agrestringereGot a question, I'm handling a bug about Gnome shell and it doesn't involve either lightdm, compiz or unity, should I encourage the reporter to report this upstream to Gnome's bugzilla directly?02:20
bjsnideragrestringere, what is the bug?02:22
RAOFagrestringere: If it's an upstream bug it should end up in GNOME's bugzilla, yes.02:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 1095106 in xorg (Ubuntu) "Random display corruption in gnome-shell widgets" [Undecided,New]02:22
bjsniderit should be reported to gnome, if they don't know about it02:23
bjsnideri might go over to their irc channel and ask02:24
bjsniderit's #gnome-shell on gimpnet02:24
agrestringereOkay, will do, thanks02:25
bjsniderthey key players are not around at the moment02:27
bjsniderstill on vacation i guess02:27
agrestringerehold on reconnecting via empathy02:28
agrestringerebjsnider, I'll just leave a note on the bug report to file upstream at the project url02:41
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mlankhorstg'day mates!11:08
tjaaltonhey mlankhorst12:12
* mlankhorst wonders what to work on12:23
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xnoxmlankhorst: anything -cirrus gets +1 from me ;-)13:31
mlankhorstwas just rebasing my git tree :P13:32
mlankhorstseems there was a GF119 fix, might be able to work on nouveau prime again then13:32
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* bryce waves17:47
GeoffChHi.  I'm struggling with a laptop display that fails to report its EDID.  apw suggested that I visit here.  I have the EDID override in /lib/firmware/edid/ using drm-kms-helper and it shows up correctly in Xorg.0.log with the 1280x800 modeline that I want.  However, I can't get it to use that modeline.  It only uses DDC gathered modelines that don't include 1280x800.  Am I missing something?17:58
bryceGeoffCh, does it show up in xrandr --verbose output?17:59
bryceif so, see if setting it via xrandr works.17:59
GeoffChIt doesn't show up there.  I end up with a 1360x768 screen that doesn't fit the display.18:01
bryceGeoffCh, next check that the edid data showing up in xrandr --verbose matches what you've loaded in.  If not, then doublecheck that you've installed the edid file correctly18:02
GeoffChI should say, the EDID data shows up correctly, but not the modeline I want.18:02
GeoffChIf I use xrandr to add and use the 1280x800 modeline I want, the the screen doesn't fit the display then either,  and fits even worse than the 1360x768.18:09
bryceGeoffCh, got anything in xorg.conf?18:10
GeoffChNo, but I have a saved xorg.conf that I'm not using.  I can go back to using it and change whatever needs changing.18:11
bryceGeoffCh, how about your Xorg.0.log?18:14
GeoffChThe 1280x800 modeline from my EDID file shows up fine in Xorg.0.log.  It just doesn't match any DDC modelines and never gets used.18:15
bryceGeoffCh, odd, not sure.  Shouldn't need to match DDC modelines, I think you can set NoDDC to false to force it to use edid.  hard to guess what the issue is.18:21
GeoffChI can try that, adding it to my saved xorg.conf.  Does the i915 driver recognize NoDDC?18:22
GeoffChAlso, setting NoDDC to true sounds more intuitive.18:25
bryceyeah Option "NoDDC" true or Option "DDC" false18:27
brycethe latter is documented in the intel man page so ought to work18:27
GeoffChOK, thanks bryce, I'll give that a shot and come back here after.18:28
GeoffChbryce, when I set DDC to false, I got the correct modelines (1280x800 etc.) from my EDID file, both in Xorg.0.log and in xrandr.  However, the screen doesn't fit anyway.  It's the same result as adding and using the modeline using xrandr, a worse fit than the 1360x768 screen I got from DDC.  It's like the display just balks at 1280x800, whenever it's also not reporting its EDID.  Thank you for helping.  I guess I'll just live with misfitting18:49
GeoffCh 1360x768 for now.18:49
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