brycemlankhorst, happy NY to you as well01:21
GeoffChHappy New Era too!  bryce, supposing you got my email:  do you suppose the i915 driver could be mapping my modelines somehow to fit within the (wrong) dimensions of my display?01:43
bryceGeoffCh, dunno, I'd have to see logs01:44
GeoffChOK, I can do that.  Xorg.0.log, syslog, xorg.conf, anything else?01:47
brycexrandr --verbose, dmesg01:47
GeoffChOK, sure.  No hurry, I'll email them.01:48
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ricotzbjsnider, hi14:43
ricotzbjsnider, by any chance did you look into building nvidia blob with 3.8rc2 yet?14:43
ricotzok, thanks14:44
mlankhorstsforshee: do you know of other ati cards that might also need the d3 delay increase?15:54
sforsheemlankhorst, I only have one other system with an ATI card and it doesn't have hybrid graphics. I haven't seen any issues with that one.15:56
sforsheeslangasek has a mac mini with radeon, but when I had that one I don't recall seeing any issues either15:57
mlankhorstok so it might be just this laptop then having problems during switcheroo?15:57
ricotzSarvatt, hey ;), i see you having fun updating things20:31
Sarvattyeah would have helped if i looked before test building/uploading xserver :)20:35
ricotzoh :)20:40
ricotzdid you dare to think about ;)20:40
ricotzi hope someone likes to pick up pixman 0.28.220:45
Sarvattricotz: have you tried newer pixman? the glyph cache stuff is supposed to make the nvidia blow up last i looked21:06
Sarvattfrom 0.2721:06
Sarvatterr nvidia blob blow up21:06
ricotzno, havent tried it21:06
ricotzxserver 1.14rc1 will need it though21:07
Sarvattsaw lots of complaints from arch people on the nvidia forums about it21:07
ricotzhmm, i see21:07
Sarvattahh arch backported the commit from xserver master to 1.13, so our 1.13 will be fine21:09
Sarvattbut yeah https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/3261221:09
* bryce waves21:19
wrouesnelis there any word on if the radeon drivers are working in the edgers ppa again?21:37
mlankhorstwas a bit of fallout in linux git lately :P21:39
mlankhorstSarvatt: hm does edgers use kernel drm git version?21:53
agrestringereGot a quick question for you all: I updated to the Xorg Edgers PPA and the current 3.5 Kernel is having massive problems with my Wifi21:54
agrestringerethe broadcom sta driver won't even start up21:54
agrestringereany advice on how to get this working?21:55
agrestringere Anyone can help with this:  Linux 3.5.0-18-generic #29-Ubuntu , wireless package used is bcmwl-kernel-source_5.100.82.112+bdcom-0ubuntu3_amd64.deb21:59
agrestringerehandling it in #ubuntu room, ignore, thanks...22:02

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