thorwilgodbyk: happy new year11:42
thorwilgodbyk: seems we need a new naming convention for the titlepage files11:42
thorwilwhat would have been lulu-nl.svg could be wrap-nl.svg if we wanted it to be generic11:44
thorwilbut with measurements dependent on the service, createspace-nl.svg might avoid surprises further down the road11:45
thorwilgodbyk: assuming the vertical bleed is the diff between a4 height and cover size, i only need the spine width now12:10
godbykthorwil: Should we name them something generic like 'cover-LANG.svg'?20:22
godbykLet me get the spine width for you.20:22
godbykthorwil: The spine width should be 24.159456 pt (0.335548 in).  (Gotta love those nice round numbers!)20:24
thorwilgodbyk: right now with an old lulu and a new createspace cover in one and the same dir, i don't feel well about a generic name20:24
godbykthorwil: We can ditch the lulu covers I think.20:24
thorwilbtw, we could drop the "titlepage-" for all the single side files20:24
godbykthorwil: True, though it might make it easier to know if the svg is a title page or cover if we leave it.20:25
thorwilgodbyk: what's with lulu-en_US, then?20:25
godbykthorwil: It doesn't matter too much to me. I just type the names once in the LaTeX script and never think about it again. You're the one who has to edit them all the time. :-)20:25
godbykthorwil: I didn't remove any of the lulu covers, but we can remove them/rename them if you like.20:26
godbykthorwil: Since lulu.com is having trouble printing our books, I'm going to be publishing any new ones through CreateSpace.20:26
thorwilgodbyk: lulu-en_US of 12-04_precise-e2 is not currently in print?20:27
godbykthorwil: Correct. precise-e2 edition is allegedly available through lulu.com, but if it's not I'll migrate it to CreateSpace.20:28
thorwilgodbyk: easiest to rename and edit the lulu file, then. don't delete it20:28
godbykFor 12.10, I used your lulu cover at the CreateSpace site and it worked okay. They said they scaled it, but I'm not sure why.. the numbers appeared to align when I did the math.20:28
godbykThe printed copy of 12.10  from CreateSpace looks fine, though.20:28
godbykthorwil: Okay. I'll leave that up to you.20:29
thorwil12.10 – how come i don't even have thta branch checked out20:29
thorwilthat, even20:29
thorwilgodbyk: how about calling the files with "single-" and "double-"?20:30
godbykthorwil: I'm okay with that. Whatever makes the most sense to you is fine with me. :)20:31
thorwilgodbyk: ok, i'll add the new file as double-nl.svg later on. please take care of renaming the titlepage-*, as that should happen with updating the script20:33
godbykthorwil: I'll do that.20:34
godbykthorwil: Thanks for your help!20:34
godbykthorwil: I'll probably have some more cover requests coming soon, too.  (Just a heads-up.)20:34
thorwilgodbyk: your welcome. i just take care of crumbs, while you deal with whole slices of the cake :)20:35
godbykMmm.. cake!  :-)20:36
godbykthorwil: Oh, one more thing to keep in mind with the covers:20:36
thorwils/your/you're/, sheesh as if i have to type the standard mistakes20:36
godbykCreateSpace adds an ISBN barcode to the bottom-right cover of the back cover.20:37
godbykSo when you're designing covers, don't put anything vital in that spot or it will be occluded by the barcode.20:37
godbyk(With the current covers, this isn't an issue.)20:37
godbykthorwil: As long as you don't harp at my on my bad typing days, I'll leave you alone on yours. ;-)20:37
thorwilcan you get the position/measurements of the barcode?20:38
godbykSure. One moment.20:38
godbykthorwil: https://www.createspace.com/Products/Book/CoverPDF.jsp20:39
godbykIt's 2" × 1.2", but it doesn't give the exact position information.20:39
godbykOn the printed copy that I received, the barcode sites ¼" from the bottom of the trimmed edge and ¼" from the fold of the spine.20:40
thorwilty. sucks. no way to relate my layout to that20:43
thorwilbarbarians! :)20:43
CarstenGHi Kevin and Thorsten20:47
thorwilho CarstenG20:47
CarstenGNice to see, that you found another service for printing. :-)20:47
CarstenGDo they have the possibility, that the customer can decide during the order process if he wants a color or black/white version?20:49
godbykCarstenG: I can upload a color edition if you like. It'd be quite a bit pricier, I think.20:49
CarstenGoh, ok. So the same procedure as at lulu...20:50
godbykCarstenG: Yeah, pretty much.20:50
godbykCarstenG: Whoever publishes the book decides what format (black-and-white, color, hardcover, paperback, page size, etc.).20:50
godbykCarstenG: If you're interested in a color edition, I can create one for you, though.20:51
CarstenGI will come with this point back to you, when we have finished the German version...20:51
godbykCarstenG: Okay.20:51
CarstenG28% left to translate...20:52
godbykCarstenG: Take your time.. I have plenty of other translations to publish. ;-)20:53
CarstenGYeah, great. 5 are nearly ready20:54
CarstenGand of Malay only the screenshots are missing..20:54
godbykNext on my to do list is to see if I can figure out why French words with apostrophes in them aren't being hyphenated properly.20:55
godbyk(It seems like each translation has its own special issues to be worked out. At least we only have to fix the problem once [most the time].)  :)20:55
CarstenGYou mean something like »s’améliorer.« on page 6 of the French version?20:58
CarstenGLooks really not aesthetic...20:59
godbykCarstenG: Yeah, they're causing overly long lines in a number of places.20:59
godbykI'm trying to pin down the cause of the problem now.21:00
CarstenGThen I have one more problem for you. :-)21:01
godbykCarstenG: What's that?21:01
CarstenGThe quotation marks in malay are printed as ?21:01
godbykCarstenG: Ah, that should be an easy fix.21:01
CarstenGAnd should be as the english ones...21:01
CarstenG... as Susah wrote in his email.21:02
godbykCarstenG: Are they working on precise-e2 or quantal (or both)?21:03
CarstenGon precise-e221:04
thorwildouble-nl.svg pushed21:08
godbykthorwil: Thanks!21:09
godbykI'll upload it and see if it complains about anything.21:09
godbykthorwil: Oops! I forgot to send you Dutch text for the back cover.21:11
godbykLemme find that for you.21:11
CarstenGI was also wondering about that. :-)21:12
CarstenGOnly english there. :-)21:12
thorwilgodbyk: that happens when i switch from debugging clojure, try to figure out why ardour 2 doesn'tbuild and try to finish a titlepage svg ;)21:12
thorwilotherwise i surely would have remembered to actually check the text21:13
godbykthorwil: Heh.. no problem! :-)21:13
CarstenGThis is one idea for the raring manual: Can we include all these texts to the pot file so that they are available on LP?21:14
godbykIt looks like it should be the same text as for the lucid-e1 cover.21:14
godbykCarstenG: Possibly. We should look into that.21:14
godbykCarstenG: Hannie and I were talking the other day and we'd like to rewrite this cover text anyway.21:15
godbykthorwil: I've emailed you the old lucid-e1 Dutch covers.  The text on the back cover should be the same for precise-e2.21:16
thorwilgodbyk: i copied the text from that branch21:26
* thorwil has them all collected21:26
godbykthorwil: So organized!  (More so than I!)21:26
thorwilgodbyk: better have Hannie take a look at it21:26
godbykthorwil: I'll do that.21:26
thorwilhave to run, cya21:27
CarstenGOk, see you tomorrow.23:18

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