zequence-whi ttoine 12:14
ttoinezequence-w, at work ?12:16
zequence-wttoine: It's kind of work, yes12:22
zequence-wIt's what w stands for anyway :)12:22
ttoinehappy new year !!12:25
zequence-wI started mine with oversleeping :P12:26
astraljavaBetter set the standards low enough so there's room for improvement.12:38
scott-workgood morning everyone. i wish that the new year brings happiness and prosperity to all :)13:40
zequence-wastraljava: Very true13:49
zequence-wscott-work: Happy New Year13:50
zequence-wscott-work: I was thinking about PR. No word from RT yet. I think ttoine might be eager to do some stuff, so perhaps give him admin access to various social sites?13:51
zequence-wWe were talking about the fb page, and it would be nice to improve its appearance13:51
zequence-wBut before we do that, maybe we should talk about a unified theme idea first13:52
zequence-wWe have the logo13:52
zequence-wI mean, the round icon thing13:52
zequence-wAnd, we have the name Ubuntu Studio. I guess it would be nice to use the same logo for that on all sites13:52
zequence-wAdditionally, we could use a slogan13:53
zequence-wI forget what it was on the plymoth theam13:53
zequence-wDifferent services have different possibilities, but I think we should be able to use the same material for all14:11
zequence-wDifferent possibilities for theming, that is..14:11
zequence-w1. the US icon-logo 2. the US name-logo 3. a slogan (perhaps tied with the name-logo) 4. background canvas (for sites that allow it)14:12
zequence-wAny thoughts?14:13
astraljavaIANAGD, but IMHO the slogan should really be really good, if we're intending to use one. +1 on the rest.14:22
zequence-wIt's good to have a slogan that explains what Ubuntu Studio is, to those who never heard of it14:29
zequence-wThere was one in the plymoth theme, but I forget how it went14:29
zequence-wIt was "Linux for creative humans" or something along those lines14:30
zequence-wA bit Ubuntuish, but yet more universal, when referring to Linux14:30
scott-workzequence-w: i completely agree with using unified themeing elements14:58
scott-worki had come up with "linux for creative humans" in a artwork image i had done, i don't remember if it was actually made it into the plymouth theme14:59
scott-workzequence: as to ttoine, absolutely i can give him access to the various social sites15:03
scott-worki almost hesitate to mention this because it seems that i am arguing against giving him access (i am not), but he doesn't really need admin access to post ;)15:03
scott-workzequence: as to the logo stuff, i am actually very close to having https://launchpad.net/ubuntustudio-resources updated with various graphics that i have been finding and aggregating15:06
scott-workthis may be a good place (when i get it updated by this week) to peruse for choosing one of the logos15:07
ttoinescott-work, I need access to setup twitterfeed, at least15:07
scott-workttoine: i don't think we have a twitter account yet since we were waiting to push the current owner off of "ubuntu studio"15:07
ttoinescott-work, twitterfeed and twitter are not the same at all15:08
* scott-work shows his lack of social media savvy :P15:08
ttoinetwitterfeed is a bit.ly service to post rss feeds on social networks. I use it for some customers when jetpack is not possible15:08
scott-workheh, i don't know what jetpack is either ;)15:09
scott-workttoine: what do you need from me in order to set up twitterfeed?15:09
ttoinejust to be admin of the fb page15:10
ttoinescott-work, and if I am admin, I can help you with moderation, in case (I hope...) there will be a lot of people posting,...15:10
scott-workttoine: admin of facebook page i can do :)  facebook is blocked by the sonicwall device at work, but i can use my tablet to get around it (hopefully) or do it at home tonight15:11
scott-workttoine: how can i find you on facebook to add you as admin?15:12
ttoinefirst of all, add me as a friend15:13
scott-workheh, it looks like "linux for creative humans" made it into plymouth ;)  http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5308/5733545482_4d8f336566_z.jpg15:13
ttoinescott-work, yes, i noticed it. it is already in 12.10, too15:14
ttoinescott-work, I installed a fresh 12.10 and updated it. What is the best way to upgrade to 13.04 ? I change the source.list and make a dist-upgrade ?15:15
scott-workttoine: i'm not sure of the _best_ way to update to a dev copy. i think what you described will work however15:16
ttoinescott-work, I try that and I let you know15:18
scott-workttoine: i sent you a message in facebook. i am forced to use my tablet and therefore the mobile version of facebook to find you currently and i simply could not find a way to initiate a friend request on it.15:30
scott-workbah. i simply can't function on the mobile app. ttoine, i will add you to the facebook admin when i get home tonight.15:33
ttoinescott-work, i posted on the ubuntu studio wall a hop !15:34
ttoineantoine thomas, with a colored hand on black background15:35
scott-worki found your profile (i like the hand, by the way!) but i didn't see anywhere on the screen for a friend request15:36
ttoineios ? android ?15:36
ttoinescott-work, strange...15:36
ttoineit is not a hurry15:37
ttoinedo it when possible15:37
scott-workhehe, found this by accident...it's just a mock up, not real: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y65/NinjaKrow/Linux-Stuff/ShirtPropsal-Studio01.jpg16:10
ttoinescott-work, nice t-shirt18:04
ttoinewould be great to have some like that on the ubuntu store !18:04
scott-workagreed! hopefully we can get some artwork done that is presentable for such a thing18:40
ttoinescott-work, you really think it is possible to make it available ?19:04
scott-work"open your creativity" might be an interesting tag line or something to play around with19:04
scott-workttoine: i think so. i'm not exactly sure about what it takes to get in into the official ubuntu store, but xubuntu does their own thing and i was planning on doing similar19:05
scott-worki have already talked to a guy i work with because his wife does embroidery and once i get all the artwork together i plan to take a good .svg of the CoF and have a nice shirt made as a prototype19:06
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scott-workthen i wanted to explore different designs to see about getting it done in an online shop of some sort19:06
scott-worki think xubuntu uses zazzle (if i remember correctly)19:07
ttoinescott-work, but maybe xubuntu has a legal status19:09
ttoineit is not only a community19:09
ttoinemaybe we will have to create a sort of non profit organisation ?19:10
ttoinescott-work, maybe, it would be great to have a kind of map or the team, with timelines19:11
ttoinescott-work, I told you I let you know19:13
ttoinethe upgrade from 12.10 to 13.04 is finished, all seems to be well19:13
ttoineexcept it is mostly in english19:13
ttoinebut it is not really a problem19:14
ttoineif you want me to test something, let me know19:14
scott-workttoine: i'm glad the update went well :)19:15
scott-workeven if it is in english19:15
scott-workttoine: from what i have heard, xubuntu has the latitude to make their own shirts as long as they don't really make money from it, which equates to selling at cost19:15
ttoinescott-work, I understand that. but who, or how is managed the money ?19:18
ttoinefor Ubuntu-Lyon, my city loco team, there is a non profit organisation. I know this is the same for ubuntu-fr19:19
scott-workttoine: i'm not sure they are managing the money. if xubuntu upload the graphics and sets the price at cost, then users buy direct from cafepress/zazzle/whomever. i'm not absolutely certain this is how it is working for xubuntu, but that is what i surmised19:32
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ttoinescott-work, ok. I didn't know that it was possible like that20:39
ttoinegood to know !20:49
len-1304Interesting...  I was in the bios turning off the internal Audio and noticed that I could turn the irqs off on USB.21:38
len-1304So I tried it :)21:38
len-1304It appears that it just stops the bios from preselecting irqs.21:39
len-1304I was still able to boot from a USB drive, And the USB stuff still has IRQs.21:40
len-1304However, The IRQ selection... I am assuming done by the kernel, Makes much more sense.21:41
len-1304The one ehci irq is on it's own now (USB 2.0), and my eth0 is now on it's own and it has left the audio IFs alone too.21:42
len-1304zequence, holstein ^^^ FYI21:43
scott-workhmmm. interesting news. how old is your motherboard len-1304 ?21:48
len-1304MY MB is quite old (8 to 10 years) But it is still something to look for if someone is having problems finding open irqs21:50
len-1304It is an "A-Bit AC7"21:52
scott-workoh wow, i thought this would have been a newer motherboard to allow you to turn off auto irq21:53
len-1304It was one of the "top" MB in it's day... not so top when I got it used :)21:54
scott-workgoing home, will work on ttoine getting onto facebook and adding artwork to the -resources launchpad "code"21:55
zequencemany boards have custom IRQ settings, but I've found that sometimes they don't do anything, since the kernel sets its own IRQs22:12
len-1304zequence, Made a difference here though. Not sure why. Just something to keep in mind as one more thing to try when having trouble.22:13
len-1304I wonder how open the irq settings are. I wonder if there is any way of "helping" the kernel decide these things.22:16
len-1304 My MB has only 24 IRQs, but a lot of the newer ones have 48 (like my netbook) or 100.22:17
len-1304The PCI bus only has wiring for so many, but if non-pci stuff could be made to leave it alone, that would be good.22:18
holsteinlen-1304: its nice to have IRQ settings in a bios22:20
len-1304PCIe has one I think, but each card can have a virtual IRQ or some such. The PCI cards IRQ is sent to the MB via the same stream as the data.22:20
len-1304holstein, I think many MBs do, but we don't always know what they do.22:21
holsteinlen-1304: and the UI's is always different22:22
len-1304note/net-books sometimes don't have many options though22:22
ScottLttoine, i can't add you as a friend in facebook. do you have it blocked?22:53
ScottLttoine, i will also need an email address to add you as a facebook admin for ubuntu studio22:53
ScottLzequence, do you wish to be facebook admin as well?22:54
ScottLttoine, look under "privacy shortcuts" and "who can contact me" and see what "who can send me friend request"22:56
zequenceScottL: Sure. Here's my "official" fb page https://www.facebook.com/xequential23:43

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