nathwillslangasek, any problems with ubiquity i should be aware of before trying to install a 13.04 nightly?02:01
nathwillalso, FDE is working now, eh?02:01
nathwillfull disk encryption02:27
nathwillfeel free to verner von braun this02:27
slangasekah; for a cycle now, yes02:27
slangasekas for ubiquity issues, I'm aware of none02:27
nathwillk. gonna do a clean install on this mac tonite, feeling like living on the edge02:28
nathwillthanks :)02:28
nathwilli'm willing to take the chance on edge cases, but figured you'd know of any major showstoppers02:28
bkerensaslangasek: I assume FDE only works when the entire HDD is encrypted as in no other partitions can be unecrypted02:30
slangasekthat seems tautological. ;)02:32
nathwilli don't remember seeing the option during my last 12.10 install, but i remember the EFF lauding praise on y'all for getting it shipped02:33
slangasekI believe the support exposed in the installer UI only allows you to do full-disk encryption, no per-partition encryption02:33
cweber10ubuntu requires a none encrypted /boot02:33
slangasekright, excepting /boot02:34
bkerensaslangasek: ahh I see... I have this one parition that has this one non-free thing on it and I probably need to bug my fiancee to not need it anymore and move to FDE.02:36
bkerensaslangasek: while at the same time I do not understand what benefits FDE provides over the existing encryption of /home02:36
nathwillbkerensa: imagine that your shipping a corporate customized ubuntu image with some proprietary apps installed in /usr/bin02:37
nathwillor any number of other scenarios where sensitive info may be distributed throughout the filesystem02:37
cweber10fde prevents reading of any folder like /tmp /var /etc and any posible injection of programs into the bin directories02:38
bkerensanathwill: yeah I guess for integrity of those paths it would be nice02:38
bkerensaand those purposes02:38
nathwillif it's available, i don't know why anyone would pass it up, there's no noticeable performance hit for it02:39
nathwillindeed sir02:41
bkerensasome guy on G+ asking when he can install Ubuntu without Windows or DOS02:42
nathwillyou're being trolled amigo02:42
nathwillsee that malicious smirk?02:42
bkerensaidk man02:43
bkerensahe could live in some cave... it happens02:43
bkerensaMy trolldar did not go off02:43
cweber10I find the mention of dos a bit odd.02:44
nathwillalrighty then... back in a bit, going to blow up this laptop for giggles02:45
bkerensaidk in Ghana we California LoCo had someone replacing windows with edubuntu02:45
bkerensathey had installed windows because they did not know how to use linux apps at all02:45
bkerensaI imagine its possible02:45
slangasekbkerensa: full-disk encryption only encrypts your Ubuntu partitions, not your Windows ones.05:22
slangasekyou just don't get to configure whether it encrypts your *full* Ubuntu install or not05:24
bkerensaslangasek: luckily I have no data on Windows partition :) since I never login there06:45
bkerensakees man you hack on too much software07:56
* bkerensa found you in authors file again07:56
bkerensakees: Do you by chance know if libdvdread still has a upstream repo and accepts patches?07:58
keesbkerensa: I think it's kind of dead. I haven't looked recently. VLC might be keeping it currently.15:29
keeshrm, not dead. the snapshot was from october15:31
kees(that's the debian split, since it seems that http://dvdnav.mplayerhq.hu/ hasn't been touched in over a year15:37
nathwillso i got to have a party with EFI last night :/23:14
nathwillwhich basically comes down to "macs are stupid"23:14
bkerensanathwill: :D23:30
nathwillthough it ended well. i no longer have to hold the option key to boot the machine :)23:31

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