blamibekks: in case of 50 I see some improvement00:00
demondinokay, would it be worth it you think? im kinda just doing it to test it out..00:00
bekksblami: Me dont. I'll just use copy and paste for the relevant contents of those three files.00:00
luigiHi guys00:00
luigiAnyone have any problems?00:00
luigiI'm very bored and willing to help out00:00
F3Speechdemondin: you could move the partisions about and install on a new partision while saving your old but tbh if your new easier to back them up insead of choosing wrong option and losing them00:01
demondinback them up to my external?00:01
F3Speechdemondin: if you just want to test use a live version on usb or cd00:01
F3Speechthen you pc isnt changed but you get to have a look around reboot will take u back to windows00:02
demondinwell it's really not like im going to be using my old laptop a lot00:03
demondinand im just kind of crious00:03
=== slank is now known as slank_away
blamidemondin: backup three times, think twice and install after that ;)00:05
demondinim so new to backing up and all of this stuff, i feel dumb00:06
F3Speechgot to start somewhere :) even if it just copying them to a usb stick00:07
demondinive got a 1tb external harddrive...should i back everything up? or just things i care about00:08
dbromid back it up00:09
froohhey guys, I'm fiddling with two factor auth in xscreensaver and xscreensaver is complaining that it can't find my gnome-keyring00:09
froohdoes anyone have any clue what that has to do with anything?00:10
frooh(to be clear, I cannot log in at all)00:10
froohactually, two factor is a red herring, it only seems to have anything to do with the yubikey stuff I'm messing with00:11
kylescottmcgillfrooh: gnome-keyring holds all passwords stored in Ubuntu, so yubikey will need to be able to find this in order for it to work properly00:15
fellipehi, does ubuntu remove files in /tmp while system  is running?00:15
bigbadbenI installed Kubuntu and it has horrible dual monitor support is there anyway I can install ubuntu again, if I just install the ubuntu desktop will I get the ubuntu software center, along with all the other programs ubuntu has?00:20
Squarepybigbadben, ubuntu desktop? you mean unity?00:21
Squarepyor the full installer00:21
froohkylescottmcgill: ok, so it wants me to have a pkcs11 file in my keyring cache; other non-X11 things (sudo, login) work with the yubikey00:21
froohkylescottmcgill: thoughts?00:21
bigbadbensquarepy, 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop'00:22
ozzloymy right alt doesn't work in ubuntu 12.04, how do i troubleshoot this?00:22
angel56ozzloy: used to be able to define keys in .Xmodmap, but I don't know if ubuntu even recognizes that file anymore00:24
kslaterdoes anyone know if 12.04 supports some sort of automatic display sensing / switching?00:25
ikoniakslater: xorg is dynamic in any ubuntu version now00:26
unknown_where can i upload a screen shot?00:26
ikoniaany image hosting website00:27
kslaterikonia: I guess that means I need to read what that means specifically.00:27
ikoniakslater: it means it will attempt to detect your video hardware dynamically00:27
kslaterI had to use the nvidia X server settings application to light up my other display00:28
unknown_thanks ikonia00:28
dr_williskslater:  in 12.10 it enables my 2nd monitor when its plugged in. nvidia/twinview00:28
kslaterwhat I would *like* to have happen is when my laptop lid is closed, but it's in the docking station, to drive the two external monitors00:28
kslaterand when I take it out to drive the laptop LCD00:29
kslaterthat would be really great to get working.00:29
ikoniahow are you connecting 2 external monitors from a laptop00:29
ikoniakslater: that should be possible00:29
kslaterI have a docking station that supports it00:29
ikoniaso it will depend on how the docking station works in terms of linux support00:29
unknown_http://postimage.org/image/rofe8tu59/6c3ccb45/   http://postimage.org/image/90xorf6bb/66e20942/  http://postimage.org/image/wnfci8w6z/b9ba420b/  http://postimage.org/image/r6f8j7v7b/7989b4a1/  http://postimage.org/image/3su6aqsaz/4026735b/  http://postimage.org/image/j9uvy0hr9/e08add4d/00:32
unknown_can someone please look at my screen shots00:32
bekksunknown_: Why? what are we supposed to find there?00:33
ikoniawhy ?#00:33
unknown_ubuntu keeps crashing00:33
ikoniajust explain the problem00:33
unknown_i dunno i was hoping i can fix the prom.00:33
dr_willisdetails would help us.00:33
unknown_it is all in the screen shots00:34
unknown_the details00:34
bekksunknown_: Just explain it. All the details.00:34
dr_willisim on my phone. so looking at 100 screen shots is rather hard00:34
bekks!details | unknown_00:34
ubottuunknown_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:34
unknown_well soon as i boot up i get crash error saying sorry ubuntu has experianced an internal error00:35
=== mohamad is now known as Guest93115
unknown_if you see this again try rebooting the computer00:35
kslaterit's weird how Unity makes the mouse stick at the border of the combined (TwinView) display. Maybe I should only have the side menu on the left most lcd panel.00:35
unknown_Unity is causing me alot of proms. too it seems00:36
kylescottmcgillfrooh: sorry had lunch, do it give you an error message?00:36
* unknown_ is using X-Sys v2.2.0 (http://dev.gentoo.org/~chainsaw/xsys)00:36
unknown_os[Linux 3.2.0-35-generic x86_64] distro[Ubuntu "precise" 12.04] cpu[4 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2330M CPU @ 2.20GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 2.20GHz] mem[Physical: 3.8GB, 80.7% free] disk[Total: 1.1TB, 94.3% free] video[Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller] sound[HDA-Intel - HDA Intel PCH]00:36
froohbasically it said it couldn't find (connect to) ~/.cache/keyring-XXXX/pkcs1100:37
Tex_Nickdr_willis : as much support as you provide here ... doing it on a phone is REALLY impressive ... at least to me ... mind if i ask what phone & service00:37
froohkylescottmcgill: I looked online and think it might be solvable with a modification to the /etc/xdg/autostart/gnome-keyring-pkcs11.desktop file00:37
spjtMaybe I'm out of my league here but if I wanted to contribute what should I do.00:38
kylescottmcgillfrooh: ok good luck!00:38
froohkylescottmcgill: basically I'm experiencing this: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=78356800:38
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 783568 in gnome-keyring "WARNING: couldn't connect to: /tmp/keyring-SqfLpI/pkcs11" [Unspecified,Closed: currentrelease]00:38
unknown_every crash i get i have sent the crash report to help ubuntu fix it00:38
unknown_can someone help me maybe with finding some log that tells what happened or why ubuntu crashed ?00:39
* frooh crosses fingers00:39
dr_willisTex_Nick: just atnt on an android phone00:39
Guest93115i would like to ask about "Data Collection" and privacy policy .. if i disabled "include on line search image " option  is  Canonical still able to see my "personal information " as stated in policy ?00:39
froohno luck00:42
maslenHow can I examine my SSH keys?00:42
kylescottmcgillfrooh: yeah i had similar symptoms these guys had, im using another Window Manager, which doesnt use gnome, so the daemon wasnt being started when logging in, i had to attach it to a autostart.sh file, to make sure it spawned correctly, which fixed everything for me00:43
froohkylescottmcgill: ok, so you're saying when the wm starts you run "/usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon --start --components=pkcs11" ? (I'm using awesomewm)00:43
kylescottmcgillim using awesome as well00:44
Tex_Nickdr_willis maybe we should all switch to android phones ... cause i never hear you complaining about problems ;)00:44
froohkylescottmcgill: nice! are you starting from lightdm (or gdm) ?00:44
kylescottmcgillgdm, lightdm kept giving me a Low Res GFX error thing00:44
froohkylescottmcgill: I haven't gone to the effort of setting up a script to run other programs, if you can tell me how to do that I'd apprecite it00:44
froohkylescottmcgill: yeah, same here00:44
kylescottmcgilli will paste my config00:45
froohkylescottmcgill: thanks :D00:45
kylescottmcgillfrooh: actually give me about 5 mins, i will setup a proper gist with what you need and where etc00:45
froohkylescottmcgill: awesome, thanks so much00:46
unknown_this is the error i got (unity-applications-deamon crashed with signal 7)00:47
unknown_can anyone tell me what that means??00:47
unknown_i am running ubuntu 12.04.1 x6400:48
unknown_i get the error soon as i boot up00:49
kylescottmcgillfrooh: have you got GTK running properly as well?00:51
froohkylescottmcgill: I... think so?00:51
froohit's themed anyway00:51
kylescottmcgillso when you open nautalis or something, its pretty?00:51
kylescottmcgillok cool00:51
unknown_Can anyone tell what this means? (unity-applications-deamon crashed with signal 7) i am running ubuntu 12.04.1 x6400:52
dr_willisunknown_:  this is a clean install?00:52
froohthat's all I did00:52
unknown_dr_willis yes00:52
kylescottmcgillok then its actually only two files then you need00:52
unknown_dr_willis this happens every time i boot up00:53
dr_willisunknown_:  with all these weird errors id have to wonder if somthing was not messed up during ther install, or a bad cd/burn/download, or some hw related issues.00:53
kylescottmcgillalso, inside that .xinitrc file you can have other applets00:53
kylescottmcgilleg: bluetooth-applet gnome-sound-applet00:54
unknown_dr_willis I check the cd and it passed with no errors but yes i think it may be that as well is there any log files we can look at that may give more info?00:54
dr_willisunknown_:  /var/log has all logs00:55
dr_willisunknown_:  id try a 12.10 install.00:55
unknown_what log would be most helpful right now?00:55
Bino1710does anyone know how to change the back round image for the log in screen00:56
unknown_oh this may be helpful i used the altenate install cd because i wanted to encrypt my install with lvm00:56
dr_willisBino1710:  for lightdm? it auto changes to the one the user has selected. or you can edddit the image in /usr/share/backgrounds (i recall) or edit the lightdm configs00:57
dr_willisunknown_:  i never use lvm.  never neeeded it on a home system00:57
Bino1710ok thanks for the info00:57
unknown_if i upgrade to 12.10 will my lvm stay in place?00:58
dr_willisBino1710:  theres some tweak tools out fore it also00:58
ecebought an hp g62 notebook used today because had ubuntu and talked em into $150. need to do an OS upgrade and the auto upgrade failed since its an older build00:58
kylescottmcgilloh that lvm, sorry i thought that was in reference to lightdm00:58
dr_willisunknown_:  if its a clean install why does it matter?  why do you really need a lvm?00:58
dr_willisece:  with a used computer. i would suggest a clean reinstall anyway for 'security' reasons00:59
unknown_i always encrypt my linux as i have a laptop and i always worry about theft00:59
Gavin_vhello everybody, i upgrade my ubuntu from 12.04 to 12.10, but now all of the close button and minixiae botton missing01:00
seednodeEh, too bad I don't have data important enough to back up01:00
seednodeOr protect01:00
dr_willisGavin_v:  make a new user see if they have the same issue as a test case.01:00
dr_willisif a new user works fine. then it points to a user setting issue01:01
Gavin_vdr_jesus, i've tried, the new user works fine01:02
dr_willisthen it points to a user setting issue. id reset the problem users settings ;)01:02
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
unknown_i will try 12.1001:03
dr_willisthey really need a default tool to do that...01:03
Gavin_vi just tried by the guest user, it works fine01:03
dr_willisubuntu-tweak used to have the feature01:03
unknown_thanks guys for the help01:03
TheLordOfTimedr_willis, there's always brainstorm to propose new things/.01:04
GeorgeJHello folks!01:04
unknown_i will let you know what happens01:04
dr_willisTheLordOfTime:  yea. and ive rarely ever seen any get implemented01:04
Gavin_vdr_jesus, which default tool shall i use?01:04
karol__Hi all01:04
dr_willisGavin_v:  i just move my config files/dirs to a backup dir then log out/back in01:05
GeorgeJI've create a 100G LVM logical volume and formatted it as ext4. df -h reports the partition as having 99G, of which 188M is used and 94G available, where's the rest?01:05
Gavin_vdr_jesus, thanks01:05
dr_willis5% of ext2/3/4 is reserved for root/file recovery. tuneable via the tune2fs command GeorgeJ01:06
GeorgeJThere's nothing on the partition, so I guess 188M is how much ext4 needs for its structures, but what about the extra 5GB that are missing01:06
GeorgeJdr_willis: Aha! Fascinating! Thank you!01:06
dr_willisfor data drives i set that to 0%   system drives i may set it to 1%01:07
dr_willison a 3TB /    1% is a lot ;)01:07
GeorgeJHmm, why set it to 0%? Will that no hinder file recovery01:07
GeorgeJData drives can still fuck up.01:07
dr_willisfor my video data external storage. i dont worrrry about recovery01:08
dr_willisi have backups01:08
GeorgeJHmm, that's a great point!01:08
dr_willisthey are most always 98% full anyway01:08
GeorgeJdr_willis: What option is it I need to modify with tune2fs? -m?01:10
dr_willis -m0 i think.. check the man pages01:11
kylescottmcgillwhat do you call the command line operators ( && << ; ) i want to see if there is an exhaustive list somewhere01:11
dr_willisit can do it several ways01:11
kylescottmcgilldo they have a name? operators isnt the correct terminology according to google01:12
dr_williskylescottmcgill:  most decent bash guides will covee them01:12
mrjI'm trying to install a PPA on a minimal install, I just need the add-apt-repository command to work. I installed python-software-properties but it just tells me "the program add-apt-repository" can be found in the following packages: pythonsoftwareproperties & softwarepropertiescommon01:12
dr_willis << are redirection  operators..01:12
dr_willis && and &  are job controll01:12
kylescottmcgilldr_willis: ty, so they have different names, not lumped into one named convention, i will just try find some guides :)01:13
mrjwell nevermind.. it let me apt get them anyway01:14
mic__non riesco ad aprire ubuntu sofware center01:17
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
WeThePeoplehow do i resolve this>>> http://paste.ubuntu.com/1494011/01:17
=== kylescottmcgill is now known as kylescottmcgill|
=== kylescottmcgill| is now known as kylescottmcgill-
kylescottmcgill-seems there is a limit to the username01:18
=== dniMretsaM_away is now known as dniMretsaM
GeorgeJWeThePeople: Add your hostname to /etc/hosts01:18
mic__chi puo aiutarmi01:18
=== kylescottmcgill- is now known as kylescottmcgill
kslaterso don't make any of your host name 'root'01:18
GeorgeJkslater: Why not?01:19
WeThePeoplegeorgej, meaning ace??01:19
kslaterso you don't run into that error that WeThePeople did?01:19
GeorgeJkslater: It has nothing to do with the actual hostname, only with the fact that the system cannot resolve the hostname01:19
GeorgeJWeThePeople: No, you need to edit /etc/hosts and add root
GeorgeJOr perhaps modify the old hostname(I'm assuming you changed the hostname).01:20
kslaterdoesn't the # prompt indicate that the user is already root?01:20
WeThePeoplegeorgej, i mounted sda1 and bound dev, sys and proc01:20
kslaterand if so, why is he using sudo?01:20
kslaterwhy not just chown ace.ace .ICEauthority?01:21
GeorgeJWeThePeople: Did it work?01:21
WeThePeoplehold on01:21
GeorgeJkslater: Well, sudo can be used with the -u parameter, he didn't do it though so your point still applies.01:21
WeThePeoplegeorgej, kslater, idk did it work>>> http://paste.ubuntu.com/1494031/01:22
GeorgeJWeThePeople: There is another problem. I've no ideea what you're trying to do, and probably neither do you.01:23
WeThePeoplenot really01:23
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
rrva__how can I check in ubuntu, the number of spatial streams active for a 802.11n connection? just look at the bit rate from iwconfig?01:23
kslaterWeThePeople: what does: ls -l .ICEauthority show?01:24
mic__chi puo aiutarmi01:24
WeThePeoplekslater, brb01:25
mic__toc toc01:26
somsip!it | mic__01:26
ubottumic__: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)01:26
GeorgeJ!google sudo: unable to resolve host root >> Webu01:27
ubottuGeorgeJ: I have no google command, use http://www.google.com/01:27
Shuri-Results for sudo: unable to resolve host root >> Webu on Google:01:27
GeorgeJOoops, sorry!01:27
blob4000hi there. i think i had better stability with 12.04 LTS on my laptop, over 12.10. how best to back up my home folder and revert to 12.04 LTS?01:27
mic__thank george01:27
dr_willisblob4000:  best would have been to use a seperate /home/ partition01:30
=== qos|away is now known as qos
dr_willisblob4000:  id just copy imporntant stuff to another hd, reinstall then copy it back01:31
kslaterdr_willis: I always wonder if some package has moved it's data / format forward and that if I copy some config or data back it'll break the application01:32
dr_williskslater:     ages ago i had issues with gnome and that. these days rarely see the problem01:33
dr_williswhen in doubt reset back to defaults01:33
kslatergood to know dr_willis01:34
weThePeoplekslater, what was the question again?01:34
GeorgeJweThePeople: http://bit.ly/RvB2q901:34
blob4000thank dr_willis01:35
weThePeoplegeorgej, that stuff doent work in BT501:35
GeorgeJweThePeople: What do you mean it doesn't work? Also, if you're running BT5, you're in the wrong channel.01:35
vishnu1983hi is there anyone who can help me with a font issue on ubuntu 11.1001:36
kslaterweThePeople: you asked if what you did worked. I asked you to run: "ls -l .ICEauthority". If user and group are ace, then it worked.01:36
archdoes anyone need help01:37
vishnu1983I seem to have a grayed out font color in gnome 301:37
vishnu1983hi arch01:37
F3Speecharch: struggling with grub if you wouldnt mind01:37
vishnu1983i have a font related issue01:38
sevenforallI have a bunch of movies in a folder, of which some are in subfolders. Is there a terminal command that will automatically move everything from the subfolders to that one movie folder?01:38
F3Speecharch: have essentially cloned one hdd to another and i cant fix grub with uuids to get it to boot01:38
GeorgeJsevenforall: mv */* . methinks01:38
sevenforallI wonder if 'mv */* .' would work01:39
dr_willisvishnu1983: i belive thats more of a theme issue. i had to twiddle with the varoius themes once. fonte were unreadable in some apps/entry  fields01:39
sevenforallGeorgeJ: We think alike01:39
GeorgeJsevenforall: You better check it out first01:39
GeorgeJ* might also match ..01:39
sevenforallGeorgeJ: Yeah, I'm going to set-up a test environment, I don't want to scr*w up my dire media collection :P01:39
GeorgeJsevenforall: This is a perfect time for you to learn find. ^^01:40
mcsx3Good Evening! Everyone01:40
mcsx3Can anybody here helpme with a little prob?01:40
GeorgeJAnother satisfied customer!01:41
mcsx3I'm trying to use a ZTE broadband G3 USB dongle01:41
mcsx3on Unbuntu 12.1001:41
mcsx3I've found on the Web some solutions, but noone has worked01:42
=== atrius is now known as atrius_away
UbuntuWarriorOk what is the problem?01:45
micmicnon riesco ad entrare in ubuntu software center01:45
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
micmiccarica ma non parte01:45
M13is there anyone here that have heard of buildroot?01:46
erreurzhqts zrong zith error.01:47
sevenforallGeorgeJ: I decided to be stupid and I ran 'mv ./*/* .' directly on the directory itself, it worked :D01:48
mcsx3Good Evening! Everyone01:49
mcsx3Can anybody here helpme with a little prob?01:49
mcsx3I'm trying to use a ZTE broadband G3 USB dongle on Unbuntu 12.1001:49
mcsx3I've found on the Web some solutions, but noone has worked01:49
FloodBot1mcsx3: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:49
weThePeoplecan somebody look at the .iceauthority file to see what is there01:50
dr_willisin it you mean? weThePeople01:51
k1l_micmic: stop that please01:52
weThePeopledr_willis, yes01:52
erreurmicmic jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj01:52
micmicok ok01:52
micmicchi mi aiuta01:52
erreursoeak english01:53
erreurspeak english yaaaaaaaaaaaw01:53
k1l_!it | micmic01:53
ubottumicmic: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)01:53
dulioEnglish is my only foreign language....01:54
micmicci sono andato ma nessuno mi risponde01:54
erreuraywah that's right probably she ll understand01:54
dulioMake me confused.01:54
erreuris ther a aplication in 2012 like firesheep for example01:55
dulioerreur, yea, what?01:55
erreurfiresheep ? cant installe it on the blackbuntu01:55
erreurany help pleaaaaaaaaaaz01:56
k1l_erreur: blackbuntu is not supported here. we dont know what they changed. so better ask the blackbuntu support01:56
erreurwher i can finde it ?01:57
k1l_erm, i think they mention a irc channel on another irc-network on their page.01:57
ezrafreeis there any easy way to just reinstall all of my X window system? it's hosed and the computer won't boot into X... I currently have like gnome/compiz, if that matters any...01:58
jessejamesGood evening everyone01:58
ezrafreeor any way to do a clean dist-upgrade or something? i'd really love to get my box running again01:59
jjgalvez__looking for help with the RTL-8185 wireless card, it recently (yesterday or today) started working very very slowly. Not sure how to troubleshoot it01:59
ezrafreejjgalvez__: are you in close proximity to other houses/apartments/buildings?01:59
ezrafreejjgalvez__: could it be a matter of channel interference?02:00
jjgalvez__ezrafree: no more then it used to be, also other wireless computers in the same area seem to be working just fine02:00
ezrafreejjgalvez__: yes, but.. the other networks can change which channel they run on at any time02:01
ezrafreethere are programs which can scan wifi channels, not sure of any offhand for linux though02:01
jessejamesHi, Linux newbi here, can anyone tell me who to beef up my security on Linux so I can protect myself online ?02:02
rrva__jessejames: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Security02:02
jjgalvez__ezrafree: I am on channel 11, the only other network on channel 11 shows up at 29% signal strength. The other networks around me are on channels 6, and a couple on 1. suggest any specific channel I should try?02:03
jessejamesthanks rrva02:03
ezrafreejjgalvez__: the only suggestion is "the least used channel possible"02:03
ezrafreejjgalvez__: but it sounds like you diagnosed the channels already, so i guess that's not the issue02:04
ezrafreejessejames: protect yourself from anything in particular?02:04
jjgalvez__ezrafree: worth a try, I'll give it a try and report back02:04
jessejameshey ravv you there still ?02:06
mcsx3Good Evening! Everyone. Can anybody here helpme with a little prob? thx. I'm trying to use a ZTE MF180 broadband G3 USB dongle on Unbuntu 12.10. I've found on the Web some solutions, but noone has worked.02:06
ezrafreejessejames: nope they left02:07
jessejamesok thanks, can u give me some advice ezrafree ?02:07
ezrafreejessejames: possibly, what's the question (never ask to ask, etc.)02:07
jessejameslol thanks02:08
jessejamesI'm a looking to increase the security on my system for privacy online etc02:09
BlueFuelI am configuring Squid3 on Ubuntu 12.04.0102:10
BlueFuelIf I have to enable NTML, do i need to Ubuntu Server to Windows Domain?02:10
mega1i want to add a user with a home dir in the drive sda602:12
=== richard is now known as Guest12030
ezrafreejessejames: that's not very specific, have you tried googling things like "how to secure ubuntu" yet?02:13
ezrafreejessejames: that said, some of the usual ways of securing a box (whether server or desktop) would include firewalling, intrusion protection, things like that02:15
=== root_ is now known as Macscroge
jessejamesYes I have but I'm new to linux so I was looking for someone more experienced to advise me02:15
Tex_Nick!virus | jessejames02:20
ubottujessejames: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus02:20
mega1i want to add a user with a home dir in the drive sda602:20
chiques_Are there any recorded key logger malware instances for historical Ubuntu versions?02:20
jessejamesYes i'm aware of that but can other users hack my pc from online ?02:21
ikoniachiques_: ubuntu has not been released with key loggers or malware02:21
Tex_Nickjessejames : as far as online privacy ... bout the only thing you might worry about would be browser cookies used to track you02:21
Klinxchiques_, nope, nothing02:22
jessejameshmmm so there is notting to worry about ?02:22
chiques_ikonia, I'm referring to any "trojan" or "hijacking" type of programs for the intent of stealing a users' log information.02:22
Klinxaltough there IS still a possibility, if the main server got compromised.02:22
ikoniachiques_: there is nothing been released as part of ubuntu, of course these programs exist02:23
Tex_Nickjessejames : well at the present time ... linux is practically the safest OS on the market02:23
jessejamesreally waw, thanks tex_nick02:23
chiques_ikonia, I understand this is not part of the Ubuntu release but I'm just curious of these attempts are caught by the Ubuntu developers02:24
ikoniachiques_: well, seeing as the ubuntu developers have control over what they release.....there has not been anything, because they control what is released.02:24
Tex_Nickjessejames : you're welcome02:24
chiques_ikonia, so who addresses security holes?02:25
jessejameshow do you message me directly by the way ?02:25
ikoniachiques_: either the ubuntu team or the package upstream team, depending on where/what the issue is02:25
NeoColossus1020_Is there a way to pass multiple commands to apt-get? Ex: sudo apt-get -y autoclean, autoremove; instead of doing sudo apt-get autoclean; sudo apt-get autoremove02:25
chiques_ikonia, How does this security team know what to patch?02:28
ikoniasecurity alerts02:28
ikoniachiques_: is there something your trying to resolve/understand here /02:29
mega1in ubuntu server12.04 how do i add a user with home dir on another partition02:29
ikoniamega1: -d /where/you/want/home02:30
mega1will it create the folder for me02:31
ikoniamega1: -m will create,02:32
Tex_Nickjessejames : to chat privately with someone , depending on what client you use ... right click on their nick and choose "Open Dialog Window" or similar ... it's usually considered proper protocol to ask first though ... if that was what you were asking02:32
chiques_ikonia, I'm just wondering where the stop gap or the alarm is sounded when applications coming from Ukrainian or Chinese sources (like in Windows).02:32
ikoniachiques_: it doesn't work like that02:32
chiques_ikonia, Referrring to the book Worm02:32
ikoniachiques_: those applications coming from china/ukrain don't work the same way as on windows platforms02:33
ikoniathey are not a concern02:33
jessejamesTex_Nick  :   <----------how do you get my name like that in the chat window02:33
=== Prodego__ is now known as Prodego
kashkraftHello World!02:35
kashkraftI'm attempting to compile a driver in Ubuntu for the Nexus 702:35
kashkraftand Kconfig has warped my mind into mush02:36
Tex_Nickyou can type a few letters of the persons nick, then hit tab ... that would do jessejames, though ... i backspace and then add the colon ... don't know why i do it  .. funny you ask ;-)02:36
ikoniagot a real problem ?02:36
ikoniarather than some rambling about your mind being mush02:36
kashkraftWhen I compile, I'm receiving undefined variable warnings, but the variables should be defined from Kconfig, at least the file appears to define them.02:36
=== Vobine is now known as Psychoholic
ikoniakashkraft: may not be defined in a reference02:37
kashkraftThis is my first time sifting through source to debug a compile error. I spent hours googling yesterday. So, with that out of the way...02:38
kashkraftDoes Makefile automatically find Kconfig?02:38
ikoniawhy do you keep going on about kconfig ?02:38
jessejamesTex_Nick, lol02:39
kashkraftBecause it's the only place I know of to look. Like I said, I'm new to debugging source code compile errors. It's the only file that has the lines to define the variables that are throwing warnings.02:39
ikoniakashkraft: I'd suggest taking this to the #ubuntu-arm channel with people who are using the nexus platform with ubuntu to see if there are known/common errors02:40
Tex_Nickjessejames : tis hard to teach an old dog new tricks ;-)02:40
ikoniaTex_Nick: you appear to be having a private conversation with jessejames in public02:41
ikoniaTex_Nick: can you please take it to your private message window02:41
kashkraftThis is a known error that I'm trying to sort out. I'm looking for an explanation of Kconfig so I can understand what's happening. It is a known issue listed.02:41
ikoniakashkraft: if it's a known error, what is the solution02:41
m_Hi! People02:41
m_can anybody help me with a little prob?02:41
kashkraftThere's not one, that's why I'm attempting to find one :)02:41
jessejamesTex_Nick, true that02:41
Tex_Nickikonia : i hear you ... we'll chill out02:42
jessejamesby the way i'm using pinguy os, I get this boot option at start up with options to log into the system in  safe mode etc, dose anyone know how to disable it ?02:43
ikoniajessejames: use the pinguy os support resources please02:44
ikoniajessejames: we only support ubuntu here02:44
=== kanyl_ is now known as kanyl
m_Good Evening! Everyone. Can anybody here helpme with a little prob? thx. I'm trying to use a ZTE MF180 broadband G3 USB dongle on Unbuntu 12.10. I've found on the Web some solutions, but noone has worked.02:44
jessejamespinguy os is ubuntu :(02:44
=== dysinger_ is now known as dysinger
=== tms\away is now known as TMS
=== onekt2 is now known as onekt
=== pudim_ is now known as pudim
=== funkyHat_ is now known as funkyHat
ikoniajessejames: no, it's not, it's based off ubuntu02:44
=== Jpmh_ is now known as Jpmh
bazhangjessejames, no its not. its not supported here02:44
=== elena_IK is now known as elena-IK
jessejameshmmm really02:45
bazhangtry #pinguyos jessejames02:45
jessejameswhat about ultimate edition it's not ubuntu either ?02:45
bazhangjessejames, correct its not supported here either02:46
jessejamesdamm i need to remove this os then02:47
jessejamesthanks for clearing that up for me guys02:47
BeastI used to compile firefox 6 years ago in 20 minutes tops. The same computer is now taking more than an hour. Is this normal? Has Firefox gotten that bloated??02:47
m_Good Evening! Everyone. Can anybody here helpme with a little prob? thx. I'm trying to use a ZTE MF180 broadband G3 USB dongle on Unbuntu 12.10. I've found on the Web some solutions, but noone has worked.02:47
kashkraftGood evening gentlemen. I'm attempting to compile the BCM4330 driver from source on Ubuntu and running into undefined variable warnings. This is a known issue (https://code.google.com/p/bcmon/issues/detail?id=8) that I'm attempting to fix. I'm new to compiling source code, however from tracing the variables they should be defined through the file Kconfig. My first question (apologies, I did Google): does Makefile automatically load Kconfig? It has the02:49
kashkraftcalls (CONFIG_BCM4330), but the variables are left undefined. Any help or education is greatly appreciated :)02:49
BeastMakes me wonder what I'm compiling.02:49
=== Garr255_ is now known as Garr255
Tex_Nickm_ : you need to be more specific with your question02:52
HowdyDoodyOn / I have /boot with new 12.10 stuff in it.    And /dev/sda1  has my main boots stuff on it but 12.04 is latest there.  It will be mount on /boot when I am done.  I've copied the contents of /boot to /dev/sda1, but I know there is more to do yet.  --------   I need to fix grub on /dev/sda1 to utilize the new stuff copied from /boot.  Not sure how to tackle that.02:52
subcoolwhats the deal with chrome? Flash is supposed to be stock.02:54
subcoolwhy is facebook telling me i HAVE to update?02:54
mega1ok so i would use adduser mega1 -d /dev/sda6/mega1 -m mega102:55
SonikkuAmericaHowdyDoody: Did you try boot-repair? That might put a bootloader entry where you need it02:56
SonikkuAmerica[ sudo apt-get install boot-repair ]02:56
HowdyDoodyok, I will try it.02:56
subcoolwhats a good linux video editor? my iphone rotated all my videos 90degrees counter clockwise :/02:57
SonikkuAmericaBeast: ?02:57
mega1well that did not work02:57
SonikkuAmericasubcool: Openshot02:58
BeastSonikkuAmerica: just a typo02:58
SonikkuAmerica!u | SonikkuAmerica02:58
ubottuSonikkuAmerica, please see my private message02:58
NeoColossus1020_ Is there a way to pass multiple commands to apt-get? Ex: sudo apt-get -y (autoclean && autoremove); that way I don't have to do: sudo apt-get -y autoclean; sudo apt-get -y autoremove02:58
subcoolSonikkuAmerica, thank you..02:59
SonikkuAmericaNeoColossus1020_: Put an && as follows, for example, to perform that function:02:59
SonikkuAmerica[ sudo apt-get -y autoclean && sudo apt-get -y autoremove ]03:00
Tex_Nicksubcool : ffmpeg has been a standard for years ... i think it's deprecated now though ... you can still install it though ... this isn't the channel for that sort of thing rhough :)03:00
HowdyDoodySonikkuAmerica: Strange,  --> E: Unable to locate package boot-repair      Tire a _      E: Unable to locate package boot_repair03:00
subcoolTex_Nick, thanks - just looking for a reference03:01
NeoColossus1020_So there's no way to pass both parameters (auto-clean && autoremove) to the same apt-get command?03:01
subcooli am curious about the flash thing..03:01
n0hxanyone know how to install intel HD 3000 drivers in ubuntu?03:01
SonikkuAmericaHowdyDoody: Oops, try this:03:01
Muphridn0hx: they are installed in the xserver-xorg-video-intel package by default03:01
n0hxokay great thanks03:02
SonikkuAmericaHowdyDoody: [ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair ], then [ sudo apt-get update ] and install boot-repair again03:02
phssssssssssdoes the latetst ubuntu come with tv viewer app ?03:02
ikoniathere are tv viewing applications in the repo03:03
Muphridphssssssssss: freetux is one of them03:03
phssssssssssthose old one won't work03:03
ikoniaphssssssssss: what do you mean, they won't work. They work fine03:03
phssssssssssthey don't work with philips chip turner03:04
machicolaanyone know how to make screen brightness changes permanent? using Ubuntu 12.10 w/gnome fallback X windows03:04
subcooli have to be the only person who doesnt know why flash has to be updated on crhome..03:05
SonikkuAmericasubcool: "Security issues"03:05
SonikkuAmericasubcool: At least that's what they cite, lol03:05
subcoolSonikkuAmerica, ugh- ok. than why is it complaining that i have to update it, isnt i automatic?03:06
subcoolits stock with chrome...03:06
subcooli left chromium for that reason.03:06
=== e is now known as Guest45184
dr_williscould be the update is not in the repos yet.03:07
SonikkuAmericasubcool: Lubuntu I'm guessing?03:07
=== LarrySteeze is now known as LarrySteeze|Away
Tex_Nicksubcool ... the "software center" recommends using avconv from the libav-tools package instead of ffmpeg03:07
subcoolkubuntu SonikkuAmerica03:07
subcoolTex_Nick, thanks. ill wiggle it- if i have to, ill just go back to my XP machine. :/03:07
subcooli havent had much luck with media editing on linux03:07
SonikkuAmericasubcool: Interesting, stock with Chrome but not Rekonq -- but anyway dr_willis is probably onto something.03:08
TranshumanistI am trying to PXE boot Ubuntu 12.10 desktop and Xubuntu 12.10 desktop on my Toshiba Portege M200. Both load the graphical installer, but once I get to the "check you're plugged into power and the Internet then click continue" part, clicking continue makes the installer hang there. I can quit it and boot into the live CD, but that's all.03:08
TranshumanistAny thoughts?03:08
Tex_Nicksubcool : ffmpeg is still a powerful tool ... runs on windoze & linux03:09
subcoolSonikkuAmerica, i remember reading that Chrome has it stock, and chromium it doesnt.03:09
SonikkuAmericasubcool: Chrome has Flash stock, yes. I misunderstood.03:09
SonikkuAmericasubcool: I'm not too sure myself. I dumped Ubuntu entirely for Windoze Ate some time ago.03:10
subcoollol - i have win803:11
subcoolits ok.03:11
SonikkuAmericasubcool: And of course I have no qualms for autoupdating Flash.03:11
SonikkuAmericasubcool: On 8 that is03:11
srwoodTranshumanist  You installing 64 bit or 32?03:11
subcoolim really getting tired of these stupid updates03:11
HowdyDoodySonikkuAmerica: boot-repair is now asking for [dmraid] to be installed.   I do NOT have any raid disks.   I do have lvm2, though.03:11
Transhumanistsrwood: 32bit03:11
SonikkuAmericaHowdyDoody: I would suggest booting from a Live CD then03:11
subcoolSonikkuAmerica, im not having much luck with avconv on apt- but.. like i said. im about ot just goto win. i have having ot configure EVERYTHING for somethig so simple.03:12
srwoodHmm  I've had probs with 64 on my toshiba but 32 works great.03:12
subcoollike updating flash.. :/03:12
TranshumanistI'm downloading the alternate installer now - maybe it's due to a lack of RAM (only 512 mb)03:12
SonikkuAmericasubcool: Same reason I dumped Ubuntu. Still, Linux (especially 64-bit) is tough to tailor to specific needs. But it's always been like that03:13
srwoodyikes.  I have 6 gigs/03:13
dr_willisnot really had any flash issues here on 64bit.. other then the smurf syndrome03:13
ikonia64 bit is not tough at all03:13
SonikkuAmericadr_willis: The ... smurf syndrome?03:13
TranshumanistWindows 8 was a nightmare for me03:13
dr_willisnot had any issues i could blame on 64bit either03:13
srwooddriver issues on 6403:13
ikoniawindows has nothing to do with this channel03:13
TranshumanistI've had things run pretty much flawlessly on all my Ubuntu installs03:13
dr_willisSonikkuAmerica:  blue people in videos03:14
srwoodhardware dependent03:14
WeThePeoplecan somebody check their .ICEauthority to see if it is set to 0600 and not 064403:14
SonikkuAmericaikonia: More for me in particular... just upgraded from 32- to 64-03:14
SonikkuAmericadr_willis: lol03:14
ikoniaSonikkuAmerica: you can't upgrade from 32 to 6403:14
ikoniaSonikkuAmerica: you need to do a clean install03:14
SonikkuAmericaikonia: That's what I did. *facepalms* Oops03:14
SonikkuAmericaikonia: I clean installed 6403:15
SonikkuAmericaTo me 64 bits seems like a new can of worms to rot, but I digress03:15
TranshumanistI'd just like to note that I installed Ubuntu 12.10 on my girlfriend's laptop after she had problem after problem with Windows 7 and poor performance, and she now loves Ubuntu. ;)03:15
dr_willisnew? its been around for several years03:16
ikoniaSonikkuAmerica: it's exactly the same techniques as 32bit03:16
Transhumanisteh, there's nothing wrong with 64-bit Ubuntu mate03:16
SonikkuAmericadr_willis: Well yeah, new to me (I had this 32-bit dino from like 2001)03:16
dr_willisi think linux 64bit is older then windows 64bit by some time also.03:16
dr_willisi basically only use 64bit ubuntu. with few issues.03:17
n0hxso im having sound issues in firefox, like music players won't play, any ideas what that could be?03:17
ikoniathere are specific hardware vendors that will not release 64bit closed source drivers, this is a very small group03:17
SonikkuAmericaTranshumanist: Ubuntu love, eh? lol But that's weird with the installer hanging.03:17
dr_willisand none i can blame on the 64bit part03:17
SonikkuAmericadr_willis: I personally fared better with 3203:17
wadOkay, I give up. Can someone clue me how to tell Chromium to run applets?03:18
TranshumanistThe installer hanging on my 2004 era laptop with various broken parts and 512mb of RAM when the installer requirs 1.5 times that? Not weird at all. I thought I'd ask if anybody had some tips though. :)03:18
SonikkuAmericawad: They don't run at all? They should03:18
dr_willisSonikkuAmerica:  but you sayd you havent used 64bit m uch.. ;) i have03:18
SonikkuAmericawad: *facepalms* What kind? CWS? Java? ...03:18
wadJava applets, sorry. I just realized that it's probably because Chromium can't find my version of java (which I installed manually). Any idea how to tell Chromium where my java is?03:19
SonikkuAmericadr_willis: I've done both versions of Ubuntu (both hard install and Wubi) and 32 performed better than 64, I think however the reasons are obvious.03:19
SonikkuAmericadr_willis: Such as: Core 203:19
cheebuhi all... happy new year!!!... I have a Radeon HD 6470M Graphics card are there drivers for it on ubuntu03:20
TranshumanistBut 64-bit architectures are DIFFERENT to 32-bit ones. To run 32-bit stuff on 64-bit machines requires workarounds. It always has. Do a quick google search for problems running 32-bit applications on 64-bit Windows and you might realise attacking Linux for 32-bit apps not always running flawlessly on 64-bit distros is kind of... STUPID.03:20
Transhumanisthappy new year cheebu :)03:20
SonikkuAmericaTranshumanist: I've always gotten 64-bit stuff for 6403:21
SonikkuAmericaand 32 for 2303:21
SonikkuAmerica23-bit machinery... not even once.03:21
SonikkuAmericawad: Can you find a Java plugin in CWS?03:22
SonikkuAmericaChrome Web Store, sorry03:23
wadWell, I need to run a specific version of Java.03:23
SonikkuAmerica(That would be akin to christening Google Play Store GPS! lol)03:23
* wad is currently looking around in menus03:23
SonikkuAmericawad: Hmmm...03:23
* SonikkuAmerica is currently Googling03:24
wadme too03:24
SonikkuAmericawad: Might I ask why you need a specific version? Why not just have the most recent OpenJDK or Java at the ready?03:25
wadThat's a good question. I write stuff in Java, so I need to have control over which version of Java I have on my laptop.03:26
wadI have four versions installed, with a symbolic link to choose which one I want to use.03:26
SonikkuAmericaOne second...03:26
wadI'm writing a java web application right now, and it's going to need an applet in it. I haven't bothered to configure chromium to run applets yet.03:27
SonikkuAmericaDoes OpenJDK have all the older versions packed into it or do they need to be installed 1 by 1?03:27
SonikkuAmerica(Public question)03:27
* wad nods03:27
SonikkuAmericawad: OK, so we need Chromium to reference the correct version...03:28
SonikkuAmericawad: Does [ ln -s ] work at all?03:28
wadYes. Ideally, I would just create a symbolic link from my java to some directory... yes03:28
wadThere is a /opt/google/03:28
wadI just don't know which directory to link the right .so file into. I've tried four different ones; none work.03:29
wadI guess I could try diving the source of Chromium... ;)03:29
SonikkuAmericaI would assume using [ ln -s ] to change the link for /usr/bin/java/ &-or /usr/lib/java/ would work (not sure)03:30
SonikkuAmerica*or openjdk if you have that03:30
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
wadThat would work.03:30
wadHow does Chromium know where to find java?03:31
SonikkuAmericaGive it a shot03:31
wadThis is a mystery.03:31
wadI'll try it. Maybe it will just find it there in the expected location.03:31
SonikkuAmericawad: I'm thinking it defaults to /usr/bin/java or /usr/bin/openjdk but...03:31
SonikkuAmericawad: A note of warning, though... Chromium will hate you.03:32
SonikkuAmericaIt will point at you and scream "HAX!"03:32
mega1i dont want a user too see any other folder than there home folder when using ftp03:32
SonikkuAmericamega1: In other words, you don't want to share those folders03:34
SonikkuAmericaOther than /home/<whoever>/03:34
mega1i think so03:34
mega1yes but only for that user03:34
fungoatAnybody know of an easy way to wipe a drive, including LVM data, from the Live CD/USB?03:34
MoL0ToValso i was unable to share a single folder03:35
fungoatTrying to install over the top of Fedora 17.03:35
MoL0ToVvia nautilus03:35
MoL0ToVdon't work03:35
SonikkuAmericafungoat: Smash it with a hammer. lol. Seriously, use gparted03:35
SonikkuAmericaGParted should take care of it if you select the drive and say "Erase"03:36
MoL0ToVfungoat: sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=2M03:36
Slinggparted doesn't really wipe, it will just fiddle with the partition map03:36
MoL0ToVfor about 30 sec, then ctrl+c03:36
ikoniafungoat: you should have to to nothing, just make sure you tell the installer to format the partition at install time03:36
ikoniaMoL0ToV: there is zero need for that03:36
fungoatSonikkuAmerica: Tried. No dice.03:36
Slinguse dban if you want to wipe03:36
SonikkuAmericaOdd, GParted didn't work... Well, every program has its limits03:37
fungoatikonia: I wish. I get I/O errors during the install when going that route.03:37
MoL0ToVi love dd :D03:37
MoL0ToVand also the led of hard disk always on03:37
ikoniafungoat: ok, that suggests there is more of a problem03:37
MoL0ToVfor a while03:37
MoL0ToVwhat windows is unable to do03:37
mega1how do i do that03:37
ikoniaMoL0ToV: please try to offer real help, than help based on you liking an LED blinking03:37
SlingMoL0ToV: windows can do that fine, what are you going on about03:38
MoL0ToVikonia i use dd to wipe disk, is the surely way03:38
mega1SonikkuAmerica: yes03:38
MoL0ToVmore safer03:38
SlingMoL0ToV: depends on what you mean with 'wipe'03:38
ikoniaMoL0ToV: he's not asking to "wipe a disk"03:38
ikoniaMoL0ToV: he's trying to install ubuntu over the partition layout created by fedora03:38
MoL0ToV<fungoat> Anybody know of an easy way to wipe a drive, including LVM data, from the Live CD/USB?03:39
=== len is now known as Guest69707
MoL0ToVthe question is clear.03:39
ikoniaI missed that part, apologies03:39
SonikkuAmericamega1: Run [ sudo gedit /etc/vsftpd.conf ] in a terminal and add this: [ chroot_list_enable=YES ] and [ chroot_list_file=/etc/vsftpd.chroot_list ]03:39
ikoniayou need to use gksudo - not sudo for gedit03:39
TranshumanistMoL0ToV: why did you choose bs=2M, out of curiousity?03:40
SonikkuAmericaikonia: I had no problems from a GUI, but you're right if it's not a GUI03:40
ikoniaSonikkuAmerica: if it's a gui app - you need to use gksudo - not sudo03:40
SonikkuAmericaSo yes mega1: [ gksudo ] not just [ sudo ]03:40
MoL0ToVTransfusion, to use caching, if you don't specify reads 512byte blocks that is very slow than read 2M at time03:40
subcoolJust realizing- so how the hell do i fix the flash for Chrome?03:41
SonikkuAmericamega1: Then [ gksudo gedit /etc/vsftpd.chroot_list ] and restrict the users you wish.03:41
Transhumanistrighto :)03:41
litropyHi, all. I've got a standard apache2 installation on Ubuntu. I accedentally chowned the www dir, and I need to chown it back to what it was. What was it originally?03:41
fungoatMoL0ToV: How long should the dd procedure take?03:41
MoL0ToVyou notice this when datapiping to netcat to do remote raw images03:42
Transhumanistdepends on drive size, fungoat03:42
fungoat256GB SSD03:42
Transhumanistmaybe a few minutes if it's a few hundred gig03:42
subcoolTex_Nick, thanks for the info - but it didnt work out. ffmpeg is depreciated, avconv is- a pain- atleast to install, I tried openshot- doesnt support it.. and now im using avidemux, but i keeps messing up the sound.03:42
Transhumanistit won't give you any status updates until dd completes03:42
fungoatTranshumanist: Is there a verbose option?03:42
SonikkuAmericamega1: Or to limit all users, just uncomment [ chroot_local_user=YES ] in the /etc/vsftpd.conf file.03:42
MoL0ToVfungoat, yes, but if you want merely delete partitions lvm and have a ready disk for a new install, you can simply run dd for 30 secs, then CTRL+C03:43
MoL0ToVwothout blanking ENTIRELY the disk with zeroes03:43
fungoatThank you Transhumanist and MoL0ToV. Wish me luck…03:44
MoL0ToVis waste of time if the data on the disk is not sensible data03:44
psusifungoat, if you get IO errors then your drive is probably broke... check the SMART status in the disk utility03:44
Tex_Nicksubcool : if you want we could go to private chat ... i would be glad to help you with ffmpeg ... it will do more than you can imangine ;)03:44
litropyIs anyone here running apache2?03:45
subcooli tried to laod it, and it said to use avconv. im going to bed now anyways- thanks. it wsa just to edit something funny for my friend. But now facebook wont even let me upload it, so f. it03:45
psusifungoat, you also don't want to go writing all over an SSD.. writes wear them out03:45
Transhumanistfungoat: why are you doing it this way?03:45
fungoatpsusi: I'm hoping not.03:45
Transhumanistdo you just want to erase the partition to make news ones or install a new OS?03:45
Transhumanistif so, use GParted erase instead.03:46
litropyActionParsnip, You'll probably know: by default, what owner is assigned to www in apache2? I chowned it accidentally.03:46
jjgalvez__ezrafree: Thanks for the advice on changing my wifi channel, that did the trick, now my speed it back to normal. Really odd most of the channels give me horrible but I found one that works great!03:46
Tex_Nicksubcool : ok03:46
MoL0ToVgood night people!03:46
fungoatTransfusion: Yes. Exekept the LVMs from Fedora won't go away. Even with GParted.03:46
ActionParsnipLitropy:   root:www    maybe......03:46
psusifungoat, what do you mean they won't go away?03:46
Jordan_Ufungoat: wipefs might remove the stale LVM signatures, though they shouldn't generally cause problems. What problem are you actually having?03:47
MoL0ToVa question: in gnome2, gnome panel, etc... howto enable normal windows scroller? the one present, that appears only rollover, is frustrating me...03:47
fungoatpsusi: They cannot be wiped in GParted or Fedora's Disks utility.03:47
psusifungoat, gparted can delete them just fine03:48
ActionParsnipJjgalvez__: there are lines you can add to /etc/sysctl.conf   to make it a little faster by using more RAM as cache03:48
somsiplitropy: www-data is the usual owner of the apache2 process, and /var/www is chown root:www-data03:48
fungoatpsusi: Unfortunately, not the case here.03:48
psusifungoat, you'll have to be more specific03:49
jjgalvez__ActionParsnip: do you know of a good tutorial, the ones I've read are really confusing03:49
MoL0ToVdd destroy everything, try it more simple and linear03:49
psusidd also wears out the ssd03:49
Slingyou dont want the webcontent to be owned by www-data or by root03:49
n0hxi just discovered tails03:49
n0hxso cool03:49
Slinguse a separate user for that03:49
MoL0ToVdon't wear the ssd for a single pass.. of only 30 seconds :)03:50
ActionParsnipJjgalvez__: http://db.tt/8g8vppc7    add those lines to the file. Works well on my 2Gb RAM system03:50
ActionParsnipN0hx: as in the Sega character?03:51
jjgalvez__ActionParsnip: Thanks I'll give those a try03:52
MoL0ToVTiming buffered disk reads: 350 MB in  3.02 seconds = 115.87 MB/sec my ssd is so slow... the specs say 500Mbyte/s..03:52
TranshumanistSSD lifetime is huge these days anyway03:52
=== dniMretsaM is now known as dniMretsaM_away
MoL0ToVi can try to enable ahci instead ide in bios? is more faster?03:53
psusiahci is better, whether it is faster or not you'll have to see03:53
MoL0ToVa question: in gnome2, gnome panel, etc... howto enable normal windows scroller? the one present, that appears only rollover, is frustrating me...03:54
ActionParsnipMolL0tov: use hdparm to check dma is enabled and so forth03:54
ActionParsnipMol0tov: didn't know lucid had overlay scrollbars...03:55
goddardhow should i format my hard drive with a fresh install it is 1TB03:55
ActionParsnipGoddard: for only Ubuntu?03:56
psusigoddard, you'll have to be more specific03:56
MoL0ToVDMA: mdma0 mdma1 mdma2 udma0 udma1 udma2 udma3 udma4 udma5 *udma603:56
MoL0ToVudma6 is possible that is a brake for my ssd disk?03:56
MoL0ToVActionParsnip, i use quantal03:57
ActionParsnipGoddard: for me, 20gb / ext4. 1.1xRAM for swap ( I assume 2gb RAM or greater) and the rest s ext4 for /home03:57
ActionParsnipMol0Tov: gnome2 isn't in any of Quantal03:58
MoL0ToVwho are called... gnome2 mode... backward? i don't remember03:59
MoL0ToVwhen you select gnome2 classic in gdm03:59
litropysomsip, I'm not familiar with the syntax. root is the owner and www-dta is the group?04:00
=== Optichip` is now known as Optichip
ActionParsnipMol0tov: Quantal uses gnome 3. You can install gnome-panel and get something like the old style session04:00
Graymayrecan someone assist me with installing ubuntu 32 thru windows, it wants to automatically install 6404:00
MoL0ToVthere i have a disgusting rollover windows scrolling bars04:01
Tex_NickActionParsnip : that's interesting ... do you segregate /home for backuo or ???04:01
somsiplitropy: that's right04:01
MoL0ToVActionParsnip,  i set the crux theme, but the bars classic of crux don't appears04:01
ActionParsnipTex_nick: yes, backup as well as easy reinstall04:01
ActionParsnipMol0tov: www.liberiangeek.net/2012/03/disable-ubuntu-overlay-scrollbars-in-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin/04:02
Fonsiei have a question about duel boot installation, can anybody please help04:02
Graymayrewhat about it04:02
ActionParsnipMol0Tov: amazing what a quick websearch brings up huh....04:02
Tex_NickActionParsnip : hey thanks for that ... i've done it the hard way for years :(04:03
MoL0ToVsurely a menu config item to disable... to associate at this command is needed.. my grandfather scream if i say to him to open terminal and place this command :D04:03
Graymayredual boot isnt manual anymore, it sets up automatically now04:03
Fonsiei tried installing by downloading to portable hard drive and set it to boot from it and nothing happened04:04
ActionParsnipTex_nick: I also shove my web cache in tempfs for speed :-). Its good for SSDs too, fewer writes with worthless data04:04
Fonsieit just signed me into my windows04:04
Graymayrewhat are you running from internal?04:04
Fonsiei have it booting from usb portable hard drive04:05
ActionParsnipMolo0tov: maybe, but its sometimes easier to give a command users can copy snd paste too. Both ways have merit04:05
Graymayrebut is your MBR on your external drive?04:05
Graymayrewhen you installed it, were you running another OS on a hard drive located internally?04:05
Fonsiemy main OS is windows 7 and it is on internal hdd04:06
Graymayrethats why04:06
ActionParsnipMol0Tov: you can run dconf-settings and do it manually if you want, or you can just run the command04:06
Fonsieseperate from external drive04:06
MoL0ToVActionParsnip, i tryed to logout and login but overlay scrollbars still here04:06
GraymayreMBR (master boot record)04:06
Tex_NickActionParsnip : ok ... i luv that ... gotta reconfigure this box now ... thanks for the tip04:06
Graymayreit is loaded in the 100 meg partition on the front of your windows 7 drive04:06
litropysomsip, thx I'm all set.04:07
Fonsiethe website said i can install from portable hdd or disk04:07
Graymayreyes, as long as it is configured to have its own boot record04:07
Graymayrein that case, have you configured your bios to boot from it yet>?04:07
Fonsieand i set it to boot from portable usb hdd and it just signs into windows anyways04:07
Graymayrehave you disconnected your internal drive?04:08
Fonsiei put my usb hdd #1 on boot list04:08
Fonsieand no i have not04:08
Graymayrekeep in mind, default setting is to boot in an order, your internal drive by default comes first04:08
ActionParsnipTex_nick: I use a symlink from ~/.config/google-chrome to /run/google-chrome   I have commands in /etc/rc.local to recreate the folder and chown it each boot04:08
Graymayrealright, disconnect it and try again04:08
Fonsieyeah, i set it to boot from portable and did nothing04:08
somsiplitropy: cool. But that was just answering your question. As others have said, there may be security issues around using default permissions, but that's a different matter04:09
kujablakhi, I've got two partitions / and /home and I want to switch from 10.10 to kubuntu 12.1004:09
Graymayrewhat kind of computer04:09
Fonsiegateway netbook running windows704:09
GraymayreI have an issue where the bios wont load USB or 1394 ports on my laptop04:09
litropysomsip, thx for the heads up.04:09
archoes anyone need help?04:09
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ActionParsnipMol0tov: if you like the old style session,  why not just use XFCE, you can run all your Gnome applications there without issue04:09
Noskcajjuggalonaut1, type /j #ubuntu-quality04:09
Graymayreit is possible that it cant because the bios wont initialize those ports until an OS loads04:10
kujablakarch, I'd like to know how to make an inventory of all the softwares I installed so I can upgrade04:10
MoL0ToVActionParsnip, i try it04:10
Graymayrebut of course, being a netbook it should be able to because it has no internal cd rom drive to do installs from04:10
Fonsieso what do i need to do?04:10
MoL0ToVare available also compix in xfce? and effects?04:10
=== Guest2260 is now known as cmind
Graymayregoogle booting from USB on your particular model of netbook04:11
ActionParsnipMol0Tov: you only need the xfce4 package,  then log off and log in to the xfce session04:11
Fonsiei think i downloaded the wrong file to hdd, i just tried opening it and it says its a file to be burned to a disk and asks me to select a burner04:11
=== Albastos|off is now known as Albastos
Graymayreprobably so04:11
Graymayreyou will have to do an actual install to it04:12
Graymayreyou cant just copy files04:12
dr_willisFonsie:  whats the filea name?04:12
Fonsiecan you link a clean download?04:12
Tex_NickActionParsnip : you see a significant performance with that ??? ... BTW haven't seen you in a while ... hope you had a great holiday :-)04:12
Graymayrejust go to the ubuntu download site04:12
Graymayreit will give you an ISO image04:13
Graymayreyou will have to burn it to disk04:13
Graymayreand then install from that disk04:13
Fonsiethat is the url for the page i downloaded from04:13
Graymayrehold on, brb04:13
ActionParsnipTex_nick: thanks. You too :-), its slightly faster. No point going through RAM and to the storage,  waste of time. Eeb cache isnt really needed nowadays.04:14
ActionParsnipGeaymayre: you forgit MD5 testing04:14
Graymayredo boot from USB stick04:14
Fonsiei did04:14
Graymayreinstall it like the external drive is a USB stick04:14
Fonsieand it goes straight to windows04:14
Fonsieit lists the brand and everything of my hdd04:15
Fonsieit is #1 on my boot list04:15
Graymayrewhat kind of external drive interface are you using?04:15
Graymayrebrand i mean04:15
dr_willisif you dont see a grub menu, then its either booting the wrong hd. or you put grub on the wrong mbr04:15
FonsieWestern Digital04:15
Graymayreit may require driver support, which is not recognized by the bios04:16
Graymayreit will still recognize it and list it04:16
Graymayrebut not more than that04:16
Fonsiecan you confirm that is the correct file to have on the hdd when i boot from it04:17
MoL0ToVlightdm support multiple session like gdm? (kde,fce,gnome-classic, gnome3) or no?04:17
dr_willisFonsie:  how did you install to the usb?04:17
dr_willisMoL0ToV:  it does04:17
Fonsiei didnt just copied the file i downloaded from the site to it04:17
MoL0ToVpreload deamon is suggested to speedup system? why is not installed by default on ubuntu?04:18
dr_willisFonsie:  err.. you did it wrong then.. whats on the usb now? just a big ubuntu.iso ?04:18
Fonsiethat is the file that i copied to it04:18
dr_willisFonsie:  you did it wrong then04:18
Graymayreyou have to use the linux universal usb installer04:18
dr_willisyou use a tool to properly make a bootable usb drive04:18
Graymayreand load the iso in it and let it do its work04:19
ActionParsnipFonsie: how did you "copy" it?04:19
Fonsiedragged it04:19
dr_willisFonsie:  you did it wrong then...04:19
ActionParsnipFonsie: grab a copy of unetbootin04:19
MoL0ToVopenoffice start in 1 sec with preload daemon! sound great! :)04:19
Graymayrealright, you got him, can someone assist me with something?04:19
Fonsieso what exactly am i downloading and doing?04:20
ActionParsnipFonsie: simply copying and pasting is not going to work, you need software to set it up right04:20
GraymayreI need to load 32 bit ubuntu instead of 64, the windows isntaller automatically installs 6404:20
dr_willisyou put the iso on your hard drive. delete it from the usb. use a TOOL from pendrivelinux website to make a bootable usb disk from the iso04:20
dr_willisFonsie:  a tool such as unetbootin, or others04:21
ActionParsnipFonsie: unetbootin,  use that. Point it to the ISO you downloadd, ensure the correct drive letter is set to transfr to as well as persistence if it is needed04:21
Fonsieok, thank you04:22
Graymayreok, ill try a different route than the windows installer, I need to make my USB stick bootable, but for the 32 bit installer instead.  I need to burn the iso directly to it and make it bootable04:23
dr_willisyou can image the iso to the usb and it should be bootable04:23
Graymayrewith what tool04:24
PoorCollegeGuyGraymayre, use unetbootin04:24
MoL0ToVxfce is beautiful. i migrate all 200 pc in my domain! :)04:24
PoorCollegeGuy"burns" the iso to a usb stick to install04:24
Graymayrei dont want to install ubuntu on it, just the installer04:24
dr_willisdd, or ohther win imageing tools , of you dont want to go the unetbootin type route04:24
TranshumanistGraymayre: no, the windows installer does NOT automatically instal 64 bit Ubuntu04:24
dr_willisthe windows installer = wubi04:24
TranshumanistI've used that Windows installer dozens of times to setup a 32bit live USB04:24
Graymayreit did for me04:24
Graymayreit didnt offer me the option04:25
TranshumanistAre you asking Universal USB installer to download the ISO for you, or are you supplying it yourself?04:25
Graymayrei have the 32 bit 12.10 iso04:25
Fonsieok, another question....my windows is 64bit, should i put 64 or 32bit ubuntu on it?04:25
Graymayreneed to install it on my secondary drive04:25
dr_willisFonsie:  i use 64bit os on 64bit hardware04:25
Transhumanistand when you open universal  USb installer, what's the first option you get to choose?04:25
Transhumanistthe drop down box of different distros?04:26
PoorCollegeGuyGraymayre, unetbootin turns it into a bootable usb drive, but once you boot into it, there is an option to install linux on the computer itself04:26
PoorCollegeGuyi just did it to my laptop an hour ago04:26
Graymayrei have to go with 32 bit because of my wireless stick04:26
rd4can I use script modify the network-manager static ip address infomation?04:26
Transhumanistyeah that's fine. 32-bit is fine.04:26
=== elky` is now known as elky
Graymayrei owuld use 64 if i could, and i have been but without wireless support04:26
Graymayrelinksys AE2500 if anyone is familiar with my issue04:27
Graymayrebut ok, unetbootin it is04:27
fungoatAnyone else have issues with 12.10 not recognizing an Intel HD3000 chip (Lenovo X201)?04:28
fwardI was wondering if someone might help me with something. I connected a ubuntu desktop to a windows domain. Afterward the terminal window does not show PS1 and terminal window shortcuts are not functioning. I am using bash for the shell04:28
ActionParsnipGraymayre: if its a usb wifi stick then just buy one kniwn to work, they are cheap04:28
Transhumanistfward: once off or recurrs upon restart?04:28
ikoniafward: does the prompt show "noname"04:29
rd4ok.I find the ansert at  /NetworkManager/system-connection04:29
dr_willisfward:  try 'echo $SHELL'  to be sure. try sourceing your .profile and .bashrc files04:29
ActionParsnipFward: what if you run:  source ~/.bashrc      is anything output?04:29
Fonsiedoes my portable have to be formatted in order to install iso to it?04:30
fwardit shows $ only at shell. I echoed $SHELL and it is reporting /bin/bash it happens while logged in. After I login to local account all goes back to normal04:30
ActionParsnipFonsie: yes04:30
fwardSo I am guessing it is a local config file, but I am unsure where the settings for the terminal shortcuts are kept04:30
Fonsieand how much space do i need?04:31
ikoniafward: I suspect your domain is setting the home directory wrong so there is no bashrc/bash_profile/profile to source04:31
ActionParsnipFonsie 800mb. You can use the remaining space for persistence04:32
fwardhm, yeah forgot about that. so set that manually and all should be good to go. I will try it, ikonia.04:32
Graymayrejust out of cursiosity, the windows installer, what does it mean by "install size"?04:32
Transhumanist<Graymayre> just out of cursiosity, the windows installer, what does it mean by "install size"?04:33
TranshumanistHuuuh? Could you show me where you downloaded it?04:34
TranshumanistOh, you mean Wubi?04:34
TranshumanistSo you want to install Ubuntu on top of your Windows partition instead of to its own partition?04:34
TranshumanistThat's Wubi04:34
Transhumanistdo you want to install Ubuntu on its own partition or not?04:35
Graymayrei already installed it on a separate drive04:35
Graymayreits done04:35
Graymayremy question was about the "install size" selection04:35
TranshumanistWubi isn't what you want. That Windows installer isn't what you want. It's something rather different and less stable.04:35
PoorCollegeGuydoesn't it cap the ubuntu download at 40GB too?04:35
PoorCollegeGuy40GB = useless04:35
Graymayrebut anyway04:36
TranshumanistMy Ubuntu install is usually 15gb or so. 40 gb is plenty if you have another HD04:36
Graymayrewhat are the different install sizes for?04:36
Graymayrewhat does it add or cut out?04:36
TranshumanistStop using that, Graymayre04:36
Transhumanistit's not for you04:36
Graymayreim not04:36
Transhumanistoh ok04:36
Transhumanistwell it's just capped at 30gb for the Wubi install04:36
Graymayreim using a USB stick now installine 32 bit instead because of issues with a wireless adapter04:36
Transhumanistpresumably due to performance or stability reasons04:36
usr13Graymayre: So how much free space do you have?04:37
Graymayrejust compatibility with a specific piece of hardware04:37
Graymayre3 TB :P04:37
TranshumanistWubi installs Ubuntu on an ext filesystem on TOP of an NTFS file system, whilst keeping whatever was already on the NTFS file system intact04:37
usr13Graymayre: What you want is suggestion for partition(s) size for your install?  Right?04:37
Graymayrei absolutely wouldnt do that04:37
Graymayrei am using a separate 250 GB hdd04:38
usr13Graymayre: 8G for swap,  30G for /  and the rest for /home04:38
Transhumanistdepends on your RAM size04:38
Graymayrei have 4 drives, 2 win7 (32/64) win2k or xp soon, and ubuntu for the last04:38
Transhumanistyou may not need such a large swap04:38
Graymayrewell i will leave on default options04:39
usr13Graymayre: How much RAM do you have?04:39
Graymayredell xps 720, old but decked04:39
Transhumanist8GB sounds good then yeah :)04:39
usr13Graymayre: 4 or 5G for swap is ok.04:39
TranshumanistI'd choose 8GB so I could hibernate04:39
usr13Graymayre: 8 even better... Yes04:39
Graymayrei am a linux noob, what is swap, is that like ram?  or pagefile in windows?04:39
Transhumanistyeah, like pagefile on Windows04:40
iBurleylike a pagefile04:40
Graymayregotcha, hard ram04:40
Ailoswhy is the driver version in the software centre older than the driver on the manufacturer site?04:40
Graymayrealright i am learning something :)04:40
usr13Graymayre: "virtual memory" in "MS-Windows" speak is what it amounts to,.04:40
Graymayreold win2k server admin here04:40
TranshumanistAilos: software centre versions are stable and vetted. But they may not be the latest version for that reason04:40
usr13!swap | Graymayre04:40
ubottuGraymayre: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info04:40
Graymayrecomplete n00b here04:40
Ailosthey are more stable than Nvidias current version?04:41
iBurleySo I have a problem in Ubuntu, specifically in TeamSpeak, I can't set my side buttons as push to talk, or anything else, but they still take me forward and backwards in my browser. Any way to fix that?04:41
Transhumanistmaybe. or the guy maintaining it is just lazy04:41
usr13Graymayre: That's ok.  You've come to the right place.  Plenty of info here.04:41
Graymayrealright, anyone familiar with the linksys AE2500 wireless USB stick compatibility issues?04:41
Ailosalright, ill try the centres version04:41
TranshumanistAilos: yeah when it comes to drivers, it's usually not laziness but performance and stability that the reason the version might be older in the repo04:42
Graymayrenice big 13 page thread on it and I am a monkey in a nuclear lab04:42
TranshumanistGraymayre: so what've you done so far? Have you used Universal USB Creator or Unetbootin to create a USB boot drive for Ubuntu 12.10 32-bit?04:42
Ailosok, thank you04:43
TranshumanistAnd did it install properly?04:43
Graymayrethis will be easy from here04:43
Graymayreyes, to the usb04:43
Graymayrei am currently using the computer tho04:43
TranshumanistDoes it boot?04:43
Transhumanistah ok04:43
Graymayrei need to get irc on my phone04:43
nalidixicHi All. I have an Ubuntu install I'm using to play around with some hobby projects. My understanding with mysql is that I should be using mysqld_safe to run the server however when I reboot my Ubuntu install mysqld starts. How can I change that?04:44
TranshumanistWhen you were in 64-bit Ubuntu with the broken wireless radio, did you check for a proprietary driver to use?04:44
TranshumanistMaybe that would've fixed it.04:44
Graymayrecheck this out regarding that http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=180583004:44
Graymayreno proprietary driver04:44
Graymayrenone to date04:45
Graymayreu nailed it arch04:45
Ailosso uh, the Installing Packages window is just solid gray instead of installing my driver, thats probably not a good thing?04:45
TranshumanistThat's an 11 page thread, man. What specifically did you want me to look at?04:45
Graymayresorry mate, i have looked at it for a while and got very little out of it04:46
Graymayrecheck out page 404:46
TranshumanistAilos: wait a few minutes, if nothing happens, restart and try again. That's what I'd do. Or find the package name and use apt-get instead (I prefer this)04:46
Graymayrenvm, let me find it and lik04:46
Ailosalright, ill be patient04:46
TranshumanistGarymayre: a lot of hardware is very closed-source and proprietary and the manufacturers don't like Linux. So sometimes it's just a case of buying from better companies. Doesn't always help when you have existing hardware that you want to use though.04:47
Graymayreand little to no extra money to get something compatible04:48
Tex_Nicknalidixic : if you don't get an answer here ... you might try #mysql & #httpd04:48
usr13Graymayre: You know that thread is a couple years old.  Right?04:48
Graymayreim just going to try from step one on 32 bit and see if ndiswrapper will solve the issue on it04:49
Graymayrea year04:49
usr13Graymayre: Is a wireless card your issue?04:49
Graymayreif you go to the most recent posts it is just starting form the beginning again and rehashing04:49
Graymayreit is, USB wireless stick04:49
iBurleyDoes Ubuntu have problems recognizing side mouse buttons?04:49
TranshumanistSo Graymayre, when you install 32-bit Ubuntu, be sure to check the proprietary drivers list in the software sources section of the system preferences04:49
Transhumanistyou might have a driver listed for your wireless radio after all04:50
usr13Graymayre: Is it in now?04:50
Graymayre(thats what she said)04:50
Graymayrebut no, still on the computer im talking to you on04:50
Graymayreoh, the stick, yes04:50
Graymayrebut im on windows 704:50
usr13Graymayre: And you are booted to MS Windows?04:50
usr13Graymayre: Just do the install and see what happens.04:51
Graymayrei didnt know how to check proprietary drivers before04:51
Graymayreshould i try it with the 64 bit version first?04:51
Graymayresee if it actually is there?04:51
usr13Graymayre: I would use 32bit04:52
Transhumanistjust go with 64-bit04:52
Transhumanistyou've only got 4gb of RAM anyway04:52
usr13Graymayre: There is not much in the way of specific advice we can give because we don't know much about the hardware yet.04:52
TranshumanistI mean go with 32-bit04:53
Graymayreanyone play eve?04:53
TranshumanistDoes it run on Linux?04:53
Graymayrelol lemme check04:54
Ailosso Installing Packages window vanished with no other prompts. did the driver install?04:54
Graymayreso i guess not04:55
nalidixicTex_Nick: thanks04:55
TranshumanistAilos: go back to the package in software centre and see if it says "installed" or not04:55
Ailosah yes04:56
GraymayreIRC for linux so i can get back in here after im in it?04:56
Ailosits a hraphics driver. do i need a reboot?04:56
Graymayrejust check it in apps or something?04:56
Tex_Nicknalidixic : those two channels are more specific to your question ... good luck :)04:56
Graymayreeh, ill find it, o7 guys04:57
iBurleyAnybody here use TeamSpeak on Ubuntu?05:01
iBurleyI'm having trouble setting my side buttons on my mouse as push to talk05:01
machicolanyone know of an app the adds a touchpad enable/disable hotkey?05:03
=== daniel is now known as Guest3528
=== Guest3528 is now known as jambeedrum
machicolai used to used to used touchpad-indicator which doesn't seem to be available anymore05:04
machicolathere were two on ubuntu software center listing, first one doesn't have settings for a hotkey enable/disable &05:04
machicolasecond one is 325megs05:05
machicolawhich seems like a lot for that05:05
dr_willisor its for kde...05:05
dr_willisif you knew the cli commands to enable/disable you could make your own05:06
Tex_Nickmachicola : have a look at this http://askubuntu.com/questions/65951/how-to-disable-touchpad ... i found a great link a week or so ago for that, trying to relocate it05:09
rd4I can't chane    the   /etc/NetworkManager/connection          so I can't change ip address throught vi  ? anybody can help me?05:10
machicolawow, awesome link... thanks Tex_Nick05:10
machicoladid not know about xinput list05:11
Ailosafter installing my nvidia driver, window borders and text is almost twice as big, but resolution is correct. How do i change it?05:11
Tex_Nickmachicola : you're welcome ... hope it helps ... if not, there was a more specific link i found a while back05:13
Ailosalthough, maybe its for the best05:14
Ailosis there a way to check if my video driver is properly installed?05:14
MeanEYEAilos: Starting nvidia-settings will tell you if nvidia driver is being used.05:15
Gyro54What is wrong with this as an entry in fstab - // /mnt/p_drive cifs Kevin,password=new,iocharset=utf8,mode=0777,dir_mode=0777 0 005:15
MeanEYEAilos: Also, lsmod | grep nvidia should show if driver is loaded by kernel.05:16
Ailosnvidia x server settings?05:16
MeanEYEAilos: that's the command name: nvidia-settings. Basically it's nVidia's control panel.05:16
Ailosand running that command outputs:05:16
Ailosnvidia              10236405  4205:16
MeanEYEGyro54: What's the problem?05:17
MeanEYEGyro54: you are probably missing user=Kevin instead of just Kevin.05:17
Gyro54MeanEYE:  This works manually  - sudo mount -t cifs // /mnt/p_drive -o username=Kevin,password=new05:17
Gyro54MeanEYE: Is that all it is?05:18
MeanEYEGyro54: Am not sure. Check /var/log/error.log. You should be able to get more info from there.05:18
MeanEYESorry /var/log/syslog05:19
Gyro54MeanEYE: Thanks for your help.  That will be problem.05:19
DJJeffgpio_ich: failed to claim resource 0 http://pastie.org/5618577 should I be worried about this?05:20
MeanEYEGyro54: Did that fixed it?05:20
=== ekrem is now known as havan
Gyro54MeanEYE: That works fine. Thanks for that. Sometimes it is the most simple things05:24
MeanEYEGyro54: ... Yeah. Also -o part should be identical to what comes after cifs. :)05:25
Gyro54MeanEYE: I will add that to the line. Thanks05:28
Fonsiecan anybody help me, im trying to install ubuntu to portable usb hdd to boot from to install to windows but wont let me05:28
MeanEYEGyro54: no need. Am just explaining how fstab works.05:29
Fonsieim trying to use unetbootin and keeps saying there isnt a flash drive there05:29
Fonsiewhen there is05:29
MeanEYEFonsie: unetbootin requires super user. Did you run it with sudo?05:29
MeanEYEFonsie: Oh, sorry. From which OS are you running unetbootin?05:30
Gyro54MeanEYE: OK05:30
Fonsiewindows 705:30
MeanEYEFonsie: You need to reformat your USB stick to FAT32. Currently it's probably NTFS.05:31
Fonsiealready did that05:32
MeanEYEHm, that's strange.05:34
MeanEYESo you are sure USB is FAT32?05:35
Fonsieit was ntfs and it told me to make sure it was formatted to fat32 so i did and it still isnt showing up05:36
MeanEYEYou did remove and connect drive again right. Sorry for asking stupid questions, it just seems strange.05:37
Fonsiei actually had to reformat it on a different pc because the driver to reformat it to fat32 only runs on xp05:37
Fonsieso yes05:37
MeanEYEHm, that's even stranger. Win7 has FAT32 support as most memory cards use that file system.05:38
MeanEYEAm stumped here. Perhaps someone else has some ideas.05:39
=== Vobine is now known as Psychoholic
agedplease can someone suggest where i can find a downlaod that will fit on cd thanks05:41
dr_willisaged:  try  lubuntu, or 12.04 ubuntu05:41
dr_willisi think lubuntu 12.10 fits on cd05:41
Fonsiewhat is another program to install to usb besides unetbootin?05:41
dr_willisFonsie:  dozen at the pendrivelinux site05:42
agedwanted to try the new version out before buying a new laptop as it will influence decsion#05:42
dr_willisFonsie:  or use an imageing tool to image the iso straight to the  usb05:42
AldrykCan anyone help with re-installing grub after cloning ubuntu partition from one (dying) machine to another?05:42
madc|SPYnXi'm using Ubuntu 12.10 what is the repository of gns3 so i can download the latest version05:43
dr_willisAldryk:  a live cd and thet boot-repair tool would be what i would try first05:43
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge05:43
AldrykSo, Rescutax is not a good option?05:43
dr_willisAldryk:  no idea.05:44
dr_willisnever heard of it05:44
AldrykWhats the boot-repair tool then?05:44
dr_willisits  in the repos and mentioned at the.....05:44
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)05:44
AldrykI think its from the same source as "Super-Grub Disk"05:44
xangua!info gns3 | madc|SPYnX05:44
ubottumadc|SPYnX: gns3 (source: gns3): graphical network simulator. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.7.4-1 (quantal), package size 3776 kB, installed size 18020 kB05:44
Amanda2013i'm finally rich05:45
MeanEYEAmanda2013: Glad to hear that.05:45
agedgot old laptop here and it has cd only and wanted to try it out before igave mr gates some money for windows eight  rrather spend it on a laptop without microsoft rubbish05:45
Amanda2013but on to da shit what is get-apt for adobe flash05:45
dr_williswindows 8 on an old laptop? thats sort of scary05:45
ageddo they do a lite version of 12/1005:46
MeanEYEaged: What seems to be the problem?05:46
Amanda2013i just ditched win 7 45 mins ago05:46
Amanda2013for 12.0405:46
MeanEYEAmanda2013: Google Chrome comes with flash, so you don't need to install it separately. If you are Firefox fan, then you need to install flashplugin-downloader.05:47
agedmeaneye 12 10 doesnt fit on a cd05:47
dr_willisaged:  lubuntu 12.10 might. then you install ubuntu-desktop package05:48
MeanEYEaged: It will fit on DVD, or USB drive.05:48
agedyep but dont have any of them05:48
Amanda2013i'm smoking on da gas like citgo05:50
agedjust wondered if there was a lite version of it05:50
dr_willisaged:  none ive seen05:50
agedso it look like the choice is windows xp then05:51
tonyr2k8aged, does your laptop currently have windows on it?05:51
dr_willisaged:  or...... 3rd time...    lubuntu 12.10 might. then you install ubuntu-desktop package05:51
dr_willisor just use 12.04   because an old laptop might not support pae either.05:52
AldrykI'm downloading the boot-repair disk now..any idea if it'll work on a system where the grub configuration doesn't exist at all?05:52
agedno itwas given to me to get me started to learn about pcs at freinds at moment he said try this irc thingy and ask05:52
MeanEYEaged: Ubuntu 12.04 is CD sized. You can upgrade to 12.10 after you install it.05:52
AldrykThat is, the grub (stage 2?) cofiguration was for the old machine with its old HDD, now the ubuntu partition is installed to an altogether different partition on a different disk.05:53
dr_willisaged:  whatas your cpu on the thing, how old is it?05:53
Fonsiewhat should i set my persistent file size to?05:54
MeanEYEFonsie: You don't need it if you don't plan on running Ubuntu from USB05:54
dr_willisFonsie:  if you just want to install, you dont need one.05:54
Amanda2013how to install python05:54
MeanEYEAmanda2013: Python is already installed.05:54
dr_willisAmanda2013:  its installed by default05:54
Amanda2013i need 2.705:54
MeanEYEAmanda2013: it is.05:55
dr_willis!info python05:55
ubottupython (source: python-defaults): interactive high-level object-oriented language (default version). In component main, is optional. Version 2.7.3-0ubuntu7 (quantal), package size 163 kB, installed size 658 kB05:55
agedthink it a 1.5 celeron with 2gig of memory and 20gig hard drive 14 inch screen toshiba05:55
liamI ran sudo fsck.hfsplus -f on an external hdd and now it wont mount at all. Any ideas what this has done and how to fix it?05:55
Amanda2013what about GNU Make05:55
dr_willisaged:  if it dosent support pae in hardware. then you will need to use 12.0405:55
dr_willisAmanda2013:  its in the repos05:55
Amanda2013no idea about repos such a n00b05:56
MeanEYEAmanda2013: that means, open software center and search. :D Simple as that. It's available through few clicks.05:56
Amanda2013i try05:56
dr_willis!manual | Amanda201305:57
ubottuAmanda2013: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/05:57
MeanEYEAmanda2013: if you need make... just run "sudo apt-get install make"05:58
Amanda2013ty again05:58
MeanEYEAmanda2013: you are welcome. Repositories are software libraries Linux uses to install software. So you can just say what you need and chances are it's there.05:59
ErdMutterIs there a IRC channel for Ubuntu Desktop installed onto the Nexus 7?05:59
agedok thinkl i will have to look at other makes and see what one i feel i can learn and isnt to difficult for a complete novice05:59
MeanEYEaged: You can download Ubuntu 12.04 here -> http://www.ubuntu.com/start-download?distro=desktop&bits=32&release=lts06:00
Amanda2013does it have jdk be dfalut06:00
MeanEYEAmanda2013: It's not installed by default, but OpenJDK is available. Versions 1.6, 1.7 and 1.806:00
dr_willisErdMutter:  #ubuntu-arm  perhaps06:01
Amanda2013i need JDK 6 for building android06:01
MeanEYEAmanda2013: You are using Eclipse?06:01
Amanda2013don't have it yet06:02
MeanEYEWill you use it?06:02
foxy999I can't set a password on an archive with archive manager in ubuntu, does anyone know any good software to do this?06:02
Amanda2013idk might have to06:02
dr_willisfoxy999:  you could use the command line.06:02
MeanEYEAmanda2013: Did you develop for Android so far?06:02
foxy999dr_willis. what program?06:02
Amanda2013just trying to build android x8606:02
MeanEYEAmanda2013: then my advice is to use Eclipse. It helps a lot.06:02
MeanEYEAmanda2013: Is there are reason why you would build the whole android?06:03
Amanda2013to add ethernet support into 4.0.406:03
dr_willisfoxy999:  zip can do it.  or just encrypt the arcchive afterwards with pgp or somthing06:03
Amanda2013$ sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ lucid partner" $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk06:05
ubottuFor information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory06:05
Amanda2013will that work06:05
MeanEYEAmanda2013: no. It's Lucid. Old version of Ubuntu.06:06
MeanEYEAmanda2013: You can build with OpenJDK, my advice check with Google... for example http://blog.markloiseau.com/2012/07/how-to-compile-android-on-ubuntu-12-04/06:06
MeanEYEAmanda2013: you will need build-essential package to be installed. As that's compilers and other things.06:06
jm3665Hi everybody! ... I need some help :S06:07
MeanEYEjm3665: Shoot!06:07
Amanda2013needs a line of coke06:07
foxy999dr_willis, it still didn't work..06:07
MeanEYEAmanda2013: that doesn't help with ethernet drivers.06:07
foxy999dr_willis, it accepts a password but doesn't prompt for one when I extract the files06:07
dr_willisi dont use the tools. so no idea foxy99906:08
foxy999I can't set a password on an archive with archive manager in ubuntu, does anyone know any good software to do this?06:08
MeanEYEfoxy999: which archive?06:08
foxy999MeanEYE, .zip06:09
Amanda2013"but I found (later in the build process) that Android really needs to be built by Sun’s Java SDK MeanEYE ya link it says that at top06:09
jm3665I don't know why I can't install webapps on my ubuntu 12.04 :S06:09
Amanda2013found it nvm06:10
duliojm3665, webapp?06:10
MeanEYEfoxy999: Syntax is zip -P password -r archive.zip files06:10
Amanda2013ok still stuck06:10
MeanEYEAmanda2013: Hm, I've never built one. But I can help. http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-via.html06:11
MeanEYEThere's a document explaining how to install Oracle JDK06:11
Tex_Nickfoxxy999 : for a tarball encryped file, have a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=107139806:11
agedso ubuntu has now joined the club as bloat ware06:16
MeanEYEDepends what you consider bloatware :D06:16
Tex_Nickaged : it's only as bloated as you make it ;-)06:17
komputesaged: plus computers are way more powerful now, and theres always the choise to use gnome fallback, or xfce, lxde06:19
=== HeKToN is now known as HeKToN|work
Amanda2013how do i add PATH=~/bin:$PATH to my path06:28
dr_willisAmanda2013:  just make the bin dir, log out/back in06:30
dr_willisAmanda2013:  it will auto do that06:31
dr_willisits a check in the .bashrc i belive06:31
Amanda2013wait i need /usr/bin06:31
dr_willis     /usr/bin is notmally in the path anyway06:31
Amanda2013how do i find .bashrc06:32
dr_willis its in your home dir06:32
Amanda2013how do i show hidden files06:32
Tex_NickAmanda2013 : the dot preceding it means it's a hidden file though06:33
dr_willisi think you are going to have a lot of learning to do befor you recompile android....06:33
dr_willis ls -a06:33
dr_willisa bash tutorial may be worth  reading soon.06:33
WeThePeopledr_willis, i get a unable to update .ICEauthority at boot, any suggestions06:33
dr_willisWeThePeople:  delete/rename it? ;)06:34
dr_willisive seen .Xauthority get messed up.  but not sure what .ICEzuthority does06:34
=== Noskcaj is now known as Noskcaj_afk
Amanda2013./usr/bin path not in .bashrc06:36
dr_willis  its in the default path i thought.06:36
dr_willis  echo $PATH06:36
dr_willis  and look06:37
Amanda2013weed@weed-HP-Pavilion-g6-Notebook-PC:~$ echo $PATH /home/weed/bin:/home/weed/bin:06:37
dr_willismessed up your path.. open a new terminal06:38
dr_willisand try it there06:38
Amanda2013i did it  there06:38
Amanda2013echo $ path thingy06:38
dr_willisyouve done somthing to change your path06:39
dr_willisthats not a system default path06:39
Amanda2013no just installed 2day06:39
dr_willisyouve done somthing to change your path.....06:39
Amanda2013have not fucked with .bashrc06:39
IdleOneAmanda2013: No swearing in here please06:39
dr_willisdosent matter.. youve done somthing to your  path.     try a 'xterm -ls' perhaps and see what the path is there06:40
cache_zadont think bashrc was created on my install until i created it06:40
dr_willisor its .profile06:40
dr_willisim not on ubuntu to check06:40
Amanda2013not there ;(06:41
dr_willis  .profile, .bashrc and .bash_profile i recall06:41
dr_willisif you just do a 'export PATH=.......' incorectly it will goof up the path for that shell06:42
dr_willisand child processes06:42
Amanda2013is this right PATH=~/bin:$PATH06:42
dr_willisif you have not edited any  files, you should be able to log out/back in and get back to defaults06:42
dr_willisIF you hadent changed path befor that06:43
dr_willisbut it looks like you did06:43
Amanda2013leeme reboot06:43
dr_willisjust log out/back in06:43
jm3665Sorry, I'm back with this question :S06:44
jm3665I just tried several times to install this new feature ... webapps on my ubuntu 12.04 ... but I can't06:44
jm3665Can anyone give me some help ?06:45
dr_willisjm3665:  its a flakey feature in 12.04 and even in 12.10 i find it flakey06:45
dr_willisa neat idea that just dosent work well06:45
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
dr_willisthen i realized how little it did when it did work06:46
dr_willisid rather the sites add a entry to the browser quicklists06:46
cache_zahow do the webapps work anyway? a js app that opens in a dumbed down browser instance?06:49
dr_willisits like a browser window with no menu items last i tried it06:49
Amanda2013now what06:49
jm3665:) ... ok ... Just as I thought but ... I need to ask :D06:50
c00keetrying to run virtualbox on chrubuntu but im getting error message about linux kernel06:51
dr_willischrubuntu? never heard of it.06:51
c00keechromebook version of ubuntu06:51
dr_willisbest to see their support forums/site/channel then06:51
jm3665thanks dr_willis06:51
c00keeneed help locating it06:52
Tex_NickAmanda2013 : still working on the path deal ? ... echo $PATH ... is it there now06:52
dr_willisthere is a chrom-os pppackage thing for ubuntu ;)06:53
Amanda2013  /home/weed/bin:/usr/lib/lightdm/lightdm:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games06:53
dr_willisthat looks more normal06:53
dr_willisnever noticed lightdm in there befor06:54
Amanda2013stillmissing /usr06:54
dr_willisyou have /usr/bin   just like you asked06:54
Amanda2013oh i do dang06:55
dr_willisand your users home/bin06:55
Amanda2013any body willing to teamview07:00
Amanda2013i still hava install07:00
=== Guest24277 is now known as _dd
nwpI hate UIs that switch active input element on you while you're typing...07:05
nwpor the destination of that input07:05
=== stephen is now known as Guest18019
dr_willisAmanda2013:  whats the actual support question now?07:09
Amanda2013making a working dir07:10
dr_willismkdir MyWorkingDir07:10
Amanda2013afk brb07:10
Amanda2013eh i don't know which folder to use or how to type ex:/1/2/3/407:11
dr_willisi have no idea whay you are going on about07:12
Amanda2013coz i am dumb07:13
* dr_willis was thinking 'vague'07:14
Amanda2013Thinking or communicating in an unfocused or imprecise way: "he had been vague about his activities"07:14
Tex_NickAmanda2013 : dr_willis was instructing you how to create your working directory ... see if this helps you in your ubuntu exploits ... http://www.pendrivelinux.com/ubuntu-linux-shell-commands-quick-reference/07:15
dr_willisthe ubuntu manual. and a bash tutorial or 3 ... would be a good starting point07:15
susundbergGood morning07:18
CookieMsusundberg: hello07:19
=== Noskcaj_afk is now known as Noskcaj
Tex_NickAmanda2013 : could i recommend some tutorials from youTube ... http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL465C6C735CEB7CBD07:22
Tex_NickAmanda2013 : that guy has some pretty good introductory linux tutorials ... link i provided is about 50 bash tuts07:23
Tex_NickAmanda2013 : and hey you're not dumb ... you're learning ... as we all should be :-)07:26
=== Einarr[Away] is now known as Etyneo
EtyneoAnyone know if there's a way to switch between active GPUs in an Intel/ATI hybrid setup yet?07:32
b3njhelp me07:33
b3nji can't install lubuntu07:34
b3njwhen i choose install lubuntu in the menu screen just turns off and pc freezes07:34
b3nji can not install lubuntu, when i choose "install lubuntu" screen turns off and machine freezes07:36
Tex_NickAmanda2013 : just remembered ... there is a girl on Hak5 that is learning linux ... as she learns she does a tutorial on what she has learned ... http://www.hak5.org07:37
NevinHello, anyone here that could help me for a moment?07:38
Tex_NickNevin : ask your question07:40
NevinI'm trying to install Ubuntu 12.10. My system uses a UEFI bios, so I run the UEFI version from the USB stick. When I choose to install from the GNU GRUB interface, the screen changes to a blank black screen with a blinking cursor that eventually freezes up.07:42
laze1989Etyneo: Depends. If you are using the OSS radeon drivers - only if you are having a muxed system. This means, you will have an option in your BIOS to change the active graphics card. If you have a muxless system, the OSS radeon drivers are not capable of switching, yet. If prime support majors, it will be available. But nevertheless, the drivers are not that good.07:44
rajhow do I test if glib notifications are working?07:44
Amanda2013would anyone in here be willing to teamview meh07:44
Tex_NickNevin : is that on a windows 8 box that you want to dual boot07:45
laze1989Etyneo: If you are using fglrx (proprietary AMD drivers) you cannot use them with Ubuntu 12.10 out of the box (they are incompatible to Xorg 1.13, whats used in Ubuntu 12.10). But they are capable of switchting.07:45
dr_willisAmanda2013:  teqmview for what reason?07:45
Tex_Nick!uefi | Nevin07:46
NevinNo, it is a custom PC. I have Windows 7 running on it.07:46
ubottuNevin: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI07:46
Amanda2013i cant get a working dir made correctly07:46
dr_willisAmanda2013:  a working directory for what?07:46
EtyneoActually, I've been experimenting with
Amanda2013"Create an empty directory to hold your working files."07:47
=== moe is now known as Guest99971
dr_willisAmanda2013:  right click, make new direcory/folder.. or use the mkdir command07:47
EtyneoAlso, its a muxless system.07:47
dr_willisAmanda2013:  'mkdir myworkdir'07:47
kristofPardon me, esteemed gentlemen. Is there a command line utility I can use for controlling the master volume on pulseaudio?07:47
kristofI need a command I can map to a key.07:47
NevinUbottu: I have been following the steps in the URL that you linked. The GNU GRUB interface freezes after choosing to install Ubuntu shortly after this screen. http://pix.toile-libre.org/upload/original/1347445084.png07:48
ubottuNevin: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:48
laze1989Etyneo: Then this thread will do the job for you (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1930450).07:48
SirCluelesshi all, I am having trouble with the fglrx driver07:48
rd4I want to know how to use sudo -S options,who knows?07:48
Tex_NickNevin : i'm running 12.10 on a custom build ... no problems here ... but the issue is hardware specific07:48
KaiSforzaseriously, we're looking for pulse command line control.07:48
kristofSomething like amixer, but amixer doesn't actually work with pulseaudio, I've noticed.07:48
=== madc is now known as madc|SPYnX
dr_willisKaiSforza:   pavmixer perhaps or related tools07:49
SirCluelessI cannot manage to get into Unity 3D, and unity_support_test tells me GLX is missing07:49
kristofdr_willis: Has to be noninteractive.07:49
KaiSforzadr_willis: wee kristof's comment.07:49
dr_williskristof:  it may have cli commands in the same package07:49
EtyneoI was looking at that thread and can't use the OP as the packages he references are no longer available.07:49
dr_willisor cli options07:49
EtyneoIt's Lao about 1 year old...07:50
KaiSforzadr_willis: doesn't amixer (alsa-tools, iirc) interface with alsa, not pulse?07:50
dr_willisisent there the xf86_volumeup/volumedown keys bound to somthing07:50
EtyneoAlso... Darn autocorrect...07:50
kristofKaiSforza: According to the Ubuntu wiki, amixer.sh works.07:50
KaiSforzadr_willis: not using a DE.07:50
KaiSforzakristof: hmm.07:50
kristofdr_willis: Can you check what they're bound to in your case?07:51
Amanda2013just found a back door07:51
dr_williskristof:  im on my phone  ;)07:51
NevinTex_Nick: How did the GRUB interface respond when you chose to install Ubuntu 12.10? (Assuming you are also using a UEFI bios.)07:51
kristofdr_willis: Aaaah. I wish I had IRC on my phone, but alas, I use a shitberry.07:51
kristofThank you anyway!07:52
SirCluelessdoes anyone have any knowledge of fglrx, or supporting hybrid graphics in Ubuntu?07:52
=== ericab is now known as ericab_away
laze1989Etyneo: You just need to download the newer drivers from amd http://support.amd.com/de/gpudownload/linux/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx07:52
SirCluelessbecause I can't even get 3D acceleration on my intel integrated card07:52
dr_willishybrid is very much a 'foggy' area. sadly07:52
SirCluelessdr_willis: I'd be happy to just disable the discrete card entirely07:53
Shipwhats the general discussion channel07:53
Tex_NickNevin : i'm using an AMD ECS MoBo with UEFI, the MoBo was released from ECS about 8 month ago ... i had no problems at all07:53
dr_willisSirClueless:  that might be a setting in the bios07:53
SirCluelessdr_willis: but as it is, I don't even get any 3D acceleration support07:53
SirCluelessdr_willis: there isn't, my laptop is running AMD's version of this07:53
dr_willisi have no experience with hybrid gfx stuff.. dont plan on buying a laptop with it anytime soon either.07:54
laze1989Etyneo: Or use fglrx and fglrx-amdcccle (or fglrx-updates and fglrx-amdccle-updates). fglrx should be catalyst 12.4, dunno about updates packages).07:54
laze1989SirClueless: What is your graphics set up? Is it Intelel/AMD hybrid?07:54
SirCluelessdr_willis: it's all a mess, I just want a basic laptop when I boot into Ubuntu07:54
Tex_NickNevin : the problem you're experiencing in not uncommon though ... the linux development team is working on a fix fast & hard07:55
SirCluelesslaze1989: yes, intel HD3000 and Radeon 7970M07:55
laze1989SirClueless: Check out http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1930450. First post, step 2 " Enabling, fixing the bug for direct rendering on the integrated card"07:55
Tex_NickNevin : the issue is commonly reffered to as a "secure boot" issue07:56
SirCluelesslaze1989: from that link: "Warning: Works only for muxless systems."07:56
SirCluelesslaze1989: which I think is how mine is set up07:56
NevinTex_Nick : Oh ok. I have a ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 and I've been reading around that some people have gotten it to work fine for them, but it's different for me.07:56
laze1989SirClueless: Your system uses AMDs PowerXPress 4.0 or higher, which is muxless07:57
SirCluelesslaze1989: alright, I will give that a try, thanks for the pointer07:57
laze1989SirClueless: Hope you have installed fglrx already. If you are using Ubuntu 12.10, its not compatible with Xorg 1.13.07:59
SirCluelesslaze1989: I installed fglrx-updates on 12.0408:00
laze1989SirClueless: Then all will be fine.08:00
madc|SPYnXwhat is the sources.list of gns3 latest version in ubuntu12.1008:00
dr_willismadc|SPYnX:  if you need the latest. look for a Ppa for it08:00
dr_willismadc|SPYnX:  or use source.08:01
Tex_NickNevin : hey i just scrolled up to see your original post ... i installed 12.10 64 bit with a live sc08:01
rajnotifications aren't working08:01
EtyneoI'll give fglrx-updates a try once I get back to my laptop...at work now, using my Thunderbolt...08:01
rajhow can I check if glib notifications are working?08:01
Tex_NickNevin : i didn't bother with the uefi stuff08:02
NevinTex_Nick : What is the live sc mean? I'm still quite new to this. :)08:02
Tex_NickNevin : sorry, typo ... i meant cd08:03
* Etyneo will never buy a laptop with a hybrid gfx setup again...and never again an HP.08:03
madc|SPYnXdr_willis, what is PPA?08:03
Tex_NickNevin ... you might see if your BIOS has a setting to disable "Secure Boot"08:04
NevinTex_Nick : I din't think it was possible to fit all of 12.10 on a CD. I do have some DVD's, would those make a difference? I figured the USB would be the same.08:04
dr_willis!ppa | madc|SPYnX08:05
ubottumadc|SPYnX: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge08:05
laze1989Etyneo: Well. At the end it isnt soo bad. There are other things more worse.08:05
Tex_NickNevin : you're right it was a DVD ... i'm just used to the old CD term08:05
SirCluelesslaze1989: should I remove fglrx-updates and fglrx-amdcccle-updates before the dkpg step?08:06
NevinTex_Nick : I built my system, I wouldn't see why secure boot would be enabled. I thought that was somthing that came with retail OEM systems pre-installed with Windows8.08:06
laze1989SirClueless: If you have them already installed, you can leave that step and just do the 2nd step.08:07
DrCodehi all08:07
DrCodeI am tying to make dd image from ext4, I can't mount it with -o loop, any idea?08:07
EtyneoI'm guessing that English isn't laze1989's first language...08:07
laze1989Etyneo: No. :)08:07
SirCluelesslaze1989: ooooh, so I just compiled unnecessarily08:07
Wiz_KeeDhello everyone08:07
Wiz_KeeDthere's a server that i want to get ssh access to and it has restricted access per/ip08:08
madc|SPYnX!ppa | madc|SPYnX08:08
ubottumadc|SPYnX, please see my private message08:08
Wiz_KeeDso not having a dynamic ip i thought i can ssh to a server with a static ip and from thhat ssh to the server i need08:08
DrCodethis is my part:                          Primary   Free Space                           1.05*08:08
DrCode    sda1        Boot        Primary   ext408:08
Wiz_KeeDit just says wiz@dev:~$ ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host08:08
Tex_NickNevin : i can't really don't know ... i haven' built a windoze box in a couple years now ... i've been seeing a lot of problems relating to secure boot lately though08:08
Wiz_KeeDany ideeas? :(08:08
madc|SPYnXdr_willis, how to find ppa for gns308:09
=== Guest340 is now known as ponbiki
dr_willismadc|SPYnX:  use that ppa search url the bot gave.08:09
EtyneoAny way around secure boot for those who want new hardware sans windows 8?08:09
NevinTex_Nick : I'll burn the ISO file to one of my spare DVD's and boot that up in UEFI. I read that 12.10 has support for UEFI, but it made it appear so easy. x)08:10
SirCluelesslaze1989: ok, thanks for the guidance, rebooting now to check if it worked08:10
Tex_NickNevin : what's your MoBo08:10
NevinTex_Nick : ASRock Z77 Extreme408:10
madc|SPYnXdr_willis, what is the risk of using this ppa08:10
Wiz_KeeDanyone please?08:11
dr_willismadc|SPYnX:  no idea.  they are made by normal users..   and unsupported08:11
dr_willisthat goes for any ppa08:11
madc|SPYnXdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/whoopie79/ppa/ubuntu precise main08:12
madc|SPYnXdeb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/whoopie79/ppa/ubuntu precise main08:12
Tex_NickNevin ... might be difference between amd & intel platform08:12
madc|SPYnXthis goes to my sources.list right08:12
EtyneoGlad I got my laptop before Win8 and the secure boot bull...08:13
dr_willismadc|SPYnX:  no.. read the site and guide.. you normally done edit your sources.list these days08:13
dr_willisnormally dont....08:13
SirCluelesslaze1989: hmmm, no luck, I followed those steps, still no 3D acceleration08:13
Tex_NickNevin : burn your ISO to DVD ... do a hash check first though ... try that08:13
NevinTex_Nick : My ISO is named "ubuntu-12.10-desktop-amd64." Does the amd64 means that it was built for AMD x64 bit processors and not Intel?08:14
dr_willis64bit is for both08:14
Tex_NickNevin : YES ;-)08:14
SirCluelesslaze1989: worth mentioning? "sudo aticonfig --initial -f" reports "aticonfig: No supported adapters detected"08:15
Etyneothere were at least 2 forms of 64 bit architechture.08:15
dr_willisand the amd64 form is used by intel08:15
EtyneoIntel had one that flopped.08:15
dr_willisfor the common desktop cpus08:15
laze1989SirClueless: Yea, thats worth mentioning.08:16
Etyneothen and came out with a better one that Intel adopted.08:16
NevinTex_Nick : My I had no idea... Is there a Intel 12.10 version?08:16
Tex_NickNevin : it's an x86 platform08:16
Etyneoamd...darn autocorrext08:16
dr_willisNevin:  us 64bit works for both08:16
SirCluelesslaze1989: any idea what is going on?08:16
Tex_NickNevin : the x86 archetucture is all the same ...08:17
dr_willisNevin:  theres an obscure/rare intel 64bit variant that you most likely will never see. ;)08:17
dr_williscommon intel 64bit cpus are using amd64 extentions08:17
SirCluelesslaze1989: the 7970M is newer than any cards on the compatibility list at http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Hardware08:17
laze1989SirClueless: Just googled the same result08:17
EtyneoMy HP had one like that.08:18
rajhow can I check if glib notifications are working?08:18
NevinTex_Nick & dr_willis : Ok, so maybe I should be using the x86 version instead of the amd64?08:18
SirCluelesslaze1989: actually, scratch that, it's actually covered by "All RadeonHD 7000-series (aka Southern Islands) chips" in the "Catalyst only" section08:18
dr_willisNevin:  i doubt it... i said  common 64bit intel cpus use amd64...08:18
laze1989SirClueless: But there should be catalyst 13.1 coming this month (propably). Maybe there is support for that. Didnt knew that it is too new, sorry.08:18
SirCluelessthough none of them list xxxxM variants08:18
EtyneoTurns out it was a 6700M series that had been overclocked and relabeled.08:18
=== voxadam__ is now known as voxadam
SirCluelesslaze1989: is there any way to just blacklist/disable the whole adapter?08:19
dr_willisNevin:  its just called amd64 from old habbit08:19
SirCluelessand make the computer appear to only have an Intel HD3000?08:19
SirCluelessbecause that would be fine, I don't plan on playing intense games or anything08:19
roryyHi - is SecureBoot supported on Ubuntu 12.10 32-bit as well as 64-bit?  Googling suggests 64-bit only, but I just want to test a live boot case on a potential new laptop - will the 32-bit version be OK for that?08:19
Wiz_KeeDCan anyone please help with ssh multihop? i'm reading this but it isn't of much help http://sshmenu.sourceforge.net/articles/transparent-mulithop.html08:20
Wiz_KeeDi'm getting ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host08:20
Nevindr_willis : Oh ok. Well the disc burn is finished. I will try it out, hopefully it works.08:20
laze1989SirClueless: Well. There was something called acpi_shutdown. But I think it is not developed anymore. But you have to be aware, that this can cause problems.08:20
EtyneoSirClueless: You can do that. However, both GPUs will remain powered and drawing power, even though only one is in use.08:21
Tex_NickNevin : to the best of my knowledge dr_willis is right there ... amd64, is a standard x86 cpu archetucture build08:21
Tex_NickNeniv ... give me a few minutes ... let me look at that08:22
EtyneoNevin, unless you are using s08:22
SirCluelessEtyneo: even though the ATI card is designed to be powered down when not in use?08:22
EtyneoOlder hardware, amd64 will work for you if you have 64 bit hardware.08:23
rajhow can I check if glib notifications are working?08:23
* dr_willis dosent know what 'glib' notifications are08:23
Tex_NickNevin : hey if the burn is complete ... give it a try08:23
dr_willistry sending one. ;)08:23
CaseyHey guys. I am really frustrated at this point. I have been a long time Ubuntu user and I recently bought a new Windows 7 machine and for the life of me, I cannot get it to dual boot. To put it in a nutshell, I have installed Windows 7, then used a flash drive to install Ubuntu. Installation reports no errors, however, when I restart, grub does not appear. I have tried Easy BCD, Ubuntu secure remix, grub rescue tool, etc. No matter what I08:23
Caseydo, grub will not install. At the most, I got a grub rescue menu but not able to ever boot into the OS. I am using 12.10 btw. Does anyone have any ideas?08:23
Tex_NickNevin : it's been a long time since i've seen a software install smoke the hardware ;-)08:24
EtyneoSirClueless: Yes. There US a software.switch under Windize to turn it off normally. However, Linux support ofthese sorts of hybrid card is lacking08:24
dr_willisCasey:  try a live cd and the boot-repair tool?08:24
Caseytried both08:24
dr_willisit has a log/error message feature i recall that would help people in here help you08:25
Caseydr_willis I wish I could access it.08:25
CaseyI've literally no joke, installed 12.10 over 12 times under all kinds of partitioning schemes and boot sequences. None give me a difference.08:26
CaseyThe only thing I can think of is the EFI and UEFI boot sequences that have come out recently.08:26
dr_willisyinstall to a usb, put grub on usb.. see if that works08:26
EtyneoAlso, pardon typo errors... This phone's autocorrect is annoying...08:26
Caseycould you explain what you mean dr_willis08:27
dr_willisCasey:  use a live-usb. to do a full install to a second usb flash drive 8gb+...  see if it boots from that08:27
dr_willisits possible booting that usb may show the install on the hd also. and boot it08:28
pkhI'm looking for some advice getting ubuntu onto a tablet. the end goal is to run opencpn (a navigation/chartplotter app for boating.)08:28
=== yann is now known as Yann_L1
CaseyI only have one USB. Do you know much about UEFI and EFI?08:29
dr_willisphk theres #ubuntu-arm08:29
pkhhas anyone had any experience with the nexus 7?08:29
dr_willisCasey:  what little ive used it. has worked08:29
pkhdr_willis: will check there, cheers.08:29
NevinTex_Nick : So I booted from the DVD and selected to Install Ubuntu, and it brought me to the blank screen with a flashing cursor again. I let it wait and nothing happened. The computer froze up and I had to do a cold reset.08:30
Tex_Nickdr_willis : are you seeing a lot of people here with UEFI problems ?08:31
Caseydr_willis arlighty thanks08:31
vimerrrrrrrHi all! Could anyone help me with the boot without full network configuration prob? Tried alot of the ways on the internet but not working~08:31
Tex_NickNevin : ok you might need to do a nomodeset ... i think dr_willis might be able to help you with that08:32
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter08:32
rajdr_willis, for example, when I change my volume using my keyboard08:32
Tex_Nick!nomodeset | Nevin08:33
ubottuNevin: please see above08:33
dr_willisraj:  thats the osd-notify, glib is somthing very different08:33
rajdr_willis, so how can I get that working again?08:34
dr_willisno idea.. guess it depends on what broke it. ;)08:34
dr_willismake a new user. see if it works for them. would be test  #108:34
rajdef didn't wanna do that08:37
EtyneoSo, laze1989, I'm understanding that from a fresh 12.04.1 amd64 install all I need to do is go to the ATI site and get the latest Linux drivers. Is that correct?08:39
Tex_NickNevin : did you ever see a GRUB screen ?08:39
dr_willisraj:  its a test case...08:40
dr_willisraj:  if it works fora new user then that narrows doenn the problem area08:40
rajdr_willis, yeah, but I have a lot going on right now and my openbox is set up very specifically08:43
laze1989Etyneo: Yes.08:43
rajI don't wanna lose productivity messing with new users and whatnot08:43
dr_willisin the time youve taken. yooou could have allready made a user and tested it.08:44
* bjj hi08:44
laze1989Etyneo: The rest is described in the link I sent you.08:44
dr_willisor see if it affecta any other allready made users08:44
EtyneoIs it in the first post, or later in that thread?08:45
cfhowlettbjj greetings08:46
joey8hi, does anyone know how to look at wifi traffic in/out from my router, thanx08:46
laze1989Etyneo: The first post.08:47
dr_willissome routers support a logging feature to monitor stuff. i forget the name. (snmpt?)08:47
icerootjoey8: have a look at the manual from your router. its specific to that device08:48
joey8iceroot➤ ah ok thanx08:48
dr_willisnot really noticed that on newer routers08:48
joey8do you know if i am able to ssh into the router and run the sniff commands from there? or is that router-specific again08:49
dr_williseverything would be router sepecific08:49
Nevindr.willis : So I did the nomodeset option in the livecd and it didn't change anything after running "Install Ubuntu." The blinking cursor froze up as well as my keyboard caps/numlock after 30 seconds.08:51
dr_willisNevin:  so the install succeded/finished and on first boot it does that?08:51
pino644come funziona08:51
dr_williscapslock flashing = major kernel crashing.08:52
Nevindr_willis : No it didn't have the chance to install Ubuntu. It freezes up. Caps lock didn't flash, the cursor on the console was flashing for awhile before everything froze up (including my keyboard.)08:53
Nevindr_willis : Do you know the console with the flashing underscore cursor that comes up right after choosing "Install Ubuntu?" That's where It keeps freezing up at. Nothing loads or happens.08:57
dr_willisthats what 'nomodeset' normaly fixs.. unless the dvd/usb has errors08:57
dr_willisor theres some weird video card08:57
Nevindr_willis : I'm using a GTX460 (Nvidia)08:58
Tex_NickNevin : there is a discussion on http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2038227 that talks about dvd problem & the intel panther point chipset08:58
Tex_NickNevin : i'm not sure if the chipset problem also affects the usb interface ... seems it would09:00
Tex_NickNevin : are you sure you're ISO is clean ... have you done a hash compare ?09:01
Wiz_KeeDcould someone please give me a hand with the ssh problem?09:02
NevinHow would I run a hash compare of the ISO? I think there was a option in uTorrent, but I've already removed it from the queue.09:02
Gavilan2Does any ubuntu phone already exist? What's the difference with the PC version?09:03
cfhowlettGavilan2: no.  that's why the annoucment was "2014" for first device09:04
gacNevin: download MD5Sum from http://pc-tools.net/win32/md5sums/ then drag the ISO onto the MD5sum executable, it'll give you a checksum that you should be able to verify against those posted on the ubuntu website09:04
Tex_NickNevin : www.ubuntu.com ... at top of page DOWNLOAD menu ... choose distro ... it will provide info on hash compare09:05
Gavilan2Does anyone know about intel smartphone? with x86 architecture?09:05
=== fu113r is now known as Guest58149
vamadirhello, some body know php? i have problem with opencart09:08
NevinTex_Nick : Ok, so I ran the hash check that was linked to me from gac and got a 100% from the application.09:09
Tex_NickNevin : you might want to download a new ISO from the ubuntu site ... you never know what you will get from a torrent site @,@09:09
Tex_NickNevin : ok ISO is good then09:10
NevinTex_Nick : It was a torrent file link from the Ubuntu site. I also have the one downloaded straight from the site from the web browser.09:10
Tex_NickNevin : have you loaded any OS on this MoBo before ?09:12
NevinTex_Nick : Yes, I have it in a dual boot with Windows 7, XP, and 8.09:13
DrCodehi all09:13
DrCodeI am trying to make dd to my ubuntu os09:13
DrCodeI am running dd on the same os that run09:13
DrCodeI use dd if=/dev/sda of=/mnt/sda.img09:14
DrCodewhen I try to run sudo fdisk -lu sda.img I got error09:14
DrCodethe part is ext409:14
DrCodeany idea?09:14
Tex_NickNevin : you have win xp, 7 & 8 all on that box now ?09:15
Gavilan2Tex_Nick: I have Win 7, 8 and Ubuntu...09:15
=== torminator is now known as Guest50672
dr_willisDrCode:  /mnt/ is what drive mounted there?09:15
llutzDrCode: you cannot copy an image of a DISK to a Partition, it won't fit a09:15
DrCodeits other hdd that I have09:16
NevinTex_Nick : Yes, they are each in their own partitions. I have a unalocated space left open for the Ubuntu install.09:16
DrCodeI have two hdd09:16
llutzDrCode: /mnt is a different disk, ok then09:16
DrCodesda and sdb09:16
dr_willisnormally you image a partition to a file also. makes it easier to work with09:16
DrCodeI can use dd to the same os that is running?09:17
dr_willisand sdb is bigger then sda i hope?09:17
DrCodeor I will need to run bootcd and then dd it?09:17
boichevcan anyone give me a tutorial how to make ubuntu boot from flash to ramdisk ? I want everything to be in ram :?09:17
DrCodeit make image file09:17
dr_willisDrCode:  you can.. ive done it. but its not a great idea09:17
NevinI was planning to make the partition for the Ubuntu install in the installer itself since Ubuntu uses a different file system apart from Windows NTFS.09:17
dr_willisDrCode:  a live cd would be a better idea09:17
DrCodeso why I can't mount the new image?09:17
DrCodewhen I run sudo fdisk -lu sda.img I got error09:18
DrCodevery strange09:18
Tex_NickNevin : ok then windows 8 has hijacked the UEFI ... so to speak09:18
dr_willisDrCode:  you have to use offtets and other options to mount if the image is a whole disk. vs a partition09:18
llutzDrCode: what is the fdisk error?09:18
DrCodebut how can I find offset?09:18
dr_willisid image it from a live cd for starters09:18
dr_willisand image the partition. not the whole disk09:19
DrCodeI see, it mybe damge image?09:19
NevinTex_Nick : The secure boot isn't enabled though. During the boot of the GNU GRUB user interface a small line of words at the top left reads out, "Secure boot is disabled."09:19
dr_willistherees some guides on using mount with whole disk images09:19
DrCodeI read to use sudo fdisk -lu sda.img09:19
DrCodebut got error09:19
DrCode1 min , I will paste it09:19
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Guest47244
DrCodeU mean to do dd if=/dev/sda109:19
DrCodedr_willis, can U please paste link to good guide for ext4?09:20
Tex_NickNiven : hey ... can you unplug the hard drive/s and boot up into the live DVD ?09:21
llutzDrCode: dd won't care about filesystems09:21
DrCodeI see09:21
jilebedevI'm sorry for being irrelevant, but can anyone point me toward how I would go about finding out the pass used to encrypt a 7zip archive if I have both the archive and its extracted contents? (Again, sorry for being irrelevant, but I don't know how to search for this on google.)09:21
Bor3y_please my ubuntu it's very heavy09:21
NevinTex_Nick : Sorry but I'm going to have to go. I'll probably be on later tomorrow though! Thanks for the help so far though.09:21
dr_willisBor3y_:  thaats a little vague as to what you mean09:22
Bor3y_my ubuntu very slow but my ram is more than 2 gb09:22
dr_willisand your other hardware Bor3y_ ?09:23
Bor3y_it's fine too my processor is 3.00 GHZ09:23
dr_willisand  your video?09:24
=== yavor is now known as y4h0
* dr_willis feels like hes pulling teeth09:24
Bor3y_video working well09:24
dr_willisso whats slow?09:24
Bor3y_the using of ubuntu09:24
BOXhi all.09:25
dr_willisOOPS' ;)09:25
FloodBot1dr_willis: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:25
dr_willissilly caps lock09:25
cfhowlettBOX: greetings09:25
dr_willisand  your video chipset is what exactly?09:25
BOXhi cfhowlett09:26
cfhowlettBOX: what's your ubuntu issue?09:26
Bor3y_dr_willis : can you check my pc plz ??09:26
BOX12.04 refuses to install for me.09:26
BOXits an old amd 64 chip.09:27
cfhowlettBOX: details?  hardware?  and you DID perform the md5sum hashcheck to verify integrity of your iso?09:27
BOXthe install disk works fine on my laptop.09:27
jch2oshey guys, I have a bit of an issue. had two 8.04 boxes, that I upgraded to 10.04 and then to 12.04.  when I went to 12.04 they don't boot09:27
Bor3y_and can i transfer my ubuntu to kubuntu ??09:27
BOX64 bit too09:27
jch2osdrops to busybox initramfs, if I hit exit it will boot on the one machine09:28
jch2osthe other machine seems to be stuck not fully upgraded09:28
cfhowlettBOX: ok, that suggests the ISO is fine.  also suggests a hardware issue somewhere09:28
jch2osI've been working on this for hours, so any help would be great09:28
cfhowlettBor3y_: transfer?  no.  If you prefer kubuntu, just install the kde desktop09:28
BOXmaybe just because im not grat with linux.09:28
BOXinstalls okay, or so it would seem.09:29
cfhowlettBOX: one thing at a time.  How OLD is this computer your working with?09:29
Bor3y_how i can install KDE desktop ??09:29
cfhowlettBor3y_: sudo apt-get install kde-desktop if I'm not mistaken09:29
BOXi would guess around 5 years old.09:29
cfhowlettBOX: ram?09:29
optrazis there a way to install opera browser easily other than going to the opera website, download deb package and isntasll ?09:29
cfhowlettBOX: have your tried 32 bit ubuntu on this box?  2 gigs of ram seems low for a 64 bit machine ...09:30
Bor3y_it tell me unable to locate kde pachage09:30
BOXyes, 32 bit doesnt work either.  infact i havent made myself clear.09:30
dr_willis!info kubuntu-desktop09:31
ubottukubuntu-desktop (source: kubuntu-meta): Kubuntu Plasma Desktop/Netbook system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.263 (quantal), package size 3 kB, installed size 53 kB09:31
BOXcan get it to install but can not login.09:31
dr_willisBOX:  what does it do exactly after it installs?  just dosent boot?09:32
BOXthe guest option does work though09:32
dr_willisthats very weird09:32
BOXnope, loads to then login screen.09:32
dr_willisa brand new install, guest works, a user dosent?09:32
dr_williscan your user login at the console?09:33
BOXmain user account doesnt work, accepts psword but then flicks back to login screen. guest loads desktop,09:33
Bor3y_but how i can instgall it ?09:33
dr_willisBOX:  try the console. sounds like x/unity is crashing09:34
BOXand ctrl alt something to get a prompt allows me to login with the user / pass i setup.09:34
dr_willisBor3y_:  install what?09:34
dr_willisalt-ctrl-f1 = the consoles09:34
Bor3y_i want to install kubuntu in my ubuntu09:35
dr_willisBOX:  2 things to try.  make a new user 'sudo adduser testuser' and see if they work09:35
k1lBOX: can you use pastebinit from konsole to show us the .xsession-errors?09:35
jch2osanyone know why I get dropped to a busybox prompy durning boot?  BusyBox v1.18. (Ubuntu 1:1.18.5-1ubuntu4) built-in shell (ash), if I type exit, the system boots09:35
dr_willisBor3y_:  so install the kubuntu-desktop package like the bot mentioned09:35
BOXlost me there im afraid. how can i grab those error logs.09:36
Bor3y_can u tell me how i can install kubuntu-desktop ??09:36
dr_willisBor3y_:  install the kubuntu-desktop package09:36
ArashI got a Problem with Ubuntu 12.04 , When VPN Disconnects , It takes a long time for GUI to show Its disconnected09:36
dr_willisuse the software center or apt-get09:37
Arashso I have to wait like 10-20 seconds and reconnect again09:37
Bor3y_tell me how to insatll it plz ??09:37
dr_willissame as you install anything else09:37
MacroManHi, possible to boot straight into terminal upon boot? I've seen how to do this permanantly, but I only need once as I currently can't boot my machine09:38
dr_willisappend the text option to the boot line MacroMan09:38
BOXBor3y_,  why cant you install it?  or you just starting to learn?  if so look at http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/09:39
dr_willisMacroMan:    quiet text splash09:39
MacroMandr_willis, How do I do that?09:39
dr_willisMacroMan:  at the  grub menu. its edit featuuure09:39
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode09:39
MacroManCool, I'll try that, thanks09:40
MacroManThat still tried to do something graphically as my computer screen is going blank at start up09:42
dr_willistry text nomodeset09:42
MacroManBasically an upgrade from 10.04 to 12.04 completed, but now I don't get any graphics :(09:42
dr_willistry text nomodeset noquiet nosplash      ;)09:42
MacroMandr_willis, Will do, thanks09:43
dr_willistry text nomodeset noquiet nosplash   verbose       for verbose messages on boot   ;)09:43
geekteehow do i write shell programs09:43
dr_willisgeektee:  with a texxxt editor.09:44
ubottuAdvanced Bash-Scripting Guide, obtainable with ${package-manager} install abs-guide, is a quick and comprehensive guide to bash (command line) scripting in *nix systems. It is also viewable via web at http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/09:44
BOXhow can i grab the x-org errors?09:44
=== Vobine is now known as Psychoholic
geekteeok thanks09:45
dhruvasagarHey guys,09:45
BOXwho said about learning shell scripting?09:46
MacroMandr_willis, Thanks seems to be working as I'm getting a lot more output, just waiting to see if I actually get to terminal or not.09:47
dr_willisMacroMan:  try hitting alt-ctrl-f1 through f6 also once booted09:47
MacroManSomething just seems to be running over and over09:49
MacroManmy collueague reckons it looks like snort09:50
Vickyyygood morning/evening09:51
BOXwho said about learning bsah scripting from scratch?09:51
MacroManBOX, geektee did.09:52
Kartagisgood to know that rsync doesn't re-send what's already on the remote server09:53
BOXMacroMan, how do you dm, someone with an irc command09:53
Kartagisdoes it do a size check?09:53
dr_willis  /msg foo09:53
dr_willisKartagis:  i think it does several checks09:54
llutzKartagis: not only size http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rsync#Algorithm09:54
BOXasfter all that i think he's gone anyway MacroMan !09:55
BOXany real new people out there to linux / ubuntu?10:04
tozenBOX: what do u mean?10:05
BOXpeople that have just started to learn linux,10:06
Tex_NickBOX : there are about 1660 people here now ... most are new to linux or at least trying to learn the basics :-)10:06
tozenBOX: 5 month in10:06
BOXabout the same here.10:07
frankhow can I install phpmyadmin without installing apache from apt?10:08
cargo122BOX, i`m 8 yeaur in linux and steel new in it))10:09
* wdp uses linux since 97'10:09
wdptho, new to ubuntu. Just gave it a go because i was looking for something which works out of the box (i'm used to source based distributions), that's OT i guess, tho.10:10
BOXlol, you know when your new when discovering screen is really cool10:10
llutzfrank: use apt-get --no-install-recommends10:11
EmanonHey all, how do I bridge wireless connections in 12.10?10:11
EmanonOr whatever it is when you make multiple connections act as one.10:12
cargo122linux give you opportunity to change ALL any time- and that is whi it is cool))10:12
EmanonAny takers? I've got two separate wireless networks with their own internet connections, is there a way for me to treat them as one connection so they share the load?10:15
Gavilan2Emanon: Probably yes...10:15
Gavilan2Emanon: But make sure your wifi networks are really fast and don't use the same "frequency"...10:16
EmanonHold on, I'll check the channels.10:17
rekoilEmanon: for a setup like that it's usually best if they are networked via ethernet, are they?10:17
EmanonNo, they are two separate public hotspots I want to treat like one.10:17
Gavilan2rekoil: I suspect he is probably not the owner of the wifis xD10:17
AndreaUbuntuv4l-info gives out good info about my webcam....but whenever i test on gstreamer-properties, or guvcview or cheese, i get the error-->  libv4l2: error turning on stream: No such device .... whats up?10:18
EmanonAnd I'd like to do it without interfering with their settings as much as possible. People don't like it when you "optimize" their wifi.10:18
EmanonIf they find out...10:18
PeterGriffinCan I add the exceptions for tar in a file and add the file in the tar line10:18
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EmanonGavilan2: They are both on channel 1.10:19
Tex_NickEmanon : what you want to do is commonly called bonding ... your hardware needs to be capable in order to do it10:19
EmanonLike my computer or their routers?10:19
llutzPeterGriffin:  tar -X exclude.file10:19
PeterGriffinllutz: Thanks10:20
EmanonSo Tex_Nick is there a way I can do this in 12.10?10:22
Vickyyywill ubuntu 12.04 work at all in an Asus EEE 1215p with win7?10:23
MonkeyDust!ics | Emanon is this useful10:23
ubottuEmanon is this useful: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing10:23
EmanonI don't.10:23
EmanonBut thank you MonkeyDust10:23
night_wolfhello when i try to move the close minimize maximize buttons to the right it doesnt work? i try this: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/config-desktop/C/window-button-order.html  but it didnt help? How do i change the button order?10:24
EmanonI don't have multiple devices with only one connection I have one device and multiple connections.10:24
night_wolfthe buttons are still on the left, im running ubuntu 12.10 x6410:25
=== Vobine is now known as Psychoholic
Tex_NickEmanon  : the issue is specific to the two access points ... as well as the cloud connectors ... it's normally done at that level ... i suppose it could be implemented through software... but the end result would probably result in network degregation & bottlenecks10:27
EmanonRight, Tex_Nick That's what happens when I just connect to both of them at once with different adapters.10:28
bor3yi want to tell everybody the kubuntu desktop it's very great10:28
EmanonIt's pretty nice bor3y, yes.10:28
=== eowyn is now known as AgMo
EmanonI actually came from KDE before I switched to gnome and then was switched to unity.10:29
Tex_NickEmanon : out of curosity ... why are you wanting to do this ?10:30
=== yalu_ is now known as yalu
EmanonTex_Nick: To have an obscenely fast connection by using multiple independent networks at once.10:31
EmanonIt's easier than taking of the world...10:32
night_wolfnobody knows how i can change the window button order to the left?10:32
night_wolfto the right i mean, i tried with gconf-editor but they are still on the left side...10:33
EmanonI don't know how to change the order but I know Ubuntu tweak can put them on the right side.10:33
Tex_NickEmanon : ok ... best bet is to do it at the hardware level ... you'll need two routers on each wire capable of bonding to each other10:34
night_wolfcan i install ubuntu tweak or?10:34
EmanonI should warn you, though it is nice and I haven't had any problems with it I think #ubuntu frowns upon it, so upon your own head be it. That said: http://ubuntu-tweak.com/10:35
night_wolffor 11.10? does it run in 12.10?10:37
EmanonThat thing that says 11.10 is a link to the older versions.10:37
EmanonThe big button is the current.10:37
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
Emanon0.8.3 is the current stable released on the 21st of last month.10:39
VarazirHello, I'm PXE booting my OS. I like to move that to a local harddrive. what's the easiets way to do that ?10:39
Varazirit's going to be a older SSD10:39
EmanonSo Tex_Nick There isn't a software solution, thank you for your help you've at least let me know what it was called so I can do further research on my own.10:40
Tex_NickEmanon : if you just need to do it at a software level, have a look at this10:41
night_wolfit just show hardware information ubuntu related desktop information cache clean it doesnt show to tweak anything?10:41
jiwanhow to remove specific package from my ubuntu?10:41
Emanonit's in the tweaks tab10:42
Tex_NickEmanon : sorry the link didn't paste ... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding10:42
EmanonTweak tab Desktop section window option.10:42
EmanonThat's awesome Tex_Nick. Thanks.10:43
drdoomhi ! All10:43
EmanonAnd as a disclaimer I don't hold you at all responsible if this blows up in my face.10:43
EmanonThough future generations may be of a different opinion ;-)10:44
Tex_NickEmanon : hey you're welcome ...have fun @,@10:44
night_wolf<jiwan>  you mean uninstall? Open Software center find the installed software and click remove or uninstall10:44
Cloakyhello people looking for some advice. I've got my Ubuntu 12.04 install just the way I like it & I would like back it up / Make an image to ext HD. Any recommendations on how to do this?10:44
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
EmanonCloaky: dd if=/dev/<your install partition> of=/dev/<external drive>/path/to/file/you/want.img10:45
=== Joe____ is now known as tghm
he2i get error messages when i try to update or install something10:45
EmanonOr, Cloaky, if you have dcfldd: dcfldd if=/dev/<your install partition> of=/dev/<external drive>/path/to/file/you/want.img10:46
EmanonThen just dd (or dcfldd) the img back to your drive to restore.10:46
CloakyThanks Emanon I'll give that a go... Do you know if there is a GUI to do this? I'm no stranger to the command line, but I have other family members who also use Ubuntu10:48
EmanonNot sure, you could make them a shell script to click.10:49
EmanonJust make sure you define the drives in question by uuid instead of /dev/sd*10:49
EmanonSo they are always found properly.10:49
=== Vobine is now known as Psychoholic
Cloakynice one10:49
Cloakythanks for the help10:50
EmanonCloaky: /dev/disk/by-uuid/<whatever the drive's uuid is>10:50
EmanonYou could even set the script to run on a time or after certain events.10:52
EmanonIt takes a while to do a whole drive though...10:52
EmanonTook me like an hour or so to zero out three 500g SATAs with dcfldd I think.10:52
Cloakyright... TBH I would like "the job" to be kicked off manually10:53
Cloakywhat about some of the backup apps in the software centre?10:53
EmanonIDK, I've never used them.10:54
Cloakyany recommendations?10:54
EmanonUh, hold on.10:54
evollooking for some help anyone willing10:55
EmanonI think deja dup comes standard with 12.10 doesn't it Cloaky?10:56
EmanonThough I don't know if it can do bitstream backups.10:56
Cloakynot too sure... still 12.0410:56
EmanonI'm just approaching this from a forensics standpoint and dd (as well as it's forks and patch dc3dd and dcfldd) are just the cleanest/fastest ways that I know of.10:57
evolsooooo fill take that as a no ?10:57
Emanon!ask >evol10:58
ubottuevol, please see my private message10:58
Cloakycool... just reading up on dd... gunna do some testing10:58
Cloakymany thanks for the pointer10:58
EmanonFor reference dcfldd and dc3dd have a few extra features (if memory serves) that dd doesn't.10:59
EmanonFeatures that make them excellent for saving data from failing drives.10:59
llutzCloaky: you'd better look at solutions like rsnapshot than waisting diskspace for images as backups10:59
EmanonThat sounds like a pretty good idea llutz11:00
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evolim trying to dual boot my laptop toshiba satellite c855d-s5320 with win 8 preinstalled with ubuntu 12.04 with no luck . i have set the boot order to boot from cd drive and set it to csm boot and it just hangs at the ubuntu loading screen any ideas on how to fix this11:02
evolalso tried usb install as well same thing there11:02
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
EmanonCould it be because window 8 certified (and preinstalled) devices use uefi to prevent people from tampering with the OS as a "security" (read: "vendor lock-in") measure?11:03
EmanonTry booting the USB in UEFI mode.11:03
evolturned off secure boot and changed uefi to csm in bios settings11:04
evolalso tried to boot usb in uefi all i got there was a black scren11:04
EmanonBummer, have you tried 12.10? I've heard some anecdotal accounts of it playing nicer with uefi.11:05
evolno i didn't try that went with the latest lts release11:05
evolmay have to attempt that and see where that goes11:06
eos_hi everybody! is there a CLI command to list all the repositories and ppas?11:06
EmanonMakes sense to stick with LTS I agree but sometimes the non LTS have some newer stuff.11:06
Emanoneos_: grep ^ /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*11:07
evolim just about annoyed with this laptop in general i couldnt even downgrade to win 7 because there was no driver support11:07
evolfill try 12.10 and hope for the best11:08
eos_Emanon: thanks .... but I was hoping a command existed to manage repositories and ppa11:08
evolthanks for the input tho11:08
EmanonOr eos_  egrep -v '^#|^ *$' /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* to do it while removing blank lines and commented out lines.11:08
AndreaUbuntuv4l-info gives out good info about my webcam....but whenever i test on gstreamer-properties, or guvcview or cheese, i get the error-->  libv4l2: error turning on stream: No such device .... whats up?11:09
Emanonaskubuntu has some cool questions answered eos_ http://askubuntu.com/questions/148932/list-all-repositories-and-ppa-from-command-line11:09
AndreaUbuntuEmanon, i've found 12.10 much more pleasant overall....i dont consider 12.04 of real LTS quality....11:10
EmanonIs your camera at /dev/video* perhaps AndreaUbuntu ?11:10
eos_Emanon: thanks, I had already seen it .... what I was looking for is a set of command or packages to manage the repositories without resorting to grep and company11:10
AndreaUbuntuEmanon, yes...but it shift from /dev/video0 to /dev/video1 every time i start some program....keeps shifting over11:11
ganeshahe hi11:11
eos_Emanon: I thought that everybody has the same problem, ther eshould be something available out there11:11
Emanon"Grep and company" that's pretty good.11:11
ganeshan o prob11:11
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
ganeshawho r u11:11
EmanonThat sucks AndreaUbuntu I hope someone else in here knows how to fix it because I don't. I was just throwing something out in case it stuck.11:12
=== ycjiang is now known as SuGe2
AndreaUbuntusometimes (1/100 or so) the cam starts in cheese after a few minutes....and I notice it's on /dev/video10 or /dev/video13 !!11:12
Tex_NickEmanon : you might also want to explore network bridging ... wikipedia has the best description i could find fast ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bridging_%28networking%2911:12
AndreaUbuntuEmanon, thanks :)11:12
Tex_NickEmanon : you can also implement that thru software ... ubuntu has links ... google @,@11:13
EmanonThanks Tex_Nick That's actually where I went to check for external links before I came here hehe.11:15
AndreaUbuntuI prefer Unity to all other DE's...its clean, minimalistic, doesn't overwhelm you with details.....one thing I find an issue is that searching in the dash is slow....like icons take a while to load etc.11:16
Tex_NickEmanon : i've done a lot of that stuff in the past, even with satellite links ... always with hardware though ... can get crazy ... tis geek play though11:17
eos_Emanon: I ambtrying to go back to a vanilla installation to fix some problems I have been experiencing11:17
EmanonI'm fond of Unity myself but KDE is where I started and Gnome was my first big UI shift so I have a certain nostalgia for both of them too AndreaUbuntu.11:18
eos_Emanon: If I can list all ppa then ppa-purge them, I should possibly be able to sort the problem11:18
EmanonYea, Tex_Nick I just bought an ALFA awus036nh.11:18
EmanonOh, that's somewhat easier eos_ Have you tried Y-PPA-manager?11:19
mrthgreally can't agree with unity, it just annoyes me for some odd reason11:19
eos_Emanon: nope ....11:19
EmanonHold on eos_ I'll get you a link.11:19
Tex_NickEmanon : how do you like it11:19
AndreaUbuntu7 yrs ago (when i first started using Linux) i went to KDE since it was the more 'Windows-like' from what the internet said....but eventually i found that gnome seemd more simplistic, and pleasant visually. I like it's organisation better....though I admit I haven't used KDE since 3.x....so no idea how it feels todsy...still looks "too much" from screenshots/vidz though. Unity is now lovely in my opinion.....graphically its wonderful....just11:19
AndreaUbuntuthese various graphical lags bug me...and most probably it has to do with compiz more than Unity itself :/11:19
EmanonIt's quite nice once you tell it you're in bolivia...11:20
eos_Emanon: Thanks a lot ....11:21
gvandeweyerdoes anybody have experience in setting up IP-tables to access an nfs-server behind nat?11:21
gvandeweyeror a good tutorial ..11:21
Tex_NickEmanon : are you getting good n throughput ... gigabit that is11:22
Emanonhttp://www.webupd8.org/2010/11/y-ppa-manager-easily-search-add-remove.html eos_11:22
MonkeyDust!iptables > gvandeweyer11:22
ubottugvandeweyer, please see my private message11:22
EmanonTex_Nick: Nah, it's not a gigabit adapter.11:22
AndreaUbuntuI've tried Cinnamon on Mint 14 a while bk....whilst it seemed snappier than Unity overall...it had the same overwhelming feeling KDE gave me...i didnt feel comfortable with it...too many things to 'look at' if you know what i mean11:22
Emanon150Mbs max.11:22
=== krang__ is now known as crogworth
EmanonAndreaUbuntu: Mint is nice. I think it's wm is Cinnamon now isn't it?11:23
AndreaUbuntuyes Cinnamon11:24
AndreaUbuntubut it seemed they've done to GNOME what KDE has....over-detailed stuff, text, notifications etc.11:24
EmanonBut it can go to 2W tx power and came standard with a 5dBm omni and a 7dBm paddle antenna Tex_Nick.11:24
EmanonAndreaUbuntu: To each their own in Linux.11:25
ichatAndreaUbuntu,  - cynamon  as opsed to thair   gnome2 junk mate is actually a really nice,  DE,   but its   A large,  B not as stable as   it has to be to use it on a production machine... ie  your comanpy desktop...11:25
AndreaUbuntuWell, Emanon & ichat....choice is good :) I'll stick to Unity for the time being....but i'd love it if they made compiz a little less laggy11:26
Tex_NickEmanon : did you have to tell itit was south of the equator ;-)11:26
EmanonGood luck, that's like simplifying xorg11:26
EmanonBolivia Tex_Nick11:26
ichati have been using it  my personal work laptop for  over  a year  it was a 17inc   1600x900  screen.. but my new   1366x768 ultrabook was just to small for it... and i found that after a long road of personally dislike    unity finally proved a point...11:27
AndreaUbuntui love mint's refined stuff though....for example my webcam worked out of the box with mint 14....does not with Ubuntu 12.10...and after a WEEK of trying, it still does not11:27
AndreaUbuntuyes Unity is great on a small laptop screen :)11:27
EmanonI have to mod a transmit profile to go to 2W though. BO standard top end is 1W.11:27
EmanonThat sucks. I remember when you flat couldn't get most mainstream wifi adapters working without ndiswrapper AndreaUbuntu.11:28
Tex_NickEmanon : yeah in south america ... why was that an issue ?11:28
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
AndreaUbuntuEmanon, i remmebr that too :D11:28
EmanonWhy was what an issue Tex_Nick?11:28
ichatAndreaUbuntu,  -  im really wondering what  webcam than.. because  afaik  mint 14 is based on the same ubuntu kernel??? is it not?11:28
AndreaUbuntuI'm curious about Elementary when it finally (if it does) come out of beta.....the only issue seems that unless you use 'their' apps, the UI is not so consistent after all11:29
AndreaUbuntuichat, yes same kernel...which boggles the mind too....it's an integrated HP TrueVision HD cam....it's detected fine...just won't work though11:29
dr_willisamazing thing about consistent UI's is how quickly they can get dumped. ;)11:29
EmanonBTW is there anyway I can use the motion controls on my Logitech Camera in 12.10?11:30
Tex_NickEmanon : you said ... It's quite nice once you tell it you're in bolivia... was wondering about that11:30
AndreaUbuntudr_willis - it is  however, desirable :)11:30
AndreaUbuntuv4l-info gives out good info about my webcam....but whenever i test on gstreamer-properties, or guvcview or cheese, i get the error-->  libv4l2: error turning on stream: No such device .... whats up?11:30
Emmanuel_ChanelIl gurnata! T-tajjeba?11:30
kataraktQuestion: How do I only get *part* of the WHOIS results in the terminal?  I'm looking to return the owner, and don't want the rest of it.11:31
dr_williskatarakt:  you could always use some sort of grep/awk/sed filter11:31
EmanonNah, no issue. "ifconfig wlan3 down && iw reg set BO && ifconfig wlan3 up" and it's done.11:31
MonkeyDustkatarakt  use awk to extract words from output11:31
MonkeyDustdr_willis  was faster :)11:31
kataraktThanks....nice and simple solution11:32
AndreaUbuntuone thing i wish is for linux in geenral to have good java font rendering (like OS X)11:32
ichatAndreaUbuntu,  - sorry no clue, working perfectly here,  the only   issue i had was that wifi couldn  get  up after a  sleep/hybernate... but that was a quick fix, of witch i still dont understand why its not a system-default  to unload the wifi driver...11:32
AndreaUbuntui work on matlab all day11:32
AndreaUbuntuand man those fonts suck lol11:32
=== crogworth is now known as YolarP
AndreaUbuntui guess that is why Apple have their own 'fork ' of the JRE?11:33
AndreaUbuntuor 'customisations'11:33
laze1989Not anymore.11:33
AndreaUbuntulaze1989, yeah i wonder whats going to happen now11:33
AndreaUbuntumaybe MathWorks should re-write their GUI in python or something xD11:34
ichatjava should die,  - not because its bad,  just because  its  oracle running (or lack there off) ... the show11:34
=== newbie is now known as Guest75120
AndreaUbuntuichat - easier said than done.....many big apps need java11:35
ee12015what's up people11:35
YolarPHi. I'm fairly new to Ubuntu and don't have insight into the state of certain things. Can someone please tell me which is the most popular DE for Ubuntu, or even Linux in general if it applies? I tired Googling but got a bunch of conflicting or unreliable answers. Thanks.11:35
Guest75120I'm looking for templates for LibreOffice.  I am looking to make a CV for a job.  Where can I find that or a word processor that can do that?11:35
dr_willisYolarP:  the default for Ubuntu is Unity.11:35
ichatAndreaUbuntu,   - minecraft being the b est of them :P11:35
ichatsorry lool11:35
EmanonI'd like to mount it on my phone and use a super-directional cantenna so that I could write a script to read gps coords, heading, pitch and signal strength so I could just spin around with my monstrosity in hand and have gps coords for all the networks near me.11:35
EmanonHold on, I've got to bring network down and back  up.11:35
YolarPdr_willis: Is it the most popular DE?11:35
YolarPIf there are any such insights.11:36
YolarPMaybe I should ask in #linux.11:36
MonkeyDustYolarP  try a few DE's an decide which you prefer11:36
dr_willisYolarP:  I dont know of any reliable poleing sites.. :) Ubuntu uses Unity, Kubuntu uses KDE. Luuntu uses LXDE.11:36
AndreaUbuntuYolarP, if you are new, i'd stick to the default on Ubuntu, which is Unity....but you can change later on11:36
YolarPOkay, thanks people.11:36
YolarPAs usual you're the best. :)11:37
AndreaUbuntuit's very visual, clear, easy.....11:37
AndreaUbuntulater on you might prefer something else perhaps, but for starters, and even for long-time users like me, it works well :)11:37
dr_willisList of what?11:38
dr_willis!alis | nickalex11:38
ubottunickalex: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*11:38
YolarPSeriously, you guys are the best. Do you even know how awful most chans are when any given question is asked?11:38
YolarPAngry people come out of the bushes to nitpick on details rather than just providing a straight-forward answer.11:38
YolarPSo thanks. :)11:38
ichatAndreaUbuntu,  -  as long as its on a small screen it looks perfect (or allmost) but on a  larger screen i kinda more like the multi-windows   not as compact approach where multi-tasking works mutch  better...11:38
AndreaUbuntuDE's equate to flame wars usually...everybody llikes something different....Unity has a corporate feel though :)11:39
dr_willisYolarP:  your question dident really have a straightforward answer. ;P11:39
YolarPOkay, a relevant answer*11:39
YolarPWhich is like, the most annoying thing ever.11:39
AndreaUbuntuichat - yes i miss having window tabs.....I wonder if Unity could implement a way to rpeview multiple windows when you have multiple instances of the same program open....so that its easier to choose...11:40
EmanonLol. compiz crashed.11:40
villev_I have created an upstart job in /etc/init, but the service doesn't show up. how to debug this?11:41
mrthgthat sounds familiar (compiz crashing)11:41
AndreaUbuntuEmanon, it does sometimes :)11:41
ichatand auto-hide dockbar like in gnome 2 ... as an exention / pluggin would be perfect11:41
EmanonNo biggie.11:41
EmanonStill better than Windoze.11:41
dr_willistheres docks that work  like that. ;)11:41
AndreaUbuntuichat, yes....right now u have to click open all windows of an app...then an app-expose comes up eventually....really gets in the way!11:41
AndreaUbuntudr_willis - yes but i want the stock one to work well out of the box...11:42
nickalexcome avere lalista grazzie11:42
AndreaUbuntuone dock is enough on a small screen :)11:42
AndreaUbuntuso hwo about 1) hover on the launcher icon that has multiple instances open 2) small thumbnail previews come up 3) you click on the one you want11:43
dr_willisAndreaUbuntu:  i was thinking that was in 13.0411:43
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest47431
AndreaUbuntudr_willis, good if it is :)11:43
Guest47431hey who is using ubuntu as of now11:43
mrthgi am11:44
mrthgin virtual mode11:44
ichatit should be  possible to add it to the top bar... as there is enough empty space anyway,  just not  if the  <file> <view>  <help>   menu is shown...    but you could easily make it so that   the bar switches function11:44
Guest47431and how can i use it to make a server11:44
EmanonI am.11:44
AndreaUbuntucoz if i have say 5 instances of a program minimized, i dont wanna click 5 times, and THEN get an expose lol11:44
Guest47431how can i be used as a server11:44
nickalexnon riesco a fare nulla11:44
AndreaUbuntuichat, thats another alternative yes11:44
AndreaUbuntuespecially for big screens.11:44
Guest47431cuz ive got xubuntu installed and i wanted it to be a server so how do i do it11:44
AndreaUbuntubut the thumbnails would fit in the 'unity' style of things11:45
AndreaUbuntui mean, launch the expose immediately...would be a fine solution too11:45
MonkeyDustGuest47431  use tasksel (task select) to install the server modules11:45
Guest47431hello can anyone pleas help me11:45
ct529Emanon: the probelm I am trying to solve is due to the following errors: GLib-GObject-WARNING **: Two different plugins tried to register11:46
mrthgjust pointing you to monkey here, guest 4743111:46
mrthgscroll up11:46
Tex_Nick!it nickalex11:46
ct529and GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_type_add_interface_dynamic:11:46
Tex_Nick!it | nickalex11:47
ubottunickalex: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:47
dr_willisGuest47431:  install the services you want.. its a server.11:47
AndreaUbuntuguys...sometimes i install a program, and it requires say a number of dependencies....but then I uninstall it, and the dependencies remain there....is there a way to remove all unneeded dependencies from a system?11:47
Guest47431i only have task manager11:48
sevenforallAndreaUbuntu: sudo apt-get purge [program name] should do the trick11:48
Guest47431im running xubuntu guys :(11:48
ct529Emanon: thanks a lot for y-ppa-manager it seems very interesting!11:48
AndreaUbuntusevenforall, what if i didnt purge? :)11:48
ichatAndreaUbuntu,  - yes there is...  if you use  aptitude you can sellect it to remove also  unused dependancies11:48
sevenforallAndreaUbuntu: Well, then you have dependancies left, lol11:48
Guest47431i only have task manager is that the same thing11:49
MonkeyDustGuest47431  open a terminal akd type tasksel11:49
dr_willisGuest47431:   What do you mean exactly?11:49
OsakasaHello, i haven't figure out easy method how to launch program as startup. Say i want to launch TuxRace and Spotify everytime as my computer start, how would you do it?11:49
sevenforallGuest47431: I missed your question, but you may get some additional support over at #xubuntu11:49
AndreaUbuntusevenforall, well thats the issue, i wanna remove useless dependencies post uninstall11:49
EmanonNo prob ct529.11:49
sevenforallAndreaUbuntu: Can't you reinstall the application and purge it immediatly afterwards? :o Dirty, but quicker I think.11:49
AndreaUbuntusevenforall, i forgot the whole list of apps i've never purged before xD11:50
ichatGuest47431,   a nice link for you is howtoforge.com   i think... just google it... it will help you11:50
sevenforallGuest47431: Would you mind changing your nick, hehe? It's not necessary, but it makes it a bit easier to mention you, for there are multiple Guest####'s :P11:50
ct529Emanon: I have removed all ppa,and returned all packages to the standard version, still cannot resolve the problem .... I am completely stuck. :-(11:50
dr_willisseveral dozen.;)11:50
Osakasawouldn't it be handy to right-click the icon in launcher (name? the bar which pop-ups from left) and there comes "launch as a startup". Like you have home folder and when you right-click it there comes "documents, downloads..."11:50
AndreaUbuntusudo aptitude autoclean maybe?11:50
EmanonAndreaUbuntu: "sudo apt-get install <program in question> && sudo apt-get purge <program in question> && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean" perhaps?11:51
Guest47431monkeydust it asked if i want to install it and i said yeas now wut11:51
sevenforallEmanon: But he doesn't know what apps he installed!11:51
AndreaUbuntuEmanon, thanks i'll have a go  with the autoremove/autocleans11:51
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html11:51
ichatAndreaUbuntu,    sorry not sure...11:51
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EmanonAndreaUbuntu: autoremove kills orphans and autoclean hides the bodies.11:52
AndreaUbuntuEmanon, thanks :)11:52
ichatbtw, is there a way with  xchat to  add certain people to a preferent list... (so that when you hit auto-complete  thair nick pops up first...  it makes  chatting a lot easier in sutch a large chan11:53
sevenforallEmanon: How to get this channel to Tor in just 1 line11:53
EmanonWhat sevenforall?11:53
sevenforallEmanon: Nvm ;)11:54
EmanonWe don't send things to Tor for being objectionable. Objectionable things go there on their own.11:54
EmanonHave you seen ReddiTor?11:54
sevenforallEmanon: It wasn't to be taken all too seriously11:54
sevenforallNot yet11:54
MonkeyDustGuest47431  http://www.serverubuntu.it/11:54
Guest47431k thanks im about to change my name to kryptedbbkick11:55
MonkeyDustGuest47431  keep questions in the channel, please11:55
Emanonsevenforall: It's the same code as reddit but on an onion11:56
EmanonOr, it was, I think it got shut down.11:56
sevenforallThe things that must've been going on there...11:56
EmanonMight be back up there's a new link to it in r/onions11:56
EmanonYea, sevenforall like "Onions: Things that make you cry."11:57
krypedbbkickso how do i change the collore11:57
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EmanonOf what krypedbbkick?11:57
krypedbbkickmy name11:57
ichatme dont trust tor ...  a faulty entry node and you even more sucked than you where without  the network11:57
EmanonI think it's assigned automatically.11:58
sevenforallkrypedbbkick: I think that's as... Dammit emanon...11:58
Emanonichat: then use bridges.11:58
sevenforallSo, let's see how to set-up Tor on Ubuntu11:58
krypedbbkicklol hey im the guest guy i change me name k11:59
sevenforallkrypedbbkick: Way more easy to tab, thanks :P11:59
krypedbbkicklol your welcome11:59
EmanonYea, ReddiTor is back up.11:59
EmanonAlthough I've been having trouble getting Tor to work on 12.10 for some reason.12:00
sevenforallI'm on 12.04, I'll see12:00
krypedbbkickok just to give u guys a good idea about me i work and create video games and i make software and bild and work on computers and aka small hacker but i am new to this ubuntu and need help12:00
sevenforallTor even works on my phone, c'mon now12:01
krypedbbkickso i am wanting to make a server and i am kind of lost12:01
mrthgjust started testing it on mine so, lets hope it works12:01
sevenforallkrypedbbkick: "I'm an IT guy, I know a lot, but I'm sort of ashamed that I am facing something new here."12:01
sevenforallkrypedbbkick: Web server?12:01
Emanonsevenforall: Tor works fine on my phone actually.12:02
ichatkrypedbbkick,  - if your a small hacker you must be  equiped with good reading skilles ... aka    you know what im gonna say next12:02
krypedbbkickum kind of its basicly for my games and to have multiplayer attached to them but yea web server12:02
sevenforallEmanon: Exactly12:02
krypedbbkickyeas c++ javascript php and html12:02
MonkeyDustkrypedbbkick  start here http://www.serverubuntu.it/12:02
krypedbbkickk thank you12:03
mrthghum my tor crashed :(12:03
sevenforallI have a basic tutorial on how to set up LAMP, or more of a spoonfeeding page, but I don't think that's what you're looking for12:03
alo21hi... can someone tell me what zeitgeist really does, please?12:03
krypedbbkickwell right now anything that can teach me how to work these things will do for now12:03
krypedbbkicki plan on taking my skills to the next lvl in collage12:03
MonkeyDustkrypedbbkick  and this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP12:04
dr_willisalo21:  it like a datalogger keeping trackof how much time you spend in differnt apps and with what files and other metrics.12:04
Emanonalo21: Zeitgeist (framework), a GNOME 3.0 activity logging system similar to Lifestream12:04
Emanonalo21: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeitgeist_%28framework%2912:04
dr_willisalo21:  theres some data 'graphing' extras it has if you want to see how much time for example yovue spend editing differnt ifles or in other apps12:04
AndreaUbuntuor procrastinating on Facebook :P12:05
alo21dr_willis, Emanon can zeitgeist know if an instance of an application is open yet?12:05
dr_willisalo21:  no idea.  I rarely use it.12:05
EmanonNo idea alo21 I just googled what it was and that came up in wikipedia.12:05
dr_willisits not clear what you mean :)12:06
dr_willisThe apps have to support logging to zeitguist also.12:06
krypedbbkickso hay sevenforall you go to itt tech?12:06
guilherme_Hey guys, need some help: I have a VirtualBox installation of Ubuntu Server 12.04 (LTS), and I'm having problems adding new virtual network cards to it, even though they are recognized by hardware, they do not show up on ifconfig and thus do not join the network. How may I add several interfaces?12:07
krypedbbkickoh and monkeydust dose it matter if im running xubunta12:07
sevenforallkrypedbbkick: I'm afraid not, why so?12:08
ichatdid you restart the network service   after adding the new devices...  guilherme_12:08
guilherme_yes, restarted and rebooted the machine, no go :(12:08
krypedbbkickbecuz i couldnt ever find the right iso for ubuntu so i came across xubuntu and thats wut im running now12:08
krypedbbkicki mean i will install ubunta if i need to i can get any iso for free but i just need to now12:09
dr_willisNot sure whats so hard about finding the Ubuntu iso.. :)12:11
krypedbbkickim running a very old windows xp and everytime i tried to install ubuntu on there it kept saying the bit for my cp was a i86 and i tried both 32 and 6412:12
ichatkrypedbbkick,    just follow the tutorials,   otherwise your only making it harder on yourself, get into trouble and stress the fee support that your offered  for not good reason...   so please dont  be an ass and follow the links you where given...  and only start with the hard stuff when your ready12:12
dr_williskrypedbbkick:   if the cpu dosent support PAE. you will need 12.0412:12
krypedbbkickwut do u mean how am i being an ass may i ask12:12
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ichatAndreaUbuntu,   what are you running ubuntu on currently?\12:14
blamidr_willis: ubuntu dropped non-PAE kernels?12:14
daimohall.. i'm hoping someone can help me salvage my ubuntu upgrade - it died halfway through and now grub comes up with an "out of range" on my monitor12:14
dr_willisblami:  in 12.10 yes.12:14
daimohi tried to boot with the 12.10 live CD, but that also comes up with an "out of range" on the monitor12:14
AndreaUbuntuichat, HP Pavilion Dm112:15
dr_willisdaimoh:  does it boot to the desktop at all?12:15
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daimohnope, no desktop at all12:15
daimohjust sits at "out of range"12:15
dr_willisdaimoh:  tried the nomodeset option?12:15
daimohi see "grub loading" and then it is out of range.12:16
AndreaUbuntudm1 4425-ea is the model12:16
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter12:16
daimohah great, i'll try that - thanks dr_willis12:16
ichatdiamoh  append  nomodset  your  boot option in grub than boot and fix your  (nvidia????) driver  to corret settings12:16
jrtappersis it possible to have different wallpapers on cinamon, Gnome 3, KDE and unity12:17
jrtappersI can only chnage the KDE one independantly12:17
dr_willisjrtappers:  some of the desktops use the same gconf settings.12:17
dr_willisor dconf.12:17
jrtappersdr_willis, is there a way to override that? or trick it?12:18
dr_willisjrtappers:  never really worreied about it. or tried. ;)12:18
dr_willisUse some wallpaper randomizer ;P12:18
daimohichat - i can't get to edit the grub config, as i think it's grub that's causing the out-of-range problem12:18
dr_willisdaimoh:  ive seen where grub gives the Out of range message.. Untill Lightdm/X starts up.12:19
daimohdr_willis: yes, me too - I tried leaving it for a good 20 minutes to see if anything would come up. alas, no it did not.12:20
daimohproblem is, i don't see anything come up at all12:20
daimohit goes straight from the bios loading, to an "out of range"12:20
daimohi have no idea what's going on in the background.12:20
daimohi just rebooted from the USB live CD, hit the nomodeset option, and then "try ubuntu without installing" and it started booting.. and now it has "out of range"12:21
daimohpressing "shift" after the bios stuff doesn't seem to make any difference - which makes me think it's grub that's causing "out of range"12:22
Jancooverjoin #english12:22
ServerPawnI just installed Unbutu to dual boot on a win 8 machine, however now when I select Ubuntu as the OS to start it takes me to a screen where it says file \ubuntu\winboot\wubildir.mbr isnt working. then gives a status of OxC000007B. Any ideas how to fix this, first time Ubuntu user...sorry if this is a silly question12:24
daimohany other ideas?12:24
ichatdaimoh,  - duhhh12:25
ichatServerPawn,  -  no experience with win8 - i remove it the minute after  i got the machine12:26
daimoh*sigh* i'll never understand why grub has to be all pretty.. what's wrong with a simple console..12:26
aFeijoWhich would be the best set for a email server? I need imap, smtp and mailboxes stored in mysql12:26
ichatdaimoh,  - hah back iin the day when you had lilo :P12:27
blamidaimoh: I am using gummiboot12:27
daimohichat - exactly! at least you knew what was going on with lilo!12:27
blamidaimoh: which is single C file bootloader that does not have that useless cruft12:27
ichatdaimoh,  - hell yah12:27
ichatblami,  is it  just for bios...  or does efi work too12:28
daimohblami - i'm mid-way through an upgrade to 12.10… trying to change boot loaders may just melt my brain.12:29
dr_willisUpgrades failing...... is not a good sign. ;)12:29
dr_willisa potential sign that a reinstall is in your near future12:30
daimoha reinstall will kill me.. i have a massive mythtv install that i just simply cannot lose!12:31
blamiichat: gummiboot is efi only12:31
WeThePeopledr_willis, have you solved any issues with 'cannot write broken pipes'?12:31
blamiichat: it only loads other efi stubs ... it's dead plain ...12:31
dr_willisWeThePeople:  seen the message mentioned befor. ive even seen it on my working systems..12:32
dr_willisWeThePeople:  never had to fix it.12:32
claudiu_10.04 Why when i log out the screen is pixelated? Instead of a clean black screen? This is after i installed nvidia proprietary graphics driver.12:32
daimohso i've booted up off the usb drive now and I have the desktop up - how can i fix up the HD so it at least boots in a video mode the card/monitor supports?12:32
dr_willisclaudiu_:  you mean the consoles when you Exit out of X ?12:33
dr_willisdaimoh:  you could try reinstalling grub. and setting it to use TEXT mode and a Text based grub menu . so you can at least see grub and any error messages.12:33
claudiu_When I shutdown the laptop.12:34
daimohdr_willis: that would be ideal - how can i reinstall grub on a disk i didn't boot from though?12:34
daimohfor instance, i have the HD mounted in /mnt12:34
daimohit's /mnt/sda112:34
dr_willisdaimoh:  that boot-repair tool mentioned in the !fixgrub wiki12:34
dr_willisclaudiu_:  that sounds like a typical Plymouth Vs Nvidia or ATI drivers annoyance.12:35
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daimohdr_willis: thanks - will find that wiki...12:36
dr_willishit up google for ubuntu boot repair  and i think it will be first link12:36
dr_willisor follow the links at the12:37
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)12:37
dr_williswiki page12:37
daimohah, many thanks12:37
arshavincan't mount android sd card in ubuntu either automatically or manually anybody got any idea12:38
EmanonLike the sd by itself or when it's in the android device?12:42
arshavinEmanon: I gues so12:44
dr_willisgotta love exacting answers. ;)12:44
ridolienAnyone using Extreme Networks Equipment here?12:44
arshavinwhen is android device12:44
mrthgwhich item on a given server increases, when a web server's gets more http requests to proces12:44
dr_willisarshavin:  and what android version is on the devcice?12:44
ridolienmrthg, the number of http requests increases12:45
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EmanonIs have you selected "Turn on USB storage" when you plug in the device arshavin ?12:45
arshavindr_willis: ginger bread,it never really mounts,12:45
EmanonIs that even an option in GB?12:45
arshavinEmanon : yes12:45
mrthglike when more people approach the server via browser12:45
dr_willisTheres some posts/articals on the OMGubuntu site and WEbupd8 blog sites on how to mount android devices that use that MTP method.12:45
arshavinEmanon : yes,it is na option but nothing shows up12:46
magik_Good morning everyone12:46
EmanonIs the device unlocked?12:46
dr_willisI just use ssh/wirelless tools to transfer stuff to my phones.12:46
arshavinEmanon : Yes, it is unlocked12:46
EmanonWas it when you plugged it in?12:46
ridolienarshavin, there is definately a package installation required to support android filesystem mounting in Ubuntu12:46
arshavinI actually need to partition my sdcard using fdisk so ssh won't help12:47
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EmanonYea, IDK about GB but JB just mounts as a USB device, no help to arshavin though.12:47
dr_willisarshavin:  y dint think you are going to partion it over usb, while its in the phone.12:47
EmanonYou could try flashing TWRP if there is a version for your device and mounting it as USB from there.12:48
arshavindr_willis: i have done that12:48
dr_willisi cant even imagine why you need to partion it really. ;)12:48
arshavinEmanon : what is this TWRP12:48
dr_willisNight all. have fun.12:48
EmanonIt's a recovery image, like ClockWorkMod Recovery.12:48
arshavindr_willis: a2sd stuff12:48
maxbAndroid seems to be aggressively deprecating USB mass storage support, my One X lost that in favour of MTP when updated from ICS to JB12:49
daimohdr_willis: reinstalling grub looks like it might have done the trick for me.. i've successfully booted off the HD in recovery mode - many, many thanks.12:50
EmanonI AM using a custom rom maxb so...12:50
EmanonBut if he has root he can flash twrp and do it from there independent of android itself.12:50
arshavinEmanon: well my old sgy just wouldn't accept any custom roms since i flashed it with some bad options in odin12:51
EmanonDo you have root?12:51
arshavinEmanon: I lost root after flashing with stock rom now I am badly stuck I already have cwm.zip but ccant flash it12:52
EmanonCan you get it to go into adb and detect it that way?12:52
arshavinyes adb works fine but without root it's useless12:52
ElysiumNetwhen grub-pc asks me to install it on all partitions, should I install it on the partitions that are in the raid, or on the raid itself?12:53
EmanonHold on, I'm looking up the SGY12:53
magik_I have a question it is kind of off topic but if anyone has an answer for me that would be much appreciated,  I live in a small town and there is only a few places here that do computer work but they charge a fortune.  If I wanted to open up my own repair center would I need to get a special license and insurance or can I use a disclaimer anyone have a link with information about that?12:53
arshavini can push files to my sdccard but after rebooting the device they dissapear12:53
EmanonAww that's a cute lil phone.12:53
ElysiumNetmagik_: IANAL, but I think you just need to get the basic business requirements12:54
ElysiumNetregistered business, paying taxes, bookkeeping, etc12:54
arshavinyea it's nice but without custom roms it seems boring12:54
ElysiumNetthe liability/insurance thing should be rolled up into when setting up a business as well12:54
magik_k, but I would need some form of insurance incase someone complains right?12:55
gacmagik_: depends which country you're in, but you'd need whatever any other physical shop in your area needs (i.e. maybe public liability insurance for your premises to protect customers, insurance against being broken into, etc)12:55
EmanonAnd you say ODIN no longer works at all?12:55
ElysiumNetgac: I think he means insurance against accidentily wrecking a computer, or having to announce a computer as wrecked12:55
arshavinodin works but flashin custom roms does not work12:55
ElysiumNetsince he mentioned *repair* shop12:55
gacI wouldn't think there is such an insurance policy? or it'd be covered by the accidental damage portion of the contents insurance12:56
ElysiumNetgac: who do you charge if the car mechanic breaks something?12:56
magik_Ok thanks allot guys I appreciate the info12:56
EmanonThat's weird it's not supposed to be able to deny a forced flash from download mode12:56
gacas a customer, I hold the garage responsible, where the garage get the money from isn't my business12:56
gacthey may just pay the cost, they may claim off their public liability insurance, whatever12:56
ElysiumNetgac: and what if it's something that broke due to time? and it just happened to be in the garage's hands12:57
ElysiumNetor it was already a piece of crap car to begin with that has been festering for decades12:57
arshavinactually i use cwm recovery to flash custom roms in .zip files and stock rom with odin works fine12:57
gacagain, not my problem, if the garage hand back a car with a different fault to what it went in with then it's up to them to fix as far as I'm concerned12:57
ElysiumNetI'm pretty sure car garages don't just outright decline to fix cars; or do they?12:58
KM0201gac: lmao, you're full of it.12:58
gacunless they can prove beyond all doubt that the work they did couldn't possibly have caused it12:58
ElysiumNetgac: I'm playing the evil client here. you know, the one with oil and chocolate smeared all over and inside of a SNES12:58
KM0201trusdt me on this... they are not liable in the situation you describe.12:58
ElysiumNetand having louched it in baby poo12:58
gacKM0201: I'm not, I've been in that situation at least twice. had a car back with a fault it didn't have when it went in, been fixed at no cost each time12:58
Emanonarshavin: So can you flash a rooted rom from cwm?12:58
gacfairly minor cost (couple of hundred pounds, tops) admittedly, not thousands12:58
gacbut they still paid12:59
KM0201gac: you're full of it, trust me.. i've probably been in that situation way wya more than you (on the business side) and i've told MANY people like you to pound sand.. they kick and scream, and threaten with l awyers, i just chuckle, and tell them to bring it12:59
KM0201just because i'm working on something, and something else breaks, doesn't mena i'm responsible to fix it, unless i deliberately or through negligence,k broke it.13:00
arshavinno that stopped working since i checked extra options in odin13:00
ElysiumNetanyway, grub is asking me to install to all partitions... should I install it to all partitions, or just to /dev/md1?13:00
gacKM0201: then you probably wouldn't see my business again ;) but that's your prerogative and it may be a UK/US difference. All I know is that I've had no problems in the past in this situation as a customer13:00
ElysiumNetgac: we probably wouldn't want to see your business again :P13:00
KM0201gac: and w/ that attitude, i wouldn't want it to be frank.13:00
gacagain, your choice :)13:01
ElysiumNet"Here is this crap that will definitely break if you even more than just glance at it!"13:01
KM0201some customers, are just to big a PITA to keep... you have to make a decision.13:01
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ElysiumNet"And you'll pay me for EVERY SINGLE PENNY for this WORTHLESS steaming pile of crap"13:01
EmanonWow, arshavin that's completely beyond my ability to fix have you tried at xda?13:01
ElysiumNetit's called the reverse scam13:01
EmanonOr can you reset CWM to factory?13:02
gacbut if I got a piece of equipment back with a fault it didn't have when I handed it over, I certainly wouldn't just hand over my own money unless there was a very good reason (for example the engine broke while the garage were changing a rear bulb, those two things couldn't possibly be related)13:02
KM0201gac: but my point is, you insinuated it is their "responsibility" (ie, legally) to fix, it is not.. trust me13:02
EmanonNot the rom FROM cwm. CWM itself.13:02
gacI said "I hold the garage responsible", I believe, not that it was without doubt their responsibility13:03
EaglemanDo i need a specific order when installing these packets?  apt-get install mysql-server php5 php5-mysql php5-mcrypt php5-gd php5-intl apache2 libapache2-mod-php513:03
KM0201gac: ah ok, i might have misread that....13:03
EmanonLooks like there is no twrp for that device.13:05
bipulI want's to know is there anyway to create and use any tcp client or server outside of ns-2 in ubuntu13:06
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arshavinEmanon: thanks for help anyway,i will dig up something13:08
EmanonHave you tried asking at xda?13:09
arshavinEmanon: looks like that is where i will end up13:09
EmanonI've had some good luck there with my Skyrocket.13:10
ElysiumNetah screw it13:11
Jancoovermsg NickServ identify passme13:11
ElysiumNet*installs it to all the things*13:11
arshavinEmanon: they have a thread for this device and have dedicated lot for it,hopefully that will help13:11
qweryhey guys13:12
qweryi want to set up a http server locally and stream all my audio output to it, so i can listen to it with my network hifi device13:13
qweryread some blog articles about doing that with vlc, for example, but it didnt quite work..13:13
qweryany ideas how that can be done "easily"?13:13
KM0201would a daap server work?13:14
moinnick moin''13:14
Emanonqwery: http://www.subsonic.org/pages/index.jsp ?13:14
moin\nick moin''13:14
qweryseems tht ffmpeg has some streaming capabilities, but it always looks like it streams to an existing server in the network or something, wondering how that works13:14
jhutchins_wkqwery: First, why an http server?  Second, do you want to stream TO the server or FROM the server?13:14
KM0201oh damnn, subsonic, that should work fine13:14
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jhutchins_wkqwery: Do you want an audio stream programmed at the server, or do you want your music collection to be available from other devices?13:16
qweryKM0201: i think daap (and also dlna) would only work for files. but i also want to stream other audio output, like sound from a internet radio website or such13:16
KM0201qwery: yup, you're right,13:16
EmanonIf you donate you get a subsonic url so you don't have to worry about making a static ip or forwarding ports (iirc) and you can stream audio AND video.13:16
KM0201subsonic is probably the best bet,13:16
qweryjhutchins_wk: not only the music collection, but all audio output. thats what makes a http server necessary i guess13:16
KM0201although i don't know about audio from a website, etc13:17
qweryhow does subsonic work?13:17
`ssh`helphi, how does one setup ssh for a public IP? I have it working within my LAN but no luck with public IPs.13:17
Emanonqwery: sets up a local server that streams your whole media library via apps or an html interface.13:17
jhutchins_wkqwery: http has nothing to do with audio.13:17
EmanonThe link I sent explains it.13:18
Boreeas_I am trying to troubleshoot my laptops (Dell Vostro 3700) hibernation mode. It appears to save correctly, but fails to resume, saying it doesn't find the hibernation image: http://pastebin.com/8RCNmWjV13:18
KM0201`ssh`help: what do you mean for a public IP?13:18
jhutchins_wk`ssh`help: The device with a public ip has to have the ssh server listening on that interface.13:18
qweryEmanon: wouldnt that also only stream the files?13:18
Boreeas_It worked fine before, but since the last reinstall, I'm having trouble13:18
gac`ssh`help: all you need to do is forward port 22 on your router (using the router admin tools) to the LAN IP address of the machine running sshd13:18
KM0201yeah, i think it's port 21 or 2213:19
jhutchins_wk`ssh`help: Most of us are behind NAT firewalls, so we forward a port on the firewall to the internal ssh connection.13:19
qweryjhutchins_wk: yeah, but i can get my hifi to read an http stream and play it13:19
Boreeas_I think related to that is that suspend/resume fails, too, but I can't find any logs for that13:19
EaglemanDo i need a specific order when installing these packets?  apt-get install mysql-server php5 php5-mysql php5-mcrypt php5-gd php5-intl apache2 libapache2-mod-php513:19
jhutchins_wkqwery: No, you can't, because there is no http stream.  http is web pages, that's all.13:19
Boreeas_Eagleman: No, the order doesn't matter13:19
KM0201no, just install them all at the same time.13:19
gacEagleman: I don't think so, apt should take care of installing them in the right order to satisfy any dependencies13:19
Boreeas_Dependencies will be installed automatically, too13:19
qweryjhutchins_wk: so if i could manage to have my computers audio in such a stream, it would work13:19
WeThePeopledr_willis, are you able to change a guest session into a root session?13:19
WeThePeopleso i can access home13:19
qweryjhutchins_wk: http is a transfer protocol for files, not only html13:20
gacWeThePeople: probably not, as I guess the guest user isn't in the admin/sudo group by default13:20
Eaglemanand what if i install php first then apache and mysql or any other random order?13:20
jhutchins_wkqwery: I think gstreamer will host an audio stream, as will vlc.13:20
gacEagleman: shouldn't make any difference13:20
Eaglemannot in the same command i mean13:20
jhutchins_wkqwery: Right, files, not streams.13:20
gacstill shouldn't matter13:20
Eaglemanok, ty13:20
jhutchins_wkqwery: Pages, not audio.13:20
`ssh`helpgac: ok, I a using my modem connection. how do i do that?13:21
qweryjhutchins_wk: well, but that doesnt really matter for that application, right? it is just that i confused the terms, isnt it?13:21
jhutchins_wkqwery: You can use a web page to initiate a stream over another transport, but it's not over http.13:21
gac`ssh`help: as in a dialup connection?13:21
`ssh`helpjhutchins_wk: Both computers have the open-ssh-server installed,13:22
`ssh`helpgac: yea13:22
qweryjhutchins_wk: ah, i see.13:22
`ssh`helpgac: kindly help bro,13:22
qweryjhutchins_wk: how would it work with gstreamer/vlc?13:22
gac`ssh`help: honestly, I have no idea, I haven't used a dialup in over 10 years13:22
jhutchins_wk`ssh`help: What are you actually trying to do?  What commands have you tried?13:22
gac`ssh`help: but I think once you have the dialup connection established, you may need to restart the ssh server so that it can bind to the dialup IP (because it wouldn't have existed when ssh was started)13:23
sazawalI need to install ubuntu from network. Please help!13:23
gacand with a dialup connection, you probably don't have NAT in the way so that should be enough (I think)13:23
jhutchins_wksazawal: Have you read the install guide?13:24
sazawalI have followed the instructions given here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/QuickNetboot13:24
qweryi tried http://wiki.videolan.org/Documentation:Streaming_HowTo/Easy_Streaming_Newer_Versions and http://wiki.videolan.org/Documentation:Streaming_HowTo/Command_Line_Examples#HTTP_streaming, didnt work for some reason13:24
sazawalI guess this is the install guide13:24
WeThePeopleanybody know how to gain root access in a guest session?13:24
qweryfor the second, the file was accessible with my smartphone, but it said "cannot play video/audio" or smth13:25
MonkeyDustWeThePeople  you're asking to give the secret code to a visitor13:27
WeThePeoplemonkeydust, yeah.. why not, so whats the secret13:28
EmanonMuch better being back on Pidgin.13:30
dryhayhi. webcam problem unsolved: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=210100013:30
sazawalI need to install ubuntu with networkboot, please help13:31
icerootsazawal: you mean with PAX? or with a normal netinstaller?13:33
sazawalice, with PXE as provided in this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/QuickNetboot13:34
Matt_Hey guys13:34
=== Matt_ is now known as Guest84357
* KM0201 has never gotten network boot to boot right.13:35
nahuel_please i need the dir of spanish chanel, thanks13:35
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.13:35
Guest84357What does it mean, if everytime I press the Dash Home part of Ubuntu 12.10, it crashes.13:36
Guest84357Are there any known fixes? I found some people with similar issues, but no real answers.13:36
KM0201i found 12.10 really buggy, so i chose to stay w/ 12.0413:37
Guest84357Probably smart, I really like it though13:37
tozenKM0201: 12.10 isnt LTS13:38
KM0201tozen: i never suggested it was13:38
SpaceAhello, I am running 12.04 on my macbook pro 6,2. Everytime I shutdown i get a popping noise from my speakers. Any ideas how to stop that?13:39
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zetherooI installed 12.10 on a Windows 7 workstation but for some reason GRUB does not show on system startup and the system boots right into Windows 7 still13:44
magik_SpaceA, you might wanna post that bug on the forum cause it could cause some speaker problems.13:44
zetheroocan I install GRUB from the live CD?13:44
sazawalI need to install ubuntu from networkboot. Help!!13:44
nibbler__SpaceA, a workaround might be to write a script that sets volume to zero early during shutdown....13:44
SpaceAnibbler__, I tried muting before shutdown but that doesnt work :/13:45
SpaceAany other way to try it?13:45
KM0201nibbler__: but then won't volume be 0 when he restarts?13:45
magik_zetheroo, this video helped me allot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W7XYAB4cLc13:45
nibbler__KM0201, that would call for a startup script then - but its not working anyway13:46
SpaceAKM0201, i dont mind it being zero at boot13:46
magik_zetheroo, follow that video step by step and you won't have any problems and you will have a real ext4 filesystem13:46
nashantanyone able to tell me how to use mkvmerge to identify what language audio tracks are in?13:47
zetheroomagik_: I have been using Ubuntu since 2006 and have installed it hundreds of times on a myriad of machines ... so I know how to install it ;)13:47
magik_zetheroo, then im clueless lol ;)13:48
zetheroomagik_: the issue here is that GRUB does not seem to have installed along with Ubuntu ...13:48
magik_hmm that's wierd13:50
magik_zetheroo, I've had that happen before but only when I was a real newb and used wubi till I found the video,  I have seen on forums before links on a grub disc13:50
tozenhi people! here's one of my friends asking me about how to recreate root account? he's deleted it mistakenly. thb how he did it i dont know but here is hims cat /etc/passwd & cat /etc/group: http://pastebin.com/xJZeB3rD13:52
MonkeyDusttozen  there is no root account, there's sudo13:53
wuqI am having a connectivity issue. somehow my OS wont recognize and work with my router. am I in the right place?13:53
wuqanyone here able to help with a troubleshoot?13:53
magik_Wug, what OS do you have?13:53
magik_I'm sorry wuq13:54
wuqim using bodhi, and have already tried the bodhi forums without any luck13:54
magik_sorry wuq i'm only familiar with Ubuntu ;( and Windows13:55
tozenMonkeyDust: well hi's can't login system13:55
Saili use add:apt command to add something after this when i am apt-get update it show me error "some index failed to download"how to fix this13:55
MonkeyDustwuq  some 50 people in #bodhilinux13:55
BluesKajHey all13:55
wuqah, bodhi is meant to be ubuntu based. is it too different?13:55
MonkeyDusttozen  what you tried before you came here?13:56
wuqyeah, honoestly, nobody there seems to be able to help. I have already trie13:56
magik_they are all similar but commands can be a little different sometimes.13:56
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sukuwuq, are you able to connect to any other networks?13:56
sazawalI need to install Ubuntu via networkboot, please help13:56
sukuare you receiving an ip?13:57
tozenMonkeyDust: nothing! it's not mine system i'm not an idiot to smth like that. here my friend just asking to me to how to sortitout13:57
greenbrotherHI, I have problem with bluetooth browsing. I'm with Xubuntu 12.10 and I beleave, that is bug13:57
greenbrothercan anyone help me?13:57
magik_sazawal, why not save the trouble and install with usb?13:57
wuqso the details are here, I posted it on the bodhi forums. http://forums.bodhilinux.com/index.php?/topic/7392-unable-to-connect-to-internet-through-my-router/13:57
FLeiXiuSFor isolinux, how can I remove the function menus at the bottom of the installer?13:57
MonkeyDusttozen  explain what goes wrong, in one line and in the channel13:57
sazawalThats the trouble, My PC doesnt have USB boot option13:57
magik_greenbrother, it could be the bluetooth device your using is not compatible.13:58
greenbrotheri can use it but only for sending files13:58
greenbrotherwhen i want to browse, then kome the problem13:58
tozenMonkeyDust: well his cant login system, what else you want to know?13:58
MonkeyDust!details | tozen13:59
ubottutozen: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:59
magik_greenbrother, Have you tried using ssh instead?13:59
sukuwuq, are you spoofing your mac address by chance?13:59
greenbrotheri don't know what is that13:59
wuqwhat does that mean? spoofing13:59
wuqyou mean, is it the real one?14:00
magik_he meant if your using macchanger or not14:00
mikew68I'm looking for help with setting up a DLNA media server, is this the proper place?14:00
wuqno, i dont knwo what that is. so i dont think i am using it14:00
magik_greenbrother, openssh is a remote access tool14:00
greenbrotherhow can i that try?14:01
arshavinmikew68: there must be loads of imformation about that on google14:01
sukuwuq, from the thread i was looking at, is the network card in bohdi configured for dhcp or are you assigning it a static ip?14:01
wuqit is set to autoatic dhcp14:02
mikew68arshavin, you are correct and I've looked unfortunatly I've had very little success, so I figure maybe someone has seen/experienced my issues.14:02
magik_greenbrother, here is a link with help on openssh https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/openssh-server.html14:02
wuqi think, let me check that14:02
arshavinmikew68: what device do you wish to set up as server?14:03
layke_Not sure what channel to ask. Is there something like tail -f but that flashes through coloring new additions to the pipe?14:03
magik_greenbrother, if you just wanted to setup a simpler file server then you could use vsftpd14:03
MonkeyDustlayke_  #bash14:03
layke_Thanks MonkeyDust  :)14:03
wuqyeah magik_ it is set to auto dhcp. it is frustratign because i bet it is some really simple issue. I am slightly newb with linux14:03
greenbrotheri don't want server14:03
magik_greenbrother, and you could access that vsftpd through any http webbrowser.14:03
Picilayke_: multitail *might* have something like that.14:03
greenbrotheri want brows on my mobile phone vie bluetooth14:04
greenbrotheri want brows on my mobile phone via bluetooth14:04
mikew68I'd like to run a media server in 12.10, and stream through DLNA to my blu-ray. I've tried XBMC, it connects but does not play .AVI files, so I set up PLEX, it plays the .AVI files but doesn't play .mp414:04
ichatblami,  - sorry was afk for a bit,   thnx for the heads up ... i really should try it i gues..   win8 toshiba is supposed to be  full efi.   so not having legacy in my loader would be perfect i guess14:04
greenbrotherbut it have some bug14:04
wuqi actually tried a few other distros and had similar problems when i used my router14:04
greenbrotherthis is only on 12.1014:04
wuqbut router works fine on my other computer that runs Win714:05
layke_Pici, It's not in the feature list. so I don't think so. Thanks for the pointer though.14:05
magik_greenbrother, your best bet is to post a bug on the ubuntu forums there are allot of people there that are very smart and will answer your question in more detail.14:05
sukuwuq, has that computer ever worked with that router?14:05
jhutchins_wkwuq: The OS has nothing to do with how a system works with a router, that's strictly TCP/IP.14:05
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Guest70986
sukuor any router for that matter?14:05
greenbrothermany peaple have that maked, but i can't fint fix14:06
wuqi belive it did, before it was running windows millinum and i recall it working.14:06
mikew68arshavin I'd like to run a media server in 12.10, and stream through DLNA to my blu-ray. I've tried XBMC, it connects but does not play .AVI files, so I set up PLEX, it plays the .AVI files but doesn't play .mp414:06
arshavinmikew68: http://dpc.ucore.info/blog/2012/11/07/dlna-streaming-in-ubuntu-12-dot-10/14:07
jhutchins_wkwuq: So what is the problem?  Can you not reach external addresses?14:07
magik_greenbrother, it might be the access settings you have on the folder your trying to browse.14:07
sukuwuq, since you are able to get the computer to work when bypassing the router, i would assume it is a router issue and not an os issue14:07
wuqhm, i see, i kind f thought it was an issue to do with the way i did the settings14:08
greenbrotheri have maked all settings and it should work, but...14:08
greenbrotheri haven't luck14:08
sukuwuq, just so i make sure i read your post correctly, you have tried plugging the system into the router over an ethernet cable and it doesnt work either?14:08
wuqwhy would the router not recognize the OS, for example?14:08
ichatWug,  the router doesn know the os14:09
wuqand thank you for looking at the post suku14:09
sukuwuq, the router and os are independent of each other... a router doesnt detect os's14:09
sukuthey communicate over the tcp/ip stack14:10
wuqso are saying that it may be having trouble detecting my network card/14:10
ichatwuq. correct14:10
sukuand since you are able to connect when you take the router out of the picture, it tells me that it is likely a router or network card issue14:10
ichatthat could be a media error (sorry: a cable fault),   or some other technical issue14:11
magik_wuq, you could always try to hard boot your router see if that works.14:11
wuqmy computer is very old, almost 11 years-ish. is this a common issue I wonder - old network cards not work with new routers14:11
jhutchins_wkwuq: No.14:12
wuqmagik_ could you explain hard boot14:12
jhutchins_wkwuq: If the cables fit they should work.14:12
magik_wuq, when i say hard boot, I mean follow the instructions on doing a reset of the router usualy involves sticking a paperclip in a little hole it resets all the router settings to factory default.14:12
magik_wuq, I've had to do that with routers in the past.14:12
sukuwuq, he means either pulling the plug on the router and letting it sit for 2 mins, or even more of a hard boot would be completely resetting the factory settings on the router14:12
wuqah, yeah I have done that before but I have not tried it for this problem yet.14:13
jhutchins_wkwuq: If you do what magik_ suggests you will probably loose all ability to connect to the internet from any of your systems.14:13
ichatmagik what about  a data problem   in example  100mbit versus 10mbit   or even full duplex versus half duplex14:13
wuqwhy you say that jhutchins?14:13
jhutchins_wkwuq: You need to do basic network troubleshooting before you start messing with the router.14:13
wuqhm, for example?14:14
ichatmagik  i would explain it to him, but i have no knowledge about  hoe to detect sutch under a linux os14:14
romhi, guys.14:14
jhutchins_wkwuq: Can you state the actual problem again please?  You can't connect to external web sites or what?14:15
magik_wuq, one question i should of asked is this is a wireless router or just a ethernet cable?14:15
wuqit is outlined here http://forums.bodhilinux.com/index.php?/topic/7392-unable-to-connect-to-internet-through-my-router/14:15
sukuwuq, and if you need specific answers specific to bodhi, you can also check out #bodhilinux14:15
ichatjhutchins_wk,   agreed  but only to the extend that a hard reboot  of the router defualts to dhcp in almost all cases   so he would   be able to connect for support as soon as the device has reset....14:15
wuqthanks suku, yes i have tried there but no luck so far14:15
romwhat happens when i reinstall ubuntu with a live cd, only the main partition gets formatted or all the partitions get formatted?14:16
wuqmagik_ the router has wireless capabilities but i am using an ethernet cable14:16
Squarepyrom, that is your choice14:16
magik_wuq, hmmm ok, I think that might be a network card problem so it might not be the router at all.14:17
sukuwuq, if it is any consolation, i am running bodhi on my netbook... great distro for lightweight machines - i honestly think it is a networking issue somewhere between the router and network config14:17
jhutchins_wkichat: He would loose any local lan configuration.14:17
ichatjhutchins_wk,  only for a small bit14:17
romso if i dont want to format other partitions, i dont have to, is that so?14:17
wuqyeah, it runs amazing on my old laptop. i dont remember it ever working so smooth. i only have a small graphic issue and this connectivity issue14:18
jhutchins_wkwuq: When you connect directly to the external network, there is a remote DHCP server that provides your system with an address and routing info.  You must recreate that on the local network either using the router or a local server.14:18
jhutchins_wkwuq: Most routers have a dhcp server built in these days.14:18
ichatjhutchins_wk,  - there are no consumer grade modem routers out there that do not default do simple dhcp + nat14:18
romeven if it is previously made partitions?14:18
jhutchins_wkichat: Sure there are.14:18
donvitoVERSION=`cat /etc/slackware-version` - how can i do this command to show ubuntu version ?14:19
ichatjhutchins_wk,  name me one14:19
magik_rom I would advise you backed up any data before proceeding with any format14:19
pigliti have got a ip-camera and i can use it from 2 pc's but the ubuntu pc wont work14:20
wuqok, so what kind of network troubleshooting are you guys suggesting14:20
piglitdont know where to start14:20
jhutchins_wkwuq: Here is the manual for your router: https://www2.belkin.com/support/article/?lid=en&pid=f5d8236-4&aid=14394&scid=942&fid=4812&fn=man_f5d8236-4_8820-00097.pdf14:20
magik_wuq, start with the network card since your notconnecting wirelessly14:20
jhutchins_wkwuq: You need to know if the PC is getting an address from the router.14:20
romit is too hard for me to do that, because it takes too much time and have a lot to. and it is hard with all this power cuts in my place..14:20
wuqok, how do i do that14:20
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usr13wuq: ifconfig14:21
donvitoVERSION=`cat /etc/slackware-version` - how can i edit this command to show ubuntu version ?14:21
jhutchins_wkwuq: use the ifconfig command to see if there is an eth0 with an IP address.14:21
wuqok, ive done that14:21
jhutchins_wkwuq: And?14:21
usr13wuq: So, what IP did you get?14:21
dawkirstHi, I've got all these weird duplicate files postfixed with ~. What are these?14:21
Squarepydawkirst, gedit?14:21
piglitis there a way to reset the whole network setting for ubuntu ?14:21
magik_dawkirst, those are probably gedit backup files it has a setting to save files before a save so you still have the old version to go back to.14:22
wuqyou mean this line "inet addr: Bcast: Mask:" ???14:22
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velenohello. i'm installing and configuring a 12.04lts into a virtualbox's VM. once this is done, how hard is it to turn it into a 'live-cd' ?14:22
romi have previously made 3 partitions, one for ubuntu main disk, another for additional memory. one other for windows(ntfs)14:23
wuqi got a bunch of info but I am not sure what part is relevant14:23
usr13wuq: Can you ping ?  (That is more-than-likely your router.)  Try it:  ping -c3
usr13wuq: Can you ping ?  (That is more-than-likely your router.)  Try it:  ping -c3
sukuusr13, wouldnt that be he own ip?14:23
wuqhow do i ping that?14:23
romi have done a backup for the ubuntu main desk, do i have to do it for all the other?14:23
usr13wuq: Sorry, is YOUR IP.14:24
wuqah! lol14:24
magik_rom, Yes because if something goes wrong you'll run into trouble getting that data back unless your good at recovering files.14:24
usr13wuq: ping -c3
jhutchins_wkwuq: Now use the route command to see if there is a default gateway.14:24
velenofor instance, I found this tutorial https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization but it looks pretty lengthy14:24
wuqas in type "route" into terminal?14:24
usr13wuq: route -n14:24
nickalexenzotib offende chi non e capace e non so come fare elp14:25
usr13wuq: (See what your gateway is) Should be
karmic-koalahi all, anyone got any suggestions on what address would be sensible for a staging server? currently we have  cms-staging.universityname.ac.uk which isnt ideal. I am thinking cms-auth.universityname.ac.uk ...?14:25
rom<magik_> thanks, il try following that!14:25
MonkeyDustnickalex  is that some italian dialect?14:25
wuqno, it doesnt give me that14:25
usr13wuq: What does it give?14:25
nickalexmia butato fuori14:26
sukuwuq, what does is say is the default route for gateway14:26
wuqjust says "gateway genmask flags metric ref use iface14:26
magik_rom, np14:26
sukunothing underneath?14:26
usr13wuq: Try this:  dhclient14:26
wuqkeep in mind that i did ifconfig when i wasnt using my router14:26
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jhutchins_wkwuq: There's your problem.14:26
jhutchins_wkwuq: ifconfig just displays the settings.14:26
usr13wuq: Is this a wireless connection?  Or wired?14:26
jhutchins_wkwuq: If you want this to work with the router you should be connected with the router.14:27
wuqi am now14:27
wuqi was giving you info from before14:27
sukuonce connected do a "route -n"14:27
usr13wuq: dhclient eth014:27
jhutchins_wkwuq: Plug in to the router and do /etc/init.d/networking restart14:27
magik_usr13, he's using a wired connection14:27
jhutchins_wkusr13: Quit jumping ahead.14:27
wuqusr13 im told operation not permited14:28
usr13sudo dhclient eth014:28
dawkirstSquarepy, magik_, you guys got it. Thanks.14:28
ichatusr13,  -  network reset comes first.14:28
usr13suku: And then ifconfig  (and see what IP you got)14:28
wuqok, did that Jhutch14:28
magik_dawkirst, your welcome ;)14:28
jhutchins_wkwuq: Do ifconfig again and see if you still have the same address, then do route again to see if you have a gateway.14:29
wuqok i belive this is my address now.
MonkeyDustthat's localhost, your pc14:30
sukunope that is the localhost address14:30
usr13wuq: No, that is loopback14:30
jhutchins_wkwuq: That is for the lo (loopback) interface.14:30
KM0201usually its 192.168.x.x14:31
usr13wuq: Did you do  sudo dhclient eth0 ?14:31
wuqok, then....im not getting one14:31
jhutchins_wkwuq: If you do not see something like eth0 then you don't have a working connection.  Are the port lights lit on the PC and the router?14:31
wuqi see eth0 but no ip there14:31
wuqthe green one is lit14:32
usr13wuq: Are you sure the cable is ok?14:32
jhutchins_wkusr13: Ok, I'm gonna have to let you try to stumble through this.  It's clear that you barely have a clue about networking, but you insist on "helping".  It's all yours.14:32
mikew68arshavin; thanks! that seems to work14:32
wuqi think so, i have tried more than one cable14:32
jhutchins_wkwuq: I'll come back later and see if an experienced network engineer can still help you.14:32
wuqaw : - /14:32
usr13jhutchins_wk: Just trying to help.  It's easier if you just cut to the chase.14:32
wuqstay, i will follow you14:32
wuqoh well, what your ideas usr1314:33
usr13wuq: Sorry about jhuchins_wk  I think he just got up on the wrong side of the bed.14:33
wuqlol, was confusing trying to follow everyone14:33
sukusounds like either the dhcp server isnt handing out an ip or you dont have the network card set to auto/dhcp14:33
usr13wuq: Did you do   sudo  dhclient eth014:33
MonkeyDustor sudo ifup14:34
wuqhow would i set the network card? yes i did that and client was not found14:34
usr13wuq: dhclient not client     sudo dhclient eth014:34
wuqoops, made spelling error14:35
wuqstrange, when i typed that the cursor just blinks14:35
wuqwhat should it do?14:35
usr13wuq: It's waiting for an IP14:35
usr13wuq: It will time out.14:36
usr13... if it doesnt' get an IP.14:36
usr13wuq: Did it time out yet?14:36
wuqno, shall i restart terminal?14:36
usr13no.  just open another.14:36
ichatwuq,  what is going on on your other (now connected pc)14:37
usr13It sounds like the router does not have the DHCP server turned on.  So, do you know anything about your router?  What kind of router is it?14:38
wuqits what i am chatting on right now. it works fine, no problems14:38
sukui am curious of the other pc is receiving an ip via dhcp14:38
ichatWuq is it on the same network?14:38
usr13wuq: Do you have a brand name?  or....?14:38
ichatsuku me 214:38
wuqthe router is Belkin F5D8236-4 v3 4-Port Built-in Switch Wireless N Route14:38
froohhey guys, I'm trying to build fitbitd (git clone http://paulburton.eu/git/fitbitd.git) and it's not finding dbus/dbus.h, I have libdbus-1-dev installed (found here: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=dbus.h&mode=exactfilename&suite=quantal&arch=any)14:38
froohis there something obvious I'm missing14:38
ichatusr13  it was mention earlier14:39
wuqi can get into the settings area but i am not very knowledgable about how to manipluate them14:39
usr13wuq: And you have connected to a LAN port on it.  Right?14:39
ichatwuq you mean from the router or your working pc?\14:39
wuqfrom my working pc i can manipluate the router14:39
usr13wuq: Are the other PCs getting IP addresses in the range of 192.168.1.x  or 192.168.2.x  or?14:40
magik_wuq, login to the router using the http://xxx.xxx.xx.xx and check the settings14:40
jabba_anyone familiar with the usage of pciback and pcifront in newer ubuntu releases like 12.04?14:40
ichatBTW verry important wuq dont ever  change anything and most certianly dont hit  save or   apply  ....14:40
usr13wuq: What IP do you use to loginto it? ?14:40
wuqbut when i see the settings, my linux installed pc does nto show up14:40
wuqok logging in]14:40
usr13wuq: What is the IP address of your router?  Is it ?14:41
sukuwuq, here is a way we can make sure your router is setup for dhcp.... you said the computer you are on is windows, right? open a command prompt and type "ipconfig /all". go to the network card that has the connection and let me know what it says next to DHCP server14:41
usr13wuq: Ok, on our Ubuntu PC type this:  sudo ifconfig eth0
usr13wuq: Now this:  ping -c3
magik_wuq, so is for the router and your working computer is or 3 or 4 right?14:42
wuqping is unreachable14:43
usr13wuq: ifconfig    Tell us what IP it has.14:43
usr13wuq: verify that it actually has  as it's IP.14:44
magik_usr13, I think he said it was
sukuusr13, if we just change his ip to the same subnet, we will still need to setup the routes... wouldnt it be easier to find out if his router is even running dhcp so he can bypass having to do that?14:44
usr13magik_: No he didn't14:44
wuqyes, i belive that is right magik_ --- also suku DHCP is enabled14:44
sukuWug, what is the dhcp server ip address?14:45
wuqi mean, regarding my ips addresses14:45
magik_wuq, ok now open a browser on the working computer and type
ichatsuku,  - do you know how to set media to 10mbit  non auto negotiate  half duplex on  linux14:45
usr13suku: the dhcp server's IP is
=== slank_away is now known as slank
wuqyes, i am already there magik14:46
usr13suku: But he either has a bad cable or is plugged into a dead port.14:46
sukuusr13, assuming the dhcp server on the router is running14:46
magik_ok what does it say for dhcp server?14:46
usr13suku: I was trying to determine that.14:46
magik_should be somewhere in the settings.14:46
usr13wuq: You need to try another cable.14:46
sukuthats why i had him check on his windows box where it gives the address of the dhcp server - that would confirm if the dhcp server is running14:46
magik_Try a different ethernet cable if that does not work you need a new network card.14:47
usr13wuq: What does it say the dhcp pool is? - ?14:47
wuqbut this cable works fine when i plug directly into the wall14:47
usr13wuq: "into the wall"?14:47
sukuwuq, have you also tried using a different port on the router, or even better, have you tried using the exact port that your windows computer is on?14:47
magik_usr13, he meant the cable modem itself14:47
wuqas in, without using the router i can connect with no problem14:47
wuqyes, tried vall ports14:48
wuqthe DHCP pool is 2-10014:48
usr13sorry I don't know what a vall poort is.14:48
wuqi meant, tried all ports14:48
magik_ok wuq if you know how to do a hard reset try that if that don't work then you should get a new network card or a wireless adapter and connect that way.14:48
wuqsorry, i have a sticky keyboard. it sucks, i spilled tea all over y good one14:48
ichatmagic hang on14:49
sukuyou sure you didnt spill it on the router or network card too?14:49
wuqok, i might hold off on hard reset because i need to find my router info.14:49
usr13wuq: Yea, you might try restarting the router.14:49
wuqlol!!! suku14:49
wuqno, it was on an external keyboard14:49
usr13wuq: unplug the power cord  for a couple seconds.14:49
sukuusr13, he already tried that14:49
wuqto the router? i have tried that but i can try again14:50
wuqiver tried a few times though14:50
magik_It's gotta be the eth0 adapter giving the problems.14:50
wuqtell me this - if network card works fine without router, then it cant be a problem with network card right?14:50
usr13wuq: It may be that your network interface is defective.14:50
magik_the network card installed on the pc14:50
sukuwuq, the only thing i think is a last resort would be to do a factory reset on the router - if that doesnt work then it is possible it is a bad nic14:50
wuqaw : - /14:51
usr13I say it's a bad NIC14:51
wuqnot really worth investing in the pc, its so old....14:51
ichatwuq a last  time to did confirm your pc workin correctly on the wall  right?14:51
magik_I say it probably needs a factory reset14:51
usr13wuq: Do you have another NIC you can stick in it?14:51
wuqyes, it definitely works when plugged into wall14:51
sukutry the factory reset on the router first14:51
wuqno usr1314:52
usr13wuq: Oh wait.  It works when you bypass the router?14:52
icerootwuq: i had a case where i was using a nic which was set to 1gbit/s and no other modes and the router (switch inside the router, could only handle 100mbit/s) that caused a defunctional network for me14:52
usr13forgot that.  Very strange.14:52
wuqworks easy withotu router but i need router for my other pc14:52
wuqotherwise i woudl just plug into wall14:52
usr13wuq: Did you try  sudo ifconfig eth0;ping -c3
wuqyes, tried that14:53
wuqlet me try again though to be sure, maybe spellign error14:53
usr13Yea, try again.14:53
ichaticeroot,  - thats exactly what im thinkin about... BUT  how the ef do you set this on linux14:53
icerootwuq: that command will not work because no subnet is set, you have to use or set the network too with a subnet command14:53
icerootichat: it was set in the bios, some strange propritary stuff14:54
wuqi dont really understand what your saying iceroot. can you spell out the steps i need to take to figure out what your saying and if it applies14:54
usr13iceroot: It works.  YOu don't need to set netmask14:54
icerootusr13: and how does the system knows which netmask?14:55
ichaticeroot - agreed but for example in windows you can set  auto negotiate... and full or half duplex including  its raete14:55
magik_Well sorry I couldn't help you wuq I've had problems with router's usualy a hard reset did the fix for me.14:55
ichathowever i do not know how to do this on a linux host14:55
sukuichat, ive got a link for you14:56
sukuone sec14:56
ichatsuku,  ty... im not verry used to managing linux yet...14:57
wuqi tried the ifconfig stuff again but just get unreachable14:57
icerootichat: ethtool -s eth0 autoneg on14:57
magik_ichat, you'll get used to it and never want to use Windows again besideds for games and for shits and giggles.14:57
wuqthanks for the try guys. I think i will take a break with this and try a hard reset later.14:57
sukuwuq, good luck14:58
usr13sorry, on the phone.14:58
ichatmagic - im already that far ...  lol my new laptop  isnt even dual boot any more.. but helping wuq with network trouble shoutting is hared if your not  familiar with all the commands yet :P14:58
froohanyone know how I can make gdm let me log in twice?14:59
icerootfrooh: i guess only with a second x-server14:59
magik_ichat, yes commands get to be a pain in the butt to remember I have allot of them saved in text files lol,  I still dual boot with Windows 7 just so I can play star trek online once in awhile.15:00
AyushDanyone know how will ubuntu will work on Android Tab ?15:00
froohiceroot: sorry, I'm being unclear, I'm logged in from the terminal first and it's saying I can't log in from X15:00
froohpresumably because the ternminal (tmux) was spawned from a now dead x server15:00
magik_AyushD, I wouldn't recommend it because you will probably won't beable to get a GUI15:01
ichatsuku thnaks for the link ill  bookmark it15:02
AyushDOh.. i saw15:02
AyushDsome tutorials on net.15:02
sukuichat, np15:02
AyushDis it not possible to replace android with ubuntu15:02
AyushDcoz i dont like andorid for tab its very limited15:02
ichatmagik its verry frustrating at times, being a network tech... and not knowking stuf like hot to change your network settings  anyjmore...     hell i didn even know the  route -n  thing... verry usefull15:03
LambdaMutt_I have a System76 netbook with a very small screen. Any idea how to 'scroll' a dialog box that doesn't fit on the screen? If I 'move' it, it stops at the dock at the top of the screen.15:03
RobbilieAyushD, on some devices replacing is possible15:03
icerootLambdaMutt_: alt + left-click, hold the mouse after that and move it with the mouse15:04
AyushDDevice like?15:04
LambdaMutt_iceroot, ty: 'move' still results in dialog box not crossing the top panel boundry15:05
=== atrius_away is now known as atrius
icerootLambdaMutt_: hm, strange, working fine here on 12.04 unity15:05
LambdaMutt_This is the release 'just' before unity15:06
LambdaMutt_will try to reconfigure the panel to be at bottom of screen15:06
icerootLambdaMutt_: 10.10?15:06
LambdaMutt_iceroot, sadly, I cannot find the 'about' dialog/.15:06
icerootLambdaMutt_: cat /etc/issue15:07
MonkeyDustLambdaMutt_  lsb_release -sd15:07
LambdaMutt_iceroot, yes, 10.1015:07
iceroot!eol | LambdaMutt_15:08
ubottuLambdaMutt_: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:08
KM0201!maverick | LambdaMutt_15:08
ubottuLambdaMutt_: Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) was the thirteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 10th, 2012, see http://ubottu.com/y/maverick for details.15:08
MonkeyDustLambdaMutt_  fastest, easiest and cleanest would be a fresh install -- backup first and consider creating a separate /home partition15:08
larstkhi all15:08
ichatLambdaMutt_,  - in other words  they advice you updating to  12.04 for a long term release or  12.10 for the latest and hotest15:09
KM0201the easiest thing to do (if you like gnome 2.x) would be to install ubuntu 12.04, then install mate desktop15:10
KM0201thats as close as you'll get to gnome 2.15:10
LambdaMutt_ichat, i'm familiar with eol. there are appropriate situations to inform a customer about eol : this isn't one of them15:10
LambdaMutt_not being a jerk -15:10
icerootLambdaMutt_: this one is one of them "support ended" and this is the support channel15:11
LambdaMutt_I can see why Eliott left15:11
KM0201yeah, i stopped using Windows because I called MS for windows 3.x help, and they told me it was not supported.. hard to believe... so i left.. i sure showed them15:12
larstcan somebody tell me if ubuntu 12.10 is better for ivy bridge (intel i7, intel HD4000 graphics, SSD etc.)?15:12
DrHalanhey guys. I use gnome-keyring to store my svn passwords (default in ubuntu). but they don't show up in seahorse. what am i doing wrong?15:13
compdoclarst, its easy enough to try and see. I have better luck with video cards on 12.0415:14
ichatlarst im uing it on a  sandy  with  hd4000  if thats what your asking15:15
larstichat: no wasnt my question15:15
ichatlarst than do to us what is15:16
* ichat sights 15:19
jhutchins_wkWug: did you get it working?15:19
ichatjhutchins_wk,  nope  he didnt,15:20
cousteauso I installed electricsheep, isn't it supposed to appear on screensavers?15:20
LambdaMutt_iceroot, the last time I tried to Update, the box was unusable for weeks. I'm attempting to work around a minor problem with the UI. I understand you want to play the "next version" card.15:20
DrHalanokay nevermind. pasword was saved as "network password"15:20
LambdaMutt_I'm asking if you, or anyone, can help me find a quick, simple solution to a problem15:20
LambdaMutt_iceroot, please read the topic15:22
LambdaMutt_--- Looking up irc.ubuntu.com..15:23
mega1how do i limit user to 20g paace15:23
MonkeyDustLambdaMutt_  that's why you should consider a fresh install15:24
ichatjhutchins_wk,  - can i ask you a  rude offtopic question... just out of intrest... ?15:26
bor3yhi , please can i install opensuse on my ubuntu ??15:26
=== ken is now known as Guest46735
ichatbor3y sure,  just  hit the install    when inserted your cdrom / dvdrom15:27
bor3yok but can u tell me how to do it ??15:28
cousteauI just installed a screensaver that already shows on /usr/lib/xscreensaver/ but it doesn't appear on Screensaver preferences.  Am I missing any step?15:29
frostwongis there any chinese?15:29
ichatbor3y  you should ask in  #opensuse  or where ever thair support chanel is15:29
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw15:30
cousteau...I wonder if I triggered the right one15:30
frostwongthank you15:30
cousteauyou're welcome :)15:30
Tashtegohi. it seems my system freezes after some minutes of not doing anything. could be its the power management. i got an ssd hard disc, how can i deactivate acpi for that?15:30
bor3yok  thank you15:30
apricotich will "goober"  installieren.  Dazu ist ein Eintrag in sources.list nötig. Form: 'deb http://deb.goober.com/pkg release_name'  Frage: ist 'release_name' precise? uname -a -> Linux linux-2 3.2.0-35-generic #55-Ubuntu SMP Wed Dec 5 17:42:16 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux15:31
ichat!de apricot,15:31
invariantHow do I compile a mainline kernel on Ubuntu Precise without spending hours to write the script that does this?15:32
ubottuქართული ენაზე დახმარების მიღებისთვის გთხოვთ შემობრძანდით #ubuntu-ge / Kartuli enaze dakhmarebis mighebistvis gtkhovt shemobrdzandit #ubuntu-ge15:32
apricotoh sorry :)15:32
ichatubottu - not mutch help either15:32
ubottuichat: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:32
ActionParsnipFor the screesaver issue,  this may help http://www.howtogeek.com/114027/how-to-add-screensavers-to-ubuntu-12.04/15:33
invariantThere are some instructions (that seem out of date) on the wiki, but why don't these people just write a script that does what they say with English?15:33
ichatlame exuse for a bot15:33
ActionParsnipIchat: she's actually really handy15:33
tjingboemi want to add a program to the pythonpath. Is this correct?? export PYTHONPATH=/home/menno/bin/athenaCL/athenaCL15:34
tjingboemin .profile15:34
imbezolis there a way to make ls list files in the same order as other distros?15:34
ActionParsnipTjingboem: i'd put it in ~/.bashrc15:34
ichatActionParsnip,  is there a  list command   that doesnt  state the obvious about not being for fillsharing :P15:35
imbezolie, folders first?15:35
auronandaceichat: list of what?15:35
tjingboemActionParsnip, thanks, will try15:35
ActionParsnipIChat: well, this isn't a filesharing network,  so what else can she say?15:35
ActionParsnipTjingboem: obviously,  you will need to source the file for it to be reread15:36
ichatActionParsnip,  - all avail commands like how to use her propperly15:36
ActionParsnip! Brain | ichat15:36
auronandace!brain | ichat15:36
ubottuichat: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots15:36
tjingboemis it export PYTHONPATH=/home/menno/bin/athenaCL/athenaCL or export PYTHONPATH="/home/menno/bin/athenaCL/athenaCL" ?15:36
ichatah now thats  usefull :P - thanks15:37
ActionParsnipTjingboem: I believe it is single quotations15:37
tjingboemthanks again!15:37
ActionParsnipTjingboem: search the file for the word 'export' ;-)15:37
Cantide<Cantide> just put a new m/b + cpu + ram in15:37
Cantide<Cantide> and kept my HDD and ubuntu installation15:37
Cantide<Cantide> how do i update my drivers? 'o'15:37
ActionParsnipCantide: why do you need to update the drivers?15:38
CantideUnity is running in Unity 2D15:39
Cantideand it's ugly :p15:39
Cantidei'm running 12.04 btw15:39
ActionParsnipCantide: were you using onboard video before?15:39
ActionParsnipCantide: ehat15:39
=== adrien_ is now known as Guest32263
Cantideno, i had an old nvidia card in here15:39
Cantidebut i won't bother putting it in this board15:39
ActionParsnipCantide: what video chip are you using now?15:40
CantideH61.. so..15:40
ActionParsnipCantide: what is the output of: lspci | grep -I vga15:40
Cantidenothing 'o'15:41
Cantideit outputs nothing -.-v15:41
ActionParsnipCantide: try: sudo lshw -C display    what is the product line for the video chip (s)15:41
CantideIvy Bridge15:42
ActionParsnipCantide: and no nvidia mentioned?15:42
CantideIt's Intel15:43
ActionParsnipCantide: good :-)15:43
CantideVendor: Intel Corporation15:43
jhutchins_wkCantide: lspci | grep -i vga15:43
jhutchins_wkActionParsnip: Upper case is "process binaries".15:43
Cantideoh, lower case i shows this:15:44
Cantide00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Ivy Bridge Graphics Controller (rev 09)15:44
auronandaceCantide: ivy bridge is rather new15:44
Cantideauronandace, yeah.. but not _that_ new15:44
ActionParsnipCantide: ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=199594515:44
auronandaceCantide: i'm not sure how much support for it is in 12.0415:45
lacrymologyI'm trying to set up the nvidia drivers, I followed this http://www.techlw.com/2012/03/install-nvidia-drivers-on-ubuntu-1204.html and running the nvidia xserver settings says "you're not using nvidia", I run nvidia-xconfig and it had to CREATE /etc/X11/xorg.conf  (so I gather ubuntu uses a different config file) and running the "additional drivers" application finds no propietary drivers in the system. Can someone lend me a hand?15:45
CantideActionParsnip, thanks. But I have H61, not Z7715:45
ActionParsnipJhutchins_wk: I just use what I know works :-)15:45
jhutchins_wkCantide: What I would guess is that you have the nvidia configuration still in place and that's preventing the proper intel driver from loading.  Try moving/renaming /etc/X11/xorg.conf15:45
Cantidethanks, i will give it a shot15:46
ActionParsnipCantide: seems you need Quantal for support15:46
ActionParsnipJhutchins_wk: good point15:46
ares_I can't do anything with desktop!15:47
Cantideokay, so now i need to reboot i guess?15:47
ActionParsnipAres_: can you give more details....15:47
lotharnis there a way to get unity to only display icons  for windows on it's respective screen ?15:47
lotharnin the taskbar15:48
lotharnin a multimon system15:48
ares_OOOOOooooo ActionParsnip Mr. cool dude! I can't select any icons on desktop all icons are invisible i can't see them and  i can't click mouse2 on desktop :[15:49
lacrymologycan someone give me a hand with my nvidia drivers, please?15:50
Cantidehmm, still no luck..15:50
DaemonicApathyares_: did you use gnome-tweak-tool or anything to stop the file manager from handling the desktop?15:50
RoublesI am installing ubuntu from mini.iso, and I am now facing a software selection menu like this: http://i.stack.imgur.com/Nu44s.jpg15:51
ares_i tried to install it15:51
ares_but i don't have it15:51
RoublesI did this install before and selected ubuntu desktop, but when I restarted I found I had no desktop manager...15:51
RoublesWhat should I select here if I want a desktop environment?15:52
DaemonicApathyRoubles: anything that says "desktop" or "full" should work.15:52
=== seednode_ is now known as seednode
sazawalI need to netboot my computer to install ubuntu, please help15:52
exdev-2012is it possible to speak to a channel op?15:53
RoublesDaemonicApathy: thanks.15:53
ActionParsnipAres_: if you press Alt+F2 can you run nautilus ?15:53
MonkeyDustsazawal  read this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation#Server_and_network_installations15:53
exdev-2012ares_: that would be you?15:54
ActionParsnipRoubles: scroll down, you'll see the Ubuntu desktop option15:54
ares_exdev nope15:54
ActionParsnipAres_: nautilus draws the desktop icons15:55
exdev-2012okay - how would I go about doing that?15:55
DaemonicApathyares_:Assuming you use compiz for wallpapers, nautilus will not put icons on the desktop, nor will right click work. If you are not using compiz wallpapers, you should be able to use gconf-editor to make sure /apps/nautilus/preferences/show_desktop is enabled.15:56
invariantActionParsnip, how can I build a git kernel on Ubuntu as a package?15:57
Cantidelooks like i found a solution: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=184435415:58
Cantidegoing to reboot again >.< wish me luck!15:58
ActionParsnipInvariant: you can use checkinstall to make debs. You could try the kernel PPA but we cannot support unofficial kernels here15:58
FloodBot1gandalf: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:58
alcaprawngandalf: soo lame :D15:59
alcaprawnhello redo,15:59
invariantActionParsnip, what Ubuntu patches might be of interest, if any?15:59
ares_I dont use compiz wallpapers15:59
ActionParsnipInvariant: depends on needs and uses. The question is so vague it is near impossible to answer16:00
=== qhartman_ is now known as qhartman
sazawalMonkeyDust, thanks16:00
Cantideyay!! back in Unity 3D :)16:01
sazawalMongolski`, I have followed the steps here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/QuickNetboot . Will it help?16:01
Cantidethat link i posted worked for H61 :)16:01
ActionParsnipCantide: I find 2D faster. 3D isn't worth it imho16:01
jhutchins_wkCantide: you usually don't need to reboot, just restart X.16:01
Mongolski`sazawal why you asked me?16:01
ares_who could help me through teamviewer16:02
ares_? :(16:02
jhutchins_wkBut ActionParsnip, JIGGLY WINDOWS!16:02
sazawalMongolski`, oh sorry, not for you16:02
ActionParsnipJhutchins_wk: omg like titally worth it </sarcasm>16:02
sazawalMonkeyDust, I have followed the steps here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/QuickNetboot . Will it help?16:03
ActionParsnipAres_: if you run s terminal and run: lsb_release -sc     what is output?16:03
MonkeyDustsazawal  the tutorials are reliable, so give it a try16:03
ares_output: precise16:04
CantideActionParsnip, those giant icons in the launcher scared me away from 2D, that's about it16:04
Cantidejhutchins_wk, I didn't think of restarting x... oops :)16:04
Cantideanyway, reboot is quick :)16:04
sazawalMonkeyDust, The problem is that, QuickNetboot tutorial doesnt talk about where to mount the iso file16:05
ActionParsnipCantide: you can change the size easily enough16:05
CantideActionParsnip, the settings seemed to disappear, anyway, the main reason was to get my PC running optimally and ensuring that I have the correct drivers installed16:05
shpngldHello all! Im running ubuntu12.04. My harddrive is starting making errors. Which is the best way to make a backup of all drivers?16:07
FloodBot1FigaroXXX: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:08
d_maxhey. i m using ubuntu 12.10. I am experiencing systems error messages a lot of times. is this common in 12.1016:08
shpngldwell? anybody knows how to make a backup of all my drivers under ubuntu21.416:09
shpngldplease help, i cant even start my pc16:10
=== will_ is now known as Guest611
ActionParsnipShpngld: how did you install them?16:10
shpngldActionParsnip, well from ubuntu CD, WifI MANUALLY16:11
invariantActionParsnip, it means: "does any Ubuntu application not work with a Vanilla kernel".16:11
ActionParsnipD_max: is it the same as a new ubuntu user?16:11
jhutchins_wkshpngld: Don't worry about the drivers, you can do a clean install.16:11
ActionParsnipShpngld: do you use a cheap broadcom wifi?16:11
ActionParsnipInvariant: yes they all do.16:12
shpngldActionParsnip,  yes i think so b43..its very hard to me to install it16:12
shpngldActionParsnip,  I did it but i dont even remember how...Iam keeping the package16:12
ActionParsnipShpngld: the packages you need are on the install cd. If the system is a laptop,  just use a wired connection and get what you need16:13
ActionParsnipShpngld: broadcom are one of the easiest to setup16:13
shpngldActionParsnip, well its not..its oldschool desktop but i do have LAN card16:14
jhutchins_wkshpngld: If you don't have a backup of the system and it can't read the HD well enough to boot you're probably too late.  You can try booting to a live CD like systemrescuecd, but it probably won't read the disk any better.16:14
shpngldActionParsnip,  It wasnt at all for me....16:14
mega1in ubuntu server12.04 how do i limit a user to 20 gig16:14
ActionParsnipShpngld: the broadcom guide shows how to do it, step by step16:14
shpngldActionParsnip,  for now its redaing it...but its gettin more often needed to restart16:14
ActionParsnipMega1: look into quota16:14
jhutchins_wkmega1: 20 gig of RAM?16:14
ct529Anyone who knows anything about the new Ubuntu Phone? I was wondering whether it would go on my mobile phone16:14
shpngldActionParsnip, do u have a link for that ?16:14
DJones!phone | ct52916:15
ubottuct529: Ubuntu for phone has been announced, see http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone to find out more and to sign up for progress updates. Discussion is in #ubuntu-phone16:15
user82hello. what exactly does the package "flamethrower" do?16:15
ct529DJones: thanks!16:15
MonkeyDustct529  #ubuntu-phone16:15
jhutchins_wk,info flamethrower16:15
jhutchins_wk!info flamethrower16:15
ubottuflamethrower (source: flamethrower): Multicast file distribution utility. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.8-3 (quantal), package size 17 kB, installed size 168 kB16:15
ActionParsnipMega1: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-setup-disk-quotas-in-ubuntu.html16:15
user82jhutchins_wk, i could not decrypt the message..i read it already16:16
ct529I keep getting these warnings GLib-GObject-WARNING **: Two different plugins tried to register 'GDaemonVfs'.16:16
ActionParsnip!brosdcom | Shpngld16:16
user82but i do not know what it is needed/used for16:16
ct529Anyone who knows anything about them?16:16
jhutchins_wkuser82: Then why worry about it?16:16
zetherooin ubuntu how do you change the system language ... it's currently in English and it needs to be German16:16
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx16:16
user82jhutchins_wk, it writes to my disk periodically (about 1-2s)..not very pretty on a notebook with a battery16:17
ct529they are followed by more worrying GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_type_add_interface_dynamic: assertion `G_TYPE_IS_INSTANTIATABLE (instance_type)' failed.16:17
ct529I ahve googled right and left, but could not find an answer16:17
ActionParsnipCt529: are there any bugs reported?16:17
LambdaMutt iceroot: (or anyone) : The topic states that 10.04 is supported. Is this correct?16:17
ct529ActionParsnip: nope .... cannot even find references using google16:17
MonkeyDustLambdaMutt  server, until april16:17
shpngldActionParsnip,  Awesome thanks, I will save the web page16:17
ActionParsnipLambdamutt: desktop is til April16:17
Ripper003Microphone works locally i.e. sound recorder, but internet telephony bar Mumble doesn't work?16:17
ActionParsnipCt529: I suggest you report one then16:18
ct529ActionParsnip: course, but first I need to udnerstand what it is .... it may be due to something I have done or installed.16:18
ActionParsnipLambdamutt: server til april 2015 afaik16:19
kslater1so I'm now running on my two LCD panels in TwinView mode with Unity. However, I have the side dock / menu / launcher on both screens. Seems like it should be possible to turn off one of them?16:19
MonkeyDustLambdaMutt  ActionParsnip is right http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_(operating_system)#Releases16:19
LambdaMuttActionParsnip, MonkeyDust : Thanks. I have a very minor issue re: 10.04 . I'm trying to fix a System76 with a pre Unity UI. I cannot move dialog boxes past the top panel. Also, cannot figure out how to move the panel16:19
c0d3punchWhat do I need to do to make it so that ubuntu 12.04 does not auto start a gui once I install one? I'd like to manually go to it when needed with startx16:19
ActionParsnipCt529: i'd make a fresh ubuntu user, see if its packages or settings16:19
ct529ActionParsnip: done, it is the same16:19
LambdaMuttI *think* I achieved this once by terminating processes, but don't wish to 'monkey around' blindly16:20
ActionParsnipMonkeyDust: use maths :-)16:20
LambdaMuttany advice?16:20
Ripper003Microphone works locally i.e. sound recorder, but internet telephony doesn't work? Mumble does though...16:20
kslater1ah, I found it. In Settings->Displays16:20
ActionParsnipLambdamutt: how can I, I don't know the issue......16:20
ActionParsnipC0d3punch: add the boot option: text16:21
LambdaMuttActionParsnip, sorry - don't know what issue?16:22
ActionParsnipCt529: i'd report a bug, the bug guys will ask for details and for you to try stuff16:22
jn1hi, is there a command to easy add home dir to an user wuthout one?16:22
jn1or should I just mkdir and chown16:22
ActionParsnipLambdamutt: can't you just drag the gnome panel? Or right click it and in the panel properties select the side it sticjs to16:23
user82well jhutchins_wk seems like i found the last 1w that ubuntu burned more in idle than win8....flamethrower page purged!16:23
ActionParsnipJn1: the adduser command should do that16:24
LambdaMuttActionParsnip, have tried those - failed.16:24
ActionParsnipLambdamutt: thats all I got, considering the short life of Lucid,  I would think about upgrading to Precise16:25
LambdaMutt( I'm physically separated from the machine ATM. Will try to use XChat there, but response is very, very poor due to networking issues.16:25
ActionParsnipLambdamutt: irssi is light :)16:25
LambdaMuttActionParsnip : I appreciate the help. Just a note: the system76 had huge issues last time I upgraded. But I will probably have to bit the bullet.16:26
ActionParsnipLambdamutt: could switch to XFCE16:27
Ripper003Microphone works locally i.e. sound recorder, but internet telephony bar Mumble doesn't work?16:27
LambdaMuttActionParsnip : Oh, I getcha' - I run xfce on my old (old, old) dell. It's more about 'saving face'.16:28
raven_randomly my notebook freezes every few minutes with this graphical fault: http://picpaste.com/139c0fb7af3c6e3b1e69166a845883c9.JPG system is xubuntu 12.10, nvidia graphics card but no nvidia driver installed. any ideas whats going on there? tnx16:30
LambdaMutt   ( Just a small rant-ish note to people on this channel. System integrators already have a hard time selling *buntu systems. )16:30
wolf_shadowjust checked slimboat browser in software center, is that a pay to use software?  Because it said Buy instead of install...16:31
LambdaMutt   (  While we don't mind d0rkish comments, it makes earning a living tougher when it's seen by our customers )16:31
wolf_shadowbut when going to the developer homepage the download seems to be free?16:32
raven_randomly my notebook freezes every few minutes with this graphical fault: http://picpaste.com/139c0fb7af3c6e3b1e69166a845883c9.JPG system is xubuntu 12.10, nvidia graphics card but no nvidia driver installed. any ideas whats going on there? tnx16:33
DJoneswolf_shadow: As far as I can see its free16:34
blamiraven_: this seems to be a bug in nouveau driver16:34
jhutchins_wkd0rkish comments eh?  What are we supposed to do, idiot-proof the channel?  How would you log in if we did!16:34
blamiraven_: I had similar problem with gt540m too16:34
raven_blami, what is the nouveau driver?16:34
blamiraven_: opensource driver for nvidia cards16:35
DJoneswolf_shadow: Thats wierd, its says it free and then wants to connect to the payment service16:35
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
wolf_shadowyeah i know i didnt get why i did that when i try to install it16:35
raven_blami, what is the solution16:35
andrea__do you guys remember if it's  > or >> that adds to a file?16:35
=== anonmyous is now known as folorn
LambdaMuttjhutchins_wk, you have no idea how much damage you are causing right now16:36
folornhello everyone.16:36
blamiraven_: either install nvidia driver or upgrade kernel. I recommend you first one :)16:36
Ripper003Microphone works locally i.e. sound recorder, but internet telephony bar Mumble doesn't work?16:36
TheLordOfTimeandrea__, it should be >> for appends.16:36
derram001hello how do i chat16:36
TheLordOfTimeandrea__, otherwise i think > just overwrites16:36
blamiraven_: bug is fixed in 3.8 git but that's really not kernel for production machine :)16:36
andrea__TheLordOfTime:  k thanks :)16:36
jhutchins_wkLambdaMutt: How many years have you been on irc?16:36
raven_blami, with nvidia driver its the same freeze and i used a few kernels now16:36
ActionParsnipRaven_: have you tested RAM health?  You may also want to clean out your fans if the system is old-ish16:36
ActionParsnipAndreq__: >> appends16:36
wolf_shadowbut i'll have to install it from developers page then16:36
LambdaMuttjhutchins_wk, I have been in software for about 34 years now16:37
ActionParsnipAndrea__: or you can pipe to tee -a  to add too :-)16:37
ct529ActionParsnip: and solved ....16:37
MonotokoLambdaMutt... you remember ARPA?16:37
raven_ActionParsnip, the machine is cold enough and ram has 0 errors16:37
jhutchins_wkLambdaMutt: That's not what I asked, and I've still got you beat.16:37
blamiraven_: is it optimus setup or nvidia only?16:37
ActionParsnipCt529: what was it?16:37
ct529ActionParsnip: gvfs ....16:38
LambdaMuttjhutchins_wk, if you would like credentials, speak to the former North American VP of Dev for Ubuntu16:38
raven_blami, what do you mean exactly?16:38
ActionParsnipRaven_: when did you lsst test ram?16:38
ActionParsnipCt529? Nice16:38
jhutchins_wkLambdaMutt: My point is that only an idiot would judge anything by irc traffic.16:38
blamiraven_: do you have laptop with two video cards (nvidia + intel) or just nvidia only?16:38
raven_ActionParsnip, two days ago16:39
raven_blami, just nvidia i think16:39
ActionParsnipRaven_: cool16:39
=== Teufelchen_ is now known as Teufelchen
blamiraven_: then I don't know ... it may be also hardware problem ...16:39
blamiraven_: does similar thing happen when you boot in console?16:40
arunscapeplease help. I'm new to linux, decided to try out ubuntu. created a new partition, and replaced windows 8 boot manager with grub 216:41
arunscapenow windows doesn't want to start and neither does the recovery environment.16:41
jhutchins_wkraven_: video ram corruption.  You said your ram was good - did you run memtest?16:41
raven_blami, not tested yet but it happened a freeze this way at entering the grub menu 1 time16:41
LambdaMuttMonotoko, if it helps to 'date' me, I ran a Fidonet BBS in the mid 80's16:41
LambdaMuttFirst 'internet' connection was long distance to california16:42
jhutchins_wkLambdaMutt: Really?  What node?16:42
LambdaMuttYes, really.16:42
jhutchins_wkLambdaMutt: What node?16:42
LambdaMuttI'm not going to tell you, because I don't want my dox tied to this nick16:42
ubottukke05597: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:43
LambdaMuttjhutchins_wk, HINT: It was during the time of Amnon16:43
LambdaMutt >> REDCON <<16:43
LambdaMuttjhutchins_wk, HINT: A rebuilt Hudson16:43
jhutchins_wk1:280/76 - worked on the project to link Gulf War soldiers with their families.16:44
LambdaMuttAwesome stuff.16:44
LambdaMuttI'm guessing you're talking about the 1st Gulf War?16:44
blamiraven_: that sounds alot like hardware problem16:44
jhutchins_wkLambdaMutt: So the fact that in spite of what noise there is on the channel, we manage to provide realtime support, often at a higher level than the paid support you get from RedHat is much more of an asset than the liability of inexperienced users giving bad advice.16:45
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
blamiraven_: one of my older thinkpads with nvidia card had similar problem caused by cold joints16:45
LambdaMuttTiemann and I have differing views about that.16:45
raven_blami, how to verify16:45
blamiraven_: does your laptop overheat?16:46
LambdaMuttPass on a message to him, will you? The acoustics in his studio still suck.16:46
blamiraven_: in case of my laptop it was sufficient to go into bios and wait to prove the error16:46
blamiraven_: basically if it happens before linux kernel is booted (e.g. in grub) it's very likely it has nothing to do with linux16:47
sw0rdfishcan I put a button into internet explorer to translate websites for me?16:48
DJonessw0rdfish: Internet explorer?16:48
sw0rdfishwrong window :P16:49
raven_blami, no its cold enough16:50
machicolawhat is the typical script or location I would want to put shell commands to start programs or make configuration adjustments at startup?16:50
bugtraqalguien que sepa de hacker16:50
jhutchins_wkmachicola: System level or user/graphic level?16:51
machicolauser/graphic level16:51
raven_ActionParsnip, blami ill test it within bios. hopefully its no hardware problem.......16:51
skaI want to boot to a text based menu, instead of a login console. All in text mode.. Is there an easy way to do this?16:51
bugtraqalguien sabe de hacker16:51
DJonesbugtraq: This is a support channel for Ubuntu, hacking isn't a suitable topic in the channel16:51
bazhang!es | bugtraq16:51
ubottubugtraq: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.16:52
jhutchins_wkmachicola: Unity desktop?16:52
bazhang!nox | ska16:52
ubottuska: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode16:52
bonnohello i am reading about hard & soft links.. and i am trying to create a hard link between 2 files which are on ntfs file system.. i am getting "no such file or directory" error.. why?16:52
kataraktQuestion: I'm trying to pipe my external IP address to the whois command, but I can't seem to get it to work.  I'm using curl -s http://checkip.dyndns.org/ | sed 's/[a-zA-Z<>/ :]//g' which returns my IP, but when I pipe to whois i get the whois help.  Any suggestions about problem?16:52
bonnodoes ln works only between ext filesystems?16:52
jhutchins_wkmachicola: Usually the system will "remember" what was running when you last shut down and restart it.16:52
machicolajhutchins_wk, gnome fallback rather16:52
jhutchins_wkbonno: ntfs does not support links.16:53
skaubottu: or I can just remove all X.16:53
ubottuska: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:53
bonnook.. thank you :)16:53
jhutchins_wkska: Just turn off the dm - probably gdm.16:53
machicolayea, i'm half doing it for practicality and half to learn something about scripts etc.16:53
machicolai can't stand unity :-(16:53
jhutchins_wkska: I use rcconf, but there may be a better way in ubuntu.16:53
tqrstwhat package should I install to get liblapack.so.3 on quantal? I looked at http://packages.ubuntu.com/quantal/liblapack.so.3 but those packages (libatlas3-base and liblapack3) don't seem to exist.16:54
machicoladrives me crazy lol16:54
machicolaalthough it seems well made and i'm sure is great for some16:54
bugtraqsoy nuebo en esto16:54
jhutchins_wkmachicola: Is this relevant? http://gnomeshell.wordpress.com/2011/08/28/manage-the-startup-applications/16:55
bugtraqaguien me puede ayudar16:55
xangua!info liblapack3 | tqrst16:55
ubottutqrst: liblapack3 (source: lapack): Library of linear algebra routines 3 - shared version. In component main, is optional. Version 3.4.1-6 (quantal), package size 3187 kB, installed size 8030 kB16:55
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.16:55
bazhangbugtraq, its english only here16:55
kataraktI can't find any reason why whois won't accept pipe... I'm doing "<command for external ip> | whois"...is that my problem?16:56
tqrstxangua: that package doesn't exist here16:56
=== testBOT is now known as Guest91998
kslaterdoes whois accept input from stdin?16:57
tqrstxangua: there is, however, liblapack3gf16:57
mcsx3Good Morning! Everyone. Can anybody here helpme with a little prob? thx. I'm trying to use a ZTE MF180 broadband G3 USB dongle on Unbuntu 12.10. I've found on the Web some solutions, but noone has worked.16:57
kslaterkatarakt: When I try to echo an ipaddress into whois with a pipe, I get usage help back. Seems like it's not expecting input in that manner17:00
=== daniel is now known as Guest38095
kslaterkatarakt: you might try:17:01
kslaterwhois `command to get external ip`17:01
kslaterthat should work17:01
katarakt<kslater> thanks.  glad it's not just me.  I've also tried writing the ip to a file, and then using that file for whois.  but then i get an error that "no whois server is known  for this kind of object"...it's like a binary/ascii problem or something...wrong format...17:02
kslatertqrst: is that a better form?17:02
mcsx3Hello! Can anybody here help me with a problem with 12.10?17:03
kataraktnot sure it matters, but i'm running this in a bash script....17:03
DJones!details | mcsx317:03
ubottumcsx3: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."17:03
kslatergotta love ubottu17:04
tqrstkslater: fewer issues with escaping and nesting17:04
jhutchins_wkkatarakt: You might ask in #bash.  What command are you using to get the ip?17:04
tqrstkslater: you can do $(foo $(bar)), etc.17:04
jhutchins_wkkatarakt: What is the object of the exercise?17:04
kslatertqrst: good tip. Thanks for that.17:04
kslaterI seem to go through phases with bash prompt knowledge. Up and down, up and down..17:05
kataraktI'm using notify my android service to send my ipaddress and info daily to determine if my vpn goes down/changes ip.  I can send myself my ip address, but I'm trying to get the host info from the whois as well17:05
tqrstas long as the trend is upward ;)17:06
tqrstmine goes up and down and up and screwthisletsusepython and down and up and [...]17:06
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folornanyone know if there's a place to get help with a specific linux distro? im having some real trouble i tried the #linux channel but it wont let me talk in it to answer questions ??17:11
mutantkeyboard@folorn which distro?17:11
folornredhat 9.0 mutantkeyboard17:12
jhutchins_wkkatarakt: You may find it easier to use something like the dyndns client.17:12
mutantkeyboardhmm... don't they have #redhat room dedicated for support?17:13
bazhangmutantkeyboard, rhel should be17:14
mutantkeyboard@bahzang indeed :)17:14
bazhangtry #rhel17:14
cdavisDoes anyone know if there is a max file size when using the paste file feature in minicom?17:15
kataraktit looks like dyndns client will return my ip (which I can already do) but it won't give me any whois info...am I missing something?17:15
DJonesfolorn: Certain channels require you to register your nickname before you can chat in them, that may be why you couldn't speak in #linux17:15
folornoh thanks Djones17:16
jhutchins_wkcdavis: Shouldn't be, but that's an odd way to do things.17:17
cdavisjhutchins_wk: why is that odd? I have a huge set of settings that need added to a switch stack?17:19
larstwhy do I need a EFI boot partition?17:19
rick_asorry i dunno17:19
romhay, what happenes when i install ubuntu into my previously partitioned disk. having three, one for ubuntu, one for data partition and another for windows?17:19
romi hav taken backup for only my ubuntu disk?17:20
rick_ajust make sure you wont erase the other partions17:20
romis there any risk of the other partitions even if there is an error in installation?17:21
rick_acan even somebody see what im typing here? lol17:21
noname234hi, folks. Have a question. I'm using ssh to remote control my PC ubuntu. Some controls works, but some (like starting bash scripts) don't. Why is that?17:21
romya i got that man, jus making sure..17:21
rick_aokey good  ;P do you dual boot 3 Operatingsystems?17:22
jhutchins_wkcdavis: Ah, cool, yes, that should work.  There might be other ways to pipe a file to the serial port, but pasting into minicom should work.17:22
b3njhi, help me, no sound in youtube videos17:23
b3njhi help me, no sound when playing a youtube video17:23
jhutchins_wkcdavis: You could probably cat <file> /dev/ttyS0 but there might be more to it than than.17:23
jhutchins_wkthan that.17:23
romrick_a: havnt tried that?17:23
Darkswolhi world17:24
mcsx3Hello! Can anybody help me with a prob. with 12.10?17:24
b3njhelp me, no sound when playing a youtube video17:24
mcsx3Good Morning! Can anybody here helpme with a little prob? thx. I'm trying to use a ZTE MF180 broadband G3 USB dongle on Unbuntu 12.10. I've found on the Web some alleged solutions, but none has worked.17:24
TheLordOfTimemcsx3, unless you provide details, no.17:24
TheLordOfTimenoname234, what errors are you getting when you try to start the bash script17:25
jhutchins_wkrom: The most likely thing that can go wrong is that the person doing the install can make a mistake.  It's allways smart to have a backup, especially if you are changing partitions.17:25
jhutchins_wkrom: Most people would want a swap partition, but you can use a swap file instead.17:25
zwircCoul someone maby help me setting up my SSD and Raid 1 ? :D17:25
=== hegge_ is now known as heggrik
b3njhelp me, no sound when playing youtube videos17:25
jhutchins_wk!patience | b3nj17:26
ubottub3nj: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:26
b3njjhutchins_wk, help me17:26
=== heggrik is now known as Hegg
romjhutchins_wk: what is a swap file?17:27
folornhow you register your nick again anyone i think ive got it registered just forgot the other command to recognize it.17:27
jhutchins_wkrom: Also known as a page file, or virtual ROM.  It is a file the system uses to write pages of memory when it has more data than will fit in physical RAM.17:27
rick_ai dont dual boot. i will only use Ubuntu. Tired of Windows and to much gaming..17:28
jhutchins_wkrom: Windows uses a file, Linux usually uses a partition but can also use a file.17:28
romjhutchins_wk: how does that help me now?17:29
romoh i c..17:29
jhutchins_wkrom: I'm just saying you might want to creat a swap partition as well as the OS partition.17:29
romgot it! wil check that out also, thanks!!17:30
jhutchins_wkforkup: /msg nickserv help register17:30
jhutchins_wkforkup: n'mind, sorry.17:30
Malcom234i have a nas with a all in one printer  connected to it17:32
Malcom234the printer works, but the scanner cannot be found in simple scan17:32
skaSo I find /etc/init/tty1.conf has a getty in it. Can I modify that to any program?17:32
Malcom234the printer is connected via network17:32
Malcom234does someone of you how i can configure my scanner17:33
Malcom234the synology nas shows that the printer is supported with scanner17:33
bazhangMalcom234, with xsane? simplescan? what have you tried17:34
karl_i have installed python-software-properties but this command add-apt in sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gearman-developers/ppa  wont work for me17:34
karl_i keep getting sudo: add-apt-repository: command not found17:35
Mike9863Until just the other day mp3 files worked fine, however now when they play I hear nothing in most players. They work in VLC but the sound is distorted. Can anyone help me fix this?17:35
bazhangkarl_, what version of ubuntu are you on, and what is the exact error of "doesn't work"17:35
Malcom234bazhang, i am new to this. i used the program simplescan. i just pressed scan, i dont know if it uses xsane in this moment17:36
bazhangMike9863, adjust PCM on alsamixer to around 8017:36
karl_bazhang:ubuntu 8.0417:36
bazhangMalcom234, is the printer itself recognized17:36
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Malcom234bazhang, http://nopaste.info/757f12df64.html17:36
bazhangkarl_, there s no PPA system for that17:36
Malcom234i think yes17:36
Malcom234but scanmimage says no17:36
Malcom234printing works17:37
Malcom234i used the printer setup17:37
karl_bazhang:thanks for that.is it possible to install gearman on this version of ubuntu?17:37
bazhangMalcom234, I can check askubuntu . com what is the exact printer make and model17:37
zwircCoul someone maby help me setting up my SSD and Raid 1 ? :D17:37
Malcom234ok great17:38
Malcom234in the print configuration there is the following defined: dnssd://usbprinter1%20%40%20DiskStation._printer._tcp.local/17:38
bazhangkarl_, you know 8.04 is only supported for server17:38
mcsx3Hello! Can anybody here helpme with a prob with 12.10? thx. I'm trying to use a ZTE MF180 broadband G3 USB dongle on Unbuntu 12.10. I've found on the Web some alleged solutions, but none has worked.17:38
bazhangmcsx3, and what is the exact chipset, not the commercial name of that. lsusb in the terminal to paste.ubuntu.com with the dongle plugged in17:39
karl_bazhang:i didn't know that but i have strangely noticed it on my vps server options.17:40
mcsx3hang on bazhang17:40
bazhangkarl_, you could compile gearman I suppose build-essential is what you need to compile17:40
karl_bazhang:I keep getting E: package not found in sudo apt-get install libboost-all-dev17:41
mcsx3bazhang: I'm not used to IRCing. Do you want me to paste the info on the site?17:41
Mike9863bazhang: It was already at 100. I put it at 80 but nothing.17:42
karl_bazhang:build-essential,i got that package with no issues whatoever17:42
bazhangkarl_, is the package even in 8.04? apt-cache search it or check packages.ubuntu.com for 8.0417:42
Malcom234bazhang it is hp deskjet f218017:42
mcsx3This is what I get with "lsusb":17:43
bazhangmcsx3, to a paste service: paste.ubuntu.com  the save and give us the browser link; this avoids flooding the channel17:43
mcsx3Bus 002 Device 006: ID 19d2:0117 ZTE WCDMA Technologies MSM17:43
mcsx3got it17:44
bazhangmcsx3, so the eight character ID is the one to search for the chipset17:44
mcsx3how do I do that?17:44
bazhangmcsx3, in a search engine?17:44
mcsx3I use Gnome 317:44
mcsx3and it recognized17:44
mcsx3recognizes the dongle quite alright17:45
bazhangmcsx3, so whats the problem17:45
mcsx3even it names the carrier17:45
mcsx3that it doesn't turn on17:45
mcsx3it puts it on "network connections" but it says it's off17:46
bazhangmcsx3, does ifconfig show wlan0 or the like? apart from lo and eth017:46
mcsx3no, I use 2 wifi devices17:47
bazhangmcsx3, how can you do that?17:47
mcsx3ifconfig names eth0, wlan0 and wlan1 an lo17:47
_Ethan_ i need to record a video from my screen, can someone suggest me a simple programm to do so ?17:47
_Ethan_id like to use it in windows17:47
mcsx3I have the one on the laptop and one USB17:47
bazhang_Ethan_, kazam17:47
usr13etyrnal: recordmydesktop17:48
_Ethan_bazhang does it work in windows¿?17:48
folornhow do we identify our nicks again ?17:48
usr13_Ethan_: in windows?17:48
bazhang_Ethan_, in windows? this is ubuntu support. ask in ##windows for that17:48
bazhangfolorn, ask in #freenode17:48
folornthanks bazhang17:49
folornwish we had a  redhat channel on here as well :(17:49
_Ethan_bazhang there is no problem in asking if that works for windows17:49
bazhangfolorn, #rhel17:49
usr13folorn: We do.17:49
_Ethan_definitely i will use camstudio17:49
bazhang_Ethan_, yeah there's a problem. this is NOT windows support17:49
_Ethan_this always the stupid things i hear about windows and ubuntu17:50
bazhang_Ethan_, /join ##windows   , ask there.17:50
mcsx3bazhang: did I lose you?17:50
_Ethan_i just asked if that supports also windows man17:50
_Ethan_nothing else17:50
bazhangmcsx3, how are you proposing to use two wifi nics at the same time17:51
bazhang_Ethan_, and we told you the right place for an answer to that :  ##windows17:51
mcsx3Look, when I disconnet both regula wifis, I keep the dongle G317:52
mcsx3and this is the one I want to use where theres no wifi coverage17:52
codepython777http://pbin.be/show/1112/ -- should i be worried ? Can I live with this OS for the time being?17:52
raven_blami, shit the machine freezes in bios too...17:52
Malcom234bazhang anything heard from ask ubuntu?17:53
bazhangmcsx3, so try sudo dhclient wlan0/1 which ever it is, once it is associated with the ap17:53
bazhangMalcom234, I must have missed your posting the make and model of that printer/scanner17:53
Mike9863Until just the other day mp3 files worked fine, however now when they play I hear nothing in most players. They work in VLC but the sound is distorted. Can anyone help me fix this?17:53
vihurysome one can help me17:54
bazhangMike9863, where are the actual files stored? on a shared drive?17:54
Mike9863bazhang: Just in /home/mike/Music17:54
Malcom234np: [18:42] <Malcom234> bazhang it is hp deskjet f218017:54
bazhangvihury, ask a question of the channel17:54
bazhangMalcom234, ok checking now17:54
vihurybazhang i don speak english i am chilean17:55
vihurydo you can help me?17:55
Mike9863vihury: #ubuntu-es17:55
mcsx3banzhang: One question: aren't these broadband 3g dongles dial-up?17:55
vihuryMike9863: thnks but the ubuntu-es no answer17:56
Mike9863vihury: You have to wait for a response17:56
bazhanghttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hplip/+bug/181242 Malcom234 seems like the latest hplip fixes it, its an old bug17:57
ubottuUbuntu bug 181242 in udev (Ubuntu) "[Hardy]HP printer is not detected properly by HPLIP" [Critical,Fix released]17:57
bazhangmcsx3, they are 3G, thats not dial up is it17:58
mcsx3banzhang: I'm no expert on Ubuntu.17:59
skaCan I restart the tty1 console without rebooting the system in 12.04?17:59
Malcom234bazhang, this means? do i have to update something via apt-get ?17:59
nickalexEXEC wget http://digilander.libero.it/udasoft/Software/Linux/buduscript/buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz && tar xvzf buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz -C $HOME/.xchat2 && rm -vf buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz && cd $HOME/.xchat2/buduscript && ./install.sh17:59
purezenHey guys..!! I have an issue with the indicator-weather program v.12.07.30-0ubuntu1.. I cant seem to add a location to it.. cant 'Apply' it finally after adding details..17:59
bazhangmcsx3, thats not about ubuntu. 3G is outside of that17:59
w3s7ybanzhang, yes, it "dials out" when I connect.17:59
mcsx3bazhang: but the thing is that If I try it on windows, it installs a program which dials *99#17:59
bazhangMalcom234, search the package manager for the latest hplip packages and install them18:00
mcsx3bazhang: well I'm no expert on 3G either18:00
bazhangmcsx3, do you have two clients here? w3s7y also?18:00
skaI make changes to /etc/init/tty1.conf, how do I get system to re-read/execute those?18:00
Malcom234bazhang: hplib status:installed - does thios mean i have the latest version?18:01
mcsx3bazhang: Gee! I don't even know what that is.18:01
ismellcan anyone post the default sources.list for ubuntu 12.04 ?18:01
w3s7ybazhang, yes mirc seems to have opened another.18:02
jrtappersHello, is there a way to run a live CD from grub on wubi18:02
Malcom234bazhang i did a apt-get update and installhplib -> Newest version already exists18:03
skainitclt restart tty118:04
rick_aerase the whole Harddrive and Install Ubuntu 12.04 and be happy.18:04
jrtappersHello, is there a way to run a live CD from grub on wubi, I would like to be able to try linux live cd's on my laptop with wubi18:05
zwircCoul someone maby help me setting up my SSD and Raid 1 ? :D18:05
jrtapperszwirc, have you got multiple drives?18:05
rick_awhy not get Virtualbox? its great18:06
klixajrtappers live cd's can be run all by theselves without grub OR wubi18:06
lietuI can't seem to figure out which package I need in Ubuntu (server) 12.04 to get the CLI "mail" -command .. can anyone tell me?18:07
jrtappersklixa, no CD drive18:07
klixajrtappers oh so you mean iso's?18:07
jrtappersSo I would prefer to run the ISO from grub18:07
klixajrtappers virtualbox is probably the better route to take then, since you have no drive18:08
jrtappersPerformance impact?18:08
jrtappersIt's a weak netbook18:08
klixajrtappers then get a usb stick, and run iso's from it18:08
jrtappersI heard ISO's can be run from grub18:08
klixajrtappers you can write an iso to a usb stick..or even an sd card18:08
klixajrtappers perhaps iso's can br run virtually with grub, wubi or whatever, but i have NO clue how that works…sorry18:09
klixai personally use an asd card on my netbook… and then virtualbox on my laptop18:09
yeatspurezen: there's a bug report on that but I'm not able to find it again :-/18:09
klixasd card*18:09
nickalexEXEC wget http://digilander.libero.it/udasoft/Software/Linux/buduscript/buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz && tar xvzf buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz -C $HOME/.xchat2 && rm -vf buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz && cd $HOME/.xchat2/buduscript && ./install.sh18:10
purezenyeats: yeah.. I read that too.. and they said that the issue was resolved in the latest version.. and I updated it today from official ubuntu repo.. and thought that it might have got addressed..18:11
zwircHow do I see what disk ubuntu is installed on?18:11
agliodbshowdy!  I have a brand-new Asus Zenbook Prime.  Should I install 12.04 or 12.10, and why?18:11
jrtappersWhats the best way to run multiple Live CD ISO's from one USB drive?18:12
agliodbsjrtappers: *multiple*?18:12
jrtappersIts 32 GB, and I like to try multiple distors18:13
seednodejrtappers, you could emulate the Windows tool YUMI18:13
seednodeBut that's all I've got18:13
yeatspurezen: yeah - I think the version with the fix is 12.07.30-0ubuntu2, which wasn't pushed to the repos yet when I looked last week18:13
agliodbszwirc: what do you mean by "disk"?18:13
seednodeI'm sure there's another way, but YUMI worked really well for me18:13
xanguajrtappers: i use multiboot http://liveusb.info/dotclear/index.php?pages/install18:13
agliodbsalso: why is 32-bit Ubuntu still "recommended"?18:13
xanguapretty easy, you just drag or select the iso's18:14
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jrtappersxangua, thanks, il take a look18:14
yeatsagliodbs: because it will run on any system18:14
yeatsagliodbs: if you like upgrading every 6 months, go with 12.10, otherwise, 12.04 IMHO18:15
zwircwhat hdd18:15
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purezenyeats: yeah.. that might be the cause.. will wait for the next update then..:)18:15
zwirci have 3 hdd18:15
agliodbsyeats: ok.  I generally pull the latest, but I'm seeing 12.04 recommended in the forums for the Zenbook18:15
zwircbut dont know what unbuntu is installed on18:15
yeatspurezen: I'm waiting too ;-)18:15
yeatsagliodbs: 12.04 is LTS, so a longer support time and presumably more stable (though I don't have trouble running LTS releases) - not running a Zenbook though if that makes a differenc3e18:16
yeatss/LTS releases/non-LTS releases/18:17
agliodbszwirc: well, you can fairly easily see the logical name of the HDD which is mounted, but figuring out which physical disk that is is complicated18:17
agliodbsyeats: well, I can always in stall 12.04 and upgrade if I need something18:18
agliodbsthe tricky part is the USB install18:18
ShaunRwhere can i get a live cd version?  i'm having a hell of a time finding it18:18
yeatsagliodbs: why tricky?18:18
xanguaShaunR: ubuntu.com18:18
zwircagliodbs: yeah, it sould be installed on a SSD, but i cant figure out how to check whats what disk :P18:18
agliodbsyeats: (a) creating the bootable USB stick18:19
agliodbsyeats: especially since I need to create it from a mac.18:19
ShaunRxangua: i've looked but the download section just keeps showing me the iso's for installing18:19
agliodbsand I can't remember which brand of USB stick worked last time18:19
agliodbsyeats: with 10.04, I've had trouble with Ubuntu not remounting swap when coming back from suspend.  is that fixed in 12.04?18:20
b3njhelp me, firefox does not play sound18:20
yeatsagliodbs: try unetbootin http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ - there's a mac version - and any old USB stick should work in my experience18:20
yeatsagliodbs: I haven't experienced that problem, so I don't know18:20
agliodbsyeats: oh?  There's a mac version now?  cool, I'll try it18:21
zwircagliodbs: but how do I set folders for each disk?18:21
agliodbsyeats: actually, a lot of cheap USB sticks don't boot properly18:21
zwircfor example I want one user to use one disk, and take backups on another backup folder that is on the other disk18:21
xanguaShaunR: burn the iso as image to a cd/dvd and you got a live cd/dvd18:21
xanguai preffer usb18:22
yeatsagliodbs: huh - I've not had problems - I mostly use SanDisk, but that's not because of a brand preference ;-)18:22
b3njhelp me, no sound in firefox18:22
agliodbsyeats: well, stick with sandisk then18:22
yeatsyep ;-)18:22
agliodbsyeats: I have like 1000 generic USB drives with people's marketing messages on them from conferences18:23
agliodbsthose don't work18:23
yeatsagliodbs: I use those too18:23
yeatsno problems in my case18:23
ShaunRxangua: ah, ok it's bundled... thanks18:23
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b3njhelp me, no sound in firefox18:23
agliodbsyeats: huh. I went through hell with 10.04.   I had to rotate through 3 different brands before I found one that worked18:23
yeatsagliodbs: hope it's smoother this time then18:24
agliodbszwirc: unfortunately, I'm reinstalling my Ubuntu machine right now, or I could give you more useful advice18:24
agliodbszwirc: FWIW, this is a generic linux question, so you could try #linux18:24
b3njhelp me, no sound in firefox18:24
agliodbsb3nj: try restarting firefox18:25
agliodbsalso check if you have another app open which has control of the sound18:25
b3njagliodbs, did not work18:25
adamkb3nj: Does firefox give you an error when you run it from a terminal?18:25
b3njadamk, let me try it18:25
b3njadamk, it does not give me anything, prompt just returns18:26
adamkb3nj: You're running 'firefox' in a terminal, and it immediately returns to a shell prompt?18:27
b3njadamk, yes18:28
usr13b3nj: ps aux |grep firefox18:28
adamkMake sure firefox isn't already running.18:28
b3njadamk, it is18:28
usr13b3nj: kill the pid18:28
usr13b3nj: or pkill it   pkill firefox18:28
usr13b3nj: May have to do it a couple times18:29
b3njnow when i run firefox it gives me a lot of messages18:29
usr13b3nj: Anything interesting?18:30
b3njusr13: (firefox:5242): Gtk-WARNING **: Failed to load type module: (null)18:30
adamkAnything interesting about your audio problems?18:30
randomuser33would 'dd if=/dev/sda2 of /dev/sda6' copy sda2 to the root of sda6?18:30
randomuser33And is it normal for dd not to display any status update. It is just sitting there after typing in the command. I assume it is doing something but I have no way to know.18:31
b3njusr13: i think not18:31
usr13b3nj: What version of Ubuntu are you on?18:32
b3njusr13: 12.1018:32
usr13b3nj: Fully updated?18:32
b3njusr13: i hear sound in chrome18:32
usr13b3nj: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade18:32
b3njusr13: i will reboot18:33
b3njusr13: hold on18:33
chitrankI am Chitrank Dixit18:34
chitrankI got one problem in the Ubuntu that says18:34
usr13Why reboot?  b3nj ?18:34
zwirccould someone help me fast setup a raid1?18:35
zwircubuntu ssh18:35
devsyshey all, I recently rebooted my ubuntu workstation and I get a "Kernel Panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)". I did some googling and found this thread http://askubuntu.com/questions/41930/kernel-panic-not-syncing-vfs-unable-to-mount-root-fs-on-unknown-block0-0 which says to run the update-initramfs command to restore a missing initramfs for my kernel. My question is, since I cannot boot, do I just do this with a live CD? I j18:35
chitrankProblem is "Ubuntu Internal Error" in some Ubuntu Unity packages What to Do I know the problem arised  after I did software update18:35
yeatsdevsys: yes - and you probably want to do fsck checks while you're at it18:36
jrtapperszwirc, If its hardware raid it tends to be enabled in bios and setup in pre-boot18:36
jrtappersso it will be hard to step you through over IRC, as you wont have an os18:36
devsysyeats: thanks -- I tried that already, so and it instructed me to use xfs_check and xfs_repair. check found problems and xfs_repair fixed them, but it still wont boot and gives the same error18:37
usr13b3nj: Yes?18:37
b3njusr13: everything is updated and upgraded18:37
usr13b3nj: Ok18:38
jrtappersHow do I have different wallpapers on cinamon and unity?18:38
devsysyeats: do I need to tell update-initramfs the drive somehow, or it doesnt need that?18:38
b3njusr13: also when i open flash player settings it gets unclickable18:38
bazhangjrtappers, cinnamon is mint product. ask mintsupport18:38
bazhang!mintsupport | jrtappers18:38
ubottujrtappers: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org18:38
NeshemahMint's support is on irc.spotchat.org18:38
usr13b3nj: flash player settings?  gets unclickable?18:39
b3njusr13: yes18:39
jrtappersThe problem is they seem to share settings18:39
usr13b3nj: I'm afraid your going to have to elaborate on that just a bit.18:39
bazhangjrtappers, thats a mint issue18:39
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usr13b3nj: I've never heard of any flash player settings and certainly not for them to be "unclickable".18:40
b3njusr13: i hate that in chrome everything works fine18:40
usr13b3nj: What exactly is the problem?18:41
usr13b3nj: Firefox will not run at all?18:41
chitrankIs there anyone to tell me how to repair Ubuntu18:41
b3njusr13: firefox, no sound + can't change settings18:41
b3njusr13: in flash player18:41
usr13b3nj: So the problem is flash player.  Right?18:42
b3njusr13: i think so18:42
chitrank<bazhang> Please Help Me18:42
b3njusr13: i wonder why mozilla do not make flash player preinstalled in firefox18:42
t35t0ri've got a laptop with only an intel video chipset. If i ssh into another system with ssh -CY or ssh -X or ssh -Y and launch idl and try to start a process that does some stuff with X, i always get an error that NV-GLX is missing, any ideas?18:42
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chitrank<bazhang> Let me tell you My Problem18:42
bazhangchitrank, with what18:42
t35t0rbtw, I can launch xterm, xeyes, etc from the remote server18:42
t35t0rit's just when idl tries to do anything with X18:43
usr13b3nj: sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin18:43
chitrankProblem is "Ubuntu Internal Error" in some Ubuntu Unity packages What to Do I know the problem arised  after I did software update18:43
adamkt35t0r: The remote server has the nvidia driver installed, and is trying to use the nvidia GLX extension.18:43
t35t0radamk, uhh no18:43
bazhangchitrank, pastebin the exact errors18:43
bazhang!paste | chitrank18:43
ubottuchitrank: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:43
t35t0radamk, the remote server uses a matrox video chipset18:43
b3njusr13: has no installation candidate18:43
t35t0rit's a server18:43
t35t0rX calls always get forwarded to the client X18:44
usr13b3nj: apt-cache search flash |grep adobe18:44
zwircjrtrapper: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Raid think il just use that18:44
zwircbut trying to figure out whats harddrive is what, and what hardrive OS is on?18:44
adamkt35t0r: The remote server is the one running the binary.  The binary is most likely linking against the nvidia libGL.so file, which expects the nvidai GLX extension.  Like it or not, that is the most likely situation, unless you can actually show that the libGL being used isn't from nvidia.18:44
usr13b3nj: apt-cache search flash |grep Adobe18:44
b3njusr13: flashplugin-installer flashplugin-downloader18:45
usr13b3nj: You are on 12.10?18:45
b3njusr13: yes18:45
t35t0radamk, ok it's possible and it looks like the nvidia driver was installed on the server, time to uninstall and see what it does18:45
usr13b3nj: 32bit?18:45
b3njusr13: 64bit18:46
b3njusr13: should i install anything of flashplugin-installer flashplugin-downloader18:46
usr13b3nj: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree18:47
liamnorris123185Hello Ubuntu chatters!  I'm having trouble installing Qt 4.7+ on Ubunto 10.04.  Is this even possible?18:47
b3njusr13: you mean flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound?18:47
usr13b3nj: or flashplugin-installer18:48
usr13b3nj: Try flashplugin-installer18:48
auronandaceliamnorris123185: not worth the effort since 10.04 desktop support ends in april18:48
t35t0ryup that did indeed fix it18:48
b3nj usr13 flashplugin-installer already newest version18:48
t35t0ranks adamk18:49
zwircbut trying to figure out whats harddrive is what, and what hardrive OS is on?18:49
usr13liamnorris123185: Must be time to upgrade to 12.04 ?18:49
devsysyeats: when I run update-initramfs from a live cd it says "update-initramfs is disabled since running on read-only media"18:49
b3njusr13: flashplugin-installer already newest version18:49
liamnorris123185Isn't the server LTS continuing?18:49
devsyshow do I run that command from a live cd to repair my initramfs?18:49
bekksdevsys: You have to build chroot and run it inside the chroot.18:50
b3njbekks, hi18:50
auronandaceliamnorris123185: what good is qt on a server?18:50
usr13b3nj: Seems there are a few problems with 64bit (apparently one is flashplayer). Of course, flashplayer in and of itself is a perpetual problem :(18:51
Jordan_Uzwirc: "mount" will tell you the device name of the partition mounted as your root filesystem ('/').18:51
b3njusr13: i heard that i can turn on html5 video playin on youtube?18:51
usr13b3nj: Just a sec.18:51
b3njusr13: how do i do that?18:51
b3njl057c0d3r: hi18:52
devsysbekks: so like sudo chroot /my/drive18:52
usr13b3nj: http://flocknote.com/18:52
l057c0d3rhey there b3nj18:52
usr13b3nj: Wrong URL, sorry18:52
dufab3nj: the html5 player on youtube is accessible form the link at the bottom of youtube that says " Try something new"18:53
l057c0d3rlearn anything about the terminal yet??18:53
usr13b3nj: http://www.techlw.com/2012/06/install-adobe-flash-11-in-ubuntu-or.html18:53
b3njl057c0d3r: readin learn c hard way18:53
cheebuHi all... just installed Ubuntu 12.04 How do i check if trim is working?18:53
l057c0d3ryeah..  its a good one too :-) your welcome18:53
bekkscheebu: By looking the output of "mount" - seeing "discard" there, tells you that TRIM is active.18:54
usr13b3nj: Actually, you should cut to the chase.  Let's do this:18:54
l057c0d3rdon't know if you noticed it.. but at the end of the cli guide.. there is a pdf.  its like a cheat book.. rather nice18:54
usr13b3nj: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/completion/?installer=Flash_Player_11.2_for_other_Linux_(.tar.gz)_64-bit18:55
usr13b3nj: Download it to Downloads.  Open a terminal, cd Downloads  Ok... there yet?18:56
b3njusr13: i run commands that were on that page18:56
usr13b3nj:  Ok.. well never mind.18:57
usr13Let me know if it works.18:57
b3njl057c0d3r: you still fscking with windows?18:57
usr13b3nj: But this would be easier.18:57
l057c0d3rna.. i got everything i want on linux..18:57
xanguausr13: b3nj adobe-flashplugin package already installs the 64 bit version18:57
b3njxangua: unfortunately, adobe-flashplugin has no installation candidate18:58
usr13xangua: Tell b3nj  He's the one with the problem.18:58
b3njusr13: should i reboot or something after that?18:58
xanguab3nj: you need to enable parther repository first18:58
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »18:58
l057c0d3rhmm i got flash through the restricted extra's package... i take it its not version 11 or this conversation would be irrelevant18:58
usr13b3nj: I'll tell you how to fix it when you get ready.18:58
=== Edgan_ is now known as Edgan
VlanXany idea how i can calculate the hash of a file from the terminal?19:01
b3njxangua, adobe-flashplugin installed now19:02
b3njusr13: i have installed adobe-flashplugin19:02
w3s7yVlanx, 'md5sum <file>'19:02
dufaVlanX: if you need a very specific hash openssl will propably do the job19:03
VlanXw3s7y: ty19:03
b3njxangua: still no sound in firefox19:03
usr13b3nj: Ok good.19:03
b3njusr13: but still no sound19:03
VlanXnope md5 is fine, just to verify integrity :)19:03
w3s7yFor a MD5 hash, open-ssl has many, many hash functions...19:03
w3s7yBut dont think it's installed by default19:03
arshavinmd5sum filename19:04
b3njarshavin: hi to india19:04
usr13b3nj: Download Adobe Flashplayer 11.2 64bit from http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/  Get the gz  version. Unpack it and move libflashplayer.so to the plugins directory.  Try that.19:04
=== dniMretsaM_away is now known as dniMretsaM
l057c0d3rb3nj..  do you have sound though other things.. i had a problem with my lappy.. since it has both built in audo and hdmi.. had to open the pulse audio control and disable my hdmi card and make sure the built in audo was enabled to fix19:04
arshavinmd5sum should be installed19:04
b3njl057c0d3r: sound works fine in chrome19:04
arshavinb3nj hi to russia19:04
l057c0d3rsorry missed that part earlier..19:05
b3njarshavin: are you from russia?19:05
w3s7yarshavin, yeah md5sum is on ubuntu as std, open-ssl has more functions but the apt pkg has to be installed19:05
arshavinno I already told you where i was from19:05
b3njarshavin: vodka vodka19:06
cheebuhow do i check if trim is working19:06
arshavinb3nj:never tasted it19:06
usr13b3nj: /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins19:06
arshavinb3nj: but virtual cheers to you and a happy new year19:06
b3njusr13: please repeat your last message19:07
l057c0d3r<usr13> b3nj: /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins19:07
dominohey everyone. I've recently encountered an issue and have tried numerous suggestions (to no avail) to try and correct it, so im coming here to see if anyone has any ideas. when I run an apt-get update it fails with this output: https://gist.github.com/d9045e2660167ac3361719:07
domino(im using ubuntu server 12.04.119:08
TAsnHey guys. What should I do to get a package off the ubuntu repos? I work on e17 and ubuntu has a 3 year old package in it's repos. This is very annoying as users think badly of e17 because of it (it was an early dev version). I would like that if possible this package will be removed altogether or upgraded to the stable release, but what should I do in order to achieve that?19:09
MonkeyDustdomino  there's also #ubuntu-server19:09
cheebuGuys i rememebr there was a comand to tell me if TRIM is on  anybody know?19:09
dominoMonkeyDust: oh i wasn't aware. I'll try there. thank you19:09
usr13b3nj: Show us what you have there now:  ls -l /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins |pastebinit19:09
OptichipTAsn: local mirror?19:09
MonkeyDustTAsn  3 years old, what ubuntu version?19:09
k1lTAsn: i would get in contact with the maintainer of that package.19:09
b3njusr13: how to unpack the archive?19:09
DJonesTAsn: Probably a good starting point would be to contact the package maintainer19:09
k1lTAsn: packages.ubuntu.com tells you who that is19:10
usr13b3nj: tar xvf file.gz19:10
TAsnMonkeyDust, newest one.19:10
TAsnthat's a good starting point for the future19:10
TAsnI'm sure19:10
usr13b3nj: The first file you see is it.19:10
TAsnbut is it for the old versions as well?19:10
TAsnanyhow, the maintainer is Ubuntu MOTU19:10
TAsnwhatever that means.19:10
k1lTAsn: which package?19:11
dkesselTAsn, i guess you will find someone in #ubuntu-motu to help you19:11
b3njusr13: i think when it unpacked everything was moved to the right directories19:11
usr13b3nj: sudo mv libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/19:11
MonkeyDustTAsn  motu = masters of the universe19:11
blamiTAsn: I would suggest opening an RFE for upstream update19:11
usr13b3nj: No, it wasn't.19:11
TAsnblami, but I can't do that for 10.04 can I ?19:11
usr13b3nj:  you have to manually put it there.19:11
blamiTAsn: afaik no19:11
b3njusr13: but the unpacked files are already in /usr19:11
blamiTAsn: and why would you do that? Not sure if 10.04 is LTS ...19:12
TAsnI'll ask at #ubuntu-motu19:12
b3njusr13: no they are not19:12
usr13b3nj: Nope19:12
k1lTAsn: but keep in mind, that ubuntu doesn take new relases into old versions (in general). so the new e17 will be included in the 13,04 ubuntu (if its not past the deadlines already)19:12
TAsnit's not a new release19:12
blamik1l: i think it is19:12
TAsnit's the only release19:12
TAsnthe previous ones were broken dev snapshots19:12
blamiTAsn: but it wasnt there in time of 10.0419:12
l057c0d3rcheebu, go here https://sites.google.com/site/lightrush/random-1/checkiftrimonext4isenabledandworking19:12
TAsnthat got into ubuntu by some unfortunate mistake19:12
usr13Show us what you have there now.  ls -l /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ |pastebinit19:12
blamiTAsn: that's important ... LTS get bugfixes, not new features afaik19:13
usr13b3nj: send resulting URL19:13
Letalisis there any information on the new ubuntu phones out there that isnt just an announcement? i was curios just how much of it is actually ubuntu and how much of it remains android.19:13
TAsnblami, sure19:13
NevinTex_Nick : I fixed the problem with installing Ubuntu. Curious if you want to know in case someone else may have the same problem.19:13
TAsnblami, that's why I said removed or upgraded. :)19:13
ania_hi please help i just remove tomuch by using sudo apt-get purge wine* ....all packaged with wine name .....and ive seen stuff from system needed purged ...how to reverse purge command??19:13
TAsnI think removing that would be just fine.19:13
TAsnblami, the thing is19:13
arshavinI can't get oxford oald 8 sound when i install it from linux binary but it works with wine'19:13
usr13b3nj: It's like I said, you have to manually move the file to the plugins directory.  /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/19:13
TAsnblami, people apt-get install e1719:13
blamiTAsn: you can always start account on launchpad, create PPA with latest packages for 10.4 and provide info about them on project homepage19:14
TAsnblami, and get a crappy piece of sw19:14
TAsnblami, already done.19:14
b3njusr13: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1496647/19:14
blamiTAsn: users then are supposed to add ppa and apt-get install e1719:14
TAsnblami, that's what *intelligent* users do19:14
TAsnbut others19:14
TAsnjust apt-get install e1719:14
TAsnand ditch it after a couple of minutes19:14
TAsnorr complain about it in our trac/support chans19:14
arshavinit complains about shockwave player in linux19:15
TAsnblami, that's why I'd like it removed, so at least people will be able to get the proper package without confusion.19:15
blamiTAsn: so close tickets redirecting those to tutorial19:15
k1lTAsn: http://packages.ubuntu.com/quantal/e17  see the maintainer part on the right.19:15
usr13b3nj: See?  You have  libflashplayer.so  and flashplugin-alternative.so  and flashplugin-alternative.so is a symlink to /etc/alternatives/mozilla-flashplugin19:15
TAsnk1l, MOTU19:15
arshavini don't think shockwave player has a linux client19:15
b3njusr13: so?19:15
usr13b3nj: From where you just now unpacked all the files do what I said.19:15
k1lTAsn: you emailed the email adress thats mentioned there?19:16
ania_anyone pleas19:16
usr13b3nj: sudo mv libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/19:16
b3njusr13: i have moved it19:16
TAsnk1l, not yet, trying #ubuntu-motu19:16
b3njusr13: already19:16
k1lTAsn: or filed a bug on launchpad (which is the first way to do)19:16
usr13b3nj: Show us.19:17
usr13Show us what you have there now.  ls -l /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ |pastebinit19:17
b3njusr13: already sent link19:17
TAsnk1l, ok, will do one of them.19:17
usr13b3nj: The date is Nov 28th?19:17
TAsnor both19:17
b3njusr13:  no19:17
usr13b3nj:  I don't think so.19:17
b3njusr13 http://paste.ubuntu.com/1496664/19:18
k1lTAsn: i would file a bug before. im pretty sure they will ask after your filed bug :)19:18
k1lTAsn: and since the package itselv comes from debian i would talk to debian, too :)19:18
TAsnit will be fixed in debian19:19
blamiI wanted to point out that it is imported packages19:19
TAsnit's already fixed in unstable19:19
usr13b3nj:  Well, you still didn't do it because we STILL see "Nov 28 00:03 libflashplayer.so"19:19
usr13b3nj: So, what's up?19:19
b3njusr13: wait19:19
ania_can you help me please?19:20
b3njusr13: dated nov 28 so what?19:20
usr13b3nj: Here's the deal.  You can either use /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so  or /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/flashplugin-alternative.so19:21
usr13b3nj: (Because that is not today's date.)19:21
b3njusr13: why should it be today's date?19:21
usr13b3nj:  If /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so  is there, it will be used.19:21
blamiania_: let me see my crystal ball to find out whats your problem19:22
Muphridania_: I dont think you can remake the purge command19:22
usr13b3nj:  If you replace /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so  with the one you just downloaded, you will see the new date on it.19:22
Muphridyou can still reinstall them back using the same logic19:22
ania_how to undo purge .....it remove almost everything with wine* name19:22
b3njusr13: reallY?19:22
usr13b3nj: Or, if you delete /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so  /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/flashplugin-alternative  will be used19:22
=== russell is now known as Guest16447
usr13b3nj: Yea really19:23
ania_blami: sudo apt-get purge wine* it remove me about 800 mb of system ....19:23
ania_and i found that on ask ubuntu page19:23
b3njusr13: when i unpack the archive the date on libflashplayer.so is nov 2819:23
DaemonicApathyIs it causing problems, ania_?19:23
usr13b3nj: If you botched up the command the first time, you'll need to unpack the file again.  tar xvf name.gz19:23
ania_ yes19:24
Muphridania_: such as?19:24
blamiania_: in /var/log/apt is file called history.log or history.log.gz1 ... they contain all operations done with apt19:24
blamiania_: just look what packages were removed and install them again19:24
b3njusr13: so i am sure that the date is not changed19:24
b3njusr13: when you move a file from one place to another19:25
usr13b3nj: ...downloading the file now...19:25
b3njusr13: what is it?19:25
TAsnanyhow, discussion moved to #ubuntu-motu thanks19:26
Muphridania_: installing ubuntu-desktop back should get the important parts again19:26
usr13b3nj: I guess.  Try it and see if it works then.19:27
usr13b3nj: That's  weird.19:27
b3njusr13: should i reboot my machine?19:27
=== root is now known as Guest37711
usr13b3nj: No  Reboot will not do anything.  Restart firefox19:28
b3njusr13: should add-ons manager in firefox show shockwave flash?19:29
ania_Muphrid: ubuntu-destop what else?19:29
usr13b3nj: Should19:29
b3njusr13: still no sound19:30
absurdum_22_34I am trying to connect to a server using ubuntu server 12.04 through vnc.  What kind of port forwarding is required for this?  I have port 22 and port 80 forwarded to this machine already, are there any more?19:30
Muphridania_: that should be the base for a working-again system, the rest is up to you if you want to reinstall19:30
usr13b3nj: At this point you'll need to just experiment.  sudo rm /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/flashplugin-alternative.so19:31
usr13b3nj: Restart firefox and see.19:31
ania_ok thx.....the should put advice to remove on ask ubuntu19:32
Muphridania_: xchat, gnome-shell, gnome-panel and gnome-tweak-tool are not in that package if you want to install them again19:32
usr13b3nj: Did you try it?19:33
b3njusr13: i renamed flash-plugin alternative to .bak19:34
usr13b3nj: Why?19:34
usr13b3nj: It's just a symlink.19:34
usr13b3nj: you simply replace it19:34
usr13b3nj:  ln -sf /etc/alternatives/mozilla-flashplugin/flashplugin-alternative.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/19:35
b3njusr13: now i have removed it19:35
usr13b3nj: So try and see.19:35
usr13b3nj: restart firefox19:35
b3njusr13: still no sound19:36
usr13b3nj:  ln -sf /etc/alternatives/mozilla-flashplugin/flashplugin-alternative.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/19:36
usr13b3nj: rm /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so19:36
usr13Restart firefox and try again.19:37
ania_please repeat what not in ubuntu desktop ...it restarted me19:37
ania_can u copy it can see it anymore19:37
Muphridania_: huh?19:37
usr13b3nj: What version is your firefox?19:37
Muphridxchat, gnome-shell, gnome-panel and gnome-tweak-tool19:37
b3njusr13: 17.0.119:38
EntropyAnnhello, everyone. Having an embarrassing set up problem and would appreciate some help19:38
ania_thank you19:38
usr13b3nj: Still not working?19:39
Muphridania_: so it is working now?19:39
b3njusr13: a plugin is needed to view this content19:40
b3njusr13: says firefo19:40
usr13ls /etc/alternatives/mozilla-flashplugin/flashplugin-alternative.so19:40
ven0manyone used Ubuntu Gnome remix? Thoughts?19:41
EntropyAnnI used wubi to install 12.04 (the stable release) on some spare hard drive space for dual boot. I immediately got a PFN List Corrupt BSOD upon restart attempt. My Win 7 sector still boots, obv, but I'm not sure what the fix action is for the Ubuntu sector. Thoughts?19:41
b3njusr13: should i install the plugin?19:41
joeyyhow many procs does the lxde install use on install ?19:41
usr13b3nj: ls /etc/alternatives/mozilla-flashplugin/flashplugin-alternative.so19:41
usr13b3nj:  Is it there?19:42
b3njusr13: cannot acess19:42
usr13b3nj:  ln -s /etc/alternatives/mozilla-flashplugin/flashplugin-alternative.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/19:42
ania_yes it looks that is a lot better finger crossed for reboot ....thank you19:42
usr13b3nj: sudo  ln -s /etc/alternatives/mozilla-flashplugin/flashplugin-alternative.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/19:42
Muphridalright, yw19:42
EntropyAnnI'm using an Asus K55A if that helps19:43
b3njusr13: failed to create file exists19:43
thesebWhat should/can you do when Unity "sticks" the top of an app's window to the top of screen?19:43
thesebhow "unstick" it19:43
hapsterwill we able to use nouveau with optimus laptops in 13.04?19:43
ven0mEntropyAnn: Not sure about wubi. How bout lili or unetbootin19:43
usr13b3nj: I concede19:43
Muphridtheseb: you mean the global menu, or the window snap?19:44
usr13b3nj: "cannot access"  What was that?19:44
EntropyAnnVen0m: haven't tried those. I just used wubi since the ubuntu website provided it, figured it would be most stable install tool19:45
thesebMuphrid: global menu seems to hide very top of my apps19:45
b3njusr13: ls: cannot access /etc/alternatives/mozilla-flash...... Not a directory19:45
ven0mI've tried wubi a couple of times. Never worked for me. not sure if it's just me though19:45
EntropyAnnalso with a laptop?19:46
Muphridtheseb: the toolbar menu is integrated in the top panel, you have to hover it to show, there is package which does that although i dont remember the exact name19:46
usr13b3nj: Use the package manager and try again.  But I don't know.  I think sometimes, when you install chrome, it breaks firefox/flashplayer19:46
thesebMuphrid: i noticed CCSM has a "place windows" feature..do you know what that is? maybe if i turned that off?19:47
troybiwho is familiar with asm 8086?19:47
bekkstroybi: Why?19:47
EntropyAnnI'd obviously prefer to repair the install, rather than outright delete it. If all else fails I'll just clear the sector, though19:47
=== Vobine is now known as Psychoholic
usr13b3nj: If you can just use crhome for now, maybe that's the answer19:47
Kion1I upgraded to 12.10 and now my google earth is gone!!! any thoughts?19:47
b3njusr13: i installed chrome only when firefox got broken19:47
Muphridtheseb: i'm not sure what you want, you mean when you drag a window to the top, it maximizes?19:47
EntropyAnnanybody successfully fix a dual boot install that gave you PFN List Corrupt on first restart?19:48
usr13b3nj: At:   http://www.noobslab.com/2012/10/important-thingstweaks-to-do-after.html   I see:  sudo apt-add-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner"19:49
usr13b3nj: And:  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer19:49
thesebMuphrid: it looks like turning off "Snaping windows" and "place windows" is what i want...basically i don't want unity to guess what i want to do and do it for me19:50
Muphridtheseb: that should do it19:50
usr13b3nj: You might try that. Other than that, I don't  know.  (I use 32bit.)19:50
usr13b3nj: I suppose you could install firefox 32bit version  and the 32bit adobe flashplayer.19:51
b3njusr13: flashplugin-installer is already the newest version19:51
usr13b3nj: sudo apt-get purge glashplugin-installer19:52
japshi, i recently got a new laptop with a 300g hdd and a 32g onboard memory19:52
EntropyAnnnevermind, I figured it out. Need to do ubuntu secure remix19:52
heywoodhi all. i've got 12.04.01 LTS on an old thinkpad (T43). Fn-F3 to completely turn off screen used to work under natty, but no longer does under precise. can anyone help?19:52
japswhere should i install the operating system?19:52
b3njusr13: where have you learnt all these tricks?19:52
usr13b3nj: I did that once on a 64bit system.  I installed 32bit libraries and the 32bit version of Firefox and 32bit Adobe Flashpler and it worked like a charm.19:53
usr13b3nj: You could try that.19:53
b3njusr13: where have you learnt all those tricks like pastebinit?19:53
usr13b3nj: Is't it obvious?  (I experiment.)19:53
scellefdoes anybody know how to bring up the GRUB menu on an intel mac?19:53
b3njusr13: a book or what?19:54
scellefshort of using grub-reboot (which is utterly frustrating)19:54
usr13b3nj: I have an office here, (well, I tell everyone it is an office, but it is really just a computer lab that pretends to be an office).19:55
usr13b3nj: Yea, books too.19:55
b3njusr13: what books?19:55
DaemonicApathyheywood: attach 'sleep 1 && xset dpms force off' except quotes to a shortcut.19:56
thesebMuphrid: how turn off maximizing ? that is still happening19:56
usr13Oh, I've got several.  One is "Wicked cool shell scripts" :)19:56
b3njusr13: where had you learnt commands?19:57
heywoodDaemonicApathy: do you mean to map that key sequence to a shortcut? i understand the commands, but not the mapping to shortcut part.19:57
usr13b3nj: Mostly man files19:57
cdavisWhat suggestion is there for a terminal emulator that isn't gnome-terminal and it lightweight that has good copy/paste with X1119:57
Muphridtheseb: Im not sure on that one19:57
usr13cdavis: Most do copy/paste alright.19:58
b3njusr13: okay. good bye i have to go to bed19:58
Guest84637Hi. I'm trying to install Ubuntu on VMWare Fusion but I get an error during installation -> Unanble to install the selected kernel. An error was returned while tryin to install the kernal into the target system. Kernel package: 'linux-generic'''19:58
Muphridtheseb: http://askubuntu.com/questions/105028/force-disable-snapping-windows19:58
usr13cdavis: I use "terminal"19:59
Guest84637Hi. I'm trying to install Ubuntu on VMWare Fusion but I get an error during installation -> Unanble to install the selected kernel. An error was returned while tryin to install the kernal into the target system. Kernel package: 'linux-generic'''19:59
xomniversewhen I burn a DVD-RW from an ISO image in xfburn or Brasero, the disc still shows up as a blank disc when I reinsert it19:59
usr13cdavis: xterm is light20:01
luka_hello g00d ppl20:01
usr13b3nj: Ok. Catch u later20:01
luka_how do i make my own irc server?20:02
thesebMuphrid: thanks! found it here also. http://askubuntu.com/questions/72452/how-to-turn-off-compizs-drag-to-maximize-behaviour20:02
zwircDo anone have a kind moment to spare on MSG to help me figure out my disks on ubuntu server?20:02
luka_answer 2 my question please20:03
luka_how do i make an irc server20:03
Fonsiei need help haha20:03
DaemonicApathyluka_: This is Ubuntu support, not DIY IRC support.20:04
ania_ conky runs in termal insted on desktop why???20:04
cdavisusr13: but xterm doesn't have good copy/paste support as I recall?20:04
DaemonicApathyania_ how are you opening it?20:04
ania_terminal and there conky20:05
Fonsiei installed ubuntu yesterday and restarted my comp and then tried going back into ubuntu and it does a scrolling check list type thing then stops on one and doesnt go any further20:05
Ubuntu-erikasWhen i'm have an problem message and i'm report it,it says : "Report failed"20:05
uebera||luka_: google Ratbox-IRCd20:05
Chutney3kEvening Folks20:06
ania_DaemonicApathy, any idea?20:06
DaemonicApathyania_: I would try opening it from a menu instead of from the terminal.20:07
Fonsieanybody available to helpme?20:07
Fonsiehelp me*20:07
k1l_!ask | Fonsie20:07
ubottuFonsie: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:07
ania_DaemonicApathy, there is no conky in menu20:07
Fonsiei installed ubuntu yesterday and restarted my comp and then tried going back into ubuntu and it does a scrolling check list type thing then stops on one and doesnt go any further20:07
Chutney3kthere is no UI for conky lua20:07
DaemonicApathyAh, then it's made to run within a terminal?20:08
gh0stI just installed Gnome remix.  apt-get doesn't work. this is the error:http://paste.ubuntu.com/1496880/20:08
gh0stany ideas?20:09
Chutney3ksounds like an X Server fail Fonsie. maybe (i'm no expert). sort of error I get after certain updates etc (i have Radeon HD 6800)20:09
uebera||Fonsie: The installer CD image has a rescue mode; either use this to get to the logs (only those messagr will help you here) or just re-install it.20:09
Fonsiei installed from usb drive so just try re-installing?20:10
Chutney3kConky is run from command line. you can open a terminal and i think the basic run command is simply: conky20:10
Chutney3kFonsie, what grfx card do you have?20:10
Fonsiemy pc is kinda of cruddy, its a gateway netbook with 1gb of ram and integrated graphics20:11
linuxuz3ris this also the channel for ubuntu for phones?20:11
Chutney3khmm.. Fonsie, check out Lubuntu. it works much better on older hardware20:11
Fonsiethis computer is new, when you say old are you referring to just lower spec?20:12
Fonsieok, is the process for usb installation and such the same as ubuntu?20:13
Chutney3kjust my advice. im sure some people have had Ubuntu running on similar spec hardware. on my laptop (5 years old) i ran both and found Lubuntu much better suited to the hardware20:13
loxokousb installation?20:13
alo21where can I find a good bus guide for python?20:13
Fonsieinstallation from usb drive loxoko20:14
jrtappersIs the 7770 compatable with ubuntu?20:14
Chutney3kATI card?20:14
uebera||alo21: try "join /#python" and ask there ;)20:14
linuxuz3ris this also the channel for ubuntu for phones???????????????????????????20:15
Muphridlinuxuz3r: #ubuntu-phone for discussion20:15
Fonsieone more question chutney, when i go to install lubuntu will it give me the option to replace ubuntu or do i need to manually un-install it first20:15
linuxuz3rthanks Muphrid20:15
rjcupidcan some one help me figure out how to make a 4pin s-video chord work with a 7pin port in my laptop?20:16
rjcupidi have a 4pin connection in my tv20:16
MonkeyDustrjcupid  sounds like a #hardware issue to me20:16
Fonsierjcupid i would look on google for possibly a converter plug20:17
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rjcupidwell i already checked out http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=952650 this topic on ubuntu forums and it didnt work...20:18
Chutney3kSorry Fonsie, was looking something up. It will install in much the same way, so it will ask what you want to do: "wipe and install", "install alongside (dual boot)" or "something else"20:20
codepython777on ubuntu what can i configure that can talk otr with pidgin on windows?20:20
Fonsieand when i select wipe and install it should specify which os to erase?20:21
jrtappersTHis is the 7770, is it compatable?   http://www.amd.com/us/products/desktop/graphics/7000/7770/pages/radeon-7770.aspx20:21
Chutney3khmm.. think that will wipe everything20:21
Fonsiebecause i also have windows 7 on here and dont want to get rid of it20:21
Chutney3kbest to chooose "something else!"20:21
Chutney3kand delete what you need to delete20:21
Fonsieok, thank you20:21
Fonsieyour help is much appreciated20:21
Chutney3kno problem fonsie, good luck!20:22
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)20:24
Chutney3kjrtapper: try this link for full details of the driver support https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI20:24
Chutney3kshould tell you in there20:24
Chutney3ki cant immediately tell if the 7770 is compatible from the page you linked20:24
Chutney3kim out. good luck all and good night20:25
dufawhen delpoying ubuntu (on 10-15 laptops), what would be the most sane way of making changes that are common to all installs (perhaps a know_hosts file, some applications (form the repos), and some settings changed)? Any pointers would be appreciated.20:34
bekksdufa: Create an installation image for PXE deployment.20:35
suigeneriswhat does this mean? /usr/bin/grub-probe: error: cannot stat 'aufs'20:36
seednodeIt means it doesn't recognize a partition in AU file system20:37
seednodeYou might have an AUFS partition without GRUB support for the file system20:37
dufathx, i'll investigate20:37
seednodesuigeneris, are any of your partitions formatted in AUFS?20:37
suigenerisseednode: all I did was sudo grub-install /dev/sda20:37
seednodeWhat filesystem are you using?20:37
suigenerisno seednode20:37
suigenerisseednode: reiserfs20:38
seednodeTry installing aufs-utils or whatever the program is for compatibility, and running the command again20:38
seednodeI don't know the exact program name, but it should be something like that20:38
suigenerisseednode: I was trying to recover grub from installing windows20:38
shartulam new to this20:39
seednodeshartul, greetings.20:39
shartulanyone who may help me20:39
seednodeNeed any help?20:39
seednodeJust ask.20:39
shartulhow to use it ?20:39
seednodeHow to use Ubuntu?20:39
seednodeOr something in particular20:39
shartuldoes it mean I may any question relating to ubuntu20:39
seednodeWell, that's kinda a long process20:39
seednodeYes, you can ask anything20:39
seednodeI don't think this channel approves of PMing, else I could walk you through it step-by-step without spamming20:40
Muphrid!manual | shartul20:40
ubottushartul: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/20:40
shartulI want help in developing shell script to automate the build deployment process20:41
shartulAny body here good at developing shell script in ubuntu20:42
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MonkeyDustshartul  introduction to ubuntu: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Quantal20:43
seednodeNot on that level, sorry20:43
rjcupiddoes any one know a command line to make a 4pin tv (s-video) work with a 7pin laptop while using a 4pin s-video chord (using ubuntu 32-bit 12.04 lts)20:43
rjcupidpeople in hardwear dont seem to know...20:44
bekksrjcupid: There is no such command line to convert hardware.20:44
dufabekks: thx, the PXE solution seems to be pretty much exactly what i was looking for, just didn't know the name of what I was looking for ;)20:44
rjcupidit worked in a similar situation... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=95265020:45