m_tadeuhi...nepomuk is not indexing pdf files...what can I do to solve this?00:05
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bjrohanmanually write the on an index card00:13
Daz646Happy new year everyone, would anyone mind telling me how i can make an existing disk imagine of my current kubuntu configuration etc? I am using kubuntu 12.10 64bit. Many Thanks.00:43
Doomhammerwhat's the technique to install 64-bit flash plugin? apt-get install flashplugin-installer seems to not do it00:49
TorchDaz646: _configuration_ or _installation_?00:52
Daz646Torch: is it possible to do both?00:52
TorchDaz646: i guess, yes.00:53
TorchDaz646: question is what you really want to achieve00:53
Daz646Torch: In case i have to format my harddrive or something, it would be just pretty convienient to just put a disk in and stall it from like a checkpoint type of thing. Sorry a little new to linux.00:54
TorchDaz646: and it re-installs all packages and sets up the configuration the way it has been?00:55
Daz646Torch: Yes, ive have spent a long time messing around configuring the interface as a learning curve and i have it exactly how i like it.00:55
TorchDaz646: first thing: separate home partition00:56
Daz646Torch: ok00:56
TorchDaz646: so if you lose your root partition, you don't lose your configuration for the users00:56
TorchDaz646: you _still_ have to install the packages, of course00:56
Daz646Torch: Yes that's no problem :)00:56
Torchgoogle turns up this: http://fai-project.org/00:56
Torchcan't say if it works and how well00:57
Daz646No problem, appreciated. Messing things up is part of me learning so either way its all good :). Thanks again!00:58
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit02:44
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SamizdatguyI think I uninstalled kde, but can't mount my HD from shell to fix the issue.04:40
SamizdatguyI get an error about specifying file system.04:40
Obsidian1723That doesn;t make sense.04:43
SamizdatguyYeah, I know.04:43
Obsidian1723the K Desktop Environment is a DE and doesn't have anything to do really with the file system or the OS itself.04:43
Obsidian1723What do you see if you do df -h04:44
Obsidian1723Does it show the paritions, Ext4 and / and so forth?04:44
SamizdatguyI'm seeing partitions, but my HD shows up as /dev/mapper/kubunut-root04:45
SamizdatguyI'm on a live CD now.04:45
Obsidian1723Have you tried to unmount / and then run fsck to fix it?04:46
SamizdatguyYeah. It wouldn't work.04:46
SamizdatguyI think I can get to my /home/ actually.04:47
SamizdatguyI'll back it up and reformat, I guess.04:47
Obsidian1723fsck wont work?04:47
SamizdatguyHow do I run it?04:48
Obsidian1723Here's part of a script I wrote which may help.... run this segment first:04:48
Obsidian1723mount -n -o remount,ro / && df -hT && cd $HOME/$user && touch write-test.txt && ls $HOME/$user | grep write-test.txt && echo I have performed a test to see if the main partition and hard drive is indeed in read-only mode. To verify that it is in read-only mode look at the listing of your home directory and IF YOU DO NOT SEE "write-test.txt" in your home directory and you see an error stating "cannot create file" then you are ok to proceed04:48
Obsidian1723with the next step and check the drive. IF you DO see the file "write-test.txt" - DO NOT PROCEED WITH THE NEXT STEP. YOUR DRIVE IS NOT IN READ-ONLY MODE. MAKE IT READ ONLY FIRST!! This message will clear in 15 seconds and you will be given the next command to run to actually check the drive.04:49
FloodBotK1Obsidian1723: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:49
SamizdatguyI can't, actually.04:49
Obsidian1723then do this: (and you can leave off sudo if you are already root # ) sudo /sbin/fsck -y -f -v /04:49
SamizdatguyI'm on my tablet here.04:49
Obsidian1723I thought you were on the system via a live cd?04:50
SamizdatguyDidn;t seem to do anything.04:50
SamizdatguyThanks man, but I think a clean install is gonna be the way to go.04:51
Obsidian1723then you did it wrong. No offense, but that works.04:51
SamizdatguyI can get my home of the thing now.04:51
Obsidian1723Well, then just nuke and pave, reinstall, replace home04:51
SamizdatguyIt just read fsck from util-linux 2.20.104:52
SamizdatguyCan I just shove my /home/ back in place after a reinstall?04:52
Obsidian1723I wouldn't04:53
SamizdatguyMove things one by one, huh?04:53
Obsidian1723There are files you can copy over with yuour settings and of course your personal files.04:53
Obsidian1723Well, one thing you can do is unmount /home and then reinstall the OS, then remount /home , but that assumes /home is on not just another parition, but another drive. If you're getting inode errors or something where you need to nuke the drive and everything is all on one drive, that's not going to work to just unmount and remount /home04:54
Obsidian1723/ tmp /etc /bin and /var and /home are all paritions that can exist on one drive.... what I was talking about is that same setupo, but with /home partition being on another logical drive.04:55
Obsidian1723You don't have it setup like that do you?04:55
SamizdatguyNope. :)04:56
Obsidian1723yeah, backup your settings for kde and your personal files, N&P, reinstall, move the certain files back.04:56
Obsidian1723That's going to be the cleanest I think.04:56
SamizdatguyI have no idea what I erased trying to roll back an upgrade.04:57
Obsidian1723obviously use the same username or else you need to chown a bunch of stuff.04:57
Obsidian1723What did you upgrade from and to?04:57
SamizdatguyI get unable to launch "/usr/bin/startkde" X session  not found04:58
SamizdatguyWhen I try to boot.04:58
Obsidian1723Have you tried to reconfigure x?04:58
SamizdatguyHow would I do that?04:58
Obsidian1723sudo dpkg-reconfigure packagename04:59
Obsidian1723so in this case, xserver-org04:59
SamizdatguyThat's like a reinstall of X?04:59
Obsidian1723I typoed: xserver-xorg05:00
Obsidian1723Not a reinstall, a reconfiogure05:00
Obsidian1723sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg05:00
SamizdatguyOne sec, booting back on live cd.05:00
Obsidian1723You can reinstall, but that's a different deal. a reconfigure just sets it back to factory default, so to speak.05:00
SamizdatguyIf I run this from a live CD, will the changes get written to my hd?05:01
Obsidian1723ah eff.. thats right you areu sing the live cd05:02
Obsidian1723that wont work.05:02
Obsidian1723You need to configure the x on your pc, not on the live cd.05:02
Obsidian1723Is gparted on that live cd?05:02
SamizdatguyI can get into shell recovery, but not with networking.05:02
SamizdatguyHow can I mount my ethernet from CLI?05:03
Obsidian1723Using it you can unmount yoyur hard drive, force a disk check, reboot, eject the live cd, let the system boot upo, see if it works or if it dumps you to a shell. If it dumps to shell, reconfigure x and reboot.05:03
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Obsidian1723sudo ifconfig -a to show them05:03
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Obsidian1723sudo ifconfig eth0 up05:04
Obsidian1723or wifi0 or wlan0 or whatever the device name is.05:04
Obsidian1723You may want to check networking to make sure its running.05:04
SamizdatguyI have KDE partition manager.05:05
Obsidian1723sudo /etc/init.d/networking start05:05
Obsidian1723Well, you can install gparted on the live cd. It will go away on reboot, but you can do it.05:06
Obsidian1723sudo apt-get install gparted05:06
Obsidian1723then sudo gparted05:06
Obsidian1723then do what I said to do with it.05:06
SamizdatguyOkay, I'm in gparted05:08
SamizdatguyIt looks like I'm listed as a lvm2 pv file system05:09
SamizdatguyI can boot into recovery shell from the live CD.05:10
Obsidian1723that is on the live cd I think05:11
Obsidian1723You need to locate your internal hard drive.05:11
SamizdatguyOh, wait, I meant from grub.05:11
SamizdatguyVia advnced options.05:11
Obsidian1723If you have your /home backed up, it may be just faster to nuke and pave. Im sure I could fix it if I were there or had remote access, but I don't.05:12
SamizdatguyI think so too.05:13
SamizdatguyThis is gonna be a mess, thanks fro your help.05:13
Obsidian1723No problem. there's just only so much I can do this way.05:17
Obsidian1723Best way to know how to use Linux is to fix it.05:17
Obsidian1723Does your PC have 2 hard drives on it?05:17
SamizdatguyI have an external05:18
Obsidian1723heh that wont work then. ok05:18
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Minaplease now i have ubuntu and i need to install kubuntu anyhelp plkz ?09:35
quietschiehi, kann mir jemand sagen, ob und wo es einen iec chat zu rxtx gibt? habe zwar #rxtx-linux auf freenode gefunden, aber da scheint niemand zu sein09:40
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supermagnum357_Hi, i have a upgrade problem. How do i solve the non-PAE cpu problem ?10:52
supermagnum357_Further information is here http://paste.kde.org/637148/10:52
chemtailKubuntu 12.10 -- Is there a way to set the default video player without heaping through 20 file associations manually?11:09
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ovidiu-florinhello, copy paste has stopped working again. I have Kubuntu 12.04 LTS. What happens is: I copied a link and pasted it, and now I can copy anything, but when I paste it pastes the previously copied link. This happened before And I fixed it with a reboot. What can I restart to fix this with out rebooting?13:51
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BluesKajHey all13:55
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quietschie sudo net usershare add sicher /home/daniel/alterRechner Everyone:f guest_ok=y14:19
quietschienet usershare add: malformed acl guest_ok=y (missing ':').14:19
quietschiekann mir einer sagen, wie die syntax richtig wäre, habe das aus ubuntuusers so abgeschrieben14:20
quietschiesry, what is the right syntax for the acm statement?14:23
quietschiesry, what is the right syntax for the acm statement14:23
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mokushis anybody using 4.10 beta from the kubunt-beta ppa?14:49
mokushI can't add widgets, the widget select is just not showing up.14:49
mokushwhen runningn plasma-desktop from the konsole I'm getting a "Error loading QML file" in the konsole, regarding the "widgetexplorer" widget.14:53
tsimpsonquietschie: I guess it wants Everyone:F rather than Everyone:f14:54
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andybrineHello everyone15:17
andybrinehas anyone managed to get photoshop cs6 working in ubuntu?15:17
shadeslayerhave you checked wine?15:19
shadeslayerotoh you should use inkscape/gimp\15:19
andybrinei do use gimp and inkscape15:26
andybrinenot a huge fan of inkscape but do like gimp15:26
TheLordOfTimeandybrine, you may want to first check if its compatible with wine15:26
andybrinei would just like to go back to using photoshop15:26
TheLordOfTimeandybrine, i've heard weird things about photoshop on wine, esp. since CS615:26
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu15:26
andybrinei have had a quick search online15:26
andybrinelooks to be ok15:27
TheLordOfTime!AppDB | andybrine, check the appdb:15:27
ubottuandybrine, check the appdb:: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help15:27
andybrinethanks guys15:27
TheLordOfTimeif it works there, then install wine and then use wine to run the installer15:27
TheLordOfTimes/works/is listed there that it works (at least "Silver")/15:27
andybrinei know people here always offer great advise and so thought i would ask here first15:27
TheLordOfTimeof course, i'm against closed-source stuff so...15:27
TheLordOfTimekeep that in mind ;)15:27
andybrinetbh im am against closed stuff as well15:28
andybrinethough photoshop is incredible and it looks like they will not be comeing to linux anytime soon15:29
andybrineshame on them15:29
andybrineit is a professional suite that works well, so will use that again for a while15:30
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PhoenixzHey, just reinstalled kubuntu on my compu, but I have no sound.. I used to have sound before though..16:41
PhoenixzChecking sound and video configuration, I see the "built in analog stereo" entry greyed out.. This is probably another symptom, but I see no reason why16:42
PhoenixzAnybody here who might be able to help in how I could diagnose this? where do I look for what?16:42
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Aluminis there a way to get Muon to display the package names rather than just the description?18:18
shadeslayerAlumin: but it already does that no?18:40
shadeslayerAlumin: http://i.imgur.com/8I6gi.png < kubuntu-desktop *is* the package name18:41
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Aluminshadeslayer: sorry for the AFK, got distracted by something shiny. :)  Yes, that is the package name but that's not the display I get19:28
Aluminthat's what it used to look like, but the Muon in 12.04 doesn't show the package names19:28
shadeslayercan you show me a screenshot?19:28
Aluminactually, no...'cause I applied all the updates :P19:28
shadeslayerbecause this is on raring19:28
Aluminok, well maybe (hopefully) they changed it back)19:30
Aluminalthough considering this is an LTS release, I'll be on it for a while19:30
Aluminhave to switch to apt-get I guess lol19:30
Aluminshadeslayer: http://bugsfiles.kde.org/attachment.cgi?id=6995719:31
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: ^19:33
shadeslayerI think it tries to figure out the actual name19:33
shadeslayerand the falls back to the package name19:33
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shadeslayerAlumin: http://wstaw.org/m/2013/01/04/plasma-desktopb25716.png19:37
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jacklkCan Kubuntu run on 8GB RAM, Nvidia GT 610 and an AMD Anthlon 640 (Quad Core) 3GHz20:19
BluesKajjacklk, yes20:22
RaphaelBarrosIt runs on my amd phenom II 710 (3 cores), 4gb ram and gtx 560ti20:22
jacklkHow well?20:22
awayit runs fine on my athlon20:22
awaydual-core 2.1GHz and 4GB RAM20:22
jacklkaway: What is your GPU?20:23
shadeslayerthat sounds like more than enough to run KDE tbh :P20:24
shadeslayerI run it on my intel card and that works fine20:24
awayati mobility radeon HD 547020:25
awayyeah, it's enough for sure :)20:25
BluesKajjacklk, ok , it will run fine on your system that's all we can tell you20:27
Questcan anyone tell where i can get this background image ? http://www.google.com/imgres?num=10&hl=en&tbo=d&biw=1366&bih=607&tbm=isch&tbnid=mESWvh__u3mrfM:&imgrefurl=http://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php%3F58351-Is-There-a-Way-to-Restore-the-Plymouth-Screen-to-Default&docid=Z-G1NHb0TAHpIM&imgurl=http://i.imgur.com/zZULA.png&w=724&h=587&ei=Mj_nUKeJFczJsgb5yoDoDQ&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=381&sig=107240936512179610732&page=3&tbnh=152&tbnw=212&start=48&ndsp=32&ved=120:46
FloodBotK1Quest: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:46
Questwhere are the kubuntu splash screen background image and desktop wallpapers located?20:59
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tanghus__Quest:  http://lmddgtfy.net/?q=where%20to%20find%20ubuntu%20splash%20screen21:11
babalueverytime i kill plasma-desktop and restart it, my system tray gets a weird spacing in it: http://i.imgur.com/tnumc.png is there a way to remove that?21:21
TheLordOfTimeperhaps not killing plasma-desktop21:22
babalui had to kill it, it was frozen because of a widget21:23
babalui didn't know how to kill the widget21:23
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WizardGood evening.22:05
meoblast001hi. has anyone ever had this issue with Firefox in KDE? after coming from an Ubuntu system, i overwrote my system partition and kept my home partition, so all my Firefox settings are in place22:28
meoblast001it can't seem to ever remember how to open particular files22:29
meoblast001and Thunderbird can't remember how to open links (default browser)22:29
meoblast001is this fixable or something i just have to live with?22:29
chammy cd/dvd is not recognized in kubuntu or brasero22:57
Wizardcham: How is it possible?23:05
WizardDOes /dev/cdrw exist?23:05
chamWizard yeah23:06
WizardHmm, what about its rights?23:08
chamyou mean chmod ?23:09
WizardNo, I mean rights.23:10
WizardAnd what does really "not recognized" mean?23:10
chami meant brasero asks for an empty disc to write on, despite i inserted one, and dolphine doesn't show the cd/dvd23:12
WizardDolphin won't show blank cd/dvd23:13
chamyeah both blank and written23:14
WizardYou have to mount written CD first.23:16
WizardEither clicking on left panel in Dolphin or using device notifier.23:17
RaphaelBarrosHey guys, is there any dock for KDE that is being constantly developed? I mean, there are some on opendesktop.com, but they haven't be updated for more than 7 months.23:46
chamWizard i managed to mount a written CD, what now ?23:48
sithlord48RaphaelBarros: what kind of dock are you looking for ?23:52
RaphaelBarroselementaryOS like, or something like Icon-Only Task Manager, but where I can put my desktop and trash icons without them scaling diffrently from the icons on the icon-only task manager (there are some icons that don't stay on the dock, like Blender :{ )23:57
sithlord48RaphaelBarros: i think your best bet is icon-only task manager.23:57
RaphaelBarrosThat's what I'm using :P23:58

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