ralsinagood morning!09:15
JamesTaitHappy New Year, folks! :-D09:32
gatoxgood morning!10:55
mandelgatox, morning!10:55
gatoxmandel, hi! how were those holidays?10:56
mandelgatox, awesome!!! went skiing with a friend of my brother whose is a pro and champion of spain, so I have been doing some crazy slopes etc...10:56
mandelgatox, and I broke one of the boots hehe10:56
gatoxmandel, puuuuuuuuuu.... it's like your hobby break parts of your body jjeje10:57
gatoxahhhhhh boots10:57
gatoxi read foot10:57
mandelgatox, no no, I've never gotten injured skiing, at least not yet :)10:58
mandelgatox, but it was great fun, one day I managed to get to 70 km/h10:58
ralsinagood morning mandel, gatox, JamesTait!10:58
mandelralsina, hello!10:58
ralsinarefreshed and ready to code nice stuff, guys?10:59
mandelralsina, yes, if I remember what I was doing ;)10:59
mandelralsina, witch is fix nux layouts hehehe11:00
JamesTaitralsina, yes indeed - although I'm only working this week, then off for two weeks.11:05
karniGood morning!11:33
karniHappy New Year all :)!11:33
karniJamesTait: Sounds like a plan :D11:34
gatoxkarni, o/11:35
karnihi gatox o/11:35
JamesTaitkarni, had I been given a say in the dates I'd have made it coincide with the Christmas break, but it's for a family wedding, so I pretty much had to go with the dates I was given. ;)11:35
karniJamesTait: ah, I see :)11:36
JamesTaitkarni, looking forward to some nice, warm, sunny weather though. :-D11:36
JamesTaitkarni, http://uk.weather.com/weather/10day-Johannesburg-SFXX0023 isn't looking too bad. ;)11:49
karniJamesTait: not bad :)11:49
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fugue88Happy New Year, everyone!14:33
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SpleenI purchased a song from the Ubuntu One Music Store yesterday afternoon; however, as of now, the download seems to be stuck with status of "Queued" in Rhythmbox.17:01
chaselivingstonSpleen: Our server that handles these downloads crashed over the holidays, so it's currently working through the backlog of files to be downloaded. You should see the music show up in your account soon. I'm very sorry for the trouble.17:03
SpleenOk, Chase. Thanks for the information.17:04
chaselivingstonSpleen: no problem!17:05
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nantoucan someone help me with my account? I have been trying to sync it for 35 minutes to not avail19:02
chaselivingstonnantou: sure, what's up?19:02
nantouare you an admin chaselivingston19:03
chaselivingstonnantou: yes, i am19:03
nantouok, so my email address is andersen75@tormail.org19:03
nantouI have a "ubuntu one" directory in my homne directory19:04
chaselivingstonnantou: right19:04
nantouand I have also "sync" thunderbird, to use it for attachments larger than 1 MB19:04
nantoubut then, I dont know what I have done, every time I try to log in and see my files, I only see 2 files, the 2 attachments I have used with thunderbird19:04
nantouI do not see the rest, 1.2 GB of data19:05
chaselivingstonnantou: i'll try to run a job on your account to recover any files that we're able to19:05
nantouand IIRC, the ubuntuone app listed my email address as an old one19:05
nantoumay be that my laptop is bugged, I didnt run a fresh install19:06
chaselivingstonnantou: you can also check the trash/recycle bin on any of the devices as some of the files may have ended up there19:06
nantouto xubuntu 12.1019:06
nantouoh, and I am now writting from the University, no Internet at home, router is broken or the contract expired19:07
nantouIll try to come tomorrow at 11.00 central european time19:07
chaselivingstonnantou: sounds good. you could also submit the form at http://one.ubuntu.com/support/contact  and we can talk that way19:08
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aruneI currently have a problem where my android ubuntu one app do no longer upload photos to ubuntu one21:26
chaselivingstonkarni: ^^^21:26
aruneI get a notification saying "2 uploads failed" and if I click that I get to the settings of ubuntu one app where I can retry, and if I do the noification comes right back21:27
karniarune: Hi there. chaselivingston, could you point me to Ubuntu support wiki?21:31
karniarune: Could you please follow these steps? http://paste.ubuntu.com/1489933/21:33
karniarune: I'll have some food (it's almost 11 PM here), and I'll get to it :)21:34
arunegreat :)21:35
aruneI just sent the log21:35
arunefrom anders.sandblad21:36
karniarune: perfect, I'll get to that soon. Expect a return e-mail :) Thank you!21:38
aruneWARNING/com.ubuntuone.api.files.U1FileAPI 641 Jan 2, 2013 10:34:25 PM HTTP/1.1 403 FORBIDDEN21:45
karniarune: yes, I just saw that (still over my plate of food)21:46
karniarune: What version of the app is it?21:46
karniarune: bottom of the settings screen21:46
karniup to date. hrm21:47
karniarune: Could you please install and run this diagnostic? FYI I'm a Canonical employee, and this apk is hosted on people.canonical.com server. http://goo.gl/8QOF1.qr21:52
karniarune: Well, I'm a contractor, not an employee, but that's equivalent as far as Ubuntu One is concerned :)21:53
karniarune: Great :)21:54
aruneresult just sent21:56
karniarune: Now we know it's not an authentication issue for sure.21:57
karniarune: "Pictures - HTC Desire S" - is this listed on https://one.ubuntu.com/files ?21:57
karniarune: under 'my synced folders'21:57
aruneyes, I already have about 1k photos there21:59
karniarune: I see.22:00
karniarune: Last question, does it contain the 692MEDIA directory?22:00
aruneyes, the strange thing is that https://one.ubuntu.com/files says it was "changed" 33 minutes ago22:00
karniarune: or even - could you make sure that file IMAG1475.jpg is not there already?22:00
karniarune: What was changed? file/directory/which one?22:01
arunewell, I have over 1k files, so it does not list all22:01
karniarune: Do you sync them to your PC?22:01
arunebut my laptop does not have anything from today22:01
karniarune: Have you subscribed to that synced fodler?22:01
karniarune: Could you please run $ u1sdtool --status on your laptop?22:01
karniarune: Thank you. No sign from the server.22:03
arunemy laptop also says 692MEDIA was changed half hour ago, but as said, no new pics22:03
karniarune: Hrm.22:03
karniarune: And you know for sure it doesn't list all your pics on the web site, because there are too many of them, yes? Does it display a message telling you so?22:04
karni(it should, if it doesn't display all of them)22:04
aruneyes, it said so on the bottom22:04
arune"Too many files or folders in this folder to display, only displaying 1000 entries."22:04
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arune(which is a bit sad if I want to "publish" one of the newer files but not listed due to the limit)22:05
arune(but thats another issue entierly)22:06
karniarune: You could use one.ubuntu.com/photos/ for that22:06
karniarune: Anyway, the folder may have received another file. These last two are clearly failing, I don't yet understand why.22:07
karniarune: I'll do some debugging, and hopefully find something. It may take some time though, so thank you for reporting this. I should get back to you tomorrow the latest. Feel free to ping me on IRC as well.22:11
karniarune: btw could you please try manually adding any other file (a text file will do) via the app and see if the upload fails as well?22:11
arunegreat, thanks, Ill stick around here22:11
aruneadded a textfile to another dir but fails to upload that aswelll, want a report?22:14
karniarune: that log file would be awesome, yes please22:18
arunewhen adding file or just when autouploading?22:18
karniarune: $ u1sdtool --free-space=''22:18
karniarune: just adding a file manually, best into ~/Ubuntu One22:19
karni(the main directory)22:19
aruneFree space: 4081157672 bytes22:21
karniarune: looks like a server issue. I'll make a rather quick test, will take a moment. Will try to get something more interesting out of that 403 than just response status code.22:23
karniarune: Thank you for reporing this. I have notified the team responsible for our servers, we will attempt to fix this ASAP.22:39
arunegreat, thank you22:40

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