Garethphilipballew: any time really.00:51
bkerensageofft and grantbow even if the UI did address it the toggle actually does not work... When you switch it off it still sends searches it just doesnt present results... someone from the community brought this up and I guess there is a bug somewhere that might get addressed at some point00:54
grantbowbkerensa - wow, thanks for the tip. The 13.04 alpha I just rsynced and tried also had no legal disclaimer at all.01:19
philipballewGareth, alright, I can find you tomorrow I guess?01:31
geofftbkerensa: Interesting01:33
geofftbkerensa: The bug report claimed that the _wording_ implied that, but I didn't realize that was actually true.01:34
philipballewpleia2, got time for a wiki question?16:12
pleia2ask away16:12
pleia2great work on those scale pages :)16:12
pleia2(I'm almost afraid to ask, up early or still awake?)16:13
philipballewpleia2, yeah, thats what I am asking. I want to make the two links at the top say just rideshare and hotelshare. :)16:13
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale11x - Ubuntu Wiki]16:13
philipballewpleia2, I got 3 hours of sleep!16:13
pleia2philipballew: ok, do this: [[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale11x/rideshare|rideshare]]16:13
darthrobot[404] Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale11x/rideshare|rideshare - Ubuntu Wiki]16:13
pleia2the part after the | is what shows up as the text16:14
philipballewah, Thats right!16:14
pleia2welcome :)16:14
kdubhappy new years!16:23
kdubwill be a big year for ubuntu! :D16:23
pleia2happy new year :)16:23
kdubsee http://www.ubuntu.com/ today?16:27
darthrobotTitle: [Home | Ubuntu]16:27
pleia2yeah, taking bets on preinstalled tablet or phone ;)16:28
philipballewyeah. So how far in advance are you told about it kdub ?16:28
* kdub hides :)16:29
* philipballew laughs16:29
philipballewThey are making a bigger deal if this then the tv thing a year ago16:30
pleia2maybe this one is real :P16:30
philipballewhaha, good point16:31
bkerensaphilipballew: I will tell you when I know for sure16:35
bkerensaJoey is supposed to ping us when he knows and he is at the launch16:35
philipballewbkerensa, maybe ill need to go grab my ubuntu shirt16:36
philipballewso the hangout is in how long. it says its at 17:45 utc, but its only 4:30 utc now16:38
pleia2philipballew: add 12 to that16:38
philipballewah, I see16:38
* philipballew would not have a problem if everything was in CA time16:39
philipballewbkerensa, Hope I can join, I just put my Ubuntu shirt on.16:42
bkerensaphilipballew: it will be recorded... and from the looks of things thousands of viewers easily16:43
philipballewIts a good time for us to be in this16:44
philipballewnot middle of the night like uds16:44
philipballewbkerensa, so when does this hangout actually get recorded then?17:01
bkerensaat 17:45 UTC17:02
* bkerensa has to go setup a roll up banner17:02
philipballewokay, so the article shows the correct time that it actually starts. cool. Just send me the invite whenever.17:02
kdubwhere's the hangout?17:06
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu Product Launch OMG! Google+ Hangout | OMG! Ubuntu!]17:07
kdubcool, thanks philipballew17:08
philipballewbkerensa, Joey is not joining us in the hangout?17:09
bkerensaphilipballew: he cant he is at the launch event17:12
philipballewah, such an important person he is.17:13
philipballewstill banking on this just being a new Severed Fifth album though.17:13
kdubhere goes!18:00
pleia2a spinning circle, hooray!18:01
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu for phones - Industry proposition - YouTube]18:11
akkGoogle put so much effort into power management for the android kernel, and ubuntu historically hasn't been very interested in optimizing PM.18:21
akkThey're going to need a serious change of priorities to be viable on a phone.18:21
akkIf they do, I hope the interest extends to PM on x86 laptops too.18:21
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MarkDudephilipballew, pingy19:30
MarkDudedragon, pingy219:30
philipballewMarkDude, pong19:31
dragonMarkDude: pong19:34
grantbowSo they announced that people can start building products? They did that at several UDSes too, right? Negotiation tactic I guess.19:35
akkThe page looks like it's aimed at manufacturers to get them to consider building a phone.19:36
grantbowdid he lose some weight? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpWHJDLsqTU19:37
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu for phones - Industry proposition - YouTube]19:37
MarkDudeSaturday work for a Pi event dragon ?19:46
MarkDudeYou up for Pi G? Or anyone else in the bay? Torikun ?19:47
* MarkDude promises at least two types of actual pie to eat (me likey food puns)19:48
grantbowMarkDude: I am already booked for Ubuntu Hour in Berkeley 3-4. What time?20:09
MarkDudegoing until 8pm maybe 9 G20:15
philipballewpleia2, sometime would you be able to look at that scale page and tell me what I can do to it to get it worthy to send out?20:28
MarkDudephilipballew, you around Sat for Pi?20:29
philipballewAm not. Sorry20:29
dragonMarkDude: +120:52
MarkDudeDamn you philipballew20:54
MarkDudeThat rhymes20:54
MarkDudePi at my house Torikun20:55
Torikunewwww when20:55
MarkDudeWe will have actual pie too20:55
MarkDudeAnd rumors of Unicorns20:55
MarkDudeMaybe pony rides also20:56
MarkDudeNot confirmed yet20:56
philipballewthere will always be Unicorns and rumors of Unicorns?20:56
Torikunhopefully not raspberry PI20:56
bkerensaphilipballew: http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Xmas-Eve-Netflix-Outage-Disrupts-Holiday-Plans-Shows-Growth-of-Streaming-184761101.html21:11
darthrobotTitle: [Christmas Eve Netflix Outage Disrupts Holiday Plans, Shows Growth of Streaming | NBC Southern California]21:11
bkerensaread that21:11
* philipballew reads bkerensa link21:13
CoreyWe have a scale discount code this year?21:41
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