cfhowlettKnock knock01:44
Unit193No, it's "Who's there?"01:46
cfhowletthey guys.  HUGE problem ...01:51
cfhowlettI cannot seem to download CodeFree magazine here in China.  The files are hosted on a wordpress site which is blocked by the gov't.  Little help?  Can someone email/dropbox/ubuntuone share them with me?01:52
cfhowlettfrom thee to me and grateful eternally ... http://codefreemagazine.wordpress.com/01:53
holsteincfhowlett: i already did that for you man01:54
holsteincfhowlett: you should ask the creator what you are supposed to do01:55
holsteincfhowlett: email him and ask for a torrent community01:55
holsteincfhowlett: offer to host the torrents if he emails them to you01:55
cfhowlettholstein: file attachments from google docs are also blocked it seems.  I left several messages for Chris but no response.01:56
holsteincfhowlett: i already gave you dropbox links too01:56
cfhowlettholstein: but I do know and appreciate that you tried.01:56
holsteincfhowlett: i dropboxed them and emailed them01:56
holsteinnot sure what else you want to try01:56
cfhowlettholstein: chinese internet is ... different.01:56
holsteincfhowlett: sure.. im just saying, what else do you want to try?01:57
holsteincfhowlett: ubuntuone?01:57
cfhowlettholstein: ubuntone does connect and work.01:57
holsteincfhowlett: so, what do you want me to do then01:57
holsteincfhowlett: i have tried dropbox and email.. and ubuntuone doesnt work? so what do you want?01:57
cfhowlettholstein: ubuntuone if it's not too much trouble.  Please.01:57
cfhowlettNo ubuntu one DOES work!01:58
studio-user206my ubuntustudio missed the date19:03
studio-user206what I do?19:03
studio-user206for more contact my email crakermiligor@hotmail.com19:04
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