barrydkGood morning everyone05:33
mazalMorning everyone06:31
Kilosafternoon all07:08
Kiloshi mazal wen julle07:23
Kilosinetpro_, you got a tail07:28
Kilosgood morning07:28
mazalMore oom Kilos07:31
mazalYep it's running , just the ssh that refuses to work. So I will go and work on the server itself when needed07:32
mazalDidn't want to hold back to job for that stupid problem07:32
mazalAnd now no more pathetic 800kb/s copy speed to the server like it was07:33
mazalNow it's normal at 10mb/s07:33
mazalI told everyone it's software and none believed me07:34
mazalSoon as I changed the software now the speed is right07:34
Kilosthey ping each other ok?07:34
mazalYa everything is sharp now. Well except the stupid putty thing07:34
Kilosso ssh from both sides doesnt work?07:35
mazalOnly from my pc07:35
mazalAnd only to the new server07:35
mazalMy pc works to the other two servers07:35
Kilosbut from the new server to your pc?07:35
mazalAnd ubuntu boxes works to the new server07:35
mazalIs just from my pc07:36
mazalCan't ssh to my pc , Windows doesn't have ssh server07:36
Kilosif you install putty there07:36
Kiloson the windows pc07:36
Kilosim sure its just a tiny thing needs configuring07:39
Kilosbut to find it is the thing07:39
mazalPutty is already installed on the win pc07:45
mazalThat is the ssh client07:45
Kilosja barrydk 08:13
barrydkHello kilos08:13
barrydkHow are you this morning Kilos08:19
Kilosim ok ty. back still eina08:19
Kilosstupid thing08:20
Kiloshi roryy 08:20
barrydkwhat happened/08:20
roryyhey Kilos08:21
Kiloshurt it 2 weeks back tipping over the bi ram to innoculate him08:21
Kilosstrong swine. 80 to 90 kgs08:22
barrydkI got a high speed lead injection system for you to borrow08:22
barrydkHmm sounds like a lot of meat08:22
Kiloschops on the hoof08:23
barrydknou i feel for a braai stopit08:23
barrydkchange the supject08:24
barrydkWhere is Grumps this morning?08:24
Kilosno man he is a super guy08:25
Kilosyou misread him08:25
barrydkJust joking no hard feelings from my side08:26
Kilosall the best for 2013 drubin drussell cocooncrash 08:27
Kilosive seen here how patient he is . we had one really piggy windows guy that tried ubuntu and just complained and threatened to go back to windows all the time08:28
Kiloshe was handle very calmly and in a gentlemanly way08:28
KilosMaaz, diplomat08:28
MaazA diplomat is a person who can tell others to go to hell in such a nice way that they look forward to the trip08:28
=== inetpro_ is now known as inetpro
inetprogoeie more08:29
inetprodankie Kilos08:29
barrydkMore inetpro 08:30
Kilosvir inetpro ?08:30
inetproKilos: so iets ja08:32
Kiloso die stert08:34
roryyif i want to live boot ubuntu 12.10 on a Windows 8 machine (i.e., SecureBoot), will only the 64-bit version work?08:37
Kilos32 should work too08:38
roryyok - my googling so far suggests the opposite.  i don't suppose you've tried it?08:39
Kilosnope dont have 8 but it worked on 708:40
Kilosi removed 7 and installed 12.04 kde08:40
roryyI thought SecureBoot was more-or-less a Windows 8 only thing08:40
roryy12.04 doesn't (yet) support SecureBoot, AFAIK08:40
Kilosi think the fly got 8 then dumped it again he will know methinks08:41
roryywell, see here for example: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI08:41
roryyalso been articles on lwn.net about how different distros will handle secureboot08:42
Kilosi dunno if theres anything in bios that makes it want to see 64b08:42
Kilosi go see08:42
Kiloshi Wraz 08:43
Kilosoh thats the new bios thing08:43
Kilosis it a new pc08:44
roryyi haven't bought it yet :-)08:44
roryywant to try booting ubuntu before buying08:44
roryyand it'll take me another 2.5 hours to download the 64-bit image08:44
Kilosask in the mailing list if anyone has tried08:44
roryyag, might as well08:44
roryythanks Kilos08:47
Kilosif time is the only snag then do it and you got both08:47
Kilosnp sorry i couldnt be more specific08:47
roryyyeah, i need the 64-bit anyway - machine has 6GB mem08:47
inetprororyy: please come back and tell us here if you found a solution08:50
roryyinetpro: i'm downloading the 64-bit image, will go to the shop and boot with that.  Will let you guys know if it works or not08:51
Kilosty roryy 08:51
inetprororyy: thanks08:52
inetprororyy: let's hope the guys at the shop will allow you to boot with that08:55
roryy*shrug* I won't buy the laptop otherwise08:56
roryysrsly - i can't spend that much without knowing if it will work for me08:56
Kilosof course08:57
Kilosno choice of getting one without windows installed08:57
roryynot this model, i don't think08:57
Kiloslol have you googled that?08:58
Kiloswhat lappy is it08:58
inetprowell it seems you may need to tweak a setting or more in the bios before it will work08:58
roryymy perception was 12.10 *should* work with these machines out-the-box08:59
roryybarring bugs, of which i gather there are a few08:59
Kilosmaybe 8 has added something09:00
Kilos7 was very security conscious so 8 must be worse09:00
Kilosor even ask the shop for one without windows preinstalled09:02
Kiloslooks like a cool machine09:03
roryyKilos: it's about boot-up: Windows 8 ready machines will only boot images that have been digitally signed by Microsoft.  Ubuntu, Fedora and I think SuSE all have different solutions for this.  E.g. http://blog.canonical.com/2012/06/22/an-update-on-ubuntu-and-secure-boot/09:03
Kilosaw the fly gone09:04
Kiloswb superfly_ 09:04
Kilosand mrs_fly 09:04
Kiloshehe inetpro the bot greeted him09:04
inetproKilos: very interesting09:05
inetprobut Kilos, that's because he has a tail09:05
Kilosoh my09:05
inetproyour bot has never seen him with a tail09:05
Kilosi hoped she was eveolving into a cleverer bot09:06
Kilosoh well she greeted anyway09:06
inetproKilos: she will remember now09:06
Kiloshope so09:06
inetprountil tonight at least09:06
inetproor when you kill it again09:07
Kilosoh ya09:07
inetproa bot really needs to stay online for it to be useful09:07
Kilosi spose09:09
Kilosbut then i dont see whats happening09:09
Kilosscared to come back and pc is hung again09:09
Kilosoh i must show you09:09
inetproKilos: show me?09:12
Kilosya weird things here since that crash09:12
Kilossec i gotta find a place to upload a pic09:13
Kilosthis is what i see while booting up to where password required09:19
Kilosdunno if thats because of pci graphics card09:20
Kilosinetpro, ^^09:22
Kilosi wish there was an image site as easy as slexy.org09:22
inetproKilos: so what do you do to get past that?09:35
Kilosi wait till i see the purple screen with password block09:36
inetprohmm... 09:36
Kilosit still boots fine just doesnt show the purple screen09:36
Kilostill password block comes up that is09:37
inetprojust disable the splash screen 09:37
inetproand stop worrying about it09:37
Kilosis that white striped screen the splash screen09:38
Kilosits close to what i see on server boot09:38
inetprogoogle is your friend09:39
Kilosbut server goes to cli only09:39
Kilosnee man its not a prob09:39
Kiloswanna get the latest 12.04 iso when data fullup again09:39
Kilosi got 1g for the month still and 350 night surfer so maybe will get 12.04.4 iso that way09:40
Kilosthe have 500 or so for the month09:41
superfly_gah, stupid Freenode again, it seems.09:42
=== superfly_ is now known as superfly
Kiloshi superfly 09:43
Kilosdid you see my bot greeted you with the tail09:44
Kilossynaptic is a useful tool. its shows grub-common grub-pc-bin grub2 and grub2-common as needing upgrades10:15
Kiloshi Squirm 10:15
Kilosmaybe thats the splash prob10:15
Kilosthe "mark all upgrades" function is cool too. shows 22.9m to be downloaded10:16
Kilosif i disappear something didnt work10:16
Kiloslotsa compiz stuff10:17
Kilosand nautilus10:18
mazalRight , server nr 2 for redo here I come10:21
Kiloshope you got better luck with the ssh thing10:21
Kilosyou can still ssh it now10:22
Kilosif you cant after the redo you doing something wrong10:22
mazalThis one is a very quick and easy single public share server10:26
mazalEverything SHOULD go well10:27
mazalBut with computers you never know10:27
superflymazal: just a quick question: why are you redoing the servers?10:27
mazalIt's that old 10.10 remember ?10:27
superflyand you don't want to do staggered upgrades?10:28
mazalThe main one I redid cause of the dreadfull samba problem in it that only worked at 800kb/s over the network10:28
mazalThis one is because of that stupid "keep showing old file sizes and dates on files" problem10:28
mazalSo Hope the newer software will help10:28
mazalDoing both with 12.04.0110:29
mazalOh and both are now 64bit , previously 32bit. That's the other change10:31
superflyah, right. yes, you can't change architecture without a complete reinstall10:34
mazal2nd server done10:46
mazalWish they all were that easy10:46
Kiloswell done10:46
mazalJa this is just the little avupdate distributer10:47
mazal1 share that is public and that's it10:47
superflymagespawn: ever heard of Umziki Pan?10:49
mazalKilo's guess what , that one's ssh also not working10:49
Kilosuh oh10:49
mazalIs defnitely something on the new ssh software blocking my pc. Now I'm convinced of it10:50
Kilosdoes it matter if your pc is 32bit and server 64bit10:51
Kiloswell sort the ssh thing before you do the next server10:52
mazalNo I am done for now , is nou moeg vir servers10:53
Kiloswat se google van dit10:54
mazalI anyway don't even know where to look. Same software works on server 310:54
mazalOnly difference , that one is 32bit10:54
mazalGoogle gives the usual , thousands of post with no real solution10:54
mazalGoogle does not know everything10:55
Kilosinstall 64bit ubuntu on one pc and try ssh from there10:56
mazalssh works from ubuntu boxes10:56
Kilosall you have changed is 32 to 64bit10:56
mazalAlready saw that10:56
mazalNope , much newer software as well10:57
Kiloskop krap dan10:57
mazalOne was 10.10 and the other 11.1010:57
Kilosya but 32bit10:57
Kilosare you sure a 32bit pc can ssh a 64bit server?10:58
mazalThat's not relevant10:59
Kilosnow you gotta do everything manually from the servers till ssh sorted hey?11:01
mazalGaan eers sweets soek11:02
Vince-0Friday's up11:49
Kiloslo Vince-0 11:50
Kiloshey bakuman Banlam 11:57
bakumanhi hi11:57
Vince-0mazal was having issues with ssh serve access? I often find ssh-server not installed by default 12:02
mazalIt's there , I added it myself and can ssh from Linux box to it12:03
mazalAnd , hi Vince-0 :)12:03
mazalDon't think I saw you yet today12:03
magespawnHowdy all12:10
superflyyo magespawn12:12
mazalHi magespawn 12:12
superflymagespawn: heard of umzini pan?12:15
magespawnHey superfly not sure,muzi pan yes, there by mkuzi?12:17
magespawnHey mazal12:17
superflymagespawn: yes, I think so12:17
superflyI think they're on the other side of the game reserve to Hluhluwe12:17
magespawnWill look it to see if we are talking about the same place12:19
superflymagespawn: http://www.umzikipan.co.za/12:20
superflya little bit off the beaten track from Hluhluwe, but it doesn't look like too far12:22
superflyAh, it looks like there's a fairly direct route12:23
superfly15 minutes drive12:23
magespawnDo not know much about it, but it is only abou 15-20, and the dirt section of the road is in relatively good condition12:25
magespawnwhen coming to hluhluwe there is no shortage of accommodation options12:30
magespawnsuperfly you would have to go though hluhluwe to get there12:31
superflymagespawn: that's fine12:32
superflymagespawn: so you'd better be around on Monday the 3rd of June - we're coming to visit!12:32
magespawnmay just have to take an extended leave then12:33
magespawnon that map my shop is above the last e in the left hand hluhluwe12:34
magespawnand i stay just about where the pink edge of town is marked12:35
* magespawn hastily checks his calender and tries to contrive some reason to skip town12:37
mazalBye guys , have a good evening12:39
charl_good afternoon12:40
Kiloshehe @ magespawn 12:40
charl_Maaz: coffee on12:40
* Maaz flips the salt-timer12:40
Kiloshi charl_ 12:40
magespawnhi charl_12:40
charl_hi Kilos 12:40
charl_hi magespawn 12:40
magespawnsuperfly the whole family coming?12:40
Kiloswell duh12:41
Kiloswho goes on leave without his family12:41
magespawnsome people do, and with little babies, but each to his own12:42
charl_that's pretty bad12:42
magespawni also paranoid people who would not bring a little kid to this part of the world12:43
superflymagespawn: yup, all of us12:43
superflymaking a road trip12:43
MaazCoffee's ready for charl_!12:44
charl_Maaz: danke schon12:45
Maazcharl_: What?12:45
charl_Maaz: dankeschon12:45
Maazcharl_: Sorry...12:45
charl_Maaz: danke12:45
charl_Maaz: you need an upgrade :)12:45
Maazcharl_: What?12:45
magespawncool superfly, will have real coffee/tea ready12:45
superflymagespawn: w00t! :-)12:46
magespawnwe just arrived in Klerksdorp, so bit zonked from the drive, going for snooze, see y'all later 12:46
Vince-0Hi all, inbetween afks at the office here...13:00
Vince-0yaar! work ends13:09
charl_interesting article: http://royal.pingdom.com/2012/04/24/irc-is-dead-long-live-irc/13:52
Kilosgo freenode14:07
magespawnso a snooze with two kids who have not seen you for a month not such a good idea14:23
Kiloshiya nlsthzn_ 14:28
superflymagespawn: fetching the fish from their grandparents?14:30
superflyah, was wondering why you we're going to Klerksdorp, then you mentioned the fish and I remembered...14:32
superfly*were 14:32
magespawndid it in 8 and 1/2 hours, so made good time14:36
smileeehi :D15:08
inetprocharl_: nice link15:10
smileeeinetpro: my raspberry pi is running fine :)15:11
* Squirm pops in15:19
smileeeSquirm: :D15:20
Cantidejust put a new m/b + cpu + ram in15:33
Cantideand kept my HDD and ubuntu installation15:33
Cantidehow do i update my drivers? 'o'15:33
Kiloswhat socket15:33
Kilosgreat too15:33
Cantidejust a cheap i315:33
Kiloslekker so you can go all the way15:34
Cantidewith 8 GB of 1600 DDR3 hahaha15:34
Cantidewell, Intel is bringing out the 1150 socket in about 6 months15:34
Cantideso this PC will go to my dad when I build a nice one :)15:34
Kiloslarger cpus are expensive15:34
Cantidethat they are15:34
Cantidebut worth it if you have the money15:34
Kilosif you have ya15:35
Kilosi will try save for a 1155 mb in this year15:35
Cantidei bought a cheap one - R 50015:35
CantideMSI H61 board15:35
Kilosat matrix15:35
Cantidethe Asus Z77 looks a lot nicer, but for R 2 000 it's a bit much for me now15:36
Cantideespecially since i won't be keeping this one15:36
Cantideno, at PC Zone15:36
Cantideit's a local Durban store only15:36
Cantidewell, Pinetown / Ballito / Musgrave15:36
Kilosn ice to see you thinking about your dad15:36
Kilosgood boy15:36
Cantideyeah, and in the meantime he will use the one i was using, but it's a bit slow15:36
Kilosthere is sahara computers in durbs15:36
Cantidein Springfield Park iirc15:37
Cantidebut i'm not a fan of Sahara15:37
Kilosthey used to be quite cheap15:37
Kilosbeing wholesalers too15:37
Cantidecheap isn't always good :p15:37
Kilosno man they sell the same stuff15:37
Cantidesometimes :p15:38
Kilosbut often at wholesale prices15:38
Kiloso hope you putting ubuntu on it15:38
Cantideof course!15:39
Kiloswell done15:39
magespawnCantide: 64 bit?15:40
Cantideshould i?15:41
Kilosdoesnt 64bit use more resources15:41
magespawn64 bit handles the more ram better if i am right15:42
Cantidei have 8 GB15:42
Cantideand OS is picking it up15:42
CantidePAE kernel <315:42
magespawnmaybe that was changed or i am getting my os's confused15:43
Cantidetrying to get help in #ubuntu15:44
Cantidei might need to reboot..15:47
Squirmmagespawn: you have to have a PAE kernel for > 4Gb15:53
Squirmand Cantide, Sahara has moved location15:54
Squirmthey're now off Queen Nandi15:54
CantideOmega is also there15:54
Cantidetoo far for my liking haha15:54
Squirma friend of mine used to run PC Zone in Cato Ridge15:54
Squirmwell, friends brother15:55
SquirmCantide: where do you live?15:55
magespawntypical linux being so far ahead15:55
CantideSquirm, Queensburgh15:56
SquirmMooi River15:56
CantidePC Zone in Cato Ridge is not the same as the ones in Pinetown / Ballito / Musgrave15:56
SquirmPAE, iirc, stands for Physical Address Extension - Little piece of knowledge15:56
Cantidemust be another store altogether that happens to have the same name15:56
Squirmthere's also a PC Zone in pmb15:56
Squirmwhich are linked afaik15:57
Squirmso maybe PC Zone is kind of, franchising?15:57
magespawnand in Ballito15:57
Squirma guess, I really don't know15:57
Cantidehttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1844354 found a solution! hah!15:58
CantideSquirm, they are not franchising15:58
Cantidei worked for them when they had just one store in Pinetown15:58
Cantideand i know the owners15:58
Cantidezones.co.za is their website15:58
Cantideyou will see on the 3 stores i mentioned listed on the site15:59
Cantidebrb, reboot15:59
charl_haha sudo wrestler15:59
charl_hi smileee 16:00
smileeehi charl_ :p16:00
Cantideyeah!! welcome back to Unity 3D <316:00
Cantidethe solution there worked :)16:00
charl_smileee: i found an excuse for another trip to belgium in the summer - the japanese garden in hasselt16:01
smileeecharl_: cool :D16:02
=== Kanchi is now known as Cantide
charl_Cantide: had to look it up on the wikipedia, i see there's a place called "Moseley"16:04
charl_sounds a lot like "mos eisley" http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Mos_Eisley16:04
charl_oh, he's gone :S16:04
CantideI'm here :)16:05
CantideMoseley haha :) that's not too far from where i am16:05
charl_oh i see now16:05
charl_a nickname recovery :)16:05
Cantideyeah, i pinged out because my connection dropped16:06
Cantideso i came back and my other nick was still hanging around :p16:06
charl_my irc client (irssi) just keeps appending an _ to the name until it gets one that isn't in use ;)16:07
Cantidei have alternatives16:07
Cantide1 choice - Cantide16:08
charl_but my irc name is the same as my unix username16:08
Cantide2nd choice - Kanchi16:08
charl_irssi picks it up automatically16:08
Cantide3rd choice - girin16:08
Cantideoh, nice :)16:08
charl_that sounds very asian16:08
Cantidei don't want to come online as "Karl" .-. that would be weird i think16:08
Cantideit is Korean for "giraffe" haha16:08
charl_no that would be german :)16:08
Cantideyes, i have a German name >_>16:09
charl_karl is my german name16:09
charl_"karel" is my dutch name16:09
charl_but nobody calls me either, i have the french variant ;)16:09
charl_it's actually a dutch name but of french origin16:09
Kilospoor mixed up kid16:09
charl_Kilos: you're one to talk :P16:10
Cantidethat is so confusing :p16:10
CantideIch bin nur Karl '-';;16:10
Kilosi got one nick16:10
charl_Cantide: welcome to europe :)16:10
Cantidedanke schön '-'16:11
Cantidetook me so long to get that umlaut haha16:11
charl_it's the same name, but it got different spellings / pronunciations in different countries16:11
charl_"charles" is the english variant16:11
Kilosoh i say charles old chap16:11
charl_yes something like that ;)16:12
charl_"would you mind a spot of tea"16:12
charl_with lemon!16:12
Kilosand some green thing sandwiches16:12
charl_green thing? sounnds disgusting! ;)16:13
Kiloshehe head forgets at times16:13
charl_yes cucumber with lime pesto but then it turns into an italian thing ;)16:13
charl_nice though, cucumber and lime pesto16:13
charl_i often eat oven bread with pesto, cheese and rucola16:14
charl_or whatever it's called in english: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eruca_sativa16:14
Kiloswhats pesto16:14
charl_i also eat it with vegetables and pasta16:15
Kilosah garlic based sauce16:15
Kiloslo theblazehen 16:16
charl_well it has a strong basil taste as well16:16
Kilossqueezed garlic, finely chopped onion and mayonaise makes a lekker sauce16:16
Kilosor dip16:16
Kiloscant remember the taste os basil16:17
Kilosbut use it in my curry16:19
charl_yes very nice16:19
charl_also mustard16:19
magespawndijon and english are my favs16:21
Kiloscolemans make a nice powder you make a yellow mustard from16:22
Kilosi like16:22
charl_i like hot groningen mustard16:24
charl_ok i need to go home16:24
charl_have a great weekend all!16:24
magespawnfish one has just had his 1st motorbike crash16:32
magespawn10 year old, plus 50cc plus hole = crash16:33
nastjahi all16:35
magespawnhi nastja 16:36
drubinKilos: thanks16:38
drubinyou too16:38
nastjaWhat's new in Linux users South Africa?16:38
Kilosthanks drubin 16:38
nastjaKilos, hi16:39
Kilosall same methinks nastja 16:39
kbmonkeyhello :]16:39
Kiloshiys kbmonkey 16:40
kbmonkeyi got your email Kilos, glad the plugin works!16:40
Kilosty very much16:40
Kilosi gonna sell it for booze money16:40
kbmonkeyI remember once it greeted everyone in the za room though, was that adressed?16:40
Kilosi dunno16:40
kbmonkeyha ha ha. too bad it's GPL'd ;)16:40
Kilosi dont drink twit16:41
kbmonkeytoo bad, would help the pain :p16:41
kbmonkeyQA hello16:41
Kilosshe remembers too well16:42
kbmonkeyiirc, plugins need to be enabled first on bot restart (unless it is told to auto load in the bot config)16:42
magespawnhey kbmonkey16:42
Kiloswill only greet newbs16:42
kbmonkeyhello magespawn 16:43
kbmonkeyreading the Linux format magazine 'hackers manual 2012' 16:43
Kilosi just put the plugins folder in the ibid folder as the weed told me to do16:43
magespawnwhere did you get that kbmonkey?16:45
kbmonkeythe plugin, magespawn? it's one I wrote up a while ago16:46
Kilosthe mag16:47
kbmonkeyat cna. they are badly expensive so i just get the annual one where they put in all the best articles from the last year16:47
magespawnahh one of those that are like R15016:48
Kilos2 months data\16:48
kbmonkeyyup. it sucks that imported mags cost so much16:49
magespawnkbmonkey: worth while?16:50
kbmonkeynothing you can't find on the web, but its nice to have for casual reading. keeps the brain going 16:52
theblazehenhi guys16:52
theblazehenkbmonkey: whats that ?16:52
kbmonkeyhi theblazehen.16:53
kbmonkeythe Linux format magazine16:53
theblazehenyeah its nice...16:53
theblazehenstill want to configure zfs :p16:53
kbmonkeythey focus too much on gui apps tho16:53
kbmonkeybut i like the security stuff16:54
theblazehenyeah but the programming part is nice.16:54
theblazehenme too.16:54
magespawnhi theblazehen 16:54
theblazehenhi magespawn16:54
kbmonkeyKilos have you told QA to turn that plugin on since you started her up?16:55
kbmonkeycos I'd like to test it first before we do it in #ubuntu-za16:55
nastjawhat irc  client you use?16:55
kbmonkeyxchat or irssi, nastja16:56
Kiloskbmonkey, you can go test it on my channel16:56
kbmonkeywilco, Kilos :]16:56
nastjakbmonkey, I usually use Jaber. established this program just to stop by to visit you :)16:57
nastjayou use Skype?16:58
smileeekbmonkey: :o16:59
nastjakbmonkey, Skype is not popular?16:59
magespawnkbmonkey: theblazehen i tend to get most of that from full circle magazine16:59
smileeeKilos: :DD16:59
nastjaI would like to somehow talk through golosoovoy chat with users of Linux from South Africa :)17:01
kbmonkeyI've never heard of that app nastja 17:08
kbmonkeymy google is busy loading now to search it17:08
kbmonkeygoogle does not know that :p17:09
nastjakbmonkey, Разрешить написание латиницей17:16
nastjayou're happy. it is a voice mesendzher from Microsoft. the de facto standard in Europe and Asia17:16
kbmonkeyhi SeeBorg 17:26
smileeeLol, Firefox hates spotify web :p17:28
kbmonkeywhat does spotify do?17:34
magespawnmusic streaming17:35
magespawnlater all have to charge the battery17:36
kbmonkeyaah. I'm streaming music from the HDD to my speakers right now :p17:36
Kiloshi SeeBorg 17:49
Kiloshi smileeeee17:49
magtieHi Kilos18:18
Kiloshi magtie 18:18
Kiloswarm nê18:18
kbmonkeyhi magespawn and zeref 18:30
kbmonkeymagtie, I meant18:30
magtiehi kbmonkey18:32
Kiloskbmonkey, go eat quick18:38
Kilosbrea and jam is fine18:38
kbmonkeysure sure18:38
kbmonkeyif only!18:39
kbmonkeythink I'll make some hummus pitas and things18:43
Kilosdont talk, do it18:43
smileeebyee :)19:35
Kilostoods smlie19:36
Kilossmileee, 19:36
smileeegood night19:36
Kilossleep tight19:37
kbmonkeyyou still here Kilos 19:46
Kilosgo my channel19:46
kbmonkeywhats happening there19:47
kbmonkeygood stuff, thanks Kilos 19:48
kbmonkeyIll be afk for a little bit. 19:50
Kilosok little bit is up19:50
kbmonkeyneed to let in some cool air, its so hot here19:50
WOLFEYESHello everyone.19:55
Wrazhello WOLFEYES :)20:04
kbmonkeyhi WOLFEYES 20:05
kbmonkeyit is a slow friday20:06
Kiloslol he is always slow20:07
Kiloscalls it multitasking20:07
kbmonkeydoes not compute. beep beep20:08
Kiloshe most likely got stuck in a movie or something20:09
kbmonkeyand so the rains starts20:09
kbmonkeynope, had a chow20:10
Kilossend some rain dodo20:10
Kiloshot here20:10
kbmonkeyMaaz do a rain dance20:10
Maazkbmonkey: What?20:10
kbmonkeyMaaz dance20:10
Maazkbmonkey: Huh?20:10
Kiloswow the crash kid is on long leave20:11
Kiloshasnt even said merry christmas yet20:11
kbmonkeyKilos I got you some rain in a bottle, what is your postal? 20:18
kbmonkeyke ke20:18
Kilosnothing ever happens here for me to tweet about20:20
kbmonkeyI bet the birds do20:20
WOLFEYESheya kbmonkey 20:21
kbmonkeywhere did the time go?20:21
WOLFEYESflew with the birds20:21
Kilosnot a prob kbmonkey im adding every minute past 9.30pm on your account20:21
kbmonkeytime flies like an arrow. fruit flies like bananas20:22
Kilosfruit flies eat me20:22
Kilosand them tiny midges20:22
WOLFEYESmonkeys eat bananas20:22
kbmonkeyvery much20:22
Kiloscalled white fly20:22
kbmonkeyand apparently maggots love avo. strange but true.20:22
kbmonkeyi saw today, they love that stuff20:23
Kilosdogs too20:23
WOLFEYESheya Wraz 20:23
Kilosand peeps20:23
* kbmonkey needs another coffee20:23
kbmonkeyMaaz coffee on20:23
* Maaz starts grinding coffee20:23
kbmonkeyMaaz coffee please20:23
Maazkbmonkey: Now now, we don't want anyone getting caffeine overdoses20:23
KilosMaaz, coffee please20:24
MaazKilos: Done20:24
kbmonkeyyes we do! gimme!20:24
KilosMaaz, large20:24
MaazIn a beer mug just for you Kilos20:24
kbmonkeyMaaz supersize me20:24
Maazkbmonkey: Excuse me?20:24
KilosMaaz, with cremora20:25
MaazAh! At last someone with taste20:25
KilosMaaz, and milk20:25
MaazNow you're talking20:25
kbmonkeyMaaz irish coffee please20:26
Maazkbmonkey: Go get it yourself!20:26
kbmonkeyMaaz polisiekoffie20:26
Maazkbmonkey: *blink*20:26
KilosMaaz, koffie asseblief20:26
MaazEish Kilos  Die engelse het tot ons boeretroos oorgeneem. Vra asseblief in engels.20:26
Kiloscool bot this20:27
* Kilos needs his db20:27
MaazCoffee's ready for kbmonkey and Kilos!20:27
KilosMaaz, danke20:27
kbmonkeyMaaz you star!20:27
Maazkbmonkey: Excuse me?20:27
kbmonkeysigh, maaz is no eliza20:28
kbmonkeyeliza was a turing complete chat bot20:29
kbmonkeythe idea, is if you talked to it, could you tell if it was a human, or a machine20:30
kbmonkeyif you cant tell, it is turing complete20:30
Kiloswhat happened to it20:31
Kilosyou said was20:31
kbmonkeywas when it was created. sure there are many still around20:31
Kiloshehe when i just started here maia got me to do a clone of me on a bot so i could teach it to braai20:32
Kiloswonder if its still alive20:32
Kilosoh seeborg is a bot20:34
Kiloshere to learn methinks20:35
Kilosthe hens bot20:35
kbmonkeySeeBorg ?20:35
Kilosone of those that once allowed to speak doesnt stop20:36
Kilosnow it just learns stuff to say20:36
kbmonkeyit learns yet cant say what it learns. 20:37
kbmonkeyoh the irony20:37
Kilosits most likely on #bots too20:37
kbmonkeya bots channel? 20:37
Kilospeeps work on their bots there20:38
Kilosnot ibid bots methinks20:38
Kilosi go sleep now. night all20:43
Kilossleep tight20:43
kbmonkeyokay Kilos, gn20:43
WOLFEYESnight all21:13

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