-bit on desktops than why we recommend 64-bit on servers09:41
mungojerryperhaps used to be flash-related (was no 64bit fglash for a while)09:42
kvarleypopey: Why 32-bit on desktops? :)09:42
kvarleyThanks :)09:42
kvarleyMakes sense I guess09:43
Azelphur_https://www.dropbox.com/s/rm6hn2z3gfzp4lr/2013-01-02%2009.50.32.jpg now I'm going to have to put all this together *daunting task* XD09:58
stgraberAzelphur_: that looks like Ikea Galant desks09:59
Azelphur_yep, many ikea galant desks10:00
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brobostigongood morning everyone,10:26
* xnox stares at the just delivered nexus 410:32
xnoxLaney: ^10:32
davmor2Morning all10:59
brobostigonmorning davmor211:02
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bashrcIsn't there supposed to be some sort of announcement today?11:20
czajkowskibashrc: yes11:20
czajkowskibashrc: you can see the countdown on ubuntu.com11:20
bashrcI predict that the announcement will be that Canonical is getting out of the desktop Linux business and getting into the concrete mixing business11:21
bashrcbut if that prediction fails my fallback hypothesis is just a commercial release of the android/ubuntu phone thing which was demoed last year11:24
sprmttI'd love to be able to use my s311:26
bashrcI havn't really looked into it but I think it is already possible to install ubuntu on an Android tablet11:27
brobostigonnexus7, yes.11:27
bashrcUnless you can plug in an external monitor/mouse/keyboard it's probably not going to be very viable on a tablet11:30
bashrcbecause regular linux applications aren't designed for touch screens11:30
sprmttI've been playing with the idea of getting a nexus 7, but like the tablet I had before, and eventally sold, I just can't find where it would fit in to my digital life11:47
bashrcI got an ultra cheap unbranded android tablet last year.  It's pretty awesome and has lots of bells and whistles, but it doesn't replace the sorts of things that I do on a desktop/laptop11:49
dutchiethings i have found my nexus 7 useful for: light internet usage in bed, taking to classes to save printing things off11:51
bashrcfor casual browsing, reading the news and reading books tablets are very good11:51
bashrcthe killer feature is the multi-touch text scaling11:51
daubersI can't stand reading books on my nexus12:14
davmor2daubers: using the kindle app or the google play books app12:15
BigRedSIs anyone aware of a way of having a mysql or similar Nagios config? I'm after a way of *reliably* automating messing around with my nagios config automatically :)12:23
popeygosh, USB3 flash drives are cheap12:26
davmor2popey: god bless windows 8 it did something right :D12:28
popeyit did?12:30
popeyI've not seen it yet12:30
bashrcI thought that windows 8 was supposed to be an abomination12:30
davmor2popey: you no longer get a cd/dvd you have to purchase a large 32min/64 recommended gb usb3 pen drive to create a backup medium12:31
* popey shrugs12:31
popeyi see ☺12:31
xnoxBigRedS: check_mk12:33
davmor2popey: the rest of it is god awful and I know I had to get a copy to test the U1 windows client on it oh it's ugly12:33
bashrcCDs and DVDs seem to be on the way out.  If there are still any boxed products in future they might either be on a USB drive or merely just be a voucher number which you then use to download.12:34
BigRedSxnox: Ah, no, I'm looking to replace the config files, not the checks themselves12:41
BigRedSxnox: ahh, rereading, that might do it12:42
xnoxBigRedS: it's like you specify hostname -> and that checks it's IP address, queries the client for tonne of stuff it knows how to check for & generates a massive nagios config. I literarly made my nagios configs 10x smaller with ~14x more checks.12:44
daubersdavmor2: Both, I just can't stand the screen on the nexus for reading. Hurts my eyes. Much prefer the kindle12:50
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davmor2daubers: quick trick for the kindle app, inverse the colours much easier to read then12:52
daubersdavmor2: It's the brightness that hurts :) I tried it with inverted colours, still felt worse on my eyes.12:53
davmor2daubers: fair enough12:53
bashrcUbuntu on Nexus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9W7E5S5YhE12:53
BigRedSxnox: yeah, I'm wondering if that's the proper solution to the problem I was trying to solve with a load of scripts and a db-backed nagios12:53
xnoxBigRedS: simple things are trivial, medium things are easy, and hard stuff is possible with check_mk (the configs are python). "fancy special custom checks" can be simple tiny shell scripts =). Plus there is full support to call nagios plugins as well.12:56
BigRedSyeah, the checks are all simple. The problem is a nagios 1.x install with lots of KB of config file13:00
BigRedSand I'm thinking that rather than transcribe these all into nagios 3 style, it would make sense to move them into something portable and generate nagios3 config from that13:00
BigRedSand then use that system so when nagios4 comes out I can just output in that format and it's all good13:01
davmor2hey popey do you have a raring box around?13:18
popeyi do13:22
xnoxBigRedS: I doubt config-incompatible nagios will come any time soon, with multiple engines now supporting the said format: e.g. icinga, shinken and others.13:30
DJonesDamm, why have I just tried to use the btv remote to change the volume of a programme I'm watching on my laptop...Doh!13:35
dwatkinsI've moved the mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen to try and press keys on the keyboard before...13:36
BigRedSxnox: yeah, I'm hoping not, but at our glacial upgrade speed it's hard to tell what we'll be doing next time this is needed13:38
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TheOpenSourcererbug 70015413:46
lubotu3bug 700154 in OpenERP Addons 5.0 "Selling a product with phantom BOM ignores chained locations and procurement gets stuck" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70015413:46
popeymorning TheOpenSourcerer13:48
TheOpenSourcererafternoon popey13:48
TheOpenSourcererHappy New Year13:48
popeyHNY to you too!13:48
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: Happy new year dude13:48
TheOpenSourcererhere is a communal HNY to everyone so I don't have to keep saying it.13:49
* TheOpenSourcerer does recall writing HNY at about 07:40 this morning when he got to work,.13:49
TheOpenSourcererBut not one heard hime.13:49
diploI was delayed by about 20 mins :)13:50
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: you don't think we read scrollback do you, I've got 2 and half weeks of emails to sift through13:50
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TheOpenSourcererGet a tab and do some mass delete during the holidays.13:51
dwatkinsThat snowman in a fez unicode character is awesome.13:55
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popey\o/ Unicode Ubuntu14:29
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bigcalmThis piano needs tuning15:36
bigcalmNHY and all that jazz, popey15:36
* directhex moos15:37
popeymoo indeed15:37
sprmttwho let the cows in here?15:38
* bigcalm adds a google map with pins of accommodation. Filling time while waiting for hosting companies to change passwords :Z15:38
sprmttoh dear15:38
sprmtta password on your account?15:39
bigcalmAre all clients inept?15:39
bigcalmNa, client15:39
sprmttoh right15:39
ubuntubhoyAnyone here use Blogilo with Unity/Gnome ??15:39
bigcalmpopey: good, I'm not being singled out then15:39
mungojerryhmm 2hrs till that ubuntu announcem,ent15:52
sprmttI do hope it's something cool15:52
directhextouchscreen unity, to unite the worlds of ubuntu on desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone15:53
mungojerryand a real product to go with it?15:53
mungojerryi mean hardware15:53
mungojerrytie in15:53
kvarleyAnybody know where the announcement is taking place and in what form? Are they simply updating the website or are they doing a demo of something in a press release kind of manner?16:02
popeyit'll be all over news sites16:03
kvarleypopey: :D nice16:04
dwatkinsespecially in Germany, I gather16:04
kvarleyhaha, why is all I can say to that site16:05
mungojerrydoes it involve a real product, or a concept again?16:06
mungojerryi.e ubuntu tv and mobile haven't been carried by any vendors16:06
sprmttwhy am I looking at jono's face bobbling at me?16:06
kvarleymungojerry: Nobody knows. Those that do know aren't allowed to say I imagine.16:06
ubuntubhoymore importantly does it involve any downloads ?16:06
kvarleyubuntubhoy: +116:07
popeyyou'll hear nothing from canonical people until 6pm16:07
popeyand before that it's wild speculation16:07
kvarleyReally nice to see Ubuntu getting so popular, Ubuntu 6.10 seems to far behind Ubuntu now :P16:08
sprmttI'll tell you what, I like the circles thing going on at the bobble site... more of this sort of thing from canonical please16:08
popeyI like that too.16:09
kvarleyIs there a hashtag going on for this event?16:09
bashrc`6.10 was the first Ubuntu version I tried, and it "just worked"16:10
sprmttI'm going to be on the stupid train when this all kicks off16:10
sprmttwhy can't I have an invite to the event?16:10
* kvarley too. I tried 6.04 then got my brother to install 6.10 on my pc :)16:10
dauberssprmtt: Everyone knows that canonical will be announcing that popey is to be the new grand chanceller of the world16:10
kvarleysprmtt: Mobile data? :)16:10
dwatkins12.10 64-bit pretty much Just Worked for me too ;)16:10
dwatkinspopey is the new grand Pooh Bear?16:11
daubersYup, all of your honey will belong to him16:11
sprmttkvarley: well, of course16:11
bashrc`Maybe they will just announce something like "Big Data is now in The Cloud"16:11
sprmttI guess I could do that, considering I've run out of comics to read this week16:11
dwatkinsthat's ok, I'm on a reduced sugar and carbohydrate diet ;)16:11
bashrc`or "The Cloud is gathering and raining Big Data onto the consumer Tablet ecosystem"16:13
bashrc`I'm just trying to think of buzz terms16:14
sprmttthe fewer bad puns this thing has, the better16:14
bashrc`nothing about "girls", hopefully16:14
sprmtthurm, the so close thing on the ubuntu website suggests it's certainly something physical that I'll be able to touch tomorrow16:15
sprmttwell, maybe not tomorrow, but soon16:15
kvarleyThe best case: hardware with Ubuntu shipping on it  (be it TV, phone, tablet). The good case: Ubuntu for Android download. The bad case: New t-shirt in the shop. The worst case: Canonical trollin' us.16:16
sprmttnothing wrong with the t-shirts16:17
kvarleyI know :) I'm wearing one right now16:17
popeyme too ☺16:17
sprmttmaybe it'll be an ubuntu watch, because there's speculation already about an apple watch16:17
bashrc`Maybe Shuttleworth will announce his new beard for 201316:17
sprmttI'm wearing my lucid shirt16:17
kvarleypopey: :D Are you allowed to wear ubuntu gear to work everyday?16:17
kvarleysprmtt: 12.04 shirt here16:18
popeyof course16:18
sprmttI wish I could have bought a hardy shirt :(16:18
popeyi have 3 ☺16:19
bashrc`Maybe a new tablet will be announced called The Ubuntu Slab16:19
sprmttnone on ebay16:19
bashrc`It would have to be a pinkish, purpleish colour.  Definitely not brown.16:20
sprmttoh god, maybe that's the announcement... canonical are reintroducing the hardy heron t-shirt to the store16:21
sprmttthey could make MILLIONS16:21
popeyI wish!16:21
sprmttof pennies16:21
bashrc`I'd buy that for a dollar16:22
sprmttit'd be nice if there was a brief run of some old merch, just for those of us that couldn't get them the first time around16:22
bashrc`6.10 T-shirt?16:23
popeydont think there was a dapper one16:23
bigcalmA new background?16:23
popeyoh, edgy16:23
bigcalmUbuntu on ARM7?16:23
kvarleyI'd just like to know whether I'll need my wallet handy16:24
dwatkinsI thought Ubuntu ran on certain ARM chips already16:24
bashrc`mine is empty16:24
bashrc`although there might be some moths in it16:24
kvarleybashrc`: :/16:24
sprmttI just cashed my dad's christmas cheque, so whatever it is could well be mine16:26
kvarleyI hope they have some sort of bandwidth monitor on ubuntu.com, would be interesting to see how many people load the site after 616:26
dwatkinskvarley: perhaps it's all a ploy to see how many people watch the page and keep refreshing it16:27
kvarleydwatkins: Yeah, they just need to test their servers heh16:27
kvarleyThat'd be mean16:27
kvarleypopey said news sites would be publishing about it tho so it can't be that16:27
dwatkinsI remember hearing about a launch (BT WirePlay, many years ago) which resulted in the servers going down due to heavy load - this was seen as a win because it 'demonstrated' how popular it was16:27
popeymy point was that it would be covered by mainstream news sites16:28
popeyso no, I don't think it's a t-shirt16:28
dwatkinsI don' think they'd bother with a big launch just for some attire or a new mouse... nice as that mouse is :D16:28
bashrc`Maybe it's a commemorative mug16:28
sprmttwell it's gotta be the phone then16:29
bashrc`like a royal mug, but with a picture of Shuttleworth16:29
sprmttI *really* hope it works with the s316:29
kvarleyI'm stuck if it is ubuntu for android16:29
sagacibashrc, I didn't stay up til 5am for a mug16:29
kvarleyOnly have a single core phone16:29
bigcalmThis count down doesn't quite have the same impact as that for Portal 216:29
kvarleysprmtt: So it's gonna have to be a quick hardware purchase for me if it is16:30
bashrc`I didn't see teh countdown for Portal 116:30
bigcalmWas there one for one?16:30
sprmttI don't think so16:31
sprmttportal 1 was orange box, and hl2 and tf2 were thought to be the products everyone would go dolally for16:31
sprmttturns out it was the one with no shooting that people loved16:32
bashrc`was it a game?16:32
bigcalmI love puzzle games16:34
sprmttwell, it's one of the best puzzle games out there16:35
sprmttat least for a pc/console16:35
sprmttand it'll be on linux before this year is out16:35
bashrc`I'm strictly a flight sim rivett counter myself16:35
sprmttprobably by february16:35
bigcalmWould be nice when Ubuntu newer than 12.04 has graphic blobs for ATI16:37
sprmttit would be, but I imagine ATI think there's no point in supporting anything so old16:38
bashrc`any kind of deal between Canonical and the graphics card manufacturers which meant genuinely free drivers would be big news16:38
bashrc`bad proprietary drivers have been a continuous thorn16:39
dwatkinsI thought there were already close links there, bashrc` - not sure though16:40
bigcalmTBH, I don't care if the driver is free or not. I want to play games in Linux that I would otherwise play in Windows16:40
bigcalmThis is _a_ reason why people use Ubuntu and not Debian16:40
dogmatic69anyone excited yet? almost 1h to go...16:40
bashrc`If you don't care about freedom you'll lose it, but anyway free drivers would allow them to be properly maintained16:41
bigcalmThere are somethings I care about, and there are somethings that I do not. The world isn't made of free16:42
* dwatkins drives home in order to see the announcement from the comfort of his home office16:42
bashrc`I know there is Nouveau, but I think that was achieved despite rather than with the help of the graphics card manufacturers16:43
DJonesIs the announcement being screened as a webcast anywhere?16:47
bigcalmI want 6pm to get here so that I can stop coding in PHP and continue coding in Python16:48
bigcalmSuch a shame that my RPi isn't up to the job I want it to do16:49
kvarleyDJones: Unofficial Google+ hangout on omgubuntu.co.uk16:49
DJonesShame, I guess I'll just keep hitting refresh on OMGbuntu and try and bring the site down16:49
bigcalmDJones: I'm guessing that at 00:00:00, the site will update with an ajax call. You don't need to harm your f5 key16:49
DJonesFair point, plus I have to press Function-F5 on this laptop, thats a two finger gesture16:51
bigcalmSame here16:51
DJonesDefinately, especially for F2 to edit filenames16:51
bigcalmI need to stop buying Hayley pens for Xmas and save the money for a decent laptop16:52
bigcalmShe loved the Visconti Opera Typhoo btw16:52
DJonesThat sounds like something you should drink16:53
sprmttwhile I don't like the move that defaults function keys to media stuff, etc, I completely understand it16:54
sprmttnormal users never touch function keys16:54
bigcalmYummy pen, wish she didn't want it so I could keep it for myself: http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?hl=en&safe=off&sa=X&tbo=d&biw=1400&bih=781&tbm=isch&tbnid=CS_BCZh7mu7LsM:&imgrefurl=http://www.writeherekitenow.co.uk/acatalog/Visconti-Opera-Range.html&docid=XbsdDryVQim_CM&imgurl=http://www.writeherekitenow.co.uk/acatalog/Typhoon_Crystal_Nib13705.jpg&w=705&h=400&ei=O2bkUL75JpOS0QWZ-IBo&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=837&vpy=303&dur=837&hovh=169&ho16:54
sprmtteven less so now that mac style shortcuts are creeping in to windows/linux applications, like ctrl q for quit and ctrl w for close window16:55
popeynice url16:55
sprmttwow, that's beautiful16:55
bigcalmUg, http://www.writeherekitenow.co.uk/acatalog/Visconti-Opera-Typhoon-Fountain-Pen.html16:55
kvarley bigcalm: DJones: I can confirm it will reload the page when the countdown reaches 016:55
sprmttgoogle images does really need a small url option16:55
kvarleysprmtt: It has one, but you have to hit the share button iirc16:56
kvarleyOr it used to16:56
bigcalmI can be lazy at times16:56
kvarleyThe new google/youtube layouts are annoying. Since when did >1024x768 resolutions not matter?16:57
kvarleyAll it takes is a little "margin: 0 auto;" love16:57
sprmttsince most laptops are now 1336x768(ish)16:57
sprmttI was looking at what I could buy the other day, and if I wanted something that could do higher resolutions, it would mean being forced to use intel graphics16:58
sprmttwhich is of course terrible for games16:58
kvarley1 hour to go!16:59
sprmttI guess they assume that you're going to plug your laptop into a screen for gaming, but not everyone wants to do that17:00
bigcalmI had to downgrade my laptop to 12.04.1. Battery lasts a lot longer once more. And it far less noisy :)17:00
MartijnVdSif your battery is noisy.. fear :)17:00
sprmttthe fans, I assume17:01
bigcalmMartijnVdS: no, the laptop doesn't get as hot as 12.04 has the correct binary for the ATI graphics17:02
bashrc`that's perhaps another reason why graphics drivers should be free17:03
bashrc`so that they can be properly integrated with power management17:03
directhexmuch like with the arguments over network drivers, the theory is much better than the practice17:08
directhexe.g. ubuntu 10.04 could not be made to output via displayport but not via internal laptop display, with Free intel graphics, unless you used a PPA17:08
bashrc`I've never had Intel graphics chips17:10
MartijnVdSintel graphics ♥17:11
bashrc`How do Intel graphics compare to the rest?  Good/bad/ugly?17:12
directhexsee also people raving about intel wifi even though it's fundamentally broken17:12
Azelphurpopey: I broke ikea :(17:13
directhexintel hd4000, on the latest chips, is the first time intel is faster at drawing to the screen than a toddler with a box of crayons17:13
AzelphurI always break everything xD17:13
directhexi'd pick an intel hd4000 ahead of an entry-level radeon17:13
directhexgames are playable, on low detail/resolution. that was never true for older chips.17:13
Azelphurwhen the order arrived the delivery guys were confused because the sum of the list of items to deliver was less than the order total, so they had to call into HQ for advice17:14
popeyi have no problem with intel wifi here17:14
popey03:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Wireless-N 100017:14
directhexpopey, do you have N disabled?17:14
Azelphursaid there was 28 items to deliver but only 20 items were listed17:14
Azelphurand just now I got an email saying they are going to deliver my order on the 8th xD17:15
Azelphurwhen...they already delivered it this morning17:15
sprmttwhat on earth did you order?17:15
directhexthere is an AP-dependent bug in the intel drivers that causes them to stop routing packets when connected to 802.11n access points, after an indeterminite amount of time17:15
mgdmthe time in my experience tends to be measured in milliseconds17:15
directhexit's near instant on huawei APs (e.g. BT homehub)17:16
bigcalmmgdm: an hour can me measured in milliseconds ;)17:16
mgdmbigcalm: pedant17:16
bigcalmOh how I wish I understood how this GearmanBundle worked17:17
bigcalmCan I continue with my Python learning please?17:17
bigcalmGoing to OS the project if anybody wants to point and laugh at my work :)17:17
Azelphurapparently they didn't ship me all the legs for no apparent reason17:18
sprmttbigcalm: can we start now to save time?17:18
bigcalmsprmtt: when I know you for longer than I have so far, yes17:18
sprmttI'll wait17:18
einonmso...the new Ubuntu thing is some sort of product?17:45
MartijnVdSnah it's just a countdown17:46
MartijnVdSIt'll go "Oh it's not April 1st yet?"17:46
einonmMy money would be on a steam gaming console. If I had any money.17:48
bashrc`could be17:48
davmor2einonm: you know that Ubuntu is in itself a product right ;)17:49
bashrc`9 mins17:50
einonmdavmor2: sure, It's more usual to call a physical thing a 'product', more than a bit of software...wouldn't you say? :)17:51
ubuntubhoyI really hope its a full WM/UI that will work on a touch PC17:51
ubuntubhoywithout compromise17:51
popeyjoin #ubuntu-discuss to join the fun ☺17:52
einonmpopey: thanks. There really are a lot of ubuntu channels, hard to keep up...17:53
bigcalmAlanBell: czajkowski: did I give you 2 a URL last year?17:58
AlanBellbigcalm: nope17:58
AlanBelljust a date :)17:59
daftykinsi spy a swooshing logo18:00
daftykinsyeah the ubuntu.com countdown18:00
soreaueinonm: Ubuntu is a distribution of Linux developed by a company called Canonical18:00
soreauA 'Linux distribution' implies GNU18:01
bashrc`it's swishing alright18:01
AlanBellI think the swooshing logo is supposed to run for 2 minutes then refresh18:02
daftykinsnot really, i could distribute a kernel18:02
daftykinsnginx says 'this site is getting hammered'18:02
bashrc`Maybe Mark Shuttleworth will announce his latest hairstyle18:03
AlanBell504 Gateway Time-out \o/18:03
soreaumy browser says the same18:03
daftykinsguys what's the easiest way to find out what audio driver is being used to run a soundcard?18:03
soreaudaftykins: lspci or lsmod|grep snd (?)18:03
daftykinsback about 7 years ago i remember 'lsmod | grep soundcore' but it just shows 'snd' :>18:03
Myrtti504 Gateway timeout! \o/18:03
soreaudaftykins: lspci -nnnvv18:03
daftykinssoreau: thanks, passing on to my friend in need now :>18:04
bashrc`Is he going for a Steve Jobs look, do you think?18:05
kvarleyWhat is it? Site won't load on my tablet18:07
daftykins'ubuntu phone os'18:07
jacobwstill guessing?18:07
kvarleyDownload link or is it just coming soon?18:08
daftykinswell that depends if popey's link is legit18:08
daftykinsi haven't seen any page load yet so might have to wait until the buzz dies down18:08
bigcalmMy god that's a dull video18:09
soreauAll the links on http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/01/ are giving errors, not just the phone os link18:09
daftykinsyes, because the site's getting rumped18:10
ubuntubhoyBest part - current Android handsets should run the OS18:10
popeyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoXpLUr5WB4 trailer ☺18:10
popeyyes, it's a phone OS18:10
bigcalmI think it's time to play some Lego Lord of the Rings18:11
ali1234so no hardware then?18:11
daftykinslol search followed by amazon results18:11
ubuntubhoyhandsets delivered early 2014. Will the OS be available to test before they are released ?18:11
ubuntubhoyon other devices18:11
daftykinsi can't believe it's not android (TM)18:12
bashrc`is it a hacked version of Android?18:12
ali1234"now you can spend as long removing annoying crap from your phone as you do on your desktop"18:12
popeyits not android18:13
kvarley1Nice video18:13
daftykinsah i'm not claiming it is18:13
daftykinsit's just a joke18:13
popeyi didnt say you did18:13
popeybashrc` asked18:13
bashrc`Does it include GNU tools, not just a java stack?18:13
daftykinsoh yeah18:13
kvarley1Lame that the ubuntu site isn't responding, it's it on the cloud?18:14
kvarley1*isn't it on the cloud?18:14
mgdmbeing 'on the cloud' isn't an automatic fix for scalability18:14
ubuntubhoypopey: any idea when test 'ROM's' will be available for current devices ?18:14
popeyask in #ubuntu-discuss18:14
daftykinskvarley1: just imagine how many geeks were poised to see the site and are now hammering F518:14
kvarley1Hehe, true18:15
kvarley1Great news for the start of the year anyway :D18:15
einonmThe Ubuntu developer site has some more details... http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile/18:15
daftykinsrushing us toward saturation point on phone OSs and app markets =[18:16
ali1234"Ubuntu QML"18:16
bigcalmdaftykins: until recently, we had a different OS for nearly every handset. There are a few main ones now, I don't think the market is saturated18:17
bigcalmThe dev site does show some nice things. Shame my personal time is now taken up with learning Python :)18:18
kvarley1Not sure how Ubuntu Phone OS will compete with android or ios devices in terms of app availability18:18
daftykinsi suppose at least the competition might trim them down18:18
bashrc`Ok, so is this a phone running free software, or some horrible iPhone-style prison?18:18
kvarley1This explains the web apps introduction in unity anyway :)18:18
jacobwkvarley1: it does?18:19
ali1234yes, it does18:19
ali1234because html5 is a supported way to make "apps" for this18:20
ali1234and that needs web apps integration to be half decent18:20
* jacobw thinks app developers wouldn't learn GObject anyway18:21
ali1234not a chance18:21
ali1234luckily the native way is QML based18:22
ali1234so you might get a lot of ex-symbian and maemo devs18:22
ali1234yeah "Ubuntu QML"18:22
ali1234which is Qt 518:22
jacobwqt ftw18:23
mgdmah ha18:23
bashrc`Compatible with Android drivers18:25
bashrc`Well that was all jolly interesting, but it leaves more questions than it answers18:26
bashrc`Is this really free software on a phone, similar to Android?18:27
popeyask questions in #ubuntu-discuss18:27
einonmSo how does the revenue stream for Canonical work for this phone OS?18:27
soreaupopey: I see how ya are, post the link then say no one can discuss it18:27
popeydid I say cant discuss it?18:28
popeyor did I point to the place where lots of people are discussing it?18:28
popeyrather than have to copy/paste answers18:28
soreauYou're the one that started the discussion for it here18:28
popeyor re-type them18:28
daftykinsreally takes allsorts doesn't it ;)18:28
daftykinsno i was more remarking on your attitude :P18:29
bashrc`I didn't quite grok whether this was the phone/desktop combo or not.18:29
soreauI was agreeing18:29
daftykinsguys what would you do if you had a customer wanting to host 4 domains? i'm thinking a VPS or hosted VM would be overkill for that18:32
kvarley1daftykins: Could go with a managed host provider?18:33
daftykinscontrol panel based, they handle the backend sort of thing?18:33
kvarley1daftykins: Yes18:34
daftykinsyeah i think that might be plenty18:34
kvarley1daftykins: That way the hosting company handles all updates, etc so there is less to worry about in terms of maintenance and security if you're with a good firm18:35
daftykinsi was helping a friend with a VPS try and lockdown his setup so he could host multiple clients sites whilst providing access to update, started with SCP only access but it got pretty messy18:36
daftykinsand you could get root access pretty easily via cunning PHP use and so on18:37
daftykinsi helped secure some elements but i don't think it ever got 'safe' - cba with that kind of hassle18:37
kvarley1The ubuntu phone os trailer misses the point entirely18:39
kvarley1Doesn't show that you can dock it and use desktop mode18:39
bashrc`can you do that?18:39
bashrc`it didn't seem clear to me18:39
kvarley1bashrc`: OMGUbuntu says so18:39
bashrc`In that case if it is a phone/desktop combo then that makes it more interesting18:40
popeyit's a phone first18:40
kvarley1I was disappointed until I read that article18:40
kvarley1Not disappointed18:40
popeynot sure it will do the desktop dock thing out of the box18:40
popeymight do18:40
kvarley1Just not thrilled18:40
kvarley1The interface looks slick either way18:40
kvarley1The support for HTML5 apps gets me excited18:41
jacobwi've been dreaming a phone that can be a tiny desktop for a long time18:41
bashrc`The interface looks like Android18:41
kvarley1Hope this event pushes a deal with manufacturers through18:41
ubuntubhoySamsung should be rich pickings18:42
ubuntubhoybut Nokia could be ideal when WP8 fails to spark their business18:42
kvarley1If they did a deal with Samsung I'd be stoked18:42
popeythat would be cool18:43
kvarley1Especially with the success of the S3 people would consider an Ubuntu phone if it was done right by them18:43
kvarley1Will be interesting to see what devices get the OS ported18:43
daftykinsthe times they are a-changin'18:44
kvarley1I wonder if you'll be able  to sudo on it ;)18:45
ubuntubhoyI would guess the Nexus devices would be first choice18:45
ubuntubhoymore open18:45
daftykinsthe vid did look like the Nexus 4 / Galaxy Nexus with the charging/dock pins on the side18:45
ubuntubhoymight have to pick up a second hand GNex now18:46
kvarley1Depends on how good the ports run on the devices, but I may have to buy a nexus purely for ubuntu phone os18:46
daftykinsi'd say don't touch a handset with <2GB RAM now18:46
kvarley1A15 based tablet anybody?18:46
popeysoreau: apologies, I didn't mean to shut down discussion, just wanted to make sure people knew there was another channel. sorry18:46
kvarley1Haha, a comment on omgubuntu sums up my response to the unveiling - "Shut up and take my symbolic money!"18:47
ali1234so is there hardware for this, or not?18:50
bashrc`Symbolic money?18:50
popeynot yet18:51
popeythere will be a preview image out soon18:51
popeyfor people to install on a nexus i think18:51
ubuntubhoyHave to say I am a little sad it was not a full touch UI announcement18:51
popeyor some other blessed device18:51
popeyit _is_ a full touch UI!18:51
ubuntubhoyGnex I would lay cash on18:51
ubuntubhoypopey: not for the desktop it aint18:51
ali1234so just like ubuntu tv and ubuntu for android, it will never ship on real hardware...18:51
popeyhow else would you use a phone18:51
popeywe'll see ali123418:51
bashrc`yes, this looks like a touch UI version of Ubuntu18:52
ubuntubhoybut NOT FOR THE DESKTOP - linux sucks on touch devices18:52
DJonesHopefully it'll be suitable for dual boot on a Galaxy S318:52
ali1234desktops don't have touch interfaces18:52
ubuntubhoyand thats the problem18:52
ali1234no, that's a very good thing because touch interfaces are limited and stupid18:52
bashrc`whether this is a desktop combo seemed vague to me.  There are some allusions, but not much other than that.18:52
ubuntubhoyali1234: depends on the situation18:53
ali1234the situation?18:53
ubuntubhoyI like touch interface18:53
ali1234the situation is ai have a computer with a 24" monitor, keyboard, and mouse18:53
ubuntubhoyso I multi-boot with Win8 and Android & Linux18:53
ali1234why the hell would i want to put a touch interface on that?18:53
bashrc`mouse driven apps and touch driven apps are really separate magisteria18:54
ali1234they are totally different18:54
ubuntubhoybut I have a touch enabled netbook & I want it18:54
ubuntubhoydif situation18:54
ali1234touch is really only suitable for 10" screen or less18:54
ali1234something that is... mobile18:54
ali1234if you are constrained because you don't want to carry a fullsize keyboard and mouse... then touch is the next best thing18:54
ubuntubhoytouch can be better18:55
ali1234no, it can't18:55
ubuntubhoyand far simpler18:55
ubuntubhoyof course it can18:55
ubuntubhoyyou see, you touch18:55
ubuntubhoyhow a child learns18:55
ali1234hah. more like, "you don't see because your hand is in the way of the screen"18:55
bashrc`does appear to show a combo setup19:01
popeyit would make sense to have the ability to run desktop when you dock it, sure.19:04
bashrc`that would be something really new, and I think it would make a lot of sense in terms of convergence19:06
bashrc`I can imagine businesses wanting that type of device19:07
ubuntubhoyIs this all because Ubuntu for Android was never taken up by OEM's ?19:07
popeyUfA is incredibly popular19:07
popeytakes a while to get to market though19:07
popeyI'd expect we would have a UfA phone this year19:08
ubuntubhoydoes it not kind of conflict then ?19:08
popeywell, some manufacuturers will want android, so adding our velvet on top of that gives them extra features19:09
popeyother manufacturers explicitly don't want android, or want something else19:09
ubuntubhoyI get what you are saying19:10
bashrc`I think Android is now shipping on 43% of all computing hardware19:10
ubuntubhoybut if I was an OEM, why bother with UOS for phone, Put Android on it (proven track record) and have ability to run Ubuntu for Android, so a best of both19:11
ubuntubhoyunless Ubuntu for Android will be restricted19:11
ubuntubhoycompared to UOS19:11
ali1234i'd say it's more likely to be the other way around19:16
ubuntubhoywhich part?19:17
ali1234UfA is a full linux system running X19:17
ali1234at the moment it is anyway19:17
ali1234it runs under hardware virtualization19:17
ali1234it can't directly touch the phone's radios19:18
ali1234wich means anything goes pretty much19:18
ali1234it ca't even indirectly touch them actually19:18
ali1234it has to use an API that exposes functions like "make call", "list SMS messages"19:18
ali1234the real phone OS otoh, can do things like send AT commands to the radio19:19
ali1234which makes hardware vendors nervous19:19
ubuntubhoySo U for A is more restricted then ?19:19
ali1234not so much restricted as "forced to implement restrictions"19:19
ali1234it's kind of complicated and hard to explain19:19
ali1234but the typical phone has components from so many different companies... and they are all incredibly paranoids of eachother19:20
ali1234you might think nokia and samsung design the entire phone (or used to) but they never did really. they licensed stuff from qualcomm etc. they will never admit it though, and qualcomm wouldn't allow them to if they wanted19:21
ubuntubhoyI can understand that19:21
ubuntubhoyso, for argument sake. U for A is simply an 'app'19:22
ali1234so when you're running UfA in virtual environment, well, nobody cares. you don't need drivers, documentation, NDAs, and DRM security19:22
ali1234yes, i suppose19:22
sprmttooh, there's quite an interesting look at what the new icon theme might be like19:22
ali1234ubuntubhoy: another way to look at it is like UfA can't run android apps, right? but android can. therefore android needs to have an evil DRM system in it and UfA doesn't19:24
ali1234and DRM can be considered a limitation19:24
ubuntubhoya point well put19:25
ali1234for android apps substitute "anything sold on the play store" -so books, music and video as well19:25
ubuntubhoythat does bring up another discussion though. Content providers want DRM19:27
ali1234yes, and because content providers want it, hardware manufactures have to provide it19:27
ubuntubhoyIn the same way that networks want locked handsets19:27
ali1234which means the OS has to support it, if they will use it19:27
ali1234maemo had exactly the same problem 2 years ago :)19:28
ubuntubhoyor they code their own apps for 'playback'19:28
ali1234it's no even down to that19:28
ali1234DRM has to be hardware level for them to even consider it19:28
ali1234ARM has systems far "worse" than UEFI, and any mobile OS that wants to be successful has to enable their use19:29
ali1234so for example, the N900 doesn't have any real DRM19:30
ali1234but the N950 did19:30
ali1234the blessed nokia image is signed, and if you run a custom firmware on it, you can't watch protected content you bought on the blessed image19:30
ubuntubhoyAnyway, going off topic. How the bloody hell do I get spell check working in Blogilo under Unity/gnome ??19:32
ubuntubhoyat work ali1234 - cant watch vids19:32
ali1234^ that presentation was always... tense19:32
ubuntubhoyhate working this time of year - too many drunks19:38
ali1234popey: is the mobile UI QML based or is that just for apps?19:38
ali1234how much code shared with desktop unity? does it use nux?19:39
ali1234this UI does actually look quite good19:39
ali1234lol is that really how you say "sepia"? i always pronounce it like "seepia"?19:41
ali1234hey it's rafe19:42
notKlaatuholy cow, an ubuntu phone. i'm excited.19:44
ali1234no, an ubuntu phone OS19:45
notKlaatuthere, just wanted to say it in a channel where i wouldn't be shot down. that is all.19:45
notKlaatuhey, whatever. a full linux distro taht can be put on a mobile device. that's cool to me.19:45
ali1234it's not exactly the first19:47
jacobwfreerunner :o19:47
notKlaatuoh, well it was news to me19:47
notKlaatuoh yeah, yeah19:47
notKlaatuwell i guess it's not that big a deal after all.19:48
ali1234"ubuntu is the leading linux on ARM" - nope19:48
ubuntubhoySweet - GNex sorted19:54
ubuntubhoynow to wait for first release19:54
ali1234presumably the voice stuff is based on HUD too19:57
ubuntubhoyI also wonder why announce now when they don't expect to ship anything till 201420:01
popeytime to market is long in the mobile phone industry20:01
popeyalso CES next week ☺20:01
ali1234CES is for games consoles20:02
ali1234MWC is where the phones be at20:02
popeyCES is for TVs20:03
popeywe'll be at both20:03
ali1234ah yeah that's true. i forgot about TVs20:03
ali1234so is any of this stuff actually available to download?20:03
popeynot yet, "soon"20:03
ali1234what about ubuntu TV?20:04
ali1234and UfA?20:04
popeyUfA is still in discussion with networks / ODMs20:04
ubuntubhoyDOWNLOAD ALL THE THINGS!!!20:04
ali1234i mean the source code?20:04
popeyI'm confident we'll get that on a handset by the end of the year20:04
popeynot yet20:04
ali1234none of it?20:04
popeywell its mostly ubuntu desktop20:05
davmor2ali1234: technically C(onsumer) E(lectronics) S(how) is for any consumer electronics ;)20:05
popeyand android20:05
ali1234no, ubuntu TV!20:05
popeyyeah, there's a couple of community guys working on it20:05
ali1234so if i take a PC and a dvb tuner and a TV, i can make an "ubuntu TV" today?20:06
ali1234and it will do all the stuff in the video?20:06
ali1234i can't remember if ther was actually a video or not for ubuntu TV20:06
directhexpopey, crazy time to market is what killed nokia's mobile linux platforms20:06
ubuntubhoyand has not helped WP8 either20:07
ali1234directhex: to be fair they did got through 5 iterations of hardware before they even had something they seriously tried to sell20:07
ubuntubhoyannounced too long before availability20:07
ali1234over the course of about 6 years20:07
MartijnVdSWoo, Ubuntu is on Dutch news as well: http://nos.nl/artikel/457649-ubuntu-stapt-in-telefoonmarkt.html20:07
popeyi haven't kept up with what the ubuntu tv guys are doing20:07
popeythey lurk in #ubuntu-tv tho20:07
ali1234"They haven’t even formally announced Ubuntu TV yet." is that true?20:09
ali1234if so, fair enough20:09
popeyhttp://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile/ is back20:11
ali1234back? it went away?20:11
ali1234i'm pretty happy about the QML thing btw20:12
ali1234Gtk just doesn't cut it for app development20:12
popeyyeah, the box had a kicking20:12
ali1234i wish you'd dropped unity/compiz/nux and just gone with unity-qml20:12
ali1234compiz is so buggy it's not even funny any more20:13
popeyyeah, i kinda wish we did too20:19
sprmttI actually tried tf2 in unity for the fist time since before the recent patch, and there's a massive difference20:21
solarcloud_3scrnpopey .. the main bud reported with the Ubuntu-TV guys is the resizing of the Thunderbird window... including dialogue boxes.20:22
ali1234what does that have to do with TV?20:22
ubuntubhoyThunderbirds was a great show20:23
ubuntubhoyTV enough ?20:23
ali1234i thought ubuntu tv was just a lens basically?20:24
ali1234still, someone has to do something about mythtv20:24
ali1234i mean it works20:24
ali1234but the UI is horrible20:24
ali1234mythweb makes it just about usable20:24
oimonjust watched the ubuntu annoncement video with youtube subtitles20:33
oimonwould have been nice if the uploader had included a proper subtitle track, shuttleworth kept talking about clinton on the video20:34
solarcloud_3scrnoimon.. What'z the Web-Link for the announcement announcement vidz ??21:07
daftykinsyou want the youtube trailer link?21:08
solarcloud_3scrnBY today's standards.. the south african's would say it's like gathering up as much source material as possible and making a kinda Frankenstein's mobile phone. I mean all these tolkein adaptations of writings from the silmarillion are not available on .mobi  [as @ 0:23in the vidz] .. So aaaggaain they've missed the 'get it & get on with it' boat. IMHO.21:24
solarcloud_3scrn***...e South African's would... se Tolkein ada....21:26
=== chrisccoulson_ is now known as chrisccoulson
solarcloud_3scrnscanning for .mobi ....21:30
solarcloud_3scrnDoes anyone know if this news is cross-refeenced here :::: http://ebookee.org/dl/linux-format/ (???)21:33
AlanBellooh solarcloud_3scrn, thanks for the post :)21:35
solarcloud_3scrnnp .. glad for the DVD .. :)21:36
solarcloud_3scrnAlanBell, Buy ypour self another Packt publishing book [ http://www.packtpub.com/books/all?utm_source=Packt+Publishing&utm_campaign=65c02c9900-Final_5_eBook_part_212_21_2012&utm_medium=email&mc_cid=65c02c9900&mc_eid=0a475b6109 ]21:40
solarcloud_3scrnAlanBell, What do you think of this one, for example ??? http://www.packtpub.com/gnome-3-application-development-beginners-guide/book21:46
AlanBellI kind of think most programming books have had their time (at least for me)21:49
AlanBellI would rather refer to online documentation and code that exists21:49
solarcloud_3scrnYeah, they mostly get you to give neiche comments anyway ...21:51
solarcloud_3scrne.g. [ http://www.packtpub.com/article/submit-book-cover-images ]21:51
solarcloud_3scrn.. I gave a comment on the amazon rocky nook about Vuescan once about having a redbook coffeetable cover .. and all I got back was some Yank telling me how sorry the lateness of the relpy was because of a funeral . They call it a funeral over there.21:54
ali1234solarcloud_3scrn: are you just saying random things?21:57
solarcloud_3scrnali1234, Ta shen dty churrym hene.21:57
ali1234how does the GNex compare with SGS 1 2 and 3?21:57
ali1234i have SGS 1 and it runs the latest android fine... i don't think the later SGS are really all that more powerful...21:58
ali1234tl;dr is ubuntu gonna run well on my SGS1?21:58
ubuntubhoyGnex compares roughly with the S222:06
ubuntubhoythe original SGS was comparable with the Galaxy nexus22:07
ubuntubhoythe Nexus S even22:07
daftykinsgraphics core no doubt jumps each time22:08
daftykinsthe SGS2 is still a very capable phone22:08
ubuntubhoyS1 was single core, S2 dual core, and S3 is quad core22:08
ubuntubhoydaftykins: very miuch so22:08
ali1234i see.22:09
ubuntubhoyAlso, can't remember exactly, but the RAM will also have changed through the devices22:10
solarcloud_3scrnali1234, You're obvoiusly not a bowler .. http://cnettv.cnet.com/the-404/22:10
daftykinsyeah 2GB i think on the S322:10
daftykins1GB on the S222:10
ubuntubhoypossible 512 on the S then22:11
daftykinsi bought an S2 for someone off amazon, new for £260 delivered not long ago22:11
ubuntubhoyI just sold mine22:11
ubuntubhoywas a great phone22:11
ubuntubhoyhad no issues, just fancied something else22:11
ubuntubhoythe JB leak runs fantastic on the S222:11
daftykinsi think it might still get jelly-bean eh?22:12
ubuntubhoycoming this month iirc22:12
daftykinswhich is impressive given its' age22:12
ali1234just put cyanogen mod on it?22:12
ali1234or is that only on SGS?22:12
daftykinsi have an HTC Desire myself =/ stuck in 150MB /data partition hell >_<22:12
daftykinsmakes it absolutely useless22:12
ubuntubhoyCM runs for most devices now22:12
ali1234SGS has 512mb, nexus 7 has 1gb22:12
ubuntubhoyI ,love my N722:12
ali1234i can't really see any speed difference between them tbh22:13
ali1234i too love my N722:13
ali1234so much that i don't even want to put ubuntu on it22:13
ubuntubhoyI have had Ubuntu, Bodhi & Plasma Active on mine22:13
ali1234plasma active is just awful22:13
ubuntubhoygot to have a look though22:14
ali1234i'll try ubuntu when someone makes it dual boot22:14
ubuntubhoybeing able to nandroid backup to external usb disks is fantastic22:14
ubuntubhoyeasy to get your Android back22:15
ali1234i'll remember that then22:15
ubuntubhoyTWRP recovery22:15
ali1234i need to get a OTG cable22:15
ubuntubhoygreat things22:15
ali1234i use clockwork mod lol22:15
ubuntubhoyTWRP FTW22:15
ali1234dunno if it's available for N722:15
ubuntubhoyyeah, it's what I use22:15
ali1234i mean CM22:16
ubuntubhoyyeah, that is too22:16
ubuntubhoyI use Paranoid Android though22:16
ubuntubhoyas I prefer tablet interface22:16
ali1234does N7 have any booby traps like the stupid SGS nvram.bin stuff?22:16
ubuntubhoynone I am aware of22:16
ali1234i was using a phone with no IMEI for like a year22:17
ubuntubhoyonly issue is the 16G model can slow down with less than 2-3G spare22:17
ali1234i didn't notice until the network started disconnecting me all the time22:17
ubuntubhoyeven worse is the Samsung brick bug in the kernel22:17
ali1234had to use an extremely dodgy dutch internet service to get the IMEI restored22:17
ubuntubhoyyou should really backup the IMEI on all Samsung devices before tinkering22:18
ali1234yeah, i know that *now* lol22:18
daftykinsisn't it just a # in hardware?22:18
ali1234daftykins: no, it's a number in a signed file in a protected nvram partition22:19
daftykinshow tedious22:19
ali1234when you reflash, if you do *something* then the OS rejects the signed file, then helpfully wipes it for you22:19
ali1234so you can't even go back if you didn't back up the file22:20
daftykinsmy head almost started to spin when i saw all the different 5+ sequences of letters in samsung ROM names22:20
daftykinssounds like a motherboard of a friends which has conveniently lost its' onboard LAN MAC address22:20
daftykinsunder Linux it just keeps getting a new auto-gen'd MAC each time, so you can never network past reboots22:21
daftykinseventually i locked the MAC down in the config, very weird22:21
ali1234you can fix that with a kernel param22:21
ali1234or some config, yes22:21
daftykinsthink i did it in /etc/network/interfaces22:21
mgdmI had a machine where that was needed too22:21
daftykinsweird aren't they? BIOS updates don't even cure it22:21
ali1234probably you can get a tool from the motherboard/network card vendor22:21
ali1234probably it only works in dos though22:21
daftykinsyou can read the real MAC off by enabling PXE boot too22:21
daftykinsthe screen'll show you it to write down :>22:21
ali1234BIOS != network card firmware22:21
=== jacobw is now known as jacobw_alter-ego
=== jacobw_alter-ego is now known as jacobw
jacobwok, self interaction managed22:29
Azelphuroperation room sized desk is going relatively well, 40% done, gotta wait till the 8th now till ikea delivers the rest of my legs https://www.dropbox.com/s/z4zvuejgmpyrhvu/2013-01-02%2022.28.06.jpg XD22:37
popeywont the legs get in the way?22:38
popeyof eachother and your legs22:38
Azelphurthey won't get in the way of eachother, as for me, the front desk is 60cm deep22:39
Azelphurso I doubt those back pair will get in the way22:39
Azelphurhttps://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/misc/2012/December/layout.png is the finished layout, so my legs would go underneath the extension top.22:39
Azelphur(red dots are legs)22:40
popeyahh the legs go the other way, i see22:40
=== davie_ is now known as ne1_1
solarcloud_3scrnAzelphur, Viking chair .. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/55128914/Shared%20Pics/viking%20chair.jpg23:28
Azelphurnice :)23:28
solarcloud_3scrnAnyone walkin' the ledge at the moment ? https://dl.dropbox.com/u/55128914/Shared%20Pics/walkin%27%20ledge%20at%20Xmas.jpg23:31
Azelphurhttp://www.officechairsplace.com/media/catalog/product/cache/2/image/5e06319eda06f020e43594a9c230972d/f/i/file_5368.jpg is the chair I have :)23:33
Azelphurtis funny because everywhere sells them for like £800+, I paid nowhere near that.23:33
solarcloud_3scrnWhat was the bill ?23:34
solarcloud_3scrnI imagine they farm billions of them.23:35
AzelphurI think it was like £20023:35
solarcloud_3scrnMine was £35  .. I could have ot 6 chairs for £210.0023:36
=== Dave2 is now known as Dave
solarcloud_3scrnBest thing  is .. there's no plastic so it's not noxious.23:37
Azelphurgotta go anyway, brothers invited me over for takeout chicken xD23:38
neurooh dear23:38
solarcloud_3scrnhope it'snot dominoes.  chicken wings suck balls, mann.23:38
neuroi just found out what was announced today23:38
* neuro is unimpressed23:38
neurolaggy awful unusable UI from the looks of it23:39
neuroif it makes more than a 0.1% dent in the mobile market, i'll be surprised23:40
solarcloud_3scrnneuro, did you read my tolkein comment earlier  ??23:41
neuroum, no?23:41
solarcloud_3scrnI'll check the logg ... hang-on.23:41
solarcloud_3scrn... the U-Phone... BY today's standards.. the South African's would say it's like gathering up as much source material as possible and making a kinda Frankenstein's mobile phone. I mean all these Tolkein adaptations of writings from the silmarillion are not available on .mobi  [as @ 0:23in the vidz] .. So aaaggaain they've missed the 'get it & get on with it' boat. IMHO.23:42
neurook? :)23:43
neuroi haven't actually watched the ubuntu video yet, will do that now23:44
neurochrist, it's 21 minutes long23:44
solarcloud_3scrnhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoXpLUr5WB4 .. like 1min.23:44
neurooh, i'm watching the video at http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone23:45
neurosabdfl is trying to be steve jobs in this video23:46
neuro"we have stuff to announce, but here's what we've done recently"23:46
solarcloud_3scrnAre you actually watching the long version ?23:47
popey23:39:15 < neuro> laggy awful unusable UI from the looks of it23:49
popey<- has used it23:49
neurolooked laggy on the verge hands on23:49
popeyyeah, saw that23:49
ali1234you can't really judge laggy or not without using it23:49
ali1234to be perfectly honest :)23:50
popeyits the law that demos will fail23:50
neuroand swipe from right side only to switch apps?23:50
ali1234i mean you can't tell from video if it's responsive or not... if you're not actually in control23:50
neuroso if i'm running 20 apps i have to swipe 19 times to the right to the to the last one instead of once to the left?23:50
ali1234ever watch a video of someone playing a game and get frustrated cos they can't do it properly?23:50
ali1234it's the same thing23:50
neuroali1234: the guy seemed to know what he was doing23:50
ali1234blah, doesn't matter23:51
ali1234same thing applies23:51
ali1234responsiveness of a UI is a very subjective thing23:51
neuroit looked a touch unresponsive to me23:51
bashrc`not really23:51
ali1234i see what you did there lol23:51
neuroi didn't even mean to do that :)23:52
bashrc`if something takes longer than a couple of hundred milliseconds it will be judged laggy23:52
neuroand the swipe down thing looks like a terrible idea23:52
neurothe swipe targets are TINY23:52
ali1234100ms = 2.5 frames of web video23:52
ali1234so really, you can't judge from that23:53
ubuntubhoyyou cant really judge anything till you use it - unless it's really bad23:53
ali1234i am totally reserving judgment until i use it23:53
bashrc`the range 50-300 milliseconds is about the "speed of thought"23:53
ali1234though it does look like it has potential23:54
popeythe swipe targets are not tiny23:54
popeythe guy used it wrong ☺23:54
neurohow did he use it wrong?23:54
cocoa117with ubuntu 12.04, and dash search, can you search deep in your local home folder? at the moment i can only see few results23:54
ubuntubhoyI will reserve judgement till the GNes I just bought turns up and I use it23:54
popeyhe tried to pull down from the individual notifications23:54
popeywhich are tiny23:54
bashrc`but anyway it won't be out for a year so there is plenty of time for refinements23:54
cocoa117what do u guys using for deep and file content searching?23:54
popeyif you have very pointy fingers, sure, try that23:54
popeybut there is another way23:54
ali1234gotta say i love android 4.223:54
popeyyou pull down a little bit and it gives you bigger targets and you swipe left/right to hit them23:55
popeyits easy23:55
ali1234with all the swiping down menus23:55
neuropopey: i just saw that in the keynote video23:55
neurostill not sure about it23:55
ali1234not so keen on left/right swiping especially on the edges because it's hard to trigger if the phon has even a small bezel on it23:55
solarcloud_3scrnAlanBell, Was there a note in with the envelope or did you just see the money note ??23:55
ali1234also prefer the one button to just go to the application list23:56
neuroand bezel size is handset dependent23:56
ali1234yes, exactly23:56
ali1234so 4.2 lockscreen on my SGS fails23:56
ali1234because you can't swipe left/right from the edges easily23:57
ali1234because it has a small bezel with a raised edge23:57
popeytime for bed23:57
neuronn popey-san23:57
ali1234on the nexus 7 it is fine because it has a large bezel and no raised edge23:57
ali1234though i still don't really like the concept of multiple lock screens... seems pointless to me23:57

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