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george_eCan anyone tell me what's going on here?01:32
george_e"rmdir: failed to remove `obj-i686-linux-gnu': No such file or directory"01:33
george_eWhere did "obj-i686-linux-gnu" come from?01:33
wgrantgeorge_e: 'debian/rules clean' saw fit to invoke it, so it's a bug in your package01:42
wgrantPerhaps 'make cleanbuilddir' fails when it's already clean01:42
george_eI'm using CDBS so there's basically only two lines in "debian/rules".01:42
wgrantIn which case your debian/rules should ignore the error from it01:42
wgrantOh, CDBS? ew01:43
wgrantStill, package bug :)01:43
wgrantUse dh instead :)01:43
george_eThat's so weird because I've used the exact same debian/rules in other projects with no problems.01:43
george_eI copied it verbatim.01:43
wgrantOther projects will have a different makefile01:43
george_eWell... I'm actually using CMake :)01:43
wgrantAnyway, trying running debian/rules clean in a freshly extracted copy of the source package locally01:44
george_eAbove all... what I really don't get is why the Makefile/CMakeLists.txt is being invoked at all before the package is even uploaded.01:44
wgrantdebian/rules clean is run as part of the source build01:44
george_eWell that explains part of the problem.01:45
wgrant(dpkg-buildpackage does that bit)01:45
wgrantSo it's nothing specific to Launchpad01:45
george_ewgrant: I'll try running the command you suggested to see what's going on.01:45
george_eInteresting: I can actually reproduce the error (of course it says "obj-x86_64-linux-gnu: No such file or directory" since I'm running an x64 kernel).01:48
lifelessactually, its because you're running a x64 userspace I expect ;)01:48
george_elifeless: Right - I'm in too much of a hurry to be totally accurate :)01:51
george_eAnyway - my work is cut out for me now.01:51
george_eIs there an easier alternative to running CMake with CDBS?01:51
george_eIf there is, that would be awesome and remove an extra build dependency.01:51
wgrantNowadays you'd normally just use dh01:52
wgrantcdbs is pretty much dead01:52
george_eAh, okay then.01:52
george_eMy tendency to fall back on CDBS comes from my days packaging qmake projects.01:53
george_eIt works now!01:55
george_ewgrant, lifeless: Thanks for your help.01:55
george_eOh great:02:07
george_e"warning: the current version (0.3-0~201301040159~raring1) is earlier than the previous one (0.3-1)"02:07
george_eThere _is_ no previous version.02:07
george_eThe only other package in the PPA is the Qt5 libraries.02:08
wgrantgeorge_e: That's referring to the version in the changelog02:09
wgrantThe latest version in the branch's debian/changelog is 0.3-1, but the recipe produces 0.3-0blahblahblah02:10
wgrantNot a problem unless you care about that sort of thing02:10
george_eIt's failing though - like it refuses to upload.02:14
george_eOh wait - the build log is different from the upload log.02:15
george_eAnother packaging error :)02:15
george_eMy email address was malformed.02:15
lifelessmore haste more waste :)02:16
george_eAt least this one is easy to fix.02:16
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broderhmm. is there a trick to pulling up build logs for private ppas?03:08
broderi keep getting a 40403:08
lifelessuse a browser that obeys URL standards.03:09
lifeless[yes, really]03:10
wgrantie. not Chromium03:10
broderheh, ok03:10
wgrantChromium reencodes tildes, so private build logs of packages with tilde in the version == fail03:10
lifeless+ and : too IIRC.03:10
broderyeah, i think i had all of those in my version number :)03:10
broderhmm, not :. just the rest03:10
wgrantI'm pretty sure it's just tilde, but yeah03:10
ubot5Launchpad bug 677270 in Launchpad itself "restricted librarian urls give a 404 if normalised (e.g. by apache, chromium, often shows up on private PPA build logs)" [High,Triaged]03:12
lifelessFairly simple file names - 'foo+bar.txt' - will show this problem.'03:12
wgrantYou sure that wasn't before nocanon?03:13
lifelesshttps://launchpad.net/~soyuz-team/+archive/ppa/+build/1334368/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-karmic-i386.openproj_1.4-2%2Bpx1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz ?03:13
lifelessanyhow. use firefox, it doesn't reencode urls to be less encoded than they were given to it as03:14
wgrantlifeless: That works fine for me in Chromium03:14
lifelesswgrant: ok, weird.03:15
wgrant+ only broke before nocanon AFAICR03:15
lifelesswgrant: or rather, you may be right.03:15
lifeless :>03:15
czajkowskiBigWhale: ello11:42
BigWhaleSo, renaming a project in launchpad, is it a: - bad idea, - terrible idea, -worst idea ever, or - not possible?11:43
alo21hi all... I can't add my second email in my profile11:45
czajkowskiBigWhale: not it's fine and is possible11:45
wgrantBigWhale: It's a fine idea. Ask at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion11:45
czajkowskiwe also add in an alias to the old one as well11:45
alo21can someone help me, please?11:45
wgrantalo21: Sure, can you give us more information about the probem?11:45
BigWhaleczajkowski, Hmm. Interesting, so lp:kazam will become lp:whatever ?11:48
alo21wgrant, I am trying to add an email contact, when I confirm on LP, I received an email. Then nothing happens11:48
czajkowskiBigWhale: just follow the link wgrant posted so we can do it11:48
wgrantalo21: What do you mean? Did you enter the code from the email?11:48
BigWhaleczajkowski, ok, great! thanks. We need to decide on a name ... then we're good to go.11:48
alo21wgrant, no... I push on 'confirm' on my LP page...11:49
wgrantalo21: But you said that you received an email11:50
alo21wgrant, I receive an email11:50
wgrantDid you follow the instructions in the email?11:50
alo21wgrant, this is what I got: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1495132/11:51
wgrantAh, another LoCo address.11:52
wgrantLet me see11:52
czajkowskiwgrant: same loco also11:52
wgrantalo21: Launchpad's outgoing mail server can't talk to ubuntu-it.org's due to an internal firewall. I'm filing a ticket to get that firewall fixed.12:04
czajkowskiwgrant: want to add that to the other anwer there on lp12:04
czajkowskiyou're down as asignee12:04
wgrantOh, am I still12:06
wgrantI shall respond12:06
* wgrant blames holidays12:06
alo21wgrant, weird... other people with ubuntu-it.org mail account succeed12:06
czajkowskialo21: hmm odd as we've had others wht the same issue as yours12:07
czajkowskialo21: it's not been looked into12:07
czajkowskiso nothing more can be done till then12:07
czajkowski*now been looked into12:08
wgrantalo21: It probably worked in the past.12:08
wgrantBut I doubt it works for anyone any more12:08
alo21well... in this case.... doesn't matter if there is, or not my ubuntu-it.org email on LP12:09
czajkowskiwgrant: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/20985212:16
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apwczajkowski, do you know if you can see work items which are in the past, as in as shown on the https://launchpad.net/people/+me/+upcomingwork thing ?13:58
apwas it stands overdue work seems to be missing and sort of lost13:59
czajkowskiapw: nope dont think so14:12
czajkowskiapw: I use burndown charts to see all work14:12
paultagoh snap, I never sent you goodies.14:12
apwbah another nearly useful feature ... the +upcomingwork is great cause it is live14:13
czajkowskinarp bought my own and gave up on you14:13
paultagwhhoppsies. back in the front of my mind14:13
czajkowskiapw: let me go and ask rick_h he's in -dev14:13
czajkowskirick_h_: boo14:15
czajkowskirick_h_: apw was wondering : do you know if you can see work items which are in the past, as in as shown on the  https://launchpad.net/people/+me/+upcomingwork thing ?14:16
rick_h_what's up czajkowski ?14:16
czajkowskiI didn't think so but I've never really used that feature and use burndown charts instead but wondered did you know14:16
apwrick_h_, yeah ... i have stuff against '-month2' which i know was not completed but they are just not there now so i can't find them to move them :)14:16
rick_h_czajkowski: oh hmmm, the work items stuff was worked on outside a bit. I'm not sure 100%.14:17
czajkowskiapw: cant you just seen them in your blueprints?14:17
czajkowskiagain not used this feature ever so not 100% sure14:17
czajkowskirick_h_: welcome to my world :)14:17
rick_h_czajkowski: I'm looking around sec14:17
czajkowskithanks rick_h_14:17
apwczajkowski, i can find the ones i know about, but the ones on other peoples blueprints, or bugs assigned by other people, that was one of the only views14:18
rick_h_czajkowski: apw a quick look through the code I don't see anything. This was worked on by a few guys that really wanted the upcoming work bits to work right14:18
agrestringereSpam report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/594702/comments/414:19
ubot5Launchpad bug 594702 in xorg (Ubuntu) "bottom 1/3 of mouse cursor flickers in and out of existance" [Undecided,Expired]14:19
rick_h_so it wasn't really fleshed out to support all use cases, just the general one14:19
apwrick_h_, ok thanks14:19
czajkowskiagrestringere: thanks, you just need to link to the bug not the comment we can take it from there14:22
agrestringereczajkowski, OK, I've been seeing lots of spam like this recently...is that normal?14:25
czajkowskiseems to come in waves14:30
czajkowskipeople just file an answer on LP and I remove it14:30
agrestringereok, thanks for the help have a good day14:30
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RoedskaeggHi! I've got a newbie question about how to get around on the launchpad site. Can anyone help me? :-)19:45
lifeless!ask | Roedskaegg19:45
ubot5Roedskaegg: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:45
RoedskaeggOk. I've found a bug report that says there's a fix for the bug, but I cannot find any info about how to fix the bug. Where are relevant info located? In the comment section or in the list with "Affects, Status, Importance, " etc?19:50
Roedskaegg*I've found a bug report and19:50
dobeyit depends on the bug and how the project owning the bug manages their bugs19:51
TheLordOfTimeand if its an Ubuntu bug then its likely going to say in which release and version of softwrae it was fixed in.19:53
TheLordOfTime(i.e. a bug against the ubuntu package)19:54
lifelessRoedskaegg: which bug - url please.19:54
* TheLordOfTime wants to know too :P19:54
Roedskaeggok, it's specifically bug #1005495. it seems to be 2 fixes released but don't know how to access them.19:56
ubot5bug 1005495 in gnome-settings-daemon "Change brightness keys don't work on Acer Aspire One D270" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100549519:56
ubot5Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/20:19
ikkyuthis is not channel for msp-430 launchpad is it...20:20
dobeyRoedskaegg: it says it was fixed upstream, and the reporter of the bug marked it as fixed in ubuntu; so perhaps it is fixed on a newer version of ubuntu than you're running20:21
dobeyRoedskaegg: there is no indication of when it was actually fixed, in that bug, or the upstream bug. so you'll probably need to comment on the bug and ask what version it was fixed in20:22
Roedskaeggdobey: alright, thanks for the help :-) I'll investigate it further (I am running 12.04 lts).20:29
cody-somervilleHey. I tried to add my new work address to launchpad but never received the e-mail. Is there any way to confirm it was successfully delivered on lp end?20:42

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