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bkerensacjwatson: libvideo-frequencies-perl  ;)07:07
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cjwatsonbkerensa: que?11:30
geserLaney: do you know if we can sync haskell-conduit from experimental as haskell-network-conduit is in depwait on that version?11:41
Laneygeser: no I don't know about that specifically I'm afraid11:43
LaneyI had hoped to start the transition in earnest over the holidays but it turned out that I didn't have much time for that stuff11:43
geserah, I once looked at it (if it builds) but it also needs a merge of haskell-devscripts11:47
Laneyprobably so11:47
Laneyiulian: would you have any time to help on this?11:48
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aboudreaulthey, does anyone know what's the error? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/127508146/buildlog_ubuntu-lucid-amd64.libxml2_2.8.0%2Bdfsg1-5ubuntu2.2~lucid1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz15:38
aboudreaultThe same package build properly in pbuilder.15:38
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geserdid you pbuilder used the same debhelper package like it was used in the PPA (8.9.0ubuntu1~ppa1~lucid4 from the ubuntugis-unstable PPA)15:48
aboudreaultguess not. the building machine is a latest.15:50
aboudreaultgeser, we try a override_dh_prep now..15:50
aboudreaultgeser, oh, well... yes the debhelper is supposed to be the same since we build in the same distribution inside a pbuilder15:52
geseraboudreault: I asked because I noticed a "T" at the end of each dh call in your log (and I don't remember seeing this normally)15:54
aboudreaultemm... that's right15:56
aboudreault/bin/rm: cannot remove `libtoolT': No such file or directory15:56
aboudreaultstrange.. will check this15:57
aboudreaultgeser, but there is no T at all when building with pbuilder lucid ...15:58
geserhmm, strange15:59
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geseraboudreault: dh $@ T (from your debian/rules)16:06
geserwhat does/should do the "T" do there?16:06
aboudreaultgood question.16:08
aboudreaultwill point it to my coworker.16:08
geseraboudreault: and the reason why it build in your pbuilder is the same why it build in your PPA for i386 and not amd64: pbuilder and the i386 use by default the "binary" target (build both binary-arch and binary-indep) while the amd64 buildd uses "binary-arch"16:14
aboudreaultah. I see. Thanks for the info16:14
geseryou should be able to reproduce it with specifing "--binary-arch" to your pbuilder call16:14
achiangany pilots around? i'm poking about bug #109351117:46
ubottubug 1093511 in remmina (Ubuntu) "please merge remmina 1.0.0-4 (main) from Debian testing" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109351117:46
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TAsnFrom #ubuntu: (who sent me here as MOTU is the maintainer of the relevant packages)19:13
TAsnHey guys. What should I do to get a package off the ubuntu repos? I work on e17 and ubuntu has a 3 year old package in it's repos. This is very annoying as  users think badly of e17 because of it (it was an early dev version). I would like that if possible this package will be removed altogether or upgraded to  the stable release, but what should I do in order to achieve that?19:13
TAsnthat and all the relevant supporting libs (evas, eina and etc)19:16
TheLordOfTimeTAsn, getting it upgraded in Debian might be where you need to start - afaict its being pulled form sid (aka "unstable") into the ubuntu repositories.19:16
TAsnit is upgraded in debian19:16
TheLordOfTimenote I"m not a MOTU, i'm just going by what i see on the packages on here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/e1719:16
TAsnI mean19:16
TheLordOfTimeTAsn, not in unstable?19:16
TAsngetting upgraded19:16
TheLordOfTimeprobably post-freeze.19:17
TAsnthe problem is old repos19:17
TAsn12.04 and etc19:17
TheLordOfTime(i think debian's still under freeze)19:17
TAsnwe want them removed19:17
TAsnTheLordOfTime, the link you provided is too old.19:17
ScottKTheLordOfTime: Itis.19:17
TheLordOfTimeTAsn, the link I provided is live data from launchpad19:17
TheLordOfTimeit doesn't track Debian19:17
TheLordOfTimethat's whats in the repos now, expand one of the packages you'll see its pulled in from sid.19:18
TheLordOfTimeScottK, MOTU?19:18
TAsnTheLordOfTime, and that's old19:18
TheLordOfTime(you're everywhere, hence me asking)19:18
TheLordOfTimeTAsn, you said that three times already19:18
TAsnand people using older ubuntu get older versions19:18
TAsnand we would like that removed19:18
ScottKTAsn: How about getting it updated?19:19
ScottKWouldn't that be better?19:19
TAsnit won't be updated in old ubuntus, won't it?19:19
TAsnno features policy and etc19:20
ScottKNo.  It also won't be removed.19:20
ScottKWe don't do post release removals.19:20
ScottKI can remove it from the development release, but that's all I can do.19:20
TAsnthat's just frustrating19:20
TAsnScottK, nah, that's alright, thanks.19:20
ScottKOnce it's updated in the development release, we could backport the newer one.19:20
ScottKThen you could at least say "Oh, install the update in backports)19:21
TheLordOfTimeScottK, it'd have to be upgraded in Sid, at least in experimental, no?19:21
TheLordOfTimeand then sync'd to $latestdev19:21
ScottKTheLordOfTime: Or we do a direct upload.19:21
TAsnit's being updated in unstable atm iirc19:21
TAsnor maybe experimental19:21
TheLordOfTimeTAsn, not while debian's under freeze it likely won't be19:21
ScottKIf it's being updated in Unstable/experimental, then we can sync that.19:22
TAsnScottK, the thing is, that as I said, the current version is a very old development snapshot19:22
TAsnthat is just broken19:22
TAsnwe get a lot of users that install that19:22
TAsninstead from our ppa19:22
TAsnit's very frustrating19:22
TAsnand because there's a package19:22
TAsnthey think it's alright19:22
TheLordOfTimeTAsn, the nginx team has the same issue19:22
TheLordOfTimebut we can't do a single thing about it19:22
TAsnas ubuntu/debian usually don't package dev snapshot19:22
ScottKSure you can.19:23
TheLordOfTimeso we say "screw it" and tell people to use the PPA when they stop in #nginx (we keep $latestdev synced with Debian as much as possible)19:23
TAsnso they don't even try the ppa19:23
ScottKYou can get involved in Ubuntu development and make sure the stuff in the repos is up to date/working.19:23
TAsnthey either complain in our support chan19:23
TAsnScottK, I'm not an ubuntu user myself19:23
TheLordOfTimeScottK, i could, but CBA to repackage things when i'm busy fixing things :p19:23
TAsnI'm just sick of users bein mislead19:23
TAsnor more correctly19:23
ScottKTAsn: Sure.19:23
TAsnusers misleading themselves. :)19:23
ScottKIs there someone on the e17 team that is?19:24
TAsna user?19:24
TheLordOfTimeScottK, speaking of which, PPU rights, how often are those requests addressed/handled?19:24
ScottKAn Ubunt person.19:24
TAsnSome lazy ones, I'm sure.19:24
TheLordOfTimeTAsn, upstream, as in devs/packagers i think is what ScottK meant.19:24
TAsnbut the fact that I'm here19:24
TAsnand they are not19:24
TAsnmeans that they are too lazy too bother19:24
TAsnI have a box with ubuntu 12.04 on it though19:25
ScottKPerhaps the person maintaining the PPA could get some sponsored uploads and the apply for per-package uploader rights for e17?19:25
micahgTheLordOfTime: PPU upload rights are process fortnightly at the Developer Membership Board meeting (2 applicants per meeting max)19:25
TAsnwhat does that even mean? I.e what should be done?19:25
TheLordOfTimemicahg, thanks.19:26
micahgas for backports, I've been trying to keep up with the recent requests, I haven't dug into the backlog yet19:26
ScottKWhoever is doing the PPA would also prepare an upload for Ubuntu and then file a bug with a link to the .dsc and subscribe ubuntu-sponsors19:26
TAsnAnd what are those ubuntu-sponsors?19:26
ScottKIt's a team of Ubuntu devs that review requests by non-developers for package uploads19:27
TAsnScottK, and also, just to have it sorted in my head: what can be done with the old ubuntu versions? 10.04-13.04? I.e ones that ship the old version?19:27
ScottKThey then also tend to be the ones who will advocate for someone being ready for direct upload rights since they've seen their work.19:27
ScottK13.04 is the development version.19:28
ScottKWe can still update that freely.19:28
TAsnAh, cool.19:28
ScottKOnce that's done, we can backport the new package to 10.04 - 12.10.19:28
TAsnScottK, OK. Will ask in our mailing list for volunteers.19:28
ScottKSo that users of those releases can install it from backports.19:28
TAsnThanks a lot.19:28
TAsnScottK, and there's no way to remove the old packages from the repos, right?19:29
ScottKThat's correct.19:29
TAsnThank you.19:29
TAsnScottK, talked to someone, will be done soon. Thanks a lot.19:54
ScottKYou're welcome.19:54
jbichahere's a weird problem: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=69715820:47
ubottuDebian bug 697158 in libsnappy1.0.3-java "libsnappy1.0.3-java: Missing jar due to broken debian/links" [Grave,Open]20:47

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