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zequence-wWhat's the easiest way to be sure one has all the dependencies needed for Ubuntu kernel maintenance/development?10:21
diwiczequence, "apt-get build-dep linux-image-generic" probably?10:52
diwicor lowlatency in your case 10:52
zequence-wdiwic: Thanks10:52
* rtg may have to give up on thunderbird. it is simply not capable of dealing with large mail lists such as LKML12:49
amitkrtg: try notmuch12:57
rtgamitk, gotta do something different. I'll have a look. Is that your main email  client ?12:58
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amitkrtg: yeah, pretty much. It is basically a mail indexer with several UI - emacs, vim, terminal-based12:59
rtgamitk, sounds good to me. I'm kind of a vim  guy anyways.13:00
sforsheebjf, ack14:08
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ogasawarabjf: I need to point someone to our list of supported kernels...do you and your stable minions prefer https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Dev/KernelStableSupportMatrix or https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Dev/ABIPackages14:32
bjfogasawara, the support matrix. it's not as out-of-date15:32
ogasawarabjf: did you want to throw Quantal on there?  or I can15:33
bjfogasawara, i can soon as i wake up15:34
ogasawarabjf: ack15:34
argesrtg, hello15:35
rtgarges, dude15:35
argesrtg, dude. going to resubmit that fsnotify locking patchset. when I do the reverts, do I need to include the BugLink?15:36
rtgarges, yep15:36
rtgI can add the buglinks as well. have you used ~/kteam-tools/maintscripts/maint-modify-patch ?15:37
argesrtg, no didn't know about that one... I was looking for git templates in the debian.master directory15:45
rtgarges, you'll have to setup an .kteam.rc, but afterwards you can add buglinks, Acked-by as well as s-o-b lines in a standardized format.15:46
argesrtg, ok i'll do that15:47
bjfogasawara, the support matrix is updated16:05
ogasawarabjf: ack, thanks16:05
* ogasawara back in 2016:18
hggdhbjf: when trying to git pull autotest-client-tests, I get http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1495863/16:50
hggdhbjf: no big deal, I can simply git clone it again, but every so often I have to do it, and shouldn't16:51
rtghggdh, if you don't care about local changes, then try using 'git fetch origin;git reset --hard FETCH_HEAD'16:52
rtgalso do 'git checkout -f' first16:52
hggdhrtg: thanks, will change the script accordingly16:56
rtghggdh, if you're getting local changes inadvertently, then you might also want to clean, e.g., 'git checkout -f16:57
rtggit clean -f -d16:57
rtggit ls-files --others --directory |xargs rm -rvf'16:57
rtgthat should return it to a pristine condition16:57
hggdhrtg: it did the trick, but this is (should be) a pristine copy of the origin16:58
rtghggdh, not according to your pastebin. looks like yuo've had local changes.16:58
hggdhthe only thing I do there is a git pull when Brad tells me there is a new version. Ah well, just another magic, I guess16:59
bjfhggdh, though it *should* be prestine, it's not. would be good to understand why16:59
hggdhyeah. Will monitor. Perhaps git archive changes something there17:00
* rtg notes that 'pull' isn't really the right thing to do anyway if you want an exact copy of the origin.17:00
hggdhrtg: checkout is better, then?17:00
rtghggdh, fetch and reset. pull does a merge whcih is not what you want in this case.17:01
hggdhack. Interesting also is that a git clone (after removing the branch) did not give me an up-to-date head17:01
rtghggdh, lemme have a look at the repo17:02
rtghggdh, hmm. it looks OK to me. In order to guarantee a pristine copy, this is what I would do :17:07
rtggit checkout -f master17:07
rtggit clean -f -d17:07
rtggit ls-files --others --directory |xargs rm -rvf17:07
rtggit fetch origin17:07
rtggit fetch origin master17:07
rtggit reset --hard refs/remotes/origin/master17:07
rtgjsalisbury, need to bounce gomeisa for a kernel update17:09
jsalisburyrtg, ack17:09
hggdhrtg: will do it from now on, thank you17:11
* hggdh will also beef up (no, actually create) git knowledge17:11
apwrtg, i suspect git clean -x -f -d does that clean/ls-files pair17:12
rtgapw, actually t does leave some cruft around in some cases, especially on older cversions of git17:12
rtgmaybe the newer one works better. I'm just being pendantic17:13
rtgor is it pedantic ?17:13
apwdman rtg killed my build17:15
rtgapw, I checked on gomeisa ?17:15
apwwell it went pop in the middle :)17:15
rtgapw, shit, sorry.17:15
apwits only a build, it'll grow back17:15
hggdhbjf: anyway should I grab the current head? You did not apply a tag to v0.0.5-117:16
bjfhggdh, ah! i'll fix that17:16
bjfhggdh, it's tagged now17:17
rtgarges, ikepanhc: rebooting tangerine for kernel update17:18
argesrtg, ack17:18
hggdhbjf: thanks, updated17:24
* apw wasnders off early to go to the theatre :)17:39
* cking wanders off to fly a model helicopter18:12
* rtg -> lunch18:18
* ogra_ knew that ckisnt a talll guy ... but *that* small ?18:18
hallyndrat, missed my chance to bug apw18:36
bjfsforshee, did you have raring running on this acer?18:45
* bjf will just boot it up and look18:47
sforsheebjf, probably not but I don't recall for sure18:50
sforsheeI don't think I had used it in a while18:50
bjfsforshee, don't know why, it's so fast :-)18:51
bjfsforshee, nope, just quantal18:51
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njinhallo can be bug 1096002 a kernel bug ? thanks19:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 1096002 in Ubuntu "Multipath does not work with EMC 5300 Storage" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109600219:00
hggdhbjf: perfect, Lucid is all green. Thank you.20:08
bjfhggdh, np20:09
* ogasawara lunch20:09
jsalisburybjf, henrix_ If you have a chance, can you review bug 1092911 ?20:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 1092911 in linux (Ubuntu) "linux-crashdump: missing binutils dependancy for "strings"" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109291120:33
jsalisburybjf, henrix_ I wasn't sure if the dependencies for linux-crashdump is something we would handle, or if I shoudl re-assign.20:35
* rtg -> EOW20:37
bjfjsalisbury, it's not a kernel bug but, i've reassigned it to the crash project. smb did the last upload so it's something we could look at21:28
jsalisburybjf, Thanks!21:30
argesbjf, hmm i thought crash was working. at least I've been using it recently ... is this after the version bump?22:51
bjfarges, don't really know, just looked at it long enough to answer jsalisbury22:52
argesbjf, also its a dup of bug 25128822:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 251288 in crash (Ubuntu) "Crash should depend on binutils" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25128822:52
argesbjf, i'll take care of it22:53

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