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gary_posterHi all.  I don't feel that great, but I'm better than I was, and I'm here.13:31
bachi gary_poster.  sorry you're still feeling bad.13:34
gary_posterthanks bac13:34
gary_posterdoing the fun "deal with 1000+ unread emails" dance now13:35
goodspudgary_poster. Welcome back matey.13:36
gary_posterthanks goodspud :-)13:37
goodspudhealthy healing man hugs13:37
bachi bcsaller13:48
* benji goes to make some much-needed coffee.13:57
bcsallerbac: whats up?14:14
bacbcsaller: i'm trying to figure out how mouse events on the canvas are handled for pan and zoom wrt bug 1091616.  would you have a moment for a chat?14:15
_mup_Bug #1091616: Unusual drag/zoom behaviour <regression> <juju-gui:In Progress by bac> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1091616 >14:15
bcsallerbac: I've been looking at that as well, I was calling this a regression, but its a pre-existing issue really. The rect that is pan/zoomable doesn't scale with all the size changes like it should leaving some areas un-accounted for14:18
bacbcsaller: can we talk in about 5 minutes?14:19
bcsallerbac: yeah, I need a couple minutes as well14:19
bcsallerits noisy here now14:19
bcsallerbac: let me know when ready14:23
bacbcsaller: sorry.  joining g+ now14:28
bacfrankban: cool15:10
gary_posteryeah, looks good on first skim15:23
gary_posterbenji and bcsaller, might like to talk with you one on one for more detailed status updates after the call15:24
benjigary_poster: k15:24
bcsallersounds good15:24
gary_posterbac bcsaller benji frankban goodspud hazmat Makyo teknico call in 2 in juju-ui15:28
gary_posterarosales, weekly call will probably be very short.  I will ping when we start it in case you want to join15:29
arosalesgary_poster: ok, thanks. I do have some time to join this week.15:35
arosalesgary_poster: I hope you are feeling better :-)15:35
gary_posterthanks, somewhat arosales 15:36
arosaleson the mend I hope at least15:37
gary_posterarosales, thanks. starting now15:42
bacbug 109220815:52
_mup_Bug #1092208: Pending relation line is not getting events <juju-gui:Incomplete> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1092208 >15:52
bacgary_poster, bcsaller, goodspud: ^^15:52
gary_posterbcsaller, hey.  juju-ui is ready when you are, but no rush16:11
bcsallergary_poster: brt16:12
gary_posterhey teknico I don't have time for a full test review but can do a code review of your branch now.  Is that sufficient, given that Francesco and you have already run it through its paces?17:00
teknicogary_poster, I would think so, yes, thanks17:01
gary_postercool welcome17:01
gary_posterteknico, land as is.  thanks!17:11
* gary_poster lunches17:12
teknicogary_poster, will do17:12
Makyo Going to snag a haircut over lunch, back in a few.18:53
MakyoWhat a terrible idea that was.  oh well/20:48
hazmatMakyo, bad haircut ? 20:51
Makyohazmat, good haircut, but the last Friday before school starts again.20:51
* hazmat is clipper style20:51
MakyoBunch of angry parents.20:52

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