balloonsumm, want to just commit something, and we'll chat about it tomorrow/00:00
thomiballoons: sure00:00
balloonssame time, same place :-)00:00
balloonsthanks mate00:00
thomiballoons: if I get somethng working I'll email you00:00
thomino worries00:00
balloonsi hope you do00:00
balloonsthat would be excellent00:00
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AmacidiaHi everyone. Names David. I just emailed the ubuntu-quality list about an hour ago and was told this channel is a good place to communicate with other testers. I wouldn't say that I am an expert ubuntu user, but I have ubuntu experience, specifically with server. I'm hoping to start ISO testing soon.03:19
AmacidiaApparently there are some learning sessions coming up ?03:19
AmacidiaThat might be some handy training03:19
NoskcajAmacidia, yes, the dates aren't set in stone but they should be done by the end of the month03:20
AmacidiaExcellent, thanks Noskcaj03:20
Noskcajnp, you might want to install testdrive, it's very useful03:21
AmacidiaThat is what I'm planning to do03:24
AmacidiaI have a i5 with 4gigs of ram. Between ubuntu 12.10 and testdrive, I hope it works out!03:26
Noskcajshould do fine, just change testdrive to use 1gb of ram, ubuntu only uses one03:27
juggalonaut1noskcaj im in04:13
Noskcajjuggalonaut1, hello, don't expect much talk in here for a few more hours. is your system up und running enough to do a few tests that i will run you through?04:23
Noskcajjuggalonaut1, first, join this https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-qa and the mailing list. then install testdrive and virtualbox from the software centre, ping me when you're done04:27
juggalonaut1i have done the mailing list earlier today and ok04:29
Noskcajthe lubuntu one? some info on irc nicknames(we should have a wiki on this): phillw=phill whiteside, balloons=the boss=nicholas skaggs, ask me for anyone one else04:30
Noskcajand pressing tab finishes peoples names04:31
* phillw grr @ Noskcaj for false ping :P04:32
Noskcajlol, anything you wanted to add?04:32
NoskcajAmacidia, pay attention, this will help you as well04:34
Noskcajonce you have testdrive and vbox, open testdrive04:34
phillwNoskcaj: well, if you refer to someone in chat, break their name up... ball_oons is the name, but will not cause a ping, just as Nosk_aj or gili_r etc will not ping them when we are just chatting :D04:35
Noskcajphillw, i know, i didn't break b'alloons's up because he's not online and i didn't for yours because i'm funny04:36
* phillw ::SIGH:: and I'm dealing with a user on FB getting them secure in their mind to actually trust Tor to hide their foot-print? I think you know that person...04:38
juggalonaut1they are installed04:41
phillwNoskcaj: ... poke04:41
Noskcajjuggalonaut1, open testdrive, the go edit, preference. phillw hello04:42
phillwNoskcaj: please answer you PM04:42
Noskcajmake sure release = raring, then go to the virtualisation tab04:43
juggalonaut1i am in prefrences04:43
Noskcajtake your pick on hypervisor, i use vbox, phill uses kvm. make sure memory is 1024mb. i have to go for a sec, i will be back soon04:44
juggalonaut1that is done04:45
Noskcajnext tab. pick what distro's you want to test, then restart testdrive04:50
Noskcajdownlaod an iso through testdrive04:51
juggalonaut1its opening now04:54
juggalonaut1how do you download the iso via testdrive04:55
Noskcajtick it then press sync04:55
Noskcajhttp://planet.ubuntu.com/ is a compilation of community blogs, quite interesting. http://qa.ubuntu.com/ is the testing homepage. http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/ is the iso tracker, where you submit results from daily installs. http://package.qa.ubuntu.com/ is the package tracker, only active in candence weeks. can't think of anything else you will need to know.04:58
juggalonaut1im at 24%04:58
Noskcajjuggalonaut1, what iso are you downloading?05:05
Noskcajnote the what05:06
juggalonaut1its the other type of linux i have wanted to try05:07
juggalonaut1i use ubuntu tho05:07
juggalonaut1i know it by heart05:07
juggalonaut1its done launching now05:07
balloonsgood night all..05:08
balloonsthanks for filling folks in Noskcaj05:08
Noskcajballoons, np. you were on?05:08
Noskcajsorry for the ping then05:09
balloonsno no.. lol, I just got on, and noticed the time05:09
Noskcajjuggalonaut1, http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/243/builds/33052/testcases has the current testcases for mythbuntu amd64, please run one, record any errors you find05:09
Noskcajand as a comment write "run in Vbox" or "run in KVM", i advise against kvm as it is temporarily broken05:10
juggalonaut1hey noskcaj its saying my cu is not compatable i need pae for it05:10
juggalonaut1i use vbox05:11
Noskcajsigh, i thought that might happen. did you install Vbox?05:11
Noskcajopen it05:12
juggalonaut1should i shut down the already open vbox05:12
Noskcajyes, but remember its name(at the top)05:12
Noskcajfind the vm you where just running, e.g. testdrive-1605:13
Noskcajselect it, click settings05:13
juggalonaut1its open and it was testdrive 5 and its selected05:13
Noskcajopen settings(for it), go system, click the cpu tab05:14
juggalonaut1im seeing processor not cpu05:15
Noskcajoops, yeah, that. now toggle pae/nx05:16
juggalonaut1ok and im getting a error message about my ram05:17
juggalonaut1its saying not enough is left for my host os05:17
Noskcajoh, how much ram do you have?05:18
juggalonaut11.10 gigs altho i have ran a windows virtual on this same computer before and it was fine with the same ram05:19
Noskcajyeah, no vm testing for you unless you run xubuntu or lubuntu05:19
Noskcajyou could try only 512 for vbox05:19
juggalonaut1lol ok and i will try that05:19
Noskcajbut i doubt it will work05:19
juggalonaut1im trying now ill let you know05:20
juggalonaut1its loading05:21
juggalonaut1it is currently running05:23
juggalonaut1i am at the home screen05:23
Noskcaj:), now try to finish a testcase05:23
juggalonaut1ok i need a lil help with that05:24
Noskcajok, i dont have a mythbuntu iso, whats the problem05:26
juggalonaut1how od i finish a testcaseis m Q05:27
Noskcajidk, mythbuntu confuses me, please get a different iso and tell me which one05:28
juggalonaut1ok what one do you know05:28
Noskcaji recommend xubuntu as it is low ram usage, as is lubuntu05:29
Noskcajso xubuntu amd64?05:30
juggalonaut1i only have a 32 cpu05:30
juggalonaut1altho i am able to run a 64 on it05:30
Noskcajoh, then can you do lubuntu i38605:30
juggalonaut1i run 64 ubuntu on a 32 cpu sometimes05:31
Noskcajok, take your pick. you should have 64bit though05:31
juggalonaut1lol ok05:31
Noskcajits not a 64nit cpu then05:31
juggalonaut1i hate swapiness05:32
juggalonaut1i forgot to drop it to 10%05:32
Noskcajyou do xubuntu i386 i will do xubuntu Amd6405:32
juggalonaut1AMD Turion(tm) 64 Mobile Technology ML-4005:33
juggalonaut1i guess i do have a 6405:33
tgm4883questions on mythbuntu?05:33
juggalonaut1were wondering how to finish the testing05:34
tgm4883is there a confusing part somewhere?05:34
juggalonaut1no we are just going to do xubuntu05:35
Noskcajthe testcase in general confuses me, thats why i dont test it05:35
Noskcajping me when your download has finished05:35
juggalonaut1noskcaj im at 40% on download05:35
tgm4883well if it's confusing, we should see why05:35
juggalonaut1do you know of a way to lower swappiness w/o restarting the computer05:36
Noskcajafternoon pitti_05:38
juggalonaut1 do you know of a way to lower swappiness w/o restarting the computer05:39
pitti_Good morning05:39
=== pitti_ is now known as pitti
pittihey Noskcaj05:39
pittihappy new year everyone!05:40
Noskcajhappy new year, only 4 days late05:40
juggalonaut1i was gona say that lol05:40
juggalonaut1so anyone have any idea on how to change the swappiness without restarting the computer05:41
ubot5Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/05:41
tgm4883by this time, you could have just restarted the computer05:42
Noskcajtgm4883, isn't it meant to be step by step like everything else? http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/243/builds/33052/testcases/1442/results05:42
juggalonaut1ok thank you and i dont like to shut off my computer when im downloading a iso05:42
tgm4883Noskcaj, isn't that step by step?05:43
Noskcajjust untick the iso, it keeps what it downloaded05:43
Noskcaji'm only 26% anyway05:43
juggalonaut1im almost done05:43
Noskcajtgm4883, not really, compared it to the other testcases, anyone should be able to understand05:46
tgm4883Noskcaj, I'm guessing your issue is with "Go though the Ubiquity install as you would any other install. Most options won't matter for this testcase, but be sure to choose the following options"05:48
tgm4883I suppose I could write that all out, but I wasn't sure it was necessary. I've listed the only options that should matter05:49
tgm4883I wrote the testcase with the thought that anyone using the test case, would have done an Ubiquity install before05:49
juggalonaut1i am restarting my computer ill be back on in like 3 min05:50
tgm4883Noskcaj, would listing what page each bullet point is on make it more easy to understand? Or do I really need to write out every step?05:51
Noskcajtgm4883, i don't really know, talk to balloons tomorrow. he might add it to the testcase jam wiki page05:54
juggalonaut1i am back05:54
juggalonaut1do you have the install done noskcaj05:55
Noskcajjuggalonaut1, ok, i'm on 85%. start and the click the release notes link05:56
juggalonaut1after the pae thing again05:56
Noskcajdo the same workaround :(05:57
juggalonaut1i think i will always half to lol its ok05:57
juggalonaut1lower ram also05:57
Noskcajyou will, until someone fixes the bug05:58
juggalonaut1ehhh its ok05:59
Noskcajjuggalonaut1, so you should see bug 1065789 and bug 1080437. add the to the bugs category06:01
ubot5bug 1065789 in ubuntu-website-content "the release notes link in installer points to www.ubuntu.com" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106578906:01
ubot5bug 1080437 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "no background during the 13.04 daily install" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108043706:01
Noskcajthanks ubot506:01
ubot5Yum! Err, I mean, APT!06:01
juggalonaut1where would this be all i see is a message to upgrade bios but it bypasses it06:04
Noskcajkeep waiting, that means nothing06:05
juggalonaut1ok im at the install screen06:05
Noskcajclick release notes06:06
Noskcajit loads ubuntu.com does it not?06:07
juggalonaut1yes it does06:07
Noskcajclose that, the lack of a background is the other bug, click install xubuntu06:07
juggalonaut1should i go through the full install06:08
Noskcajif you tick "install third party software" the installer freezes for about 5 minutes. bug 108740906:08
ubot5bug 1087409 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "*buntu dailys take 3 minutes to get to the next screen if install mp3 is selected." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108740906:08
Noskcajclick next06:09
Noskcajare you running the manual partitioning testcase?06:09
juggalonaut1going to it now06:09
Noskcajk, add the three bugs seen so far06:10
juggalonaut1the something else option right06:10
Noskcajclick new partition table06:10
Noskcajthen continue, repeat. bug 1087823 appears06:10
ubot5bug 1087823 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Raring) "in the manual partitioning page the "new partition table" gets more buttons every time you click it" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108782306:10
juggalonaut1it is not showing any bugs or anything at all its just going like there is nothing wrong06:10
Noskcajclick new partition table again06:12
juggalonaut1i have a black background behint the installer and no error messages at all06:12
Noskcajno error messages is a given, you should have seen the bugs i have shown you06:12
juggalonaut1ok im seing the multiple buttons06:12
Noskcajyep, now get upto the slideshow appearing by doing as the testcase says06:13
juggalonaut1o ok yea06:13
juggalonaut1do wha06:13
juggalonaut1o ok06:14
Noskcajtell me when you get upto the slideshow06:14
juggalonaut1so go through the install process06:14
Noskcajthe testcase should show you how06:15
juggalonaut1its the same as ubuntu right???06:15
juggalonaut1if so i know it06:15
juggalonaut1ok and i missed the error codes can you please repeat them sorry and where do i submit them???06:17
Noskcajthey are both higher up in the chat and they are visible buy mousing over the bug icons in the testcase. you put them in to the "bugs" section at the bottom of the page06:18
Noskcajthe "codes" are the bug numbers, they are what launchpad uses for filing06:19
juggalonaut1ok hold on so i can open launchpad06:20
Noskcajyou don't have to06:21
Noskcajnote that the slideshow still says 12.10, the last bug i know of for the xubuntu installer. bug 08784806:27
ubot5bug 87848 in GNOME media utilities "Cyrillic titles from cddb are encoded" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8784806:27
Noskcajoops, bug 108784806:27
ubot5bug 1087848 in lubuntu-artwork (Ubuntu) "no login background lubuntu daily 13.04 Vbox" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108784806:27
juggalonaut1ok im back computer froze06:28
juggalonaut1so where on the bottom of the page is the bugs thing06:30
Noskcajjuggalonaut1, very bottom of http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/243/builds/33051/testcases/1302/results i think you need an account though06:31
Noskcaji have to go now, bye06:31
juggalonaut1ok bye06:32
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juggalonaut1what do i put for hardware profile???06:38
Noskcaj_afkjuggalonaut1, you only use that if testing on real hardware, just leave it. try and copy my report06:41
juggalonaut1i have it all done and would it be better to give more feedback if i partitoned my hdd and acually did a real install06:42
juggalonaut1cause i can06:42
=== Noskcaj_afk is now known as Noskcaj
juggalonaut1u back07:22
juggalonaut1kool so do u kno if it would be better for me to do that07:23
Noskcajit would help slightly, you should talk to baloons or phill tommorow about07:24
juggalonaut1ok i will if im on im headed to pennsylvania07:25
juggalonaut1i was running xubuntu and had a problem also07:29
juggalonaut1anytime i would run over a button or soemthing you can click the mouse would dissapear07:29
Noskcajjuggalonaut1, interesting. run sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop to try lubuntu as well07:31
juggalonaut1can i just use the test drive still07:31
juggalonaut1if so desktop or alternate07:32
Noskcajrun that command and lubuntu install beside xubuntu, no work required07:33
juggalonaut1i half to reinstall it07:37
juggalonaut1i just realised it does it through the whole install as whell07:42
Noskcajwas this in your vm or you main install?07:43
Noskcajeither way, filed a bug07:43
juggalonaut1i didnt do a real install on my hdd07:44
juggalonaut1and would i put that in comments07:44
Noskcajyep, run it again tomorrow and if the same bug appears, report it.07:48
juggalonaut1ok i edited my first report and put it in so ill check again when i can07:48
Noskcaji'm just changing the report to say completed rather than in progress07:49
Noskcajwait, i can't. can you?07:50
juggalonaut1i make my own report i think it was under my signin but ill try07:50
juggalonaut1should i put it as passed or failed07:51
Noskcajpassed if you reached a desktop at the very end07:52
juggalonaut1i did so ok07:53
juggalonaut1it let me set it as passed07:53
juggalonaut1are you still here08:17
Noskcajjuggalonaut1, yep, was eating08:18
juggalonaut1ok i have xubuntu installed and running again what was that command for terminal08:19
Noskcajsudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop08:19
Noskcajcan be run from any *buntu. as can "xubuntu-desktop", "ubuntu-desktop" and whatever the kubntu one is.08:20
Noskcajyou may want to edit your bug report. you have a lubuntu only bug down08:22
juggalonaut1im lost what ???08:23
juggalonaut1it is in the xubuntu08:24
juggalonaut1idk if you can see it08:25
juggalonaut1but here is the link08:26
Noskcajbug 1087848 should be bug 108782308:30
ubot5bug 1087848 in lubuntu-artwork (Ubuntu) "no login background lubuntu daily 13.04 Vbox" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108784808:30
ubot5bug 1087823 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Raring) "in the manual partitioning page the "new partition table" gets more buttons every time you click it" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108782308:30
juggalonaut1is that right???08:32
juggalonaut1i changed it08:32
juggalonaut1ok and i just started it up in lubuntu08:33
Noskcajhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/lubuntu.official/ has some interesting lubuntu desktops08:39
juggalonaut1nice one noskcaj09:25
juggalonaut1is anyone on11:08
dkesselpitti: thanks for the merge. too bad some of the tests are failing. but reading over the log i saw that most tests seem to be skipped anyway :/12:28
pittidkessel: there's quite a few succeeding ones12:29
pittidkessel: but the ones that differ by a trailing slash on file names look weird -- they don't look build environment specific at all12:29
dkesselpitti: i won't have much time to look at it in the next days because of work12:30
pittidkessel: no biggie; once we enable the "failing tests block migration into ubuntu", we can just disable the upstream tests12:32
dkesselpitti: i don't understand12:33
pittidkessel: I mean if you don't have time/want to work on them, as soon as they become critical we can disable that autopkgtest12:34
dkesselah, ok12:35
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
balloons alesage do you know if thomi got anywhere last night with the autopilot example?16:16
alesageballoons, no I don't--I think one of the autopilot-gtk dependencies needs updating to raring16:17
balloonsahh.. so did he pawn that off on you?16:17
alesageballoons, yes I intend to look into16:17
alesageballoons, np16:17
balloonsok SergioMeneses so go ahead and branch18:14
balloons bzr branch lp:ubuntu-autopilot-tests18:14
balloonsk, so you can re-use one of those as the shell18:18
balloonsgo ahead and hop into the pad18:19
balloonsand we'll start writing the first pieces for the eog conversion18:19
balloonsthen we'll get you to commit it back and propose a merge ;-)18:19
SergioMenesesgreat!... Im going to check it these days18:20
balloonshere's the link to the manual testcase18:20
SergioMenesesballoons, ty a lot for all! you rock!18:22
balloonslet me know when your ready to start, hehe.. I know there's a bit of setup18:24
SergioMenesesballoons, perfect! ill do it18:29
letozaf_Hi balloons, you there ?19:43
balloonshello, indeed19:55
balloonstime for some autopilot work letozaf_19:56
letozaf_yes :)19:57
letozaf_have you got time ?19:57
balloonsyes, all reserved :-)19:59
balloonsI wanted to chat with you and Noskcaj about an idea for keeping track of tasks20:00
balloonsand phillw njin and dkessel too if they are about20:00
balloonsI think Sergio is gone now20:00
dkesselyes, I am reading :)20:00
balloonsso, I found out lp doesn't really offer much for task tracking, and I was refferred to looking @ trello instead20:01
balloonsI've used it in the past as a sort of collaborative to-do list20:01
letozaf_-->letozaf is looking at trello.com20:03
letozaf_looks good20:03
dkessela fog creek product. sounds good ;)20:03
balloonsSo, I'm guessing it could look something like this.. let me add some stuff20:04
Noskcajoops, my backtrack download cancelled everything else20:05
balloonsSo, can you see the board?20:06
letozaf_yes I can and I also subscribed :)20:07
dkesselyup. and it updated without me refreshing the page. this is so post-2000 :)20:07
dkesselok i'll register20:07
letozaf_I'm getting all the notifications of the changes you make20:07
balloonsdoes it make sense? We can add more statuses, etc20:07
balloonsso, then we can make other lists to keep track of the manual testcases as well, etc20:08
letozaf_yes, can you write something more descriptive in the needs review column ?20:09
letozaf_I mean like what needs to be reviewed about, lets say, evince, for instance20:09
letozaf_like a check list ...20:10
Noskcajballoons, as something slightly related, can we add a timer for how long since each testcase was done?20:10
dkesselone should probably write the date/time when he/she last changed the status of a test20:10
dkesseloh wait you can see that by clicking items20:10
balloonsumm, I haven't used this a bunch, but you can add comments and descriptions, so sure20:11
balloonsNoskcaj, what do you mean by a timer?20:11
Noskcajballoons, so you can see how many days since the testcase was last run20:12
balloonsI'm a bit confused...20:13
balloonsok great, well if you all like it, sign up and I'll add you20:14
balloonsand add the rest of the targetted stuff20:14
balloonsif adds your "face" to what you've claimed ;-)20:14
NoskcajA timer that resets every time the testcase is completed.20:14
letozaf_I've signed already20:14
balloonsNoskcaj, as far as executing these tests, we'll be doing them ad-hoc, and as part of the cadence stuff20:15
balloonsthey'll go on the tracker the same way our other tests work and are reported20:15
balloonswe still have to work through making it easier to report, but we'll hammer it out :-)20:15
Noskcajok. the timer idea was for the iso tracker20:16
balloonswe might want something more, or a better interface I suppose, but I don't see that as happening right away20:16
dkesselyou can add me too20:16
balloonsyes, makes sense20:16
balloonsk, let me look20:16
balloonscan you add yourself?20:16
njinI will subscribe only if you sjow us the face of your dog ;-P20:16
balloonsnjin, hello!20:16
balloonsI do have a pic of my dog actually20:17
balloonsone sec20:17
* dkessel checks site for clues on how to join20:17
dkesselhaha, can color the cards... like say red on the left, then orange, yellow and green when you move them to the right ;)20:17
balloonsdid I get everyone?20:18
letozaf_I'm ok20:21
letozaf_maybe we can all choose a color so we will see at a glance who's doing what20:22
letozaf_or who did what20:22
dkesselif we are not more than six people...20:23
Noskcajmy list of questions/ideas since i'm going to the beach in an hour or so. timer on iso tracker, why is there no lubuntu/xubuntu autopilot testcases?, can we add a ubiquity changelog similar to the d-i one to the iso tracker, when are the classroom sessions happening.20:23
Noskcajgood idea letozaf_20:23
letozaf_you can also add a check list, cool!20:23
letozaf_thanks Noskcaj :)20:23
balloonsohh colors!20:24
balloonsNoskcaj, excellent questions20:24
balloons1) let's add it as a bug request for a feature20:24
balloons2) Because you haven't written them yet :-)20:24
balloons3) We could, open a bug for it20:24
balloons4) My date got erased, but I'm going next week. I'll send the email with my date today20:25
balloonsI believe it was next thursday20:25
balloonsJan 10th20:25
Noskcajok, i just need to know my date soon as i might be in brisbane for it20:26
Noskcaji will make the bugs ect. while i'm at the coast20:27
balloonsdo you know where?20:27
balloonsagainst ubuntu-website20:27
balloonsassign me to them20:27
balloonsor sub me20:27
Noskcajok, i will try and make them now20:29
balloonsnjin, I posted a dog pic, just for you :-)20:29
njinballoons, where ?20:29
letozaf_naaa cute doggy !!!20:30
njinreally nice, thanks balloons20:31
letozaf_is he or she still a puppy ?20:32
balloonshey phillw20:32
balloonsno, he's an "old man" now as my wife calls him20:32
balloonshe'll be 4 next month20:32
ubot5Launchpad bug 1096192 in Ubuntu QA Website "Iso tracker should have a ubiquity/kernal changelog similar to the one netboot has" [Undecided,New]20:32
balloonsthat is an older picture, so he looks a bit younger20:32
Noskcajgood bye20:35
balloonsso njin, can I add you now? :-p20:35
dkesseldeja-dup is a duplicate20:38
dkesselon the trello page20:38
letozaf_I made the mess, le me cancel the one I inserted20:38
balloonswe both deleted it20:39
balloonsmoved it back20:39
njinballoons, sure20:40
letozaf_I see it in the "potential packages" column20:40
balloonsmove it to wherever, whatever20:40
balloonsnjin, did I get the right one?20:40
njinyes, I don't have a photo available now20:41
letozaf_gnome terminal has been kind of half done ...20:41
balloonsprobably should look and see what's in the branch20:42
letozaf_balloons, I cancelled all the TABS (sorry) from the terminal test21:04
letozaf_wanted to propose a merge only for that, but instead looks like there are all the tests in the branch I uploaded to my profile21:05
balloonsI have tabs in some of my old stuff too21:05
balloonsso don't worry :-)21:05
balloonsI didn't mean to. I THINK everything should be 4 spaces now21:05
balloonsI merged all your stuff21:06
letozaf_using gedit does not let you see the TABS21:06
balloonsso you can update to trunk and then edit more if you wish21:06
letozaf_so I changed editor now21:06
balloonsI use geany, but you have to set it to use spaces21:06
letozaf_I found SPE, but still trying to get used to it21:06
balloonsahh yes21:07
balloonsvim and emacs are also options21:07
balloonsI shudder to mention them, lol..21:07
* phillw is a nano fan, but will use vim when needed :)21:18
balloonsahh yes, YAO21:18
phillwvim does have checks that are useful when writing / editing stuff.21:19
phillwBut, when not ssh'd into my server, I use Bluefish for CSS, (X)HTML etc.21:20
letozaf_I use vim to edit files when I use terminal but not to write code21:21
phillwletozaf_: indeed, when on a remote server I find vim / nano to suit my needs. But, the wonderful thing about Linux is that we can use whatever we prefer :D21:22
letozaf_thats right! :)21:22
phillwI tried various GUI editors, and found Bluefish best for me. I would never call one editor in either terminal or GUI 'better' than another, people should try several and settle with the one that they prefer :)21:24
balloonsit's just text21:24
balloonsso, phillw can I add you to do the board?21:24
balloonsI updated this page, and archived the old stuff21:24
phillwballoons: which board?...21:24
balloonsdid you miss the trello conversation>21:25
letozaf_well maybe if you get something specific for the language you are using you can have some advantages, like see TABS  and remove them when not needed :)21:25
letozaf_using gedit with python didn't let me see the TABS for instance21:25
letozaf_I think I will try Bluefish with python and see how it goes21:26
phillwletozaf_: I'm not familiar with python, I can read it, but not write it :)21:27
phillwc / cc/ c+ is aking to klingon for me, though :P21:27
letozaf_well neither am I :) but I'm learning :-D21:27
letozaf_I used to program in COBOL some years now :-D21:28
phillwI'm okay in PHP, MySQL, XHTML and CSS.... If it cannot be written in them, I ask some one to help :)21:28
balloonspython is pretty friendly21:28
dkesselletozaf_, you can enable display of whitespace in gedit using a plugin from the package gedit-plugins21:29
balloonsat any rate.. what do you think of a board for the other "stuff" phillw?21:29
balloonsand deprecate the wiki?21:29
letozaf_dkessel, thank you, maybe I will try21:29
phillwballoons: personally? I prefer wiki to be the 'gold' standard which holds the most up to date info. All other areas should point back to that. We did discuss this a couple of years ago within the Lubuntu community as we saught full recognition. As also now ubuntuforums has transferred / is transferring stuff from there to wiki I'd be uncomfortable with trying to keep multiple areas of reference up to date.21:31
balloonsphillw, ohh I definitely agree on one spot for stuff.. so, it sounds like we don't need more workflow than what we have in the wiki for manual stuff?21:32
phillwfor manual test cases, leave them there. As the auto stuff is developing then what ever is felt most useful for you guys, I'm totally okay with :D21:34
balloonsphillw, yea, I wanted this to be on lp, but other teams said they did it this way21:35
balloonsso we'll give it a whirl21:35
balloonsok, so my cleanup work stands then.. hehe21:35
phillwwhen I was a part of TheSII, the devs tried various systems for tracking development, assinging tasks etc. If you want, I can always enquire as to what they settled on. Not too sure if I can still get you all the google apps for such things for free owing to google changing the rules.21:37
phillwohh, I can.... just needs the area to be registered in USA... I know a man who can do that :)21:39
phillwballoons: just let me know if you guys need some server space, my offer for it still stands and I currently have four ipV4 unique addresses sat idle :)21:41
letozaf_dkessel, thanks I got the plugin and it works fine :D21:44
balloonsty phillw21:46
letozaf_I'm going to bed, goodnight :D21:59
balloonsgood night21:59
balloonsSergioMeneses, hey, we've got a trello board going now with the autopilot stuff22:00
thomialesage: did you get anywhere with the autopilot-gtk packaging?22:00
alesagehi thomi, I dput xpathselect and autopilot-gtk to raring in our ppa, haven't tested yet22:01
thomiI'm not actually here - just wanted to check, and baloons mention of 'autopilot' caught my eye :)22:02
* thomi heads outside to enjoy the sunshine22:02
balloonsthomi, heh22:02
balloonsyes indeed22:02
balloonsI'll ping you on monday22:02
balloonserr your tuesday about it22:02
balloonsSergioMeneses, if you make an account, I'll add you22:02
balloonseye of gnome is all yours22:02
alesageautopilot have a nice weekend22:02
balloonswith my help22:03
SergioMenesessorry im late22:05
SergioMenesesballoons, yes I have... give me a minute22:05
dkesseli'm leaving too, bye22:15

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