bkerensanathwill: ;p20:35
bkerensanathwill: What do you mean? Fedora doesnt have a phone20:35
* philipballew will still be using his "dumb phone"20:36
nathwilli wants20:51
nathwilli wants it NOW20:51
bkerensaas soon as the images drop I'm going to flash it to my gnex20:51
nathwillyeah... time to get a nexus20:52
nathwillseems to be the reference phone for everything20:52
bkerensanathwill: you have Sprint right?20:53
bkerensaI just switched to them and we both got Gnex20:53
nathwillthey have nexus on sprint?20:53
nathwilli thought they used HSPA, and you had to go t-mo20:53
bkerensanathwill: yeah Galaxy Nexus on sprint indeed... CDMA/LTE even20:54
nathwillwell i'm due for an upgrade in April :)20:54
bkerensaand Portland's LTE rolls out this year for Sprint ... and with the Clearwire acquisition its going to make Sprint have one of the largest networks in the U.S.20:54
bkerensathey will blow past verizon and at&T20:54
philipballewthis will flash onto my att Go phone right bkerensa ?20:55
bkerensaphilipballew: likely only whatever they support20:56
philipballewthis is true20:57
philipballewNow I have to figure out how to get this demoed at SCaLE20:58
nathwillso... any word on how they're going to handle mobile-critical functionality like contacts-sync after they've killed in in U1?21:02
bkerensanathwill: no word yet21:03
bkerensanathwill: I do know they are doing a lot of work on security21:03
bkerensanathwill: did you see the Q+A?21:03
nathwillthe g+ hangout you did?21:03
blkperlthe raring iso I just downloaded as a broken installer.... it doesn't let me create a user :(23:50
blkperlwell it doesn't actually let me type anything23:51

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