robin-glosterdaker & cjohnston: mhall119 told me to ping you to check some changes i made on ubuntu-community-webthemes for ubuntu-accomplishments-web to invalidate client-side cache. would the changes interfere with other sites? https://code.launchpad.net/~robin-gloster/ubuntu-community-webthemes/caching15:30
robin-glosterbtw i don't know if the people responsible for the countdown on ubuntu.com are here, but it doesn't run on chrome dev channel15:32
mhall119robin-gloster: what is "chrome dev channel"?15:33
mhall119antdillon: ^^15:33
robin-glostermhall119: 2 versions ahead of current release, in this case version 2515:34
antdillonrobin-gloster, Oh really, mmm ... that's odd Its is being replaced in 2 hours15:36
antdillonrobin-gloster, Thank you for the heads up15:36
robin-glosterantdillon, your welcome, i recon it's not that bad because it runs on current release15:37
antdillonrobin-gloster, Yeah that's my thinking but good to know browsers its not working on15:38
robin-glosterantdillon: yup and maybe for future countdowns ;)15:38
antdillonrobin-gloster, Will use modernizr next time for a fall back15:38
dakerantdillon: it does not update the countdown : Chromium Version 24.0.1312.2 Ubuntu 12.04 (165266)16:24
antdillondaker, Thank you, I'll look into it16:25
antdillondaker, That is two versions ahead of the latest version16:27
antdillondaker, Due to the short time it will be on the site I note it but dont think a fix will be developed in time16:27
dakerantdillon: ok16:36
dakerantdillon: just to let you know you should use v1.6.1 to fix it16:48
dakerrobin-gloster: how do you get the {{version_hash}} ?16:57
antdillondaker, Thanks, were updating the jquery version soon so wont have this issue again.16:57
robin-glosterdaker: custom template context processor which sets the global template variable to the latest bzr rev number16:59
dakerrobin-gloster: i don't think your changes should go into lp:~mhall119/ubuntu-community-webthemes/django-stricter-nav-elements17:05
dakercjohnston: right ?17:05
robin-glosterdaker: we currently pull the theme from that branch17:05
mhall119robin-gloster: we should update that, those changes are in the main branch for the theme now17:06
mhall119there's no need to pull from my branch now17:06
robin-glostershould i make a merge proposal for the main branch?17:07
mhall119robin-gloster: yes please17:08
dakerrobin-gloster: yeah would be better also, i would prefer {{ revno }} instead of {{version_hash}}17:09
dakerrobin-gloster: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/internals/contributing/writing-code/coding-style/#template-style17:10
robin-glosterdaker: ok can change those. otherwise it is fine?17:11
dakerrobin-gloster: you need to get a fresh branch otherwise you will get merge conflicts, because the part you are changing have been modified by cjohnston17:13
robin-glosterdaker: ok17:13
cjohnstonrobin-gloster: you need to do an {% if version_hash %}?{{ version_hash }}{% endif %}17:24
robin-glostercjohnston: if it isn't present only a '?' gets appended to the url.17:25
robin-glostercjohnston: shall i add the if?17:28
cjohnstonAs long as it wont effect current sites, its fine17:29
robin-glostercjohnston: pushed a new branch17:37
dakermhall119: http://www.ubuntu.com/static/u/css/core-print.css (404)18:42
mhall119daker: thanks18:43
mhall119Peter: daker pointed out that http://www.ubuntu.com/static/u/css/core-print.css is getting a 40418:43
mhall119used in http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone18:43
dakercjohnston: they said a UDS app for the phone!19:18
dakermhall119: https://plus.google.com/101681698460010159459/posts/hMvVXeMaZHo?gpsrc%3Dgplp0&hl=fr20:27
mhall119daker: I'll pass it on20:30
dakerhey cjohnston why the search box is commented ? https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-community-webthemes/ubuntu-community-webthemes/light-django-theme/view/head:/templates/website_base.html#L8222:42

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