wookeyinfinity: I just build eglibc current-raring with DEB_BUILD_PROFILE=stage1 and only got a libc-dev:arm64 package - all the other packages gave a dpkg-genchanges: warning: package libc6 in control file but not in files list01:34
wookeyah yes. I see - that is supposed to happen01:35
wookeyah of course. I want stage2, not stage1. doh01:35
wookeyhmm, seems there isn't a stage2 defined.01:58
wookeyhave hacked one in to do a normal built without selinux- lets see if that works...01:58
wookeyhmm, fails due to missing libc6-prof files. need to nobble that for arm64. I think.02:22
kashkraftGood evening gentlemen. I'm attempting to compile the BCM4330 driver from source on Ubuntu and running into undefined variable warnings. This is a known issue (https://code.google.com/p/bcmon/issues/detail?id=8) that I'm attempting to fix. I'm new to compiling source code, however from tracing the variables they should be defined through the file Kconfig. My first question (apologies, I did Google): does Makefile automatically load Kconfig? It has02:48
kashkraftthe calls (CONFIG_BCM4330), but the variables are left undefined. Any help or education is greatly appreciated :)02:48
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infinitywookey: This is all already fixed with some patches from doko, I'll get it into experimental (as 2.17) tomorrow, I hope.03:40
wookeythe 'don;t build libc6-prof on arm64' thing? Great - I was just abot to ask what the best way to fix that was03:53
wookeydo send me a patch as lack of libc6:arm64 is the only thing preventing me doing a load raring arm64 build stats03:54
wookey(or do the upload)03:54
infinitywookey: If I don't finish 2.17 over the weekend, I'll upload a 2.16 with build fixes instead.04:14
infinitywookey: But 2.17 should happen.04:14
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sveinseHi. I'm running a large (custom) application on an omap3 device running precise. It has 256Mb RAM, no swap. This app calls a handful of script commands using traditional fork()/exec() methods. However I've seen that the fork() operation fails due to low memory, even when exec() is about to be called. Has anyone here any experience with running large apps on swap-less system and have been...08:13
sveinse...tweaking the overcommit setting. Or is this channel the wrong channel alltogether?08:14
pkhI'm looking for some advice getting ubuntu onto a tablet. the end goal is to run opencpn (a navigation/chartplotter app for boating.) Before I start buying devices, I'd love to know if anyone has any suggestions.08:31
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Jef91Does this page work for anyone? It keeps giving me time out errors -> https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flash-kernel16:48
SmallFryTimes out for me16:50
ubuntubhoyand me16:52
Jef91glad it isn't just mem16:53
Jef91mashing f5 got me through16:53
ogra_works fine here17:04
Jef91OK so I've got a chroot I'm editing a file system for the nexus 7 in. When I try to install the linux-image-nexus7 I get it stopping at this -> http://paste.debian.net/221672/17:29
Jef91Any ideas how I could make it just auto continue instead of waiting on user feedback?17:29
ogra_export FLASSH_KERNEL_SKIP=true17:33
ogra_zou also want to install linux-nexus7, not only the image meta17:35
Jef91yep yep ogra_17:36
Jef91in the process of merging all your packages into my Wheezy repo17:36
Jef91ogra_: same result when setting that var to true17:40
ogra_that cant be17:44
ogra_where do you set it exactly ?17:45
Jef91in the terminal I am in17:45
Jef91ogra_:  -> http://paste.debian.net/221680/17:45
Jef91shoot I gotta run out for a bit ogra_ - I'll be back later. If you think of something that might help post it with a ping for me17:47
ogra_well, tbe var should completely suppress flash-kernel17:48
ogra_oh, wait, you will nee the ubuntu flash-kernel17:48
ogra_it is forked a bit17:48
ogra_Jef91, ^^^17:48
ogra_(the debian one wont even know about tegra3)17:48
ogra_(nor does it have the SKIP option at all)17:49
Jef91ogra_: already did that -> flash-kernel           3.0~rc.4ubuntu29 armhf17:51
ogra_hmm, then there is no reason why SKIp shouldnt work17:52
Jef91Anything else you can think of yall have modified from debian?17:52
ogra_t definitely does on all our daily builds17:53
ogra_they would fail if it wouldnt work17:53
Jef91I don't doubt it works for you ;)17:53
ogra_not really and nothing realted really17:53
ogra_f-k is a pretty standlone script and the SKIP check is pretty much at the top of the code17:54
Jef91I'll just go edit flash-kernel then17:54
Jef91and manually make it skip17:54
einonmftse 25017:54
Jef91really running out now. Feel free to ping me if you think of anything else ogra_17:55
ogra_well, i'll calll it a day soon and am rather out of ideas17:55
Jef91kk ogra_ thanks for the help as always - have a good weekend17:56
ogra_ /etc/kernel/postinst.d/zz-flash-kernel is the script containing the SKIP stuff btw17:57
ogra_(and /etc/initramfs/post-update.d/flash-kernel)17:58
Jef91huh ogra_ the "Press Ctrl-C to abort build, or Enter to continue" must be coming from something not those two scripts18:01
Jef91cause I just pasted a "exit 0" at the top of each of them18:01
Jef91and still get it18:01
ogra_yes thats an ugly design flaw in the debian f-k version18:01
Jef91ogra_: I'm using the Ubuntu f-k18:02
ogra_it tries to determine the root device from fstab and then puts it hardcoded into the initrd18:02
ogra_yes i know18:02
ogra_the ubuntu one is based on debians indeed18:02
Jef91Any way around that message?18:02
ogra_but we work around such issues18:02
ogra_well, i dont really get why you still get the message18:03
ogra_theoreticallys thats not possible since flash-kernel should be completely omitted due to the env var18:03
ogra_so i assume debians keernel handling does something additionally that forcefullly runs flash-kernel18:04
ogra_iirc ages ago update-initramfs did the flash-kernel calll hardcoded18:04
ogra_but that was as i said ... ages ago18:04
ogra_grep flash-kernel /usr/sbin/update-initramfs18:05
ogra_check if you are probably using such a version18:05
ogra_heh, funny CPU stresstest ...18:19
ogra_ time echo "scale=4000; a(1)*4" | bc -l18:19
ogra_computes 4000 digits of pi18:19
ogra_seems the chromebook is only three times as slow as my core i5 3500k18:20
ogra_(5 times for the nexus7)18:21
xnoxdoes bc use all cores though?18:39
ogra_see #ubuntu-server :)18:39
ogra_seems panda and nexus7 are on par with that test18:40
ogra_so i'm pretty sure its single threaded18:40
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hrwreal    0m9.965s21:23
hrwon i721:23
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