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bazhangmirc just accidentally opened a 2nd client for mcsx3? with a different nick?18:06
bazhang* w3s7y (~w3s7y@
bazhangthats what he claimed18:08
Piciodd that they're doming from completely different addresses18:08
bazhangboth asking the exact same question/responding to me18:08
bazhangvery. but apparently true, apart from the whole 'accidental' part18:09
DJonesThey sent me a pm earlier asking a question "Good Morning! Can anybody here helpme with a little prob? thx. I'm trying to use a ZTE MF180 broadband G3  USB dongle on Unbuntu 12.10. I've found on the Web some alleged solutions, but none has worked.19:02
DJonesPointed them to #u and they said Oh, is this not it...19:03
DJonesThat was under the nick mcsx319:03

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