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JamesTaitHappy Friday, folks! :-D09:02
brobostigongood morning everyone,09:48
SuperMattgood morning me brobostigon09:50
brobostigongood morning SuperMatt09:51
popeyLaney: those "decorations" need to come down before the 6th! Or a plague of locusts be upon you or something09:51
Laneythat'll be a timelapse at the end of the day09:51
Laneyit's one of those magic trees :D09:52
Laneylike http://www.instructables.com/id/Grow-your-own-Magic-Crystal-Tree-or-any-other-sha/09:52
popeyi have a "magic" meerkat round here somewhere09:52
popeyoh haha09:52
popeylike the stupid bird one I did recently09:52
Laneyalthough not home made (that's a cool idea)09:52
czajkowskioh a laney09:52
czajkowskiwelcome back Laney09:53
Laneygetting up early today has hurt me09:53
czajkowskiLaney: have you put away the christmas jumper?09:55
LaneyI got a new one :D09:55
czajkowskidpnt put it in the washing machine :)09:57
Laneythis one can be washed09:57
Laneyit's not 100% wool ... ¬_¬09:57
Laneyignore the weird face09:58
czajkowskiNice jumper09:59
diploLaney: That is awful! :)09:59
popeynice face ☺10:00
LaneyI found out the pattern is called "fair isle"10:01
Laneyso now I know what to look for to buy LOADS MORE10:01
Laneythese left handed pens feel weird10:02
mungojerryleft handed pen?10:09
diploWhat does your better half think of them Laney ?10:10
Laneyshe gets me them10:10
Laneywell, this one was from her parents actually10:10
Laneyso I think it's a seal of approval :P10:11
diploOh dear....10:13
diploBigRedS: Did you have any luck with that app for android ?10:19
BigRedSI found something that claimed to do it, and have installed it, but haven't tested it yet10:20
BigRedScan't remember off the top of my head what it was, though :)10:20
BigRedS'Setting Profiles Lite'10:20
diploI'll let you test and let me know10:22
diploI'm very limited for space, really must try the hack mungo or someone in here tried expanding fs to sd card10:22
mungojerryyes that was me10:23
mungojerrybrought new life to my phone10:24
diploWill try soon10:25
diploWasn't sure if it was you so didn't want to highlight :P10:25
mungojerrysomehow i've nearly used the extra 100mb i added :S10:25
diploMy sd card, say once amonth seems to unmount, what damage would that do to the phone ?10:27
dwatkinsIs this 'Setting Profiles Lite', mungojerry, or just moving apps to the SD card?10:28
BigRedSI've tried app2sd which seems to have had no ill effect on the apps10:28
mungojerryit's S2E where you partition your SD card as SD-ext and your phone treats it has proper internal storage10:29
dwatkinsCyanogenmod has a built-in option to move an app to the SD card, I use it a lot to save internal space10:29
mungojerryapp2sd still keeps filling up /data10:29
mungojerrythe only proper fix is s2e ,10:29
mungojerrythe only downside is seems to use a bit more battery, probably sd card gets spun down more often in normal use10:30
diplodwatkins: yeah, I still don't have enough space, that's why I like mungojerry option10:30
diploMust get off my arse :)10:30
mungojerryi wrote some instructions10:31
mungojerrydid i send them to you?10:31
diploWrote some on here a while ago, but I didn't save them off :)10:32
diploWas going to google s2e when I was ready10:32
BigRedSdiplo: when you say it unmounts is that pure software? I keep having the SD card physically eject on my galaxy S210:34
BigRedSwhich I suspect is the cause of it dying the other week10:34
diploSoftware based yeah, my wildfire is all encased10:40
diploReboot the phone and it's fine10:40
mungojerryis anyone good at long words? i'm trying to think of a word and it's annoying me10:42
mungojerryit's a slightly obscure one, but my google-fu is failing me10:43
lubotu3Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:44
mungojerryi was getting to it, but someone came to my desk10:46
mungojerryit's a word (long) that describes the radio5 type attitude of giving equal credence to views of a professor who has researched the subject for years, and a binman who has just phoned up while doing his rounds10:46
popeyhappy new year aptanet10:48
popey"balance" ☺10:48
popeysounds like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_man_on_the_Clapham_omnibus10:49
mungojerryits a long word like postsupralapsarian10:50
aptanetlikewise popey  -  scary, I tried to put an @ before your nick then!!10:50
Laneybeautiful south ♥10:52
mungojerrypopey, got it10:52
mungojerryits a useful word10:53
mungojerrythe other word for the day is Zugzwang11:04
davmor2morning all11:04
mungojerryhow can i get weechat working on the command line with ssl?11:37
dwatkinsI'd almost forgotten that IRC does SSL.11:44
mungojerryirc: cannot connect with SSL because WeeChat was                            | not built with GnuTLS support11:44
mungojerrymeh, answers my que11:44
mungojerrythis is not for freenode11:44
dwatkinsah ok11:44
dwatkinsI'll just paste the link I was reading in case anyone else is curious: http://www.weechat.org/files/doc/devel/weechat_user.en.html11:45
mungojerryhmm irssi on these RH boxes doesn't seem to do it either11:50
mungojerrywas trying to move to screen on an ssh host instead of using a bouncer11:50
czajkowskiscreen + irssi = win!11:52
mungojerryczajkowski, i'm not used to irssi, how do i do a simple one liner to connect?11:53
kvarleyczajkowski: +111:53
mungojerryon weechat i can do weechat-curses irc://user:pass@server11:54
BigRedSmungojerry: rhel? ew11:54
BigRedS /connect <server name>11:54
czajkowskimungojerry: /connect irc .whatever11:54
czajkowskithen /j to #channelname11:54
kvarleymungojerry: http://askubuntu.com/questions/61549/how-do-i-configure-irssi11:54
* kvarley recently switched using that guide and a few searches on how to detach/reattach11:55
czajkowski ctrl a+d to detach screen-r reattach11:56
kvarleyNaming the sessions is useful too, I have a bunch of scripts on my pi to create a named session for irc, etc12:00
kvarleyczajkowski: Is there any way for the terminal window to notify me when somebody mentions my name in chat though? That's one thing it's missing.12:01
mungojerryand does irssi have colours?12:02
czajkowskikvarley: yes highlight12:02
kvarleymungojerry: Yes, but you have to configure them yourself AFAIK12:03
czajkowskimungojerry: I'm sure it does I dont really bother about them12:03
mungojerryweechat seems superior12:03
czajkowskiname changes are highlighted yellow for me12:03
AlanBellyou need more plugins mungojerry12:03
kvarleymungojerry: I'm sure people will have posted their own colour configs online tho12:03
mungojerryhow to switch between channels ?12:03
AlanBellnickcolor.pl does colours12:04
kvarleyczajkowski: Ah yeah. I meant is there anyway for the window to take focus when my name is mentioned or something along those lines. It's the only thing I miss about Pidgin.12:04
dwatkinswow, I never knew about alt+left/right, thanks AlanBell :)12:04
czajkowskikvarley: god no!12:04
czajkowskior ctrl p or n is handy12:05
AlanBelladv_windowlist.pl mouse.pl chanact.pl hilightwin.pl are all good things too12:05
mungojerryi want coloured nicks12:05
czajkowskibut I;ve all my windows aliased so alt t goes to a spefic channel as does alt q,s,d,f,etc12:05
czajkowskimungojerry: I'm sure there is a plugin12:05
mungojerryyeah will have a look over lunch cheers guys12:06
AlanBellscriptassist.pl is a thing that you should install first then you can easily install other scripts12:06
AlanBellhttp://scripts.irssi.org/ is where they all come from12:07
mungojerryhow to apply it please AlanBell ?12:08
mungojerryah, i see top of that page12:08
mungojerryok one more pleas..12:11
mungojerryhow to scroll up?12:11
AlanBellpage up or mousewheel if you have mouse.pl12:11
mungojerryit scrolls my command history12:11
kvarleyczajkowski: Found this - https://code.google.com/p/irssi-libnotify/wiki/MainPage - could be interesting :)12:12
AlanBelloh, move it about or wait a few seconds until the mouse cursor changes to a pointer rather than an I beam12:12
mungojerrycan't replicate that behaviour, stange12:14
mungojerryoh silly me, page up works, (mouse wheel not)12:15
solarcloud_3scrnAlanBell, Was there a note in with the envelope or did you just see the paper-money-note ??12:19
AlanBellsolarcloud_3scrn: got the note as well, thanks12:24
solarcloud_3scrnOh, OK . brilliant .. thought I'd Deadmau5'd again , thanks-again !!12:31
kvarley I get some sort of DBus error message when loading a script in irssi. Any ideas? http://paste.ubuntu.com/1495216/12:32
kvarleyThe script I'm loading is here https://irssi-libnotify.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/notify.pl12:32
mungojerryhello mungbean12:33
kvarleyNvm, it was a dependency issue :)12:40
kvarleyDoing "/SET notify_remote" in IRSSI results in " Unknown setting notify_remote12:48
popeyhmm, i'd like notifications too12:56
popeybut my irssi is on a remove vps12:56
czajkowskikvarley: there is an #irssi channel on freenode btw13:00
popeyhello marxjohnson13:01
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mungbeandont you love it when you are called customer services and after 5 mins of ringing you get passed to a message that says sorry, call back later...dead line13:05
kvarleypopey: It forwards them via dbus a libnotify so you can do it to a remote client :)13:28
kvarleyczajkowski: Thanks, asked there :)13:30
czajkowskikvarley: np13:30
mungbeanquick irssi question again, if i load a script e.g. nicklist, when does it take effect?13:36
dwatkinswhen people write things13:46
dwatkinsi.e. previous lines aren't affected13:46
mungbeannicklist is supposed to create a userlist on the RHS though13:49
dwatkinsoh sorry, I read that as nick_color.pl, my bad13:49
kvarleypopey: Couldn't get notfy.pl to play nice with irssi. Using this method instead http://jonathanbeluch.com/blog/2011/03/remote-notify-irssi-screen/ it works pretty well :)13:50
mungbeangot it, /nicklist screen13:52
bigcalmGood afternoon peeps :)14:27
kvarley\o bigcalm14:28
bigcalmOoo, a RPi user. Is your password still raspberry? ;)14:32
bigcalmpopey: what's new?14:32
czajkowskihows the cat14:33
czajkowskiwe've not had caturday in a while14:33
bigcalmI seriously need a UI designer for my photo booth app. It looks horrible right now14:34
bigcalmczajkowski: I have an URL for you!14:34
czajkowskioh cool14:34
bigcalmWhich my brain keeps reading as 'regretting' some how14:35
popeyI'll post some caturday pics tomorrow ☺14:36
dwatkinsbigcalm: that makes me wonder how long it will be until someone starts finding Raspberry Pi boxes connected to the internets and hacking into them....14:39
bigcalmdwatkins: 'hacking' in the same sense as accessing somebody's voice mail account because they haven't changed the default password14:40
dwatkinsbigcalm: yes, although if I had a RPi on my network and someone could log in to it, they would then be potentially able to access my other computers more easily14:52
dwatkins(see 'total cost of pwnership' or whatever that confusingly-titled document was about the damage a linux machine can do compared to the damage a windows machine can do if it's compromised)14:53
dwatkinshttp://www.immunitysec.com/resources-papers.shtml - August 12, 2004 Dave Aitel - Microsoft Windows, a lower Total Cost of Ownership (note the zero in the word '0wnership')14:55
LaneyI think my magic tree timelapse is going to be boring15:17
Laneystill doesn't look magic :(15:17
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bashrcI assume that folks have seen this http://youtu.be/sLtcj7FdIYA15:27
SuperMattnot yet15:29
bashrcit's a nice demo15:29
bashrcdefinitely looks like something which would sell15:29
SuperMattyou say that, but lots of people seem to think that mobile manufactures won't buy in to it15:29
bashrcwhy not?15:30
SuperMattbecause they already have the choice between android and windows phone15:30
SuperMattand symbian15:30
SuperMattand now tizen, or whatevs15:30
bashrcI think the average person who is not obsessed with operating systems will look at this and just think it's Android.  The screen transitions are very similar.15:31
SuperMattoh yes15:31
bashrcBut even if manufacturers don't like it (and I don't see why they wouldn't) he says in the video that it will be possible to unstall the Ubuntu phone OS onto existing Android phones.15:33
SuperMattone thing that would be nice of Upho: dial boot15:33
SuperMattbashrc: the thing is that you need to root the phone before you can install ubuntu15:35
SuperMattI have an s3, and I belive that samsung have locked it down quite hard15:36
bashrcyes, but I think that's common15:36
bashrcI guess that's a question of judicious purchasing.  If you buy a device knowing that you won't be able to have root access on it then I suppose that you deserve to live in a digital prison.15:37
SuperMattwell, when I bought the s3 it was because it was the best, not because I knew ubuntu phone was coming15:37
bashrcwhich goes back to the Stallman quote about "perceived convenience"15:38
kvarleySuperMatt: Samsung may try to lock it down but there are countless guides on how to unlock it.15:38
bashrcyes that does seem to be the case15:39
popey15:29:48 < SuperMatt> you say that, but lots of people seem to think that mobile manufactures won't buy in to it15:39
popeynot in our experience15:39
popeywe've had very positive feedback from handset manufacturers15:39
SuperMattoh sweet15:39
SuperMattI should of course stop reading slashdot15:39
bigcalmI'm surprised that people still do read /.15:40
mungbeanpopey: how does launcher work in ladscape mode15:40
popeydunno, not turned one sideways ☺15:41
mungbeannever seen a clip yet of it sideways15:41
mungbeanor making a phone call15:41
bashrcmaybe it doesn't have a landscape mode...yet15:42
SuperMatt/. is ok for getting some news articles, but the problem is that the comments are akin to those on the daily mail website15:42
bashrcthe daily fail15:43
SuperMattmostly misinformed or out of date15:43
popeymungbean: when they got the phone stack working, they immediately called Jane Silber, the CEO, from across the office. Was a happy day ☺15:44
SuperMatthow long has it been in development for?15:46
SuperMattalso: what does the phone stack stuff mean for desktops? if we plug in a sim card, will we be able to make calls?15:47
SuperMattno, of course not15:47
SuperMattdon't be so stupid matthew15:47
dwatkinsis the Ubuntu phone kernel the 'standard' linux kernel, Android or something else?15:48
SuperMattLaney: awesome!15:48
SuperMattthough I do tend to read anything ubuntu related on /. to see just how malinformed people are15:49
SuperMattI get a bit of a kick out of it15:49
bashrc"The problem with internet comments is that you can never really know who's saying them." -- Winston Churchill15:49
mungbeancomments from dinotards on ubuntu realted slashdot articles are funny15:49
popeySuperMatt: 2 years or so15:50
bashrchaters gonna hate15:50
SuperMattpopey: has it been a constant thing, or has it ramped up recently?15:50
popeyramped up for CES15:51
mungbeanmy mouse keeps stopping working, requiring reseating in usb slot..weird15:51
dwatkins"The probably with making up quotes is that anyone can do it" - Margaret Thatcher15:51
mungbeanslashdot commenters are so ultracrepidarian :D15:51
bashrcthat's a new word15:52
popeyits mungbean's word of the day15:54
bigcalmIt's what happens to me when I get drunk15:56
bigcalmI try not to get too drunk for this sort of reason15:56
SuperMattoh fedora, why do you keep slipping?16:02
bigcalmSuperMatt: head not big enough?16:03
SuperMattno, it's their new bloody installer16:03
SuperMattEven when ubuntu changed theirs, it didn't make a differnce to the release date16:04
davmor2mungbean: the thoughts count for floccinaucinihilipilification16:05
mungbeanwe need a bot which automatically explains the meaning of long words16:08
SuperMattanything over 12 characters?16:08
davmor2this is the biggest real word I know to pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis16:09
SuperMattbetter make it 15 characters as automatically is 13 :P16:09
ubuntubhoyGot hold of a cheapo USB 2 data link cable, and wan't to transfer a shitload of data from a Ubuntu install to a Win8 machine, is there any easy way to use this thing ?17:08
bigcalm!ohmy | ubuntubhoy17:17
lubotu3ubuntubhoy: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.17:17
solarcloud_3scrnubuntuboy Errata . Use shedload next time.17:18
davmor2http://t.co/MB7fYmBn muhahahaha17:18
bigcalmubuntubhoy: quickest way would be to take the HDD out of the Windows machine and hook it up to the Ubuntu one. Mount it there and copy your load17:18
solarcloud_3scrndavmor2, I thought mwahahaha or variants was saved for !Batman posts although the addition of a 'u' would indicate a #hashtag logg.17:21
davmor2solarcloud_3scrn: I think a big cat killing a snowman is evil so it gets an evil laugh, his next plan is to take over the world17:22
solarcloud_3scrn.. I don't think his hund legs will last the arthritis. davmor2, All cats come from a gemini Siaese cat called Congress.17:27
ubuntubhoybigcalm: laptop's, and no external HDD caddy :(17:27
davmor2ubuntubhoy: would a simply crossover cable not of been much cheaper?17:28
ubuntubhoyhad the data cable lying around17:29
ubuntubhoyethernet cable might be better though17:29
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Azelphurwell, that was unexpected19:49
locodir-userhello ?19:49
AzelphurI just announced to my gaming community that my upstream advertiser was forcing us to play 18 second adverts, this was met with a 100% positive response o.O19:49
Azelphurlocodir-user: hi19:49
locodir-useri got a question19:49
locodir-useri am new to ubuntu19:50
Azelphur!ask | locodir-user19:50
lubotu3locodir-user: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:50
ali1234Azelphur: i found this option in tf2 "show text only motd" and i haven't seen an advert on any server since. what's that all about?19:50
Azelphurali1234: does what it says on the tin19:50
davmor2locodir-user: welcome ask away19:50
ali1234so um, why does anyone even bother putting ads on there?19:51
Azelphurali1234: vast majority of users don't press that button, servers cost money.19:51
locodir-useri want to install the driver for my videocard (gtx610m laptop) i know a bit how the terminal works19:51
Azelphurali1234: yep19:51
Azelphurlocodir-user: 12.10?19:51
locodir-userno downgraded to 12.0419:51
locodir-usertought it was easier19:52
Azelphurubuntu button > hardware drivers19:52
Azelphurpress button receive driver19:52
locodir-useri have it in dutch language19:52
Azelphur!nl | locodir-user19:53
lubotu3locodir-user: Nederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl19:53
davmor2locodir-user: look for jockey-gtk is the apps name you may still find that19:53
AzelphurI scared him off :P19:54
davmor2Azelphur: not surprising have you looked in a mirror lately ;)19:54
AzelphurYea, a handsome man stared back at me xD19:55
davmor2Azelphur: Mirrors tend to be silver dude you were looking in a window :D19:55
davmor2well ladies and gentlefolk it is that time of day have a great weekend everyone20:07
ali1234ok, how do i report bugs on the ubuntu phone preview sdk?20:56
popeyali1234: problems with the kit or qt5?21:00
ali1234yes, and problems with the instructions on the website21:00
* popey finds out21:01
ali1234why do we have to use qmlscene instead of qmlviewer?21:07
ali1234oh, they just renamed it in Qt521:08
ali1234what's a gu?21:14
AlanBellresolution independent distance21:15
AlanBellali1234: http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-12.10/qml/mobile/resolution-independence.html21:17
ali1234so it's like points, xcept different?21:17
AlanBella bit, yeah21:18
AlanBellpoints are supposed to be a fraction of an inch and should know about dpi21:18
AlanBellbut they are hardly ever right21:18
ali1234and not actually resolution independent :(21:18
AlanBellI don't think this claims to be size consistent across devices21:18
ali1234so it isn't resolution independent21:19
ali1234it's just arbitrary21:19
AlanBellyes, it is a device appropriate unit of smallness21:19
ali1234yes. but not independent of resolution. it depends on resolution and also another thing21:19
AlanBellyeah, it is going to be smaller on a smartphone than on a laptop screen21:20
ali1234what does it do on a 7" tablet?21:20
ali1234what about 10"?21:20
AlanBellactually I am not sure it is going to be smaller on a smartphone21:20
AlanBellI dunno, it doesn't look massively well thought out does it.21:21
ali1234it looks like it has all the problems of using pixels and all the problems of using points combined into one system21:21
ali1234thanks, but no thanks. i will just use pixels21:22
ali1234as a bonus that means my app won't rely on ubuntu components, thus it will run on other mobiles as well21:22
AlanBellif I was going to do such a unit I would define it as 1/1024 of the longest dimension of the screen21:24
AlanBellor something like that21:24
ali1234well yu can trivially do that in qml anyway21:24
ali1234well, based on top level parent actually21:24
ali1234i dunno, maybe it's not so easy21:24
AlanBell"For example, if the destination size of the bitmap is 10 gu * 10 gu and the developer targets a Smart Phone (1 gu = 18 px) and a laptop (1 gu = 8 px) then he/she only needs to create a bitmap of 144 px * 144 px to support both devices."21:26
AlanBellerm. . .21:26
AlanBellsomeone is smoking the strong stuff there I think21:26
AlanBell8*18 is indeed 144, but that means it gets upscaled to 180x180 on the smartphone and downscaled to 80x80 on the laptop, neither of which is a clean scale of 144px21:27
AlanBellwell when popey finds where the bugs go, that one will be added to the collection21:28
ali1234qml simply isn't meant to be cross platform anyway21:29
ali1234it's meant to be so easy you just make a different version of your interface for laptop, desktop, phone, tablet...21:29
AlanBellI expect that is the plan, I think the "One system for all platforms" thing is marketing21:30
ali1234can i use qt mobility stuff or is there a special ubuntu version of it?21:31
AlanBellpro tip http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-12.10/qml/mobile/21:32
einonmAlanBell: If you were designing the perfect "One system for all platforms", you'd need different images in that case, or be happy to rely on intensive scaling in places anyway? Isn't there no easy way to fix that issue?21:32
AlanBelleinonm: scaling images isn't a big deal, the problem is getting a fully responsive design that reflows and works with touch vs mouse/keyboard21:34
ali1234einonm: yeah exactly. you're supposed to use different images and different QML with all the backend in a C++ library21:34
ali1234also you are supposed to use vector graphics as much as possible :)21:34
einonmAlanBell: ah yes, like windows 8... :-/21:37
AlanBellhaven't seen that yet21:39
popeyseems the project doesn't have a bug tracker configured, might have to wait till monday, keep a note of the issues pls21:42
AlanBellis the project separate to the documentation?21:43
ali1234AlanBell: that's the ubuntu stuff, but you'll need to use qml standard stuff too. some of which is in add on modules which may or may not be available21:49
AlanBellCaptain Jack should not be lowering himself to panto http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-2091594621:51
ali1234hmm QtMultimedia doesn't like ogg files21:52
einonmAlanBell: Because Captain Jack should be lowering himself to Ianto?21:58
AlanBelloooh clever :)21:58
einonmsorry. Couldn't resist21:58
ali1234jono's head is too fuzzy22:00
popeylots of options22:02
popeyimage search turns up lots22:02
ali1234yeah but he's still got a fuzzy head22:04
bigcalmpopey: Is that a 'yes' then? :)22:13
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bigcalmRequirements: Ubuntu and a webcam. Optional is a DSLR that works with gphoto2 (my Canon EOS 350D does) but not vital at this stage22:14
popeyczajkowski: saw http://imgur.com/gallery/OWtoF and thought of you22:37
czajkowskipopey: BOING!!!22:39
czajkowskiso want a pug!22:39
bigcalmczajkowski: dress Jon as one good enough for now?22:40
czajkowskiI think he might argue against that22:42
bigcalmI wonder if I can get Pug type costume bits to go with the photobooth ;)22:43
czajkowskinn folks :)22:43
AlanBellanyone know what the HUD process is?23:15
AlanBellthe thing that sits on dbus and is not the UI but is the thing that does the menu searching23:15
AlanBellah, that is running but it isn't seeing any menus23:33
popeyunity-panel-service running?23:33
AlanBellno, running in gnome-shell at the moment23:34
AlanBellI think the applications are not exporting their menu items to the dbusmenu or something23:35
ali1234well have you got the right environment variables set up so that all that stuff actually runs?23:35
AlanBellthe hud service runs, but doesn't have any content23:36
ali1234like DESKTOP_SESSION and and one for dbus menu23:36
AlanBellgdbus call --session --dest com.canonical.hud --object-path /com/canonical/hud --method com.canonical.hud.StartQuery "file" 523:36
AlanBellreturns an empty result, but it does get an answer23:36
ali1234qml item has properties scale and rotation23:39

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