HowdyDoodyMorning again12:02
teddy-dbearMorning peoples13:06
HowdyDoodyHow to upgrade from 11.10 to 12.04 with liveCD and all drives in LVM (logical volume mgr) ??13:47
pleia2HowdyDoody: afaik the livecd installer doesn't support lvm until 12.1017:01
pleia2(I've never done an upgrade with a CD though)17:02
ChinnoDogI thought you needed alt CD to do that17:46
waltmanAll you Apple haters will enjoy this: http://www.macrumors.com/2013/01/01/apple-promotes-do-not-disturb-in-tv-ad-on-same-day-as-new-years-day-bug-discovered/17:58
waltmanAnd yes, before you ask, I'm being affected by that. :)17:58
JonathanDSo the mode gets stuck on?18:35
waltmanSomething like that, yes. Rebooting doesn't fix it.19:09
waltmanhttp://www.macrumors.com/2013/01/02/apple-says-do-not-disturb-bug-to-resolve-itself-on-monday-january-7th/ # gee, thanks19:10
JonathanDSo you can't recieve calls?19:11
waltmanLet me try.19:11
waltmanNope, it goes right to voicemail!19:12
waltmanlet's turn that off...19:12
JonathanDUntil the 7th...19:12
JonathanDwaltman: you're able to turn off the feture though?19:22
JonathanDOh, I see, you can turn it off but it does not turn itself off as scheduled.19:23
waltmanThe bit about not receiving calls is a bit complex. It will still allow calls from your "Favorites", and also anyone who calls back within 3 minutes.19:24
JonathanDApparently date/time is hard.19:25
JonathanDI'm thinking about coming to plug tonight.19:25
waltmanhow's your car holding up?19:29
JonathanDIt is very thirsty.19:29
JonathanDI can make it to the city and back, though.19:30
waltmanDo you now this because of your new monitor thingy?19:30
JonathanDI think.19:30
JonathanDIt helps.19:30
JonathanDI was thinking of building a water level sensor, though.19:30
JonathanDSeems like it'd be quite easy.19:30
MutantTurkeyBreak is killing me, seriously, i have no responsiblity and therefore nothing to do20:02
waltmanMutantTurkey: You should be studying calculus!20:07
MutantTurkeyI have been reviewing20:07
MutantTurkeyand reading20:07
MutantTurkeybut cmon only so much can be done20:07
waltmanor maybe watching the Sunderland - Liverpool match on ESPN2 :)20:08
MutantTurkeyi have my desktop on all day, id like to seed some good stuiff for people20:45
MutantTurkeyso far I am just seeding a bunch of debian isos20:45

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