barrydkGood morning Everyone05:21
inetprogood morning barrydk and everyone else06:49
Kilosafternoon all06:52
Kiloshey magespawn 06:53
Kilosyou here today or is it still your core 06:53
mazalMôre oom Kilos 07:05
Kilosmôre mazal 07:05
magespawnhowdy Kilos07:13
Kilosall good magespawn 07:14
Kilosi crashed while sshed to you and my server07:14
barrydkWere you injured Kilos?07:16
Kiloslol no barrydk but drive was07:17
Kiloseven after many installs the login screen up to where you enter password looks like a server starting up07:19
magespawnsorry to hear that Kilos, power has been very flaky here the last couple of days07:43
Kilosim just worried it hurt you too magespawn 07:43
Kilosi did a sudo apt-get update and it said its gonna report me07:43
magespawnhave not noticed anything so far07:44
magespawnthat is becuase your account here is limitec07:44
Kilosi hope all good07:44
magespawnlimited even07:44
Kilosi just wanted to see a reply and update is safe normally07:45
Kilosbut i went outside for a while and when returning everything was hung and couldnt reboot so i worried about your side too07:45
magespawnley me check07:48
magespawnlooks fine so far Kilos07:54
Kilosyay ty magespawn 07:54
Kiloshi Squirm 07:59
Kilosweirdest of installs magespawn kept booting to cli after reboot08:13
Kilostill i from there purge nvidia from /home08:13
Kilosthen next install worked08:13
magespawnhi Squirm08:15
magespawnhmm so the drivers for nivida were getiing in the way08:15
Kilosyip. even changed graphics cards08:15
Kilostough being doff. ians graphics card is a pci one and i couldnt figure why i could see gui from live cd but not even see bios08:16
Kilosplugged screen to mb and checked bios and changed vga to pci and there we go08:17
Kilosi learned some more08:17
magespawncool Kilos08:19
superflygood afternoon08:22
* Kilos greets superfly 08:23
magespawnhey superfly08:28
inetproAll-New Ubuntu Product to Launch Jan 2nd – But What Is It? http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/12/all-new-ubuntu-product-to-launch-jan-2nd-but-what-is-it09:02
* inetpro wonders what that is all about09:02
Kiloswhat i missed09:03
inetproKilos: All-New Ubuntu Product to Launch Jan 2nd – But What Is It? http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/12/all-new-ubuntu-product-to-launch-jan-2nd-but-what-is-it09:03
Kiloslo inetpro 09:03
inetproto be announced at around 5 - 6PM GMT09:04
Kilosah me wonders too09:05
inetproMaaz: when is 17:00 gmt in Pretoria09:06
Maazinetpro: 2013-01-02 17:00:00 GMT is 2013-01-02 19:00:00 SAST09:06
Kilosyo drussell 09:09
Kilosyou need to set your pc to away when you are away09:10
Kilosand you inetpro 09:10
inetproKilos: why?09:11
Kilosso i dont think you just lurking dodo09:11
* inetpro never sleeps09:11
magespawnjust afk sometimes09:11
Kilosbut sometimes take half a day to answer09:11
Kilosthen show an afk somehow09:12
Kilosyou are often too tired to scroll back09:13
Kilosold age is tough09:13
inetproKilos: you can't possibly expect everyone to answer immediately every time you say something09:15
Kilosno man09:16
Kilosbut if i ask now. in three hours ive forgotten what i asked09:16
Kilosyou no theres no short term memory installed09:17
Kilosor buggy ram09:17
inetprothat short term memory of yours is not that buggy any more at all09:17
Kilosty for my happy , safe bot09:18
inetprosometimes even better than mine09:18
inetproKilos: np09:18
Kiloslol thats only old age on your part09:19
Kiloshey Banlam howzit09:20
mazalOom Kilos you prob know boot-repair hey ?10:07
mazalI it any good ?10:07
mazalis even10:07
Kilosyes it works well on unity10:07
mazalBusy downloading the boot-repair cd10:08
Kilosand worked fine on gnome2 as well;10:08
mazalAnd will install it on my system as well10:08
mazalCan it repair the other OS boot as well ?10:09
Kilosi just installed it straight10:09
Kiloshavent tried to fix the other os as yet10:09
mazalI want to try , but not really in the mood to brake one of my pc's. Takes too long to fix a Win pc10:10
Kilosboot-repair works quite fast10:10
mazalJa but if it doesn't work on the Win machine and breaks it , I will have to format it :P10:11
Kilosxp or 710:12
mazalI will try it on Barry's pc <eg> :)10:13
barrydki'm watching you stay away!!!!10:14
Kilosnow now chillens, play nice10:14
magespawnwhen i sudo echo '/user/local/bin/noip2' >> /etc/rc.local10:29
magespawni get -bash: /etc/rc.local: Permission denied10:29
Kilosi had to use echo from root itself10:30
Kilossudo -i10:30
Kilosthe fly dont advise it though10:30
magespawnseems to work though10:33
superflymagespawn: because the >> is a second command10:35
inetpromagespawn: echo hello | sudo tee -a /etc/mynewfile10:41
inetpromagespawn: BTW there is no /user folder on default linux systems10:42
inetproit's /usr10:42
mazalIs there a difference between sudo -i and sudo su ?10:53
magespawnAh ty superfly and inetpro10:53
superflymazal: sudo su runs the su command, sudo -i is an interactive sudo session - it's probably safer to use sudo -i11:00
Kiloshiya magtie 11:39
magtieHi Kilos11:41
barrydkEnjoy the rest of the day see you all tommorrow.12:46
inetprotheblazehen: welcome to #ubuntu-za13:37
inetproKilos: you forgot to greet?13:37
Kilosoh my13:38
Kiloshiya theblazehen 13:38
Kiloswe need to fix that greetr.py script inetpro 13:39
inetproKilos: ek speel net met jou man :-)13:40
Kilosmagespawn, whats happening13:52
Kilostumbleweed, you still alive?13:54
Kilosi need a python pro to sort a greeter script for ibid so it can debug itself13:56
tumbleweedKilos: hi13:59
Kiloscompliments of the season tumbleweed 13:59
tumbleweedyou too14:00
inetprowb tumbleweed14:00
* tumbleweed is enjoying an empty office today14:00
Kiloshehe you got any spare time tumbleweed ?14:01
Kilosif its you fixes the greeter script we know it will work14:02
magespawnhey Kilos customers and such14:02
Kilosah thats good magespawn thought you crashed14:02
tumbleweedKilos: what's the problem with it?14:03
Kilosit only greeted once tumbleweed 14:03
Kiloseven when no action in channel all day14:03
Kilosand vhata says get the monkey to add debugging script but he is new to python and dont get to doing it14:05
superflyheya tumbleweed! hope you had a good time over the holidays :-)14:13
tumbleweedsuperfly: yeah, good14:15
superflytumbleweed: there are a lot of problems with kbmonkey's Ibid plugin, easily solveable too, I just haven't had the time to look at it14:17
superflynice idea, just should be implemented better14:17
tumbleweedKilos: works for me14:19
Kilosoh my14:19
Kiloswhere did you put the script in14:20
tumbleweedinto the ibid/plugins directory14:20
Kilosi have it in an ibid folder in /home14:20
tumbleweedit needs to be in the ibid/plugins directory in your botdir14:20
Kiloswhere is that in ibid.db?14:21
tumbleweedibid.db is in your botdir, yes14:21
Kilosi cant open it so its understandable to me14:21
Kilosmy ibid.db and ibid.ini are in /home14:22
tumbleweedright, so then this goes into /home/ibid/plugins14:22
Kilosjust loose there where they were installed on ibid-setup14:22
Kilosok lemme try that ty14:23
Kilosi made a folder plugins and put it in the folder ibid and greeter in plugins will see if it works now ty14:26
Kilosty tumbleweed its working15:03
Kilosthat script is available if anyone wants to use it tumbleweed 15:04
Kiloslike in maaz15:04
Kilosthen i can rest all day15:05
inetproKilos: you want to go on early retirement? 15:06
Kilosive got lots of work15:09
Kilosall the iptables and ssh stuff to do again15:10
Kiloswanna try do it without help this time15:10
Kilosyo Cantide 16:04
Cantidehey Kilos :)16:04
inetpro1 hour and 12 minutes to go16:47
inetproor make that 1316:47
magespawninetpro for?16:49
inetpromagespawn: until some big announcement at http://www.ubuntu.com16:49
magespawnoh right16:50
Cantideoh yeah!16:50
Cantidethanks for reminding me :)16:50
magespawnany ways, later all. home time16:50
Cantidewhat do you guys think it is?16:50
Cantidebye magespawn '-';16:50
Kilostoods magespawn 16:51
inetproCantide: I'm sure it has something to do with a mobile device16:54
inetprobut that is just a guess on my side16:54
Cantideperhaps Ubuntu for Android16:54
* inetpro is dreaming of a native Ubuntu on a mobile device16:55
Cantideor an Ubuntu tablet :)16:55
inetprobut I don't think we are the quite yet16:55
inetproprobably Ubuntu on a Nexus tablet16:56
inetprobut that wouldn't be new16:56
Cantideor free space flights to all Ubuntu users '<16:56
Cantide(okay, that was slightly over-enthusiastic)16:56
Cantideand perhaps unrealistic :p16:57
CantideHaswell support maybe :)16:57
Cantideooooooooooooor Canonical buying Microsoft for 1 USD16:58
CantideHaswell is the next range of Intel CPUs to be released mid-year16:58
inetproCanonical buying MS!? Hmm....16:58
Cantidei am being very unrealistic and jumping the gun on many things :p16:58
Cantidejust thinking of what news would make me happiest :p16:59
inetproCantide: check http://ubuntuonair.com/ at 19:4517:04
Cantidewhat will be there? 'o'17:04
Cantidei didn't see anything there :<17:48
* Cantide waits 10 minutes for ubuntu.com17:49
inetpro6 minutes17:54
Kilosare any of you geeks like those in the big bang theory?17:54
inetproCantide: join #ubuntu-discuss17:55
inetpro3 minutes to go 17:57
Cantidehey smileee :)17:57
smileeehi :D17:57
smileeeindeed :o17:57
smileeewhere will the stream become available? :p17:57
smileeehey Cantide :)17:57
inetpro2 minutes17:58
Cantidesmileee, I think ubuntu.com17:58
smileeeone minute :)17:59
smileeethey're too late18:00
magespawnHey all18:01
smileeelol, I think ubuntu.com has capacity problems :p18:01
magespawnMmm i can't get on either18:02
Cantidejust a loading circle thingy for me :<18:02
smileeeyeah, for me too xD18:02
smileeeand google chrome won't load it :p18:02
smileeean image is coming, lol18:02
smileee0 seconds left18:02
magespawnRight am on.18:03
smileeemagespawn: ?? :p18:04
magespawnGot on to the site18:05
CantideI reloaded the page now..18:05
smileeepff :(18:09
smileeewe missed it? :(18:09
smileeehe looks bad :o18:09
magespawnOkay so ubuntu on phones, will be interested to see if it will run on the n90018:29
smileeemagespawn: don't think so :p18:30
magespawnMaybe not, old equipment18:32
Kilosyo tux18:33
Kilostuxmaster, 18:33
inetprovery interesting18:33
inetproonly time will tell whether it's good or not18:34
Kilosdo they show you the screen?18:35
Kiloshopefully not unity18:35
inetprocertainly a very brave move to do the marketing spiel the way they did today18:35
inetproKilos: of course it's with unity18:35
Cantidei was hoping for an OS that ran alongside Android18:36
inetproKilos: see http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone/design18:36
Cantideand just turned your phone into a PC in a dock18:36
Kiloswhere is the keypad18:38
Kilosis it one the splits in 2 or touchscreen18:38
inetproKilos: we'll see lots more at CES18:40
Cantidei assume touchsrceen18:42
Cantidethey didn't show the OSK >.<18:42
inetproKilos: The International CES (CES) is a major technology-related trade show held each January in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.18:43
Kilosoh ty18:43
inetprohappening between 8-11 Jan this year18:43
Kilosim not going there18:43
magespawnA place i would love to go18:43
smileeeinetpro: too far away18:43
Kilosrather improve pc than spend money onna fone18:44
inetproI think the aim is to create lots marketing hype building up to the CES18:44
inetproto much detail left out today18:44
Kilosbut good news anyway18:45
Kilosmore pressure to winsucks18:45
inetproI still think they're a bit brave18:45
inetprothat's my honest humble opinion18:46
Cantideit's their whole convergence strategy18:46
inetprowe're definitely getting closer to a real ubuntu smartphone18:46
Cantidewhich is the only reason why it could work18:46
Kilosthats good though.18:46
inetprobut I think it will take more time18:46
Kilosjust hope its stable18:46
inetprowell I think it's good for the whole linux ecosystem18:47
Kilosyip definitely18:47
magespawnNight all18:51
Cantidenight magespawn '-'//18:52
inetprogood night magespawn18:53
inetproCantide: also read http://www.jonobacon.org/2013/01/02/announcing-ubuntu-for-phones/18:53
* Cantide clicks18:54
Cantidei bet after CES we will know a whole lot more18:54
inetprosuperfly: nie that they chose the best technology (Qt)18:56
Kilosnight magespawn 18:56
smileeemagespawn: good night18:56
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:02
inetproUbuntu Product Launch OMG! Ubuntu! Hangout on Air! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1CvVf9K7H0019:12
Cantidehmm, some wayland info19:18
Cantidei was actually curious about that myself :)19:18
smileeeCantide: you have to check phoronix for more19:25
Cantidei will wait it out :p19:25
Cantidestill a long time to 2014 :D19:25
Cantideand i'm sure a lot will be revealed in the coming weeks19:25
Cantidefor now i'm off to bed :)19:25
Cantidegood night '-'//19:27
smileeeI'm leaving too, byee :)19:30
inetprogoeie nag smileee19:30
smileeejy ook19:30
superfly"selfde aan jou/u" is actually more suiwer 19:47
superflymagespawn: ping (re: acommodation and travel around your parts)20:08

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