xubuntu655greeting!  trying to determine which version to download for a netbook.... any help would be appreciated  asus 1015px00:05
Noskcajxubuntu655, xubuntu 12.10 amd64 is my recommendation, you could use netboot to install it if it has not much ram00:07
Noskcajxubuntu655, it will work fine, just google what to do to help the ssd in ubuntu00:12
xubuntu655excellent!  thanks for the support.. off to install new SSD and boot 12.10 from SD or USB and see how it goes....00:12
guest-8kYw9SI entered a command in terminal, startx-- -nolisten tcp and now when I try to login, I see a black screen saying something about the X window system and then get logged out01:07
guest-8kYw9SI never actually login, I just see the screen, then get back to the login screen. how can I fix this?01:07
CrazyZurferI've got a problem, when the screensaver starts when I'm in full screen mode (for example watching a movie), then when I move the mouse, the computer freezes with the whole screen in grey01:09
CrazyZurferevery time it happens I've to restart the pc01:09
donnieDoes anyone here know how to step by step set up the google android sdk? All I need are the google android drivers04:21
holsteindonnie: i would eleborate on "all i need" but i would just follow a guide04:24
donnieHolstein. Tried the guides. The only thing I need from the sdk is the google drivers for usb. I do not need to write or code android programs04:25
holsteindonnie: i just plug my phone in, and it works04:25
donnieholstein. Mines not that nice to play.. I have the ZTE Avail.. It doesn't come with usb support04:26
holsteindonnie: what are you trying to do? it should show as a USB devic04:30
donnieholstein. It should do a lot of things but this phone does not. I have it connected right now. I have usb debugging turned on. Nothing shows up04:31
holsteindonnie: it should show up as a hard drive or something.. look in the options04:32
donnieholstein. It does not show up as anything. It does nothing. Therefore I think I need to install the google android usb drivers04:33
holsteindonnie: you shouldnt have to.. what about in lsusb ?04:33
donnieholstein. No idea. How would I check04:33
holsteindonnie: i would open a terminal and type 'lsusb'.... feel free to pastebin that04:34
donnieI just found out howto root it. with the keypad...04:34
holsteindonnie: i would try the android support channels for info on rooting your phone04:36
donnieholstein. I just rooted it I found out how. Now I have to find out if I can install aps from download to sd card since I'm between carriers04:36
holsteindonnie: i would just pop into a proper support channel.. otherwise we could talk about it in the OT channel04:38
donnieholstein. I'm gonna. Thank you though for trying to help04:38
ballI seem to have lots of [694827.656051] usb 1-5: reset high-speed USB device number 5 using ehci_hcd in the output of dmesg.05:07
ballIt's a PATA drive in a USB enclosure. Does it just mean the drive has failed?05:08
ballhello Os_Maleus05:09
ballHappy New Year.05:09
Os_MaleusHappy New Year!05:09
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computerhow do i make vlc my default player?07:26
Noskcajdelete the others is my method07:27
koegsthat, my friend, ist not the standard way :D07:38
Noskcajkoegs, yeah, but it works07:38
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computerhow do i delete the wine shortcut in >applications>wine10:09
leexuhello world?10:13
leexuor not10:13
leexuanyone awake?10:14
leexuokay guess i will see if installation is far enough along so i can download chromium10:15
koegsleexu: what is your question?10:17
leexuhuh question well i am installing xubuntu 12.10 i think and am trying to download the latest flashplayer which I assume is in chromium?10:19
koegsleexu: if you want to have built-in flash, you have to use "google chrome", not "chromium-browser"10:23
leexuah thank you good to know10:23
koegsor you just install "flashplugin-installer"10:24
leexui don't think i am up to installs yet10:24
leexui have installed chrome before 'by the menu' but that's about it10:25
leexui'm sort of a old hater of microsoft ;-)10:27
TheSheepchrome has flash built in, chromium doesn't10:27
koegsthat's what i said :)10:28
leexuexcellent information i will install as soon as xubuntu installs10:28
computerhow do i delete the wine shortcut in >applications>wine10:32
TheSheepcomputer: it's in .local/share/applications/wine10:34
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computeri will just install wine again then delete shortcut then remove wine10:43
computerbecaused its not listed in that location10:43
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xubuntu117como funciona isso aqui13:30
xubuntu117preciso de ajuda aqui13:31
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.13:31
xubuntu853How do I zip a file in xubuntu?13:39
koegsxubuntu853: right-click > add to archive13:41
xubuntu853I don't see add to archive13:42
xubuntu853If I don't see add to achive what is the problem?13:43
xubuntu853I don't see add to achieve when i right click13:46
xubuntu853how ca i fix that?13:47
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antithesisCan anyone name examples of how Xubuntu is more user-friendly than Debian with Xfce?15:40
bazhangantithesis, what do you mean.15:42
antithesisWell, what are the differences between the two in general?15:44
antithesisIsn't a major feature of Ubuntu that it's out-of-the-box?15:44
bazhangnot really15:45
TheSheepantithesis: the only difference is in what applications are installed by default and what desktop environment is used15:45
bazhangdebian and ubuntu both have ways of adding propietary codecs to play mp3, movies, etc15:45
TheSheepantithesis: xubuntu uses xfce4, which seem to be well liked by people who are accustomed to "traditional" interfaces15:46
antithesisAre there no differences in supported hardware, for example?15:46
TheSheepantithesis: no, under the hood they are exactly the same15:46
TheSheepantithesis: it's the same base system with a different set of default apps15:47
antithesisSo if Ubuntu can run Steam, so can Debian?15:48
PiciBetween (X)Ubuntu and Debian there are different kernel patches though.15:48
bazhangask in #debian about running steam15:48
antithesisIt was just an example15:49
antithesisIf they're really the same under the hood, what do these mean?: http://i.imgur.com/zXARw.png15:50
PiciWhat is that?15:52
antithesisA dialog you see when you try to download Ubuntu15:53
PiciLike I said, we may provide kernel patches that Debian does not.. or work to write kernel patches.15:54
PiciI think TheSheep was speaking about the difference between Ubuntu and Xubuntu15:54
antithesisWell, could you give an example of those kernel patches? What does the end user notice?15:55
TheSheepPici: ah, right, I missed the beginning and just assumed it was that15:55
TheSheepantithesis: sorry15:55
antithesisDoes it make a big difference15:55
antithesisTheSheep np15:55
TheSheepstill, all the patches that Ubuntu has are free for taking, just Debian doesn't incorporate some of them because of ideological reasons15:56
antithesisBecause of reasons?15:56
TheSheepantithesis: Debian has a very strict set of rules about what gets included15:57
antithesisLol I'm kidding15:57
antithesisWhat I meant was that that's a pleonasm15:57
TheSheepantithesis: for example, they didn't want Firefox because its logo is a registered trademark15:57
TheSheepantithesis: you have to excuse me, English is not my native language and I don't know how to better say that the resons are ideological15:58
antithesisBut nobody has an example of a patch Ubuntu has that Debian doesn't?15:59
KeyboardNotFoundhello all, who is best software for unzip .zip files ?17:24
zodiakI wonder if there will be an xubuntu powered phone now ;)18:03
GridCubesure, why not18:06
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PeyamIm trying to use the calender21:15
Peyamthe one named Orange21:15
PeyamI tried to import a file to it .ICS21:16
Peyamstill doesnt work21:16
Peyamit is freazing21:16
Peyamis it normal?21:16
TheSheepobviously not21:18
TheSheepyou might have found a bug21:18
Peyambut it doesn't do anything21:18
Peyammaybe becouse my file is too big21:18
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.21:18
TheSheep(btw, the name of the calendar app is "orage", without the "n")21:19
Peyamdoes it work fine for u?21:19
Peyamnow it work21:19
TheSheepI can't tell, because I uninstalled it.21:19
Peyamwhat do you have21:19
TheSheepjust google calendar through the browser21:20
PeyamI use the default one on gnome 3.4 before21:20
Peyamin fedora21:20
Peyamnow I moved to sfce21:20
PeyamI will make  keyboardshorcut to see the orage21:20
Guest77791On my xubuntu 12.10 desktop, I want to: 1. use smaller desktop ions, 2. change the menu structure. Can anyone show me where this is explained?22:58
holsteinGuest77791: http://xubuntugeek.blogspot.com/2012/06/how-to-graphically-edit-xfcexubuntu.html23:03
Guest77791:) Thanks, holstein. Also, I have installed a Ruby Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and the Bluefish HTML editor. The latter appears in the 'Development' sub-menu, which was created when I installed Bluefish, but the former is not to be found there or anywhere else? Does anyone know why this might be?23:07
holsteinGuest77791: i didnt think that was a GUI23:08
holsteinGuest77791: i think that is command line23:08
holsteinGuest77791: i could be wrong.. you'd need to elaborate as wo what ruby ide you speak of and where you got it23:09
Guest77791My "Ubuntu Software Centre" graphical interface, used instead of apt-get, ... on this occasion, calls it "Interpreter of object-oriented scripting language Ruby (default version)". I can't find a shorter name.23:11
holsteinGuest77791: its not a GUI afaik23:12
Guest77791The rfuby ide is not a GUI so therefore does not appear on any menu?  So I need to open a terminal?23:14
holsteinGuest77791: if you want to use the tooll you downloaded that doesnt have a GUI nor a menu entry, thats where i would start23:14
holsteinyou might want something like http://arcadia.rubyforge.org/ which im sure there is something in the repos...23:15
Guest77791:) I was at a dead-end only half an hour ago and now have a large number of promising paths to choose from. Thank you, again, holstein. (A good touch typing tutor may help here I have Klavaro).23:20
holsteinGuest77791: enjoy!23:22
Guest77791I'll let u know how it goes.23:23
Guest77791The tabbed icon form at main_menu->settings_manager->desktop allowed me to reduce the desktop icon size from 32px to 24px. (I could have reduced it to 8px. Now I have to find how to also reduce the text font size -- right now not as easy to find as I had expected.)23:43
Guest77791There's a "Use custom size" field, only active if the check-box in front of  it is checked. I reduced the font to 6px :)23:47
Guest77791On another topic, can anyone show me how to 1. create a desktop background with a paint program like gimp? Install it?  What I want is a desktop that has multiple faint images of a QWERTY keyboard.23:51
Guest77791... I meant: show me where to find the information. I can start search in through the gimp online manual myself, unless anyone can point directly to what I want.23:53

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