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jalcinebobweaver: how big of an effort would be it to recreate the panel in Qt?03:49
bobweaverqml multimedia sensors and what not are not as advanced (networking) . But one could try to make a C++  plugin thingy. what I did with the Tv was not a great thing but it works03:52
bobweaverbut that is with unity2d libs03:52
bobweaverlike the plugin thing that is there at the moment in unity 2d is great but to replace with all qml front end would be fun but well.... that would be fun03:53
bobweavereffort lots03:53
bobweaverthat is just one man's thoughts. There are many things that could get in the way03:54
jalcineI really want to help with Ubuntu Phone.04:25
jalcineStill working on a SpeechDispatcher-esque system for speech recognition.04:26
jalcineShould help out with Unity when I'm done.04:26
jalcinehttps://github.com/jalcine/speechcontrol if you're curious04:26
sledgesFriday moarning!10:01
sledgesthanks for the answer popey10:02
* Tak doing Real Work on friday, feel dirty10:05
sledgeswell "look busy.." :)10:13
jjardon__ Hi, does anyone know if ubuntu for phones will be libre software?10:35
popeyjjardon__: the core OS is fully open source, just like the desktop10:43
popeythere may be some enablement work on hardware which requires other licenses as set by the handset/SoC manufacturers though10:43
jjardon__popey: Thanks for the info. Is the UI libre software also?10:46
popeyjjardon__: all canonical software is GPL10:47
popeyso the UI will also be open source10:47
mitya57The source code for the UI toolkit can already be downloaded from ppa:ui-toolkit/ppa, though the packaging refers to a closed LP branch10:49
mitya57(License is LGPL-3.0)10:50
jjardon__popey, mitya57 great, thanks!10:53
schaschHi, does anyone know which phone to buy to flash first ubuntu-mobile-firmware-images?  the GT-I9250?11:42
popeyschasch: you've probably seen the demos being given on the galaxy nexus, but we've not made any kind of final decisions, so I wouldn't buy a phone specifically for Ubuntu Phone testing right now. The first preview images may be some way off.11:50
schaschpopey: :-( ...bad news... OK, I hoped those images for Galaxy Nexus could be released those days.12:07
popeypatience ☺12:07
schaschpatience is hard...I am still working on n900-maemo and waiting for a real linux phone12:08
jo-erlendschasch, hey... That _is_ a real linux phone. My usb port died on that one and they replaced it with an n8. :(12:14
schaschjo-erlend: till now I am happy with n900, but the hardware/software is too old and to slow...12:21
sledgesget an N912:39
sledgesah sure, not certain how that will blend in with ubuntu-os being android based12:40
sledgesa "true linux phone" then ? ;)12:40
popeysledges: its not android based12:55
sledgesusing android bsp that is12:57
sledgesfor drivers' part12:57
popeysure, just that boit12:57
popeyit's not "android" as google would describe it12:58
sledgesandroid kernel?12:58
Takbut android is a custom os on top of a linux kernel...13:00
popeyexactly, so it's ubuntu on top of a linux kernel using android drivers for some of the hardware13:01
sledgesbut android drivers are compiled against bionic, ubuntu meanwhile will be (uc/g)libc (?)13:02
* popey shrugs13:02
sledges*userspace drivers that is13:03
sledgeslike GLES wrappers etc13:03
ElleoI don't know what the ubuntu-phone team are doing, but there is libhybris, which allows for the use of bionic based drivers in a glibc based system13:32
sledgestoo true, I wonder when ubuntu will disclosed what's under the bonnet13:34
WaltherAny news on the availability of images?13:34
sledgesand the source code? :)13:34
WaltherI'd love to get hacking on it and help porting it to N913:34
sledgeswell, we got told "patience" ..13:34
popeywe'll announce when images are (going to be) available13:43
popeyyou'll know ☺13:43
benfrancisIs there any more information available yet about building HTML5 apps for Ubuntu Phone? Will there be any device APIs available to web apps? Sailfish looks like it will support HTML5 via Cordova Qt. Is this the approach Ubuntu phone will take, or will they run directly in a webkit runtime like Tizen?13:50
WaltherAlso, will the images be specific to devices, or will they follow the "generic kernel" way?13:51
WaltherAs in; will we have to make actual *ports* for different devices, or can the community help building support for other devices to a "generic" image13:52
Walther(because you know, ports suck and maintaining of separate ports sucks)13:52
popeyWalther: we don't have any more info on that right now13:58
benfrancisI suspect there may be an issue with the distribution of device drivers. Most Android devices have proprietary drivers shipped with them (with no open source alternatives) which is what makes distributing images for those devices tricky from a legal point of view.13:58
popeybenfrancis: no info yet on extending HTML5 or APIs13:58
benfrancispopey: OK, thanks. Where should I be listening for any news?13:59
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popeybenfrancis: "the internet" ☺14:08
popeyalso http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuPhone14:08
* benfrancis turns on omnipotent mode and watches the whole Internet :P14:09
* ubuntubhoy thinks popey must be getting sick of answering UOS release questions14:09
sledgesmaybe writing a bot would be handy? :)14:11
Waltherehm, might be useful to stick that wiki link to the topic14:13
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popeyubuntubhoy: not at all14:26
schaschwatching mark's video lets me and community think there will be an image for the galaxy nexus 'next week' because it looks this "ready"-state14:30
schaschmaybe there should be a date for "source/image -release" be written  on http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone or http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone to stop this BIG release question...14:30
schaschsomething like : "no dev/test images" or sourcecode before sep 2013 for any phone"14:30
schaschhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuPhone or http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone....14:31
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popeyschasch: updated it14:36
schaschpopey : thanks, but maybe something like :    !!![ "no dev/test images" or sourcecode before 'SEP 2013' for any phone ]!!!14:41
schaschwould be better...14:41
Takwhere did you hear this 2013/9 date?14:42
dpmbenfrancis, you can also ask questions on www.askubuntu.com/questions/ask?tags=mobile14:42
schaschTak : I didn't heard it, but I read in the Internet "images coming soon" and that seems not to be true14:43
schaschsomeone from the ubuntu-team should tell us a  NOT BEFORE ...[YEAR.MONTH],  , at least for the sourcecode...14:46
TakNOT BEFORE 2013/114:46
popeythe guys are working hard on the software right now, nothing will happen before CES next week. Once that's over we'll try and get an update.14:46
schaschpopey : thanks...14:49
user82schasch, setp 13 or just a date you made up?14:55
robin-glosteruser82: that date is made up14:56
schaschcorrect, fantasy14:56
user82puh..that would be after my birthday...without ubuntu images ready or my birthday i have to wait for christmas to buy a new phone :D14:56
* Tak caught in a landslide14:56
user82hoping for google nexus images anyway..not buying a phone less price effective for ubuntu os to be honest14:59
schaschif ubuntu would tell me 'FEB 2013' image/source for galaxy nexus/or other  ,  I would buy one today14:59
robin-glosteruser82: dev phone was a galaxy nexus, so probable that an image for that will be the first to be released15:00
user82robin-gloster, it was a samsung nexus..not to be confused with the lg device google nexus 415:00
user82i got that wrong too first15:00
robin-glosteruser82: "galaxy nexus"!15:01
user82ah ok yeah..that is what i meant.15:01
user82google phone has much better performance/price15:01
schaschrobin-gloste : popey wrote they do not know yet wich phone15:02
schaschi would pay a bit more as long as I have ubuntu15:02
user82hopefully it gets ported to many phones...15:02
robin-glosteruser82: galaxy nexus was a google phone, too, but the one released before nexus415:02
user82did not know that yet robin-gloster ...15:02
robin-glosteruser82: all nexus "nexus one, nexus S, galaxy nexus and nexus4" are "google phones"15:03
user82ah ok...well nexus 4 is the one i would prefer15:04
robin-glosterschasch: i only know that GNexus was the dev phone, so I said it's probable that an early image will be for it ;)15:07
schaschrobin-gloster : thats what I thought/hoped too... , but see popey 's  aswer to me...15:10
schaschmaybe they show it next week at CES on a NEXUS4 ???15:10
DrHalanhey. i am wondering if anybody is working on porting gwibber to ubuntu for phones. would be cool to have microblogging integrated into the OS.15:14
DrHalanand the same for telepathy (Maemo was pretty cool in that matter)15:15
ct529I have motorola defy, will UP work on it?16:21
ubuntubhoyct529: only GNex image being released at first16:22
ubuntubhoybut when source is out I am sure someone will port it16:23
ct529ubuntubhoy: :-(16:23
ct529ubuntubhoy: any timeline?16:25
ubuntubhoyct529: nope16:25
ubuntubhoybut was stated on channel nothing till after CES at earliest16:26
Takand also on the site16:30
ubuntubhoyand the MOTD16:34
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ct529ubuntubhoy: MOTD17:13
ct529ubuntubhoy: ?17:13
nrosvall_Any news if ubuntu phone os is going to support Python with PyQt or Pyside?17:22
dmdrummondnrosvall_: I haven't heard anything official, but I'm sure it will run Python.17:26
robin-glosternrosvall_: mhall119 said that currently only HTML5/QML/OpenGL is supported. anything else has not been decided so far17:28
dmdrummondrobin-gloster: What about native code?17:29
mhall119dmdrummond: QML is native17:29
robin-glosterdmdrummond: native == QML17:29
dmdrummondmhall119: robin-gloster: last time I looked it was a markup language with javascripty bits.17:30
mhall119it's as native as python in that regard17:32
dmdrummondmhall119: I would never call oython native tbh17:32
mhall119it gets to be a difference that makes no difference17:33
dmdrummondmhall119: Wow, and that gets to be a sentence that makes no sense17:33
mhall119sorry, maybe a cultural saying17:34
dmdrummondmhall119: Will we be able to back up the QML in native C++, as say is done in the Blackberry 10 platform?17:34
mhall119dmdrummond: I'm not 100% sure on that17:34
mhall119dmdrummond: it's still pretty early, and the goal is to make the QML and HTML5 SDK top-notch17:35
dmdrummondmhall119: For the dialler app, there must already be some platform abstractions going on.  The docs I have seen so far do not mention much other than UI.  Will there be a consistent interface for bluetooth/location/<other common phone feature> ?17:41
mhall119dmdrummond: bluetooth probably, since we have that on desktops/laptops already17:44
mhall119I don't know if there's a common way of getting gps/location information though17:44
rsalvetinrosvall_: I don't see why not supporting python with pyqt/pyside19:50
rsalvetiif it's working properly with qt5, then it should be good19:51
Silurhi all20:06
Silurcan anyone help me with some developing q-s20:06
Silurthe site and the video only metions QML and HTML520:07
Silurwill i be able to run a hellp world std C++?20:07
Siluror will it contain a python shell?20:07
Silurthe site says20:07
Silur"Ubuntu phone's going to inherit Desktop ubuntu's security, workflow, Design and management"20:08
Silurwhat about development?20:08
Silurubuntu is not unix without development opportunities :D20:09
Ryan45What is Ubuntu's relationship with Nvidia. Being involved with the tablet porting community it always seemed to fall back on NVidia quickly abandoning support for thier platforms as soon as they brought something new out.22:37
Ryan45If I read the logs correct an image is coming out for Galaxy Nexus which is TI OMAP.22:41
Ryan45I would image this is going to limit UP's availability to OMAP devices, which is not the end of the world. In fact you might be on to something if you can create an Ubuntu Phone Market where vendors can sell unlocked phones.22:42
Ryan45Obviously, the rest of the world wouldn't care22:43
Ryan45but in the US it would be a huge hit for the nerds.22:43

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