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mcsx3Good Evening! Everyone. Can anybody here helpme with a little prob? thx. I'm trying to use a ZTE MF180 broadband G3 USB dongle on Unbuntu 12.10. I've found on the Web some solutions, but noone has worked.01:59
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NevinHello, this is the #Ubuntu-beginners right? Because I was looking for a little help.07:30
Jerry_how can I join ubuntu-beginners team?07:45
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Guest21666new fish's here14:09
Guest21666you guys just hang there and say nothing?14:09
purezenHey guys..!! I have an issue with the indicator-weather program v.12.07.30-0ubuntu1.. I cant seem to add a location to it.. cant 'Apply' it finally after adding details..17:36
holsteinpurezen: O I C.. i didnt notice you were cross posting17:37
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duanedesigno/    helo21:20
duanedesignwell you get the point21:20
duanedesignhmmm trouble typing today :)21:20

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