shakes808good evening01:53
shakes808how are your aneurysms?01:59
widoxBlazeix: thanks!03:15
widoxwhoops. laggy history scrolling :-/03:16
snap-lWhat's up?03:28
shakes808just getting git on my desktop03:51
shakes808what about yourself?03:51
greg-gsudo apt-get install git03:59
snap-lWishing for someone to log into a site to accept my trade proposal. ;)04:03
* snap-l is a hoss trader when it comes to board games. ;)04:03
shakes808greg-g: windows04:04
shakes808snap-l: what are you trading and where?04:04
shakes808just going through to get the README file up and I am getting an error trying to commit.04:05
shakes808asking if I ran an update command on the server lol.... I am not admin server network guy at github04:07
shakes808so nope04:07
greg-gshakes808: I'd follow the help docs on github rather than what is from git04:10
greg-gespecially if you're just going to start out with github, you can learn real git usage later04:10
greg-g(github is git, yes yes, but, somethings seemed odd to me)04:10
snap-lboard game geek,04:11
greg-gholy cow04:12
greg-gand with that, goodnight04:12
shakes808i am going through github to do this04:13
shakes808it doesn't like my login/pass combo even through their GUI04:14
shakes808snap-l: that is a lot of Munchkins lol04:16
shakes808good night all04:34
rick_h_morning and all that14:40
rick_h_short week or not14:40
snap-lyeah, no kidding15:18
snap-lCat fell off the back of the chair, and caught her claw in my back.15:30
snap-lYeah, not good15:31
jrwrenwhy would you keep something around that can do that?15:32
snap-lWhy would you keep around a child that can kill you in your sleep?15:34
snap-lI'm sure the number of deaths by domestic felines is lower than deaths by raging children15:35
snap-lunless you consider tripping15:35
snap-lat which point, they're probably equal. ;)15:35
jrwreni must have missed something.15:36
rick_h_child killing parent (MA shooting)15:36
jrwrenwhen was this?15:36
snap-lMoments before he shot up that school15:37
rick_h_you know, the big school shooting? all over the news? The first thing he did was shoot his mother15:37
jrwrenthat was a grown man15:37
jrwrennot some child kept around15:37
rick_h_meh, 21 is grown man my #@$@15:37
snap-land technically still a child. ;)15:37
snap-lI'm still a child of my parents. :)15:37
rick_h_sorry, first thing I thought of with snap-l's comment15:37
jrwren13+ is a grown man in many cultures and religeons.15:37
jrwrenif we didn't coddle our populous, ours could be too15:37
snap-lI'm wondering if 40+ is a grown man in some cases. ;)15:38
jrwreninstead we have the "prolonged adolecense of the adult male"15:38
rick_h_jrwren: and 14yr olds can be mothers...doesn't mean it works great15:38
jrwrenstupid people everywhere15:38
_stink_we have two cats, and i still can't figure out why we have them15:38
snap-ljrwren: I resemble that remark. ;)15:38
_stink_now i know why my parents never let us have pets when i was a kid.15:39
brouschgreg-g: I forget. Are you working for Creative commons or Wikimedia now?16:38
jrwrentil: from itertools import izip,count18:25
jrwren>>> for (line,num) in izip(f,count(1)):18:25
jrwrenline numbers are important for error messages when parsing a file :p18:26
lmorchardHuh, that's nifty19:28
snap-ljcastro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaAkWy55V3A21:07
snap-l(and any other guitar freaks)21:08
snap-lI do like the top comment: The Kirk Hammet bit is invalid: no wah pedal.21:08
jcastrothe eddie one is spot on21:08
snap-lMustaine is spot on as well21:08
jcastrolol @ satriani too21:08
snap-lYeah, Satriani and Vai's were funny.21:09
jcastrodimebag could have been better21:09
snap-lYeah, that one didn't strike me nearly as much as Vai or Satch21:10
jcastrolink bacon up in the community channel pls21:10
jcastrolol @ mustaine21:11
snap-lGod, Vim can be such a pain sometimes.21:13
snap-lg/something//d doesn't work, but g/something/d does. Bastard. ;)21:14
jcastrooh dude21:14
jcastrohe's going to explain every one21:14
snap-lYeah, I didn't stick around for those.21:14
jcastroI AM21:14
snap-lI'm a dumb drummer. ;)21:15
n0phey, i see edits in that21:25
n0pand different guitars21:25
n0pstill pretty cool, but the title is not true "30 Shredders In One Solo"21:26
snap-lpedantic. ;)21:27
n0pi'm just totes jelly21:30
Blazeixwidox: you thinking about going to the wednesday github drinkup?22:11
Blazeixi'm going to try to make it22:11
snap-lhttp://info.ikea-usa.com/recharge#/nesting/Itallstartswithyou/Liveinharmony <- HTML5?22:28

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