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Silurhi all19:56
Siluri have some questions about the gomobile project19:56
dkesseldon't ask to ask ;) just ask...19:57
Silurwill it provide gcc?19:58
Silurthe site only metions HTML5 and QML19:58
Silurbut will i be able to run a simple Hello world console C++ ?19:58
Siluror will it contain a python shell etc...19:59
Silurthe video says it's going to inherit the Desktop ubuntu's security, user-friendly interface, management but what about development?20:00
dkesselwell i don't know much about the project - just wanted to get you started asking so someone who knows about it can answer...20:02
Silurshould i write an email to gomobile@ubuntu.com?20:02
dkesseli think there is a channel... #ubuntu-phone or #ubuntu-mobile or so20:03
Silurhow can i list channels? O.o20:04
dkesselit's called #ubuntu-phone . i checked20:06
Silurthanks :D20:06
dkesselso /join #ubuntu-phone20:06
mh0How long oes it take to get a USC app approved?20:29
towels|debHello everyone.23:25
towels|debQuick question, the Ubuntu Phone OS is projected to support C++, right?23:27
towels|debWell, any language I suppose.23:27
towels|debcodehep mpt, Pici?23:51

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