HowdyDoodyyes, I did01:28
HowdyDoodyI found the 'mystery' stuff using up 12Gigs.01:42
HowdyDoodyAll hiding in /root which is not accessible to user.01:43
HowdyDoodyanyone around tonight ?02:22
TheLordOfTimei'm not around, i'm just here.02:32
HowdyDoodyI've just trashed my upgrade to 12.10.   Thought I was clever doing upgrade with disk, chose that option. too.  Buuuut, I also chose the main user and it BLEW away the old /home/user data and gave me a new blank one.   Ugggh.02:34
TheLordOfTimeand now you know why backups are the golden rule of upgrades02:34
HowdyDoodyFirst fix is /boot has new stuff on it.    And /dev/sda1  has my main boots stuff on it but 12.04 is latest there.02:35
HowdyDoodyI've copied the contents of /boot to /dev/sda1, but I know there is more to do yet.02:36
HowdyDoodyI need to fix grub on /dev/sda1 to utilize the new stuff copied from /boot.  Not sure how to tackle that.02:38
teddy-dbearMorning peoples13:08
HowdyDoody  /boot has been fixed, so has nvidia.   The website had a LOT of negative vibes on how ubuntu handles (it doesn't) the install of Nvidia driver.  On to other fixes, now.13:23

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