mcsx3Good Evening! Everyone. Can anybody here helpme with a little prob? thx. I'm trying to use a ZTE MF180 broadband G3 USB dongle on Unbuntu 12.10. I've found on the Web some solutions, but noone has worked.01:53
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darkxstricotz, I have gjs building against js188, but still rather broken, patches are here https://www.dropbox.com/s/c4zbelqognlrb2l/gjs188.patches08:24
darkxstplus you need the 3x RESOLVE_START patches and the other type changes patch from bug 69098208:25
ubot5bug 690982 in aikilab.org "there isn't a link to sharism and the sharism logo in the footer" [Medium,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69098208:25
darkxst^gnome.bugzilla even https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=69098208:25
ubot5Gnome bug 690982 in general "Building gjs against spidermoney from firefox 17esr" [Normal,Unconfirmed]08:25
ricotzdarkxst, great!08:53
darkxstricotz, great, might be a bit premature, but getting closer atleast.08:59
darkxstcurrently trying to fix a segfault in the importer, which makes no sense08:59
darkxstricotz, can you rebuild js188 package without stripping debug symbols?11:45
darkxstobviously I can do it locally, but really at this point in time, the only people using it, are probably going to want the symbols!11:46
ricotzdarkxst, i will add a *-dbg package11:53
darkxstricotz, yeh that is fine if its not to much effort11:55
ricotzan extra package is better since it will be quite large in this case12:01
ricotzonly symbols for the shared lib though12:11
ricotzthe static libs will be stripped12:11
ricotzdbg package 25MB12:11
ricotzstatic debug would be +50MB12:11
darkxstthat is fine, I don't think gjs uses the static libraries12:13
ricotzyes, just saying12:13
ricotzi want to avoid those additional 50MB12:14
darkxstyeh fair enough12:15
ricotzshould be there in a bit12:15
darkxstok, thanks12:15
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gh0st Again, to recap I just installed Gnome remix.  apt-get doesn't work. this is the error:http://paste.ubuntu.com/1496880/20:08
jbichagh0st: um, did you read the error message?20:11
gh0stI'm not really sure what they mean?20:12
gh0stjbicha: I get errors even without the proxy. Will upload the error log in a minute20:14
jbichait doesn't sound like your errors are specific to the GNOME Remix, there's a lot more people that can give support in #ubuntu20:18
gh0stjbicha:jbicha: alright. Just one more question . I've extracted the contents of the firefox tar file I downloaded online. To run the firefox executable inside, what do I do? double clicking it like vanilla ubuntu doesn't work. Using terminal produces the following error:http://paste.ubuntu.com/1496982/20:30
jbichawhy are you trying to use Firefox from a tarball?20:33

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