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tdr112hey czajkowski you about15:45
tdr112do you know all the airports in london15:49
tdr112I am looking to go to Chelmsford15:49
tdr112wondering where i should fly in15:49
czajkowskilet me go and see15:49
czajkowskihmm north of london15:50
czajkowskistanstead is 40 mins by bus15:51
czajkowskior trains 90 mins15:51
czajkowskijust under an hour to london city airport, but that's an expensive one to fly in and out of15:52
tdr112i will have a look at flights from dublin15:56
tdr112thanks czajkowski I think i will go for stanstead16:17
czajkowskidont forget booking your train or bus tickets in advance cuts down on costs also16:19
czajkowskiand the queues :)16:19

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