rick_h_greg-g: https://plus.google.com/u/0/116120911388966791792/posts/RCmDjwDdZj101:53
rick_h_bah I fail https://plus.google.com/u/0/116120911388966791792/posts/XhKWQRxK7Zm01:56
jjessegreg-g, happy birthday according to google02:39
greg-gjjesse: heh, I should update that.02:42
greg-gnever trust a Jan 1st bday on a social network ;)02:43
greg-gmy bday is actually July 2nd02:43
jjessei did a google search and it said "tell greg-g happy birthday"02:43
jjesseand i was pretty sure that wasn't it :)02:43
greg-gI wondered why I got 2 bday texts today :)02:43
brousch1greg-g: I don't suppose you'll be in MI at the end of the month? We may be having an open source philosophy meeting at GrWebDev02:49
brousch1Hm, maybe we could do remote Q&A02:53
greg-gbrousch1: huh, awesome, but no, I leave on Saturday morning02:58
widoxgreg-g: hey, Jan 1 _is_ my bday :p03:09
Blazeixwidox: happy birthday :)03:29
widoxBlazeix: thanks!03:32
snap-lwidox: Happy Birthday!03:50
snap-lYou share your birthday with the Gregorian calendar.03:50
WolfgerHappy New Year!12:49
snap-lHappy New Year to you too, Wolfger!13:03
brouschWelcome back to work!13:05
rick_h_man, great day to drop off the boy at day care...phew13:05
brouschBad morning?13:06
brouschMy kid woke up at 5-5:30 every morning on vacation, but slept until 6 this morning13:06
rick_h_my wife had to work so I had him each morning. After going through 8 pairs of underwear/pants yesterday...glad to drop him off :)13:07
Wolfgerback to work isn't so bad. Almost hitting a deer on the final mile of the long commute in wasn't fun though.13:31
brouschYou have deer in Detroit? I thought it was all wild dogs and squirrels13:32
rick_h_had them in our back yard twice13:32
WolfgerI'm out in Whitmore Lake today13:34
Wolfgerthough I have heard of deer in Detroit, never actually seen one13:34
Wolfgermore squirrels than you can shake a pack of wild dogs at13:35
snap-lWe have deer in the suburbs13:36
WolfgerYes indeed. But as a native Detroiter, I seldom refer to anything North of 8 Mile as Detroit13:37
WolfgerAnd never to anybody from Michigan. The further away from Michigan you go, the more of the state Detroit occupies. :-D13:38
brouschI use Detroit to refer to anything East of 23 and South of (including) Flint13:48
brouschMostly because it irritates anyone who doesn't live in Detroit proper13:49
WolfgerWhen I go to Japan, all of the lower peninsula is Detroit.14:05
Wolfger...and I don't think they know the UP exists14:06
greg-gWolfger: many americans don't know the Up exists14:57
rick_h_they're canadian wanna-bes :P14:58
Wolfgerya, eh?15:18
snap-lOy eh16:07
jrwren25more minutes17:19
Wolfgerdo we have an inside scoop on what the announcement will be?17:44
Wolfgeror is, or was? I might be a bit late in responding :-p17:44
rick_h_15 more min17:45
jrwrenoh, what? they aren't doing it on time?17:49
rick_h_1pm isn't it?17:49
* rick_h_ checks timezones again17:49
jrwren17:45 is what it says17:49
Wolfgersite says "event has passed"17:49
rick_h_http://www.ubuntu.com/ 10min17:50
rick_h_hmm, seems something confused on OMG Ubuntu17:50
rick_h_there we go17:50
rick_h_hangout is on the page now17:50
jrwrenhangout is up17:50
rick_h_oh heh, this is just OMG ubuntu chat hangout17:51
rick_h_guess I'll keep reloading the main site17:51
Wolfgerhmm. can't seem to get my audio working on the laptop today.17:52
Wolfgeroh well. Back to work17:52
snap-lOh yay, a phone with Ubuntu on it.18:04
snap-lI'm not sure why I should be getting excited over this. :)18:05
lmorchardTired : Apple keynote / Wired : Ubuntu keynote?18:07
jrwreni can't get to ubuntu.com, LOL18:08
snap-lI can't get excited over mobile18:08
snap-lI mean, I love my phone, don't get me wrong18:09
jrwrenwhy not?18:09
snap-land I see where this could be a smart move18:09
jrwrenif enough people had open phones and we all did a mesh, we wouldn't need phone companies :p18:09
snap-lMaybe it's because I think phone companies are a bag of assholes18:10
lmorchardassholes powering pinwheels18:10
rick_h_derekv: you coming to CHC?18:44
jrwrenif it is all open source, I totally want an ubuntu phone18:50
brouschThey should hand them out to Canonical employees to eat their own dogfood18:54
_stink_then we steal it from them?18:59
Blazeixit sounds interesting, as long as they don't try to tie it to their cloud offering18:59
* rick_h_ does run a galaxy nexus though...18:59
rick_h_Blazeix: :P18:59
brousch_stink_: Yeah. Beat them up and steal their phones18:59
_stink_enlist Wolfger19:00
snap-lYeah, the OSS aspect is the most appealing to me19:04
snap-lbut outside of that, Android has really captured my heart.19:04
snap-lThat said, if I can program the thing without using Java, I'm all ears. ;)19:05
lmorchardSince I'm working on some B2G bugs at Mozilla, this ubuntu phone business is relevant to my interests19:05
snap-lB2G =?19:06
snap-lAh, WebOS 2.0. ;)19:06
lmorchardPhones that boot straight into a stripped down Firefox and run web apps19:06
lmorchardPretty much, yeah19:06
snap-llmorchard: CHC tonight?19:06
snap-lIt's not snowing like hell. ;)19:07
lmorchardHmm, I don't think I can make it tonight :/ But, next week perhaps19:07
snap-lYou're near Campbell road, right?19:07
lmorchardMaybe I can come and do show & tell with my FirefoxOS dev phone and this chromebook I shoehorned ubuntu onto19:07
snap-lIf you need a ride, I'll drive.19:08
lmorchardOh, heh, no, just got plans with the missus19:08
snap-lAh, no worries then19:08
lmorchardI'm now at crooks & washington, so I have less excuse than ever to miss CHC19:08
snap-lI think I pass right by you19:08
snap-lI usually take 11 mile19:09
lmorchardHmm, my evening plans may fall through, so I may yet go to CHC19:10
brouschsnap-l: Kivy19:11
brouschsnap-l: Don't even need Eclipse!19:12
brouschSo the Ubuntu SDK uses QML (Qt modeling language)?19:18
nullspaceanyone else having issues with the secs.oakland.com mirrors19:27
nullspacejust switches to archive.ubuntu mirrors and there is a massive number of packages for update that I didn't get on the secs mirror, there may be more to this but this update is taking a fair bit of time to complete19:29
jcastroping the admin19:47
jcastromaybe it's not syncing enough19:47
nullspacewow cups and openjdk-7-jre was busted19:58
nullspaceI don't know who the admin is19:58
jrwrenif only the ubuntu phone ui used e17 like the samsung phones :p20:06
brouschThey need a command line install so you can apt-get install unity-phone or plasma-active or tiled-phone-ui-of-the-month20:08
brouschIs the Ubuntu on Nexus7 the same as Ubuntu on phones?20:29
jcastrono, ubuntu nexus is just normal ubuntu20:32
snap-lI think we should call Ubuntu on phones ibinti20:34
snap-lAparently in Tagalog it means the calf of the leg.20:35

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