jcastrojono: hah00:44
jcastroHave you ever used a Nexus phone (like Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 4) with ICS? If so, how can you claim the interface is not beautiful and polished?00:44
jcastroI have, and I can claim the interface is not beautiful and polished.00:44
jcastrothat's the best thing I've heard all day00:45
jonojcastro, lol :-)00:45
jcastrojono: ah! look at this one01:21
jonojcastro, who did that?01:29
jcastrosome guy, it's posted here: http://www.iloveubuntu.net/how-create-currency-converter-app-ubuntu-phones-step-step-official-guide01:33
SergioMenesesjcastro, ++01:33
SergioMenesesbtw good evening01:33
mhall11945 minutes to go through the currency converter tutorial, and that include a break to put the kids to bed02:15
mhall119not bad at all02:15
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hrabbeyHi; Not sure which channel / path best.03:00
hrabbeyTrying to figure out where / who best to contact for setting up a quick face-to-face chat on 1/9 at CES 2013 in Las Vegas.03:00
hrabbeyCompany reason for chat: We are helping IVI (via GENIVI) with Navigation (Mapping, GPS, etc.) core tech.03:01
hrabbeyI am interested in how IVI-Remix and Ubuntu phone could mesh with that work.03:01
hrabbeyTo put it a different way: Any plans yet for the project /workgroup to put maps & location support in Ubuntu phone?03:02
hrabbeyI will drop by the booth in any case, but it is nice to avoid that the best person to talk to did not just step away for a break.03:05
bkerensahrabbey: There is a formhttp://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone/contact-us03:27
mhall119hi hrabbey03:28
mhall119popey: are you around to help hrabbey?03:28
mhall119or jono ?03:28
mhall119hrabbey: if you come back around here in, say, 12 hours, there will be more folks around :)03:29
hrabbeyWill do.  So this is an OK channel for the question then?03:31
hrabbeyI always hesitate on forms, cause I feel they are impersonal, and the form kind of hinted they didn't have time to talk to anyone other than phone manufacturers.03:32
hrabbeyIf it is a waste of time, I do not want to waste their time.03:32
JoseeAntonioRhrabbey: this is the right channel to ask, and it's not a waste of time :)03:34
JoseeAntonioRthe people in charge are away, so if you come back you'll probably find them onlie03:34
hrabbeyThanks.  I'll check back in tomorrow then.03:35
JoseeAntonioRthanks to you for the interest! :)03:35
hrabbeyI figured it was a bit late, but hoped I could at least get a hint that I was on the right track.03:35
hrabbeyThanks for all the work in making Ubuntu the great platform it is and will be.03:36
jonohrabbey, can you email me?03:41
hrabbeySure.  Will do.03:41
hrabbeyMy pleasure.  Good night.03:43
marcoceppiHey jono, if you're around would you care to weigh in on this: http://meta.askubuntu.com/questions/5682/do-we-need-a-new-ubuntu-for-phones-tag The AU community is in a strong disagreement with the mobile tag being used for the tablet and phone questions on the site. Is there a preferred tag from a Canonical standpoint?04:05
marcoceppiI just want to make sure the right people track the right tags on your end04:05
jonomarcoceppi, thanks for letting me know04:06
jonoI will weigh in04:06
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dpmgooooood morning everyone!09:55
czajkowskidpm: is there a place to send web app developers to in particular?10:14
dpmhi czajkowski, on IRC, if they've got questions specific to Ubuntu web apps, then #ubuntu-webapps. If they've got questions about app development in general (including web development), then #ubuntu-app-devel. For questions on Ask Ubuntu the tag is 'application-development'10:16
dpmand we probably have a tag for web apps there, let me see if I can find it...10:16
czajkowskidpm: cool and is there any website ?10:17
dpmczajkowski, http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/technologies/webapps/10:18
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czajkowskidpm: perfect thanks10:19
dpmnp. There's also http://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/webapps, but it's more for user questions rather than for dev questions10:19
AlanBelldpm: most of that is outdated and doesn't quite work10:54
dpmAlanBell, what do you refer to by "that"10:56
AlanBellhttp://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-12.04/javascript/ for example, I think if you click all the links the calls are wrong10:56
dpmAlanBell, I don't have a 12.04 system to test. Do you think, or do you know they are wrong? If they are wrong and you could file a bug on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntudeveloperportal/+filebug I can fix those docs myself on the site.11:00
AlanBellthey are wrong in 12.10, they used to wrok11:01
AlanBellshowNotification can't take two parameters, it needs a third for example11:02
AlanBellhttp://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/technologies/webapps/ links to that documentation, however look what I found http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-12.10/11:04
AlanBellthat is updated but seemingly not linked to from anywhere11:05
AlanBellthere is a bigger problem that I can't now write a webapp and having specified in the init call that I want version 1.0 of the API I don't know whether that is a 12.04 or 12.10 client with different APIs so why on earth is there a version number in the API call?11:06
AlanBellbug 103558111:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 1035581 in WebApps: Applications "Unity Web API Documentation code snippets don't work" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103558111:08
czajkowskiAlanBell: that bug is assigned to alex11:14
czajkowskigood job it'll be fixed then11:15
AlanBellthe documentation might be fixed (well it has been to an extent, just not put in the navigation)11:17
AlanBellthe problem is that we are making it very hard to develop webapps that work on multiple versions of Ubuntu11:18
AlanBellactually it looks like the API was changed within 12.04 as well from the bug11:23
dpmAlanBell, ok, I've updated the page with the 12.10 link now: http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/technologies/webapps11:52
dpmin doing that, I've broken the embedded video, though11:53
AlanBelldpm: does the last one adding launcher items work for you?11:57
AlanBellError while dispatching call to Launcher.addAction: TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method '_addAction'11:57
dpmwebapps are unfortunately pretty broken on my system, so I'm probably not the best reference :)11:58
AlanBellah OK11:58
AlanBellwell at least having most of the calls work is a huge improvement11:59
dpmAlanBell, alex-abreu on #ubuntu-webapps might be the best person to ask atm. I've got access to the API docs on d.u.c, so if you find out more, just ping me and I can apply the changes straight away12:00
AlanBellgreat. And, yes that video has gone :( but with the hello world example working I think more people will stick with it12:02
dpmyeah, I don't know why wordpress is no longer embedding the video, I've been playing with it for 20 mins, and I even restored the original version, but no joy. I give up :/12:08
jcastrodpm: wordpress hates you today13:50
jcastroit gets like that sometimes, mean spirited.13:51
dpmjcastro, indeed, I think it needs some rest after the hammering in the last 2 days13:52
doctormonjcastro: The ghost of wordpress present is here to show you the error of your blog! ~wooo~13:59
mhall119dpm: wasn't it a plugin that embedded the videos?  Maybe IS just needs to re-enable it14:38
dpmmhall119, good point, but I think it's standard WP functionality, and not handled by a plugin. Oddly enough, the embedding was working before I did my (unrelated) edit to the page. I'm not really sure what's going on.14:40
mhall119ah, nvm then14:41
jcastromaybe it's the cache in front of it?14:41
dpmjcastro, yeah, I was thinking about it as well, but as I have no idea on how caches work, I'm a bit at a loss :(14:54
jonodpm, jcastro, mhall119, balloons invite sent16:02
jcastroI will be 60 seconds late16:03
jcastrowrapping up a call16:04
SergioMenesesballoons, let me know when you will be available17:10
balloonsSergioMeneses, kk17:12
doctormonjono: Any movement on the design-team email I sent you before UDS?17:47
jonodoctormon, I will check back into it17:47
doctormonOK, thanks jono17:47
jcastrojono: lol didn't we have a call today?18:44
jonojcastro, I figured we talked yesterday18:52
jcastroworks for me18:52
jcastroI have one thing to bring up by I can PM18:52
jcastrohey AlanBell19:16
jcastrothere's a bug for being able to granularly turn lenses/scopes' online thinger on and off19:16
jcastrodo you have that handy?19:16
AlanBellhi jcastro19:56
AlanBellbug #108787319:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 1087873 in unity (Ubuntu) "lens privacy feature does not work on all lenses" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108787319:56
AlanBellnot quite19:57
AlanBellI sent some emails to the ayatana list about it and did a blog article, not sure there is a bug about more granularity, just lots about "it doesn't work"20:01
AlanBellbkerensa: you know this is not about the default lenses right?20:22
bkerensaAlanBell: Ahh I thought it was20:22
bkerensaAlanBell: then its not really a bug is it since they are third party ppa mostly?20:23
AlanBellnah, they are all coded up to check the flag20:23
AlanBellit is a huge bug20:23
jcastroright, but isn't there a bug for "I should be able to turn some online searches on, and some off."?20:23
AlanBellI don't believe there is a bug for that because it is working as designed20:24
AlanBellto the extent that it works20:24
AlanBellbkerensa: http://www.theopensourcerer.com/2012/12/privacy-is-hard-lets-go-shopping/20:25
AlanBellI was told to file bugs like Bug #1092279 for things that don't respect the single flag20:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 1092279 in Google Documents Lens "does not respect the privacy flag" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109227920:27
AlanBellbut there are just too many and I can't be bothered to review them all because I don't agree with the fix it in every lens approach20:28
jcastrooh, I remember seeing a mockup of what that would like like and assumed there would be a bug20:37
AlanBelloh that, um one sec20:39
AlanBellthat was on an email to the design list to spark discussion about the design20:41
AlanBellI can file a bug if you like20:41
AlanBellhttps://lists.launchpad.net/unity-design/msg10133.html had no replies20:42
AlanBellhttps://lists.launchpad.net/unity-design/msg10092.html had no replies20:43
AlanBellhttps://plus.google.com/109175303602657131317/posts/F8a3uwB9iu2 was the discussion in question, not on a mailing list20:55
AlanBellG+ has crap searching in communities or streams, that took 10 minutes of scrolling to find20:57
snap-ljono: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaAkWy55V3A21:10
snap-lper jcastro's request. ;)21:10
jcastrohah petrucci's is so him21:12
jcastroso stereotype21:12
jcastrohe does all the megadeth ones + kirk spot on21:13
snap-lSave for overusing the wah pedal. ;)21:13
jonosnap-l, nice!21:17
jcastrothis guy is kind of creepy at getting the personalities right21:17
jcastroI like how he kind of overplays it to make a point21:17
jcastroLike the Van Halen one, lol21:17
snap-lVan Halen really is about overplaying, though21:20
snap-lIt's somewhere between the balance of the right amount of notes for the measure, and too many notes. ;)21:20
jcastrothe mustaine one is funny too21:21
jcastro"let's slowly just creep up the neck."21:21
jcastroon every song.21:21
mhall119rrnwexec: ping21:40
rrnwexecmhall119: ack21:41
mhall119rrnwexec: hey, you did an interview with me at UDS, has that audio posted somewhere?21:41
rrnwexecmhall119: that's a superb question ;) it's in editing, should be available in a week or so21:42
mhall119ah, cool, please let me know when so I can figure out what I said ;)21:42
rrnwexecmhall119: if you want a copy of the unedited i can get it to you though :)21:42
mhall119it's cheating to do interviews half-way through a party with free beer21:42
mhall119rrnwexec: I cna wiat21:42
rrnwexecmhall119: will let you in on the pre-release then. your interview was quite awesome.21:43
mhall119ah, good to hear, thanks21:43
rrnwexecmhall119: and i don't remember any free beer. hmm ;P21:45
cjohnstonI want free beer21:46
mhall119rrnwexec: at the closing party there was, for a time21:51
jcastrocjohnston: heya21:54
jcastroI see django 1.5 is in RC21:54
cjohnstonuh oh21:55
jcastro<--- EOD.21:58
jcastrohave a good weekend everyone21:58
cjohnstonthat's all you had to tell me?21:58
jcastrosnap-l: you get our housewarming invite?21:58
jcastrocjohnston: yeah, think of it as motivation to work on the django charm21:58
cjohnstoni thought there was one21:58
mhall119jcastro: is there a charm for dovecot?22:03
JoseeAntonioRmhall119: I think yes22:03
snap-ljcastro: Yeah, I did22:10
jonomhall119, around?22:26
jonocjohnston, ping?22:41
jonoQuick Django question: I have three tables, A, B, and C, each is linked via a Foreign Key C(B), B(A) and I know the pk of A - how do I return all records from C when I just know the pk of A with this relationship?22:41
james_wjono, C.objects.filter(b__a=pk) might work22:50
james_wwhere "b" and "a" are the attribute names of B and A on C and B respectively22:50
james_wyeah, seems to work fine22:53
jonojames_w, so does b__a specify two keys I can search?22:54
james_wjono, if C.b is the attribute that refers to B22:54
james_wthen C.objects.filter(b=<id>)22:54
jonojames_w, gotcha22:55
james_wwill find you all Cs that reference the B with <id>22:55
jonothanks james_w, will give that a try22:55
james_wdouble underscore moves another link down the chain22:55
james_wso b__a=<pk> finds all C where C.b.a.pk == pk22:55
jonojames_w, I get: Cannot resolve keyword 'b' into field22:59
james_wjono, you need to use the attribute name for B that is used on C22:59
james_wjono, if you share your model definitions then I can be more precise22:59
jonojames_w, sure, I will pastebin it23:00
jonojames_w, ahhh I got it working23:01
jonolike you say, I specified the attributes23:01
jonothanks james_w!23:01

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