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JamesTaitHappy Friday, folks! :-D09:02
gatoxgood morning!09:06
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davmor2hello czajkowski11:45
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dpmhi all, could someone give this app developer a hand? http://askubuntu.com/questions/235613/what-is-the-best-practice-for-saving-data-in-ubuntu-one-db-from-mobile15:07
ralsinadpm: aquarius was going to answer that15:07
dpmnice, thanks!15:08
aquariusdpm, ya, I'm on it :015:08
ralsinadpm: you're welcome!15:08
aquariusdpm, ralsina, answered.15:14
dpmawesome, thanks aquarius!15:16
dpmaquarius, where does your qtquick quickly template live? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1495570/15:19
aquariusdpm, in /home/aquarius/quickly-templates ;)15:20
dpmhahaha, I was fearing that answer15:21
aquariusdpm, it's not published because it's a horrible hacky thing that I'm not sure is right, and I only got about halfway through dealing with it before I got caught up with other stuff15:21
aquariusdpm, so this isn't a working project15:21
dpmno worries, I was just curious to see your QML notes app15:21
aquariusdpm, it's there so people can see how the QML+U1DB stuff works15:21
aquariusat the moment :)15:21
aquariusyou can probably just poke .quickly to tell it it's using the non -sil template and it'll be OK15:22
aquariusI don't think I changed much15:22
aquariusthat's exactly what I was working on when I dropped it before Christmas, and I haven't had time to go back15:22
dpmaquarius, yeah, I could also run it directly from bin/u1notes. It looks pretty awesome, I like the fliping to see the formatted text, nice work!15:42
aquariusdpm, cool :)15:43
aquariusdpm, it was really for me to experiment with (a) u1db in QML, and (b) making an app look cool with qml ;)15:43
dpmaquarius, yeah, I've been playing a bit with QML lately too and it's pretty awesome. How are the PySide bindings, are they nice to code with, or did you have any issues with them?15:45
aquariusno issues :)15:45
aquariusalthough I don't *do* much in Python -- the whole app is basically in QML ;)15:45
dpmah, yeah, I haven't looked much at the code yet, I just noticed you were using PySide15:46
aquariusthis is why I am resentful about how almost all my app is in one file, the qml file, and yet I need 92,000 other files that quickly provides which I don't care about and which don't work ;-)15:46
aquariusbut that's annoying whinging which I'm not prepared to do anything to fix, so I should shut up15:46
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nrosvall_for the phone os, are there any plans to support python with pyside or pyqt?17:00
ralsinanrosvall_: wrong channel :-)17:14
ralsinanrosvall_: you probably want to ask in #ubuntu17:14
nrosvall_oh sorry!17:21
nrosvall_I though i was typing to #ubuntuphone17:21
ralsinanrosvall_: no problem :-)17:21
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