qwebirc62994Using myth 0.26 WatchTV fails. Flashes Please wait very briefly (1/2 sec) then goes back to menu00:48
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Vardanhi all13:52
Vardanhey people, my internet and tv come via optical line. optic connected to ericsson device. from ericsson with rj45 goes to motorola device (which has remote control) which connected to TV via HDMI cable. now instead of motorola device i want to use mythbuntu installed pc :) my question is will mythtv work with that kind TV ? is that will work if i will connect rj45 to my mythbuntu pc via ethernet?14:06
Vardanthanks for answer and sorry for my bad english :)14:08
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qwebirc19057Using Mythbuntu Live Session Configuration and trying to connect to my backend I get. Failed to connect to database at 'mythconverg''@'myth'  etc. etc. Problem myth will not resolve to the ip of my backend. It needs to be myth.local. How can I change this, and where is it getting the info from.18:51
qwebirc67503Can I run mythbuntu backend as a live USB?23:23
qwebirc67503(I realize this is not a good long-term solution, but I'd like to test it out)23:23
tgm4883qwebirc67503, I don't know if that has been tried23:23
tgm4883you can try, i'm not sure the backend would start without some work23:24
qwebirc67503I want to try replacing my WMC, but I don't want to go to the hassle of opening the box and swapping HDDs, or messing with partitions, etc.23:24
qwebirc67503Would it work if I try to install mythTV on a live debian/Ubuntu USB installation?23:25
qwebirc67503What would potentially prevent the backend from starting?23:26
tgm4883qwebirc67503, I just don't know what is configured23:27
tgm4883IIRC, i think i did it once, but it was a few years ago23:27
qwebirc67503I'll let you know.  My Debian Live USB iso just finished downloading, so I'm off to try it out.23:38

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